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Chapter 141: Zhu MoLing’s first experience with the game

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The item, worth more than two thousand diamond coins, let Zhu MoLing open a lot of good things. Although he didn’t know what Magic Spring Water was used for, or the use of the other various tools, with the gorgeous appearance of the clothing, he knew that this thing was to wear. After he changed into a pure black ancient costume called “Night Hua,” Zhu MoLing turned around and left in front of those few warrior players.

Not far from there, he could still hear their whispered discussion.

“KAM! Another star element warrior! This has only entered the game for a few minutes and, ah, who knows how much he has spent. Those clothes should be a good item that can only be opened by the Dress Surprise Box, right?”

“These clothes are really handsome… If I had money, I’d like to buy one too! Unfortunately, every cent I have is intended to be spent on the edge of a knife, and I simply don’t want to spend it recklessly…”

“What a drought, what a flood! I’m going to do some tasks. Later, we brothers should find a suitable location to live together!”

“Okay, okay, okay! Go, go, go!”

Zhu MoLing didn’t move away from the crowd, but changed places to continue to observe their practices, and at the same time also set aside a little part of his mind to recall the content of the conversation of the previous few people.

Based on that brief conversation, he perceived that the game seemed to be very different from what he thought it was, a combat game, and had a great therapeutic effect on Genetic Collapse Disorder. Everything in the game contradicted his perception of virtual reality games, but it didn’t make him feel annoyed.

They talked about the number of spots in the game, about the “birth point” mentioned by the player who bumped into him, and the number of people in the game increasing all the time. Zhu MoLing guessed that this was a time when the number of slots in the game had just been released, which involved a virtual reality game builder upgrade. This game’s creator had the money to spend.

The most likely result of these clues, strung together, was that today should be the beginning of the month, probably the first. The time of his accident was the day of February 25, so it didn’t seem that too many days had passed since his accident.

Zhu MoLing thought in silence for a while, then suddenly frowned hard. Why would he spend time thinking about this retarded question? He was connected to Starnet as he played the game, couldn’t he just look at the time in the game?

In order to prevent players from becoming overly addicted to virtual reality games, the Empire had a mandatory regulation for game designers to display the real time in their game. Even if there was another set time in the game, the two must be displayed together. He was also really confused as to why before he was serious enough to speculate on what month and day it was.

After he made sure that the result was the same as he thought it was, Zhu MoLing hurriedly closed the time panel and pretended that nothing happened. As for quitting the game to contact his two subordinates, he had no intention of doing so for the time being. He hadn’t even gone into the game out of his own will, so what if he quit and never came back on? He hadn’t had enough fun in the game yet, so he wasn’t going to leave so easily.

Zhu MoLing finally got serious about playing the game. He saw that many players were walking towards the same kind-looking NPC old man, then received a task, and happily ran to a vacant lot to cut grass. He also followed the example and received the task of “weeding.”

However when he was ready to start doing the task, he ran into trouble again. Whenever he saw a clump of weeds, and intended to pull them out with his bare hands, the system would prompt [This weed has been locked, please find another target]. After several times in a row of getting this prompt, it made Zhu MoLing puzzled and at the same time he also suspected that there was a bug in the game.

A hesitant male voice sounded behind him, “Hey, man, what are you doing? Are you going to help me with the weeding or what? If you want to do the task, you have to go to find a piece of empty land no one else has claimed, ah. This piece of land has been selected by me, you can not make me move.”

Why did this game have the term “claimed land”? Zhu MoLing was baffled, but also understood the player’s meaning and explained, “Sorry. I didn’t notice you just now. You’re busy, I’ll go first.”

After that, he quickly left, and went in the direction of fewer people.

The player who spoke to him looked down at his tall and powerful body, as well as the strong muscles on his arms and legs. He was so big, but he actually had a day when he wasn’t noticed. The brother might be sleepwalking!

After that incident, Zhu MoLing observed the behavior of the other players more carefully and found that they went to the village chief to receive a new task after the weeding was over, and then returned to the open space where the weeds had been removed, and took out the huts that had been pre-prepared and placed them in the right place.

It turned out that the purpose of the previous weeding was to clear out an open space to facilitate a home. No wonder the place was occupied by others and could not move.

There were a total of four styles of huts, in addition to the small thatched huts sent by the opening of the gift pack, there were people who bought a small wooden house, bamboo house or tile house specifically in the game store. These prices were not expensive, and as Zhu MoLing looked at, according to his preferences, he silently bought the colored elegant bamboo house.

It was worth mentioning that the way players weeded was not Zhu MoLing’s favorite. He used hoes or scythes, so the lush weeds would be almost removed. For the roots buried deep in the soil, he chose to ignore them.

Zhu MoLing hurried to follow suit and spent no small amount of effort to also place his house in a clearing by the stream.

After that, he saw the players take out the strange 3X3 land from their backpacks, pick the right place to put it, hold a hoe in one hand, grab a few tiny seeds in the other, bow their heads and dig a hole to plant.

Zhu MoLing, “???”

What kind of game was this? You don’t have to fight monsters or get into trouble. Even the house was arranged, so players wouldn’t live in it directly, right?

