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Chapter 40: Reverse Capture Plan

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


Qiao Xi, who gradually came to his senses, finally realized how inappropriate his current position was. His hands were propped up on the sofa, his body was leaning forward, his head tilted slightly, his cheeks were hot, his ears were burning, and his lips were slightly open. It was almost as if he was inviting Han Tian, asking him to do this and that to himself.

Qiao Xi, who understood this, shrank back and jumped up from the sofa, saying in a panic, “I, I’m going back!”

Just after he finished, he drew his legs and rushed out.

After a couple of steps, he came back and picked up the white whale, rushed out again without looking back, jumped head first into the master bedroom, and then closed the door with a bang.

He leaned against the door, sitting red-faced on the floor, his heart beating louder than the sound of the door closing just now.

What’s wrong with me?

For a few brief minutes, it was as if I had lost control. The person who had just spoken was not me!

If Han Tian’s watch hadn’t gone off, what would have happened just then?

He rubbed his hand back and forth over his lips, unable to resist imagining it, but desperately trying to stop himself from thinking about it.

After all…

After all, he knew that for humans, kissing was not a casual thing.

In the information Qiao Xi read, the kiss, if not between the next of kin, was then between lovers.

The first kiss between lovers was usually a very significant event. It was probably as important as getting a promotion from the Demon Academy, right?

Han Tian said that he had never kissed anyone else.

Han Tian also said that he had no previous lovers.

By the way, he also said that he would like to try to fall in love.

He has already decided that after he reaches his Capture Value, he will let Han Tian keep his soul and let him continue to live in the earthly realm and enjoy his own life…

So, one day, Han Tian will fall in love with a human.

A normal, from whom a tail would not suddenly emerge, and from whom horns would not grow, person.

If so, why would you want to steal his kiss?

You are just a demon in human skin! A demon-kissed human is not blessed and favored.

Thinking of this, an unprecedented bitterness and sourness came over Qiao Xi like a mountain.

He hugged his legs, buried his head in his knees, and felt something cold fall on his skin.

It was so cold.

Just as Qiao Xi was confused, Han Tian turned on his communicator with a black face. “Miquel, I’ve already cut off the communication! How can you still find me!”

Miquel looked at