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Chapter 140: Krypton is the right thing to do!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Experienced veteran players had already boarded the game with the intention of taking a step forward, while inexperienced rookies were still showing off on Starnet.

In the main room, Bai Li and Wen XingYao looked at each other from a short distance away, while a milky black fox sat between them.

“How about…I’m very experienced in this area and know how to calm him down,” Bai Li said.

Wen XingYao wasn’t happy to follow Bai Li’s words. The other party’s experience… It wasn’t from his practice that he used on the other cubs, wasn’t it just using him as a tool lion? Besides, when it came to experience, wasn’t he, the lion in question, more qualified? Who could know better than him what it was like to be a cub in a gaming pod?

“It’s okay, let him go with me. It’s the same, anyway. When you enter the gaming pod and connect to Starnet, you can go to the game. It’s the same with whoever.” 

Wen XingYao shook his lion head, and said thoughtfully, “Bai Li you forget, he seems to be a little too afraid to approach you today. It’s better not to make things difficult for him. Don’t worry, I also have experience, nothing will go wrong.”

After the 18-point game quota was officially issued, Bai Li didn’t forget to allocate one for Zhu MoLing to use. At that moment, he and Wen XingYao were discussing the issue of whose gaming pod Zhu MoLing should be in when he first logged into the game.

After all, the other side had already regressed to infancy, but other than slightly understanding human speech, his other aspects were no different from normal pups. In this situation it wasn’t suitable to let him stay in the gaming pod alone, since there would be no one who could be responsible for any problems. The two decided to take him into the game with them, only to disagree on the question of who he should be with.

In the end, Bai Li couldn’t say no to Wen XingYao and accepted his proposal, that Wen XingYao should take the fox cub into the game with him.

“Then I’ll take him over. You go back to the game as well.” Wen XingYao’s tail rolled up and put the fox cub, who was still in a daze, on his back and quickly went back to his room.

With that impatient look, Bai Li almost thought the fox cub was suffering from a kidnapping. He laughed helplessly, shook his head, and also went back to his room.


This was…Where?

Zhu MoLing woke up in the chaos, and found himself in a strange space with a holographic projection of himself standing directly across from him. There was various data of his five senses and strange content such as skin color, hair style, and decals at the top right of his sight. He tried to adjust it and found that the face belonging to himself on the opposite side had changed significantly with the adjustment in his hand. He realized with hindsight that he seemed to be playing a virtual reality game that he had never heard of before, and the way this game was played seemed to be…face pinching?

Or something else.

He stopped the movement of his hands and remembered everything he had experienced before his consciousness fell into darkness.

At that time, he and his two subordinates stopped on the Sweet and Sour Pork Star and he stumbled on the scent of his brother’s existence. However, the excitement of finding his brother affected his own body, and his own Genetic Collapse Disorder officially entered the late stage at that moment.

The denial of not finding his brother, and the rejection of Hope Star made him do a shocking act, as he turned into a beast at the last moment and escaped under the shocked eyes of his two subordinates. Later, he seemed to follow his instincts and found a place where his brother might be, then attacked a residential building and fought with its occupants.

For some reason unknown to him, he didn’t kill the strange young man, even if there hadn’t been a helper behind him, he would have suppressed the raging desire for destruction inside and fled. However, the result was that he seemed to see a person he knew, and they almost burned his body with hot flames and left quite a mess.

Not long after that, his whole body was weak, he’d completely regressed back to a juvenile, but while he was still a little conscious, he ran into the courtyard of a villa to hide, while he waited for his two subordinates to rescue him.

As to everything that happened after that, Zhu MoLing knew nothing.

However…When he looked at everything in front of him, he should have been brought back to a safe place, right? Had the Imperial Research Institute’s research on Genetic Collapse Disorder finally made new progress? Well done, Fox One and Fox Two!

Since he guessed that letting him enter the virtual reality game might be to cure his Genetic Collapse Disorder, and in order to produce the healing effect earlier and continue to look for his brother after recovering, Zhu MoLing easily accepted the current situation and raised his hand to continue his research.

The nature of foxes was intelligent and cunning, and as the current leader of the Heavenly Fox clan, Zhu MoLing was also naturally intelligent. Even if he didn’t know much about the game, he also understood the real intention of the face pinching in a short time.

It should be to allow players to hide their real identities, which would make it more convenient to make trouble inside the game.

The only thing he didn’t want to change was his long, narrow fox eyes, which his brother said were beautiful when he was a kid. After that, he focused on the decals, but he didn’t look at any of the 20 free decals, instead he spent 25 stars on his forehead corners, behind his ears and inside his wrists to trace his own design.

Just a few random strokes, these patterns were full of spirituality. After filling out the game name of “Ink”1 and a strange questionnaire, Zhu MoLing directly entered the game. He would like to see how to make things interesting in this game that he had never seen before.

