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Chapter 139: Three Seconds 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Inside the Starnet virtual office building for the Holographic Game Design Competition, Jiang Yu reminded his colleagues in the network maintenance department to keep an eye on the official page of Carefree Farmstead after 17:00, and especially near 18:00, to keep an eye on the number of visitors and make sure that the page wouldn’t be paralyzed due to too many visitors.

Nowadays, the game named Carefree Farmstead had long penetrated into the company. “A relaxing farming game,” “game spots are extremely hard to grab,” ” The number of players delayed the maker’s money-making speed,” “This baby also wants to play,” and other titles were added on top of it. Since Jiang Yu mentioned it, the staff of the network maintenance department naturally would not allow him to lose face.

However, although they would pay attention to it, no one thought that the webpage would really be paralyzed when the players grabbed a number. There were only 800,000 game slots, and according to past practice, the number of people who came to grab the number was at most four or five million people, and no more than 10 million people.

The game page provided by their company for each contestant could accommodate the views of 20 million people at the same time. With such a large base, how could it be paralyzed just like that?

In the first half hour before the number grabbing, the staff members looked at the more than five million people who came over early to squat, and smiled easily and said that it wasn’t a big problem. After another ten minutes, the number increased to eight million, and although they were still smiling, there was already some solemnity in their attitude.

This solemnity was correct. For every minute after that, the number of visitors to the Carefree Farmstead page began to soar at the rate of one or two million, and before another ten minutes had passed, the number of visitors was about to exceed the threshold.

The staff: “????!!!”

“Quickly, quickly, quickly! Hurry up and add machines! This is too many people! Do not let it crash!”

“I plants! 1 Two thousand five, three thousand, four thousand, five thousand…The more people come to the back, the more people come until 18:00. Might the number of people might directly break a billion?”

“If I remember correctly, there were only 800,000 places released, right? 100 million people trying to grab 800,000 spots. That is to say, only 125 people in one million can grab one. I don’t know if the people who are grabbing know this terrible ratio…”

“I don’t care if other people know, but I do know anyway. You can’t forget, before we also agreed to go together to grab one in a robbery, but now it seems that the results are estimated to be hanging, oooh…”

“Hoo! Hoo! I moved all the free machines over. Now if 200 million people come there is nothing to fear! Quickly, the time is about to arrive! Brothers, together rush, ah!”

As the words fell, the people who wanted to say something all shut up, and went back to their chairs to sit down, held their breath and waited for the arrival of 18:00.

On the Starnet, those who were waiting for the game didn’t know that such a thing was happening, they just entered the Carefree Farmstead homepage in advance and felt a vague lag, after which the page became smooth again, praised the game officials for being good at what they did, and didn’t take the change to heart.

At 18:10, a dense smoke diffused from the two sides of the page. It converged on the location that everyone was staring at. The smoke gathered and then faded away, to reveal a round gold and red icon with delicate wheat ears embossed on it in the middle of the page, with the big word “grab” on it. The netizens who saw this pattern, although they were still a bit stunned, they all followed the meaning of the word and quickly clicked on the icon with their subconsciousness.

After the end of the click, the result of those “grabs” manifested. For those who succeeded in grabbing a spot, a bunch of fresh wheat sheaves would fall on the page with such authenticity that even the smell of wheat came to their nose. While those who didn’t grab the game quota, their page was a bunch of three drooping ears of wheat that looked as though they had lost their sense of energy.

The whole process was over in just three seconds. Just like the style of last month, it was over before it even started.

After that, it was naturally time for joyful celebration, or sighing despondence.

“Ah!!!” Inside the not-so-small office, everyone was silent, and suddenly someone let out an excited scream. “I grabbed it! I actually grabbed it!”

Everyone looked over in unison. Envious and jealous eyes stuck to that person like a knife.

He was so happy that he ignored the feelings of the others and stood in the same place jumping around, as he said, “I didn’t expect to get it, it’s so surprising! More than 100 million people, my hand speed actually ranked in the first 800,000! Oh, yes, I have to thank Brother Jiang, if not for his prior reminder, we would not have added the machine, in case the network speed deteriorated, I did not grab the game quota, I must regret…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was drowned under the punches and kicks of his colleagues.

Hmph, we all didn’t get it, just you alone. Why were you fooling around?



The Pickle Bone Star, Lin Wenhuan’s home. Lin Wenhuan stared at the virtual projection screen in front of her. Her eyes blinked, blinked again, as she stared round and round, and her mouth opened into an “O” shape as well.

She hadn’t expected, she really hadn’t expected it. Originally she only intended to be lively online to grab a game spot, but unexpectedly really got a spot?

But….The game’s producer had already given out a place in the game to her…

Lin Wenhuan chewed her lips and thought before she entered the discussion group “Grab the Spot and Quit the Group” temporarily created by her and her friends. This discussion group was a total of five people. When she went in, there were three others who successfully grabbed the game quota, and they were comforting the only one who did not grab it.