As a rookie who knew nothing about this game, and didn’t even know the name of the game, Zhu MoLing felt like he didn’t fit in with the others. He was like a bystander with nothing to do, as he watched these people doing everything in a frenzy.

Although…the scene was really lively, and it was easy to relax when he worked. Still, Zhu MoLing couldn’t help but wonder what the point of doing this was.

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not not figure it out. What else was there to do, and do it together? Who said this game “supposedly” had a good therapeutic effect?

In this way, a Heavenly Fox clan leader disguised as a learning spirit, followed the buttocks of other players, as he worked on newbie missions. That was the harvest.

Zhu MoLing was carrying a small bag of wheat. He stuck his hand in the bag, his fingers buried in the wheat grain. The powdered grain rested on his skin and provoked goose bumps, but he also couldn’t take his hand out, and he grasped it a few times; he found it interesting.

After he’d played for a short while, Zhu MoLing was attracted by the fragrance emitted from the wheat grains and sniffed close for several times before he muttered to himself, “Hmm…This game, the smell is real. Real crops don’t have this smell. I don’t know how the game maker came up with it.”

Anyway, it smelled good.

It wasn’t only him, either. Zhu MoLing looked to his left and right. On the sides of his house moved his new neighbor. HIs progress was similar to his, and at this time they were also holding a bag of wheat, his face moved to keep sniffing.

Some even exaggeratedly shouted out, or cried as they said things like, “Live sincerity didn’t deceive me,” and “Carefree Farmstead will always drop God products.”

Zhu MoLing listened. He guessed that Carefree Farmstead should be the name of the game. It was true that it was very appropriate. Since he’d entered the game, he had been busy. Now that the crops he had planted had been harvested, he decided to sit down and rest for a while.

He once again opened the game store, and from the furniture column, he bought the most expensive “golden back chair,” then sat down since he felt a little tired and a little hungry. He glanced at the satiety and energy and saw the value had dropped a lot. Lightly humming that the game was still quite fancy, but the body was honest, he continued to look in the game store.

At this time, the neighbor next door yelled “I’m hungry, I have to buy Food Basket to replenish my body.” Zhu MoLing also happened to see the item named “Food Basket.” When Zhu MoLing saw the item called “Food Basket” and saw in the tips that the daily purchase limit was “10”, he didn’t hesitate to buy 10 of them immediately.

Anyway, he had money, and he wasn’t afraid to spend it.

So far, Zhu MoLing still tried to maintain a calm look, but this calm, after he uncovered one of the Food Baskets, was broken in a minute.

Inside the basket was a small white porcelain jar, and even though the lid was closed, the fragrance of the contents wafted out. The rich, soul-deep fragrance was like a big net that came down unawares, and Zhu MoLing’s body gave an obvious lurch, after which the whole person was intoxicated. It was only when the fragrance spread out a little that he opened his eyes and found his neighbors on the left and right looking over at him with mouth-watering faces that he returned his gaze to the basket on his lap.

At the same time, the basket was gathered up in his arms.

He opened the lid, and a more violent aroma burst out. At the same time, he also saw the relevant introduction of this dish.

[Buddha Jumps Over the Wall: A representative dish of the eight major cuisines of the Ancient Blue Star Sountry, “Min Cuisine”. “There was an altar that started the meat fragrance floating to four neighbors, Buddha smelled it and abandoned the Zenby jumping wall to come and taste.” Tastes soft, rich meat aroma, meaty but not greasy. (Note) (Please be sure to eat while it’s hot! Oh ~)]

Zhu MoLing was aware of the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall dish. After all, their Heavenly Fox clan’s home base was on the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall Star, but now he was actually seeing the real thing. He was still self-confident but this was the first time since he was born that he saw the physical dish.

The game’s creators must have made it up, but he admitted that it smelled so good that he couldn’t wait to try it. Even as he thought that, he picked up the included spoon. From the small cup, he  scooped out a spoonful of soup, blew away the heat on the top, and gently put it into his mouth.

At that moment, it was a feast for the taste buds, the rich soup with the essence of umami, slowly flowing in his throat. Zhu MoLing didn’t want to swallow, but his body seemed to have a mind of its own and couldn’t wait to suck it up.

The next image was a memory that Zhu MoLing, who upgraded to a veteran player more than a month later, still couldn’t face up to. He seemed to have not eaten for 30 years, he didn’t even wait until the first mouthful of soup was down. His eyes suddenly burst with amazing brightness, and then he clung to the spoon, buried his head and, spoon after spoon, avidly ate it up. He didn’t care about the soup being hot, and also forgot the existence of other players around. He just ate and swallowed, like a wind sweeping away leaves. It was only less than five minutes, and a whole cup of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was eaten clean. Not even a drop of soup was left.

When he looked up with satisfaction, he was faced with two neighbors who were embarrassed for him, as if to say, Little brother, you were very good. From now on I will not watch a food broadcast without you.

Zhu MoLing, “…” He tucked the empty Food Basket back into his backpack, and slowly covered his face.

It was only at this time that he suddenly felt that the original face change before entering the game was not at all for the convenience of the players to fight, but to keep the players from losing their faces by having their mouths eaten and drunk in the game seen by their close relatives in reality!


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