Zhu Moling, “…”

The wilderness was very different from what he imagined. The wild grass, and a long way away was a thin stream of water. Farther away was a dense deep forest. When he looked up there was a light blue sky, with clouds like fish scales dense above the sky. The air had a moist vapor and an inexplicable fragrance.

Zhu Moling unconsciously took a deep breath, only to feel like his lungs had gone to a spa, and was soothed a few points.

The fresh and moist air, that felt like it was made with magic hands, soothed his inner hidden irritability and commotion. His spirit seemed to be tinged with a trace of sleepiness, and he wanted to close his eyes directly to sleep. But he couldn’t sleep, he hadn’t figured out how this game was actually played yet.

Zhu MoLing patrolled around and found that a steady stream of people suddenly appeared around him. One also appeared silently behind him and toppled onto his back, and knocked him over.

“Sorry brother, you’re blocking the birthplace. Hurry up and walk to the side, or maybe someone else will hit you!” The player who bumped into him kindly reminded him.

Zhu MoLing held back his displeasure and took a few steps to the side, but had no intention of going up to get close. He chose to watch from the sidelines to see what these players would do afterwards.

Soon, he saw a group of tall and long-legged people with a more intense aura of blood and fury than ordinary people assembled not far from him. The serious expression on his face was taut for a few minutes, but was replaced by a silly smile, changing the impression of his outward appearance, and chatting in a girlish whisper.

Zhu MoLing wasn’t far away, and more or less heard a few words of conversation.

“The air in the game is too fresh. They are right, even breathing is a pleasure. Suddenly I’m a little glad that my ‘Genetic Collapse Disorder’ degree is deeper.”

“Hahaha! It’s true, I had the same thought. You said we were on…How did the boss meet the game maker? He managed to get 190,000 places in one go, that’s amazing! I think I might be able to cure this disease!”

“Hey, a cure is still too far away. Let’s play the game well and try to get relief from the symptoms before we talk about recovery. Well…Let me think, what was the first thing that the guys reminded us to do when we entered the game?”

“I know this one! Spend 10 star coins to buy a first charge gift pack! Oh, no, you should directly buy a kryptonite gift package, this can also send diamond coins, more cost-effective!” The person who said that after he finished, he looked down and operated, and soon raised his head with a grin to tell the others that he had bought one worth 888, the most expensive one. He said to his companions, “Buy 888 to get 988, it is not inexhaustible. Krypton is right!” 

Not far away, Zhu MoLing followed their discussion and also found the existence of the game store. The dazzling variety of goods simply confused his fox eyes. And then seeing the price of some of the goods, amazedly raised his eyebrows, wasn’t this too cheap? The game maker was really here to do a good deed?

After he clicked on various modules at random, he finally saw a lot of goods that cost more than 100 star coins, so he breathed a sigh of relief and found the option of the Kryptonite Gift Pack and bought five 888 gift packs in one breath.

Whether it could be used up wasn’t to be discussed, the proper pomp must be present. Zhu MoLing discovered the First Charge Gift Bag, that commodity, and found that it actually only needed 10 star coins. He carefully checked the contents of the gift bag, and had the same idea as Wen XingYao,10 star coins could buy so many things! It’s really too cheap!

Click, place an order.

His purchase was still later than the group of military warriors assembled in this novice village, and the other side had already gotten together to open the first gift packs they bought one by one.

At first, Zhu MoLing didn’t know why they didn’t simply open them together, so that they could save time. When he saw that one of them opened a golden hoe from his gift bag, and then a cheer erupted from the crowd, he knew that there was such a good thing waiting ahead of him!

A small pouch wrapped in soft red brocade was taken out of the backpack, and his fingers untied the ties on it, and a burst of golden light erupted from his hand under the unsurprised gaze of Zhu MoLing.

[Congratulations to player ‘Ink’. Through the first charge of the gift package opened a rare item: golden hoe (permanent)!]

Oh, it seems that his luck, even in the game, hadn’t been affected in the slightest. Zhu MoLing had become more interested in this game.

When they saw the same world announcements appear not a few seconds apart except for the game name, the warrior players already roared low in excitement.

“Ohhhhhhh! So soon someone opened the ‘Golden Hoe’ again. The probability of this item dropping is said to be only 1%! Those who haven’t opened the gift pack yet should be anxious!”

“Come, come, let’s continue to open, and try to open out a few more golden hoes. Hehehe!”

The drop probability of this item was not high, huh? Zhu Mo Ling took a look at the golden hoe lying in the backpack. He didn’t look at the other items, and opened the game store again. After he thought about it for a while, he bought 10 Lucky Magic Spring Water Packs, 10 Golden Tool Sets and 10 Costume Surprise Boxes in the mall costing a total of 2,180 diamond coins.

These items all had a common feature, that was: the items being good or bad depended on luck.

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Translator Notes:

  1. The Mo in his name 墨 means Ink.


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