[Don’t be sad, there is still a chance next month! We sisters will first go to help you explore, and later when you come in, you will be able to walk in the new village easily!]

[Sob! Sob!]

[Hey, it’s not just your bad luck. Why did the net suddenly get stuck? I feel that this quota is still very good to grab. As long as you click on the icon without thinking about it, you’re sure to get it.]

[Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! Sob!]

[Hey, don’t cry. Things have become a foregone conclusion. Only 800,000 people could grab it, and there are still tens of millions of people to cry with you, so do you feel more comfortable in your heart? Besides, even if you don’t get it this time, there are still the two lotteries on the starblog and the forum. Maybe you’ll win the lottery…]

[Sob, sob, sob, sob! Sob! Sob! Sob! QAQ!]

Lin Wenhuan looked at the previous chat content, with black lines all over her head. She said in her heart that these three people could not comfort people at all. If Xiao An was not a gentle little girl, she would think that they were deliberately shoving it in her face. So much for being sisters. Their knives were swishing at her!

She bubbled in the group, and was soon chased by four people asking how the results of the snatch number.

[I grabbed it.] Lin Wenhuan gasped, and hurriedly said before the discussion group was once again flooded with Qi Jia’an’s tears. [But I already had one before that, so my game slot can be given to Xiao An.]

Qi Jia’an and the other three: [!!!]

The dumbfounded look of the four greatly pleased Lin Wenhuan, so she proudly told how she had previously met the game’s producer, and how she got the game slot from the game’s producer. After that, she also showed the game quota that she received before the number grabbing at 18:00, which had been bound to her Imperial Citizen Number, Number 5001.

Such a development was something the four people couldn’t expect. That Lin Wenhuan actually relied on her own hand speed to grab another, this was koi luck, ah! It was too enviable!

[This is a good thing, ah. Why didn’t you say that before?] A little friend issued a soul torture.

The smile on Lin Wenhuan’s face froze, and only after a while did she stammer out a few words of explanation, [I was afraid of stimulating you guys. It’s so hard to grab a game slot, and I didn’t even have to grab it, how embarrassing. Besides, if I publicized my experience, other people would go to LiLi to give their opinion, even if it’s a serious opinion. However if they mentioned it casually, it would become harassment. I don’t want these things to affect LiLi’s normal life…]

Even for herself, if Bai Li had forgotten that there was such a thing, she hadn’t intended to go and take the initiative to remind him. After all, to make such an awesome game, LiLi should usually be quite busy, ha.

Lin Wenhuan also has a few points to make when she said that. It wasn’t pretty when an obviously good thing ended up being a bad thing.

The youngsters quickly accepted her explanation, and Lin Wenhuan also gave the snatched game spot to Qi Jia’an as she said she would. Now, the five people could enter the game together.

The five people in the discussion group heckled Haha for a while, then simply changed the group name from “Grab the number and quit the group” to “Let’s grow a farm together.”

At the same time, the topics #Carefree Farmstead 800,000 game slots were snatched up in 3 seconds# and #130 million who tried to snatch up a number# were both on the top of the Starblog.

Compared with the 800,000 individuals who were lucky enough to grab a game slot, those 100 million people were a huge number. They were sad, grief-stricken, in a trance, and hopeless, until someone close to them reminded them that there was still a chance, because in six hours Starblog and the forum would open their prizes at the same time. They came back to life and ran to the Starblog crying and laughing to share their feelings as they grabbed a number.

[Three seconds! Three seconds ah! I…Not even that fast! Just a moment, and 800,000 numbers are gone! It’s so tragic!]

[This is the second time I tried to grab a number. I thought this month was easier than last month, but how can there be so many competitors? 130 million people, how did it all come? Can’t figure out, really can’t figure out. TAT!]

[Once, there is no need to compete for 500 places in front of the eyes. I did not go to cherish it,and only until after the loss do I regret it. I should have followed Blunt Opinion to the game with the water friends. Now they are almost level 20, but I can only look at them and have them send a food photo! My mouth is full of saliva, I’m too sad!]


The base camp of the military department located on Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star was more lively than New Year’s Eve at this time.

Tang Ying had the list of 190,000 warriors with the most severe Genetic Collapse Disorder counted in the shortest possible time, and announced on the spot that the Admiral had negotiated 190,000 game slots through his own channels, informing them to pack up and go directly to the game.

The warriors who didn’t get a chance this time didn’t give up, and together they grabbed more than 10,000 game slots in total.

While the netizens were still sad to see a great opportunity pass by, more than 200,000 warriors were already happy and ready to experience a good game.


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Translator Notes:

  1. basically, Oh Fuck!


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xiao ying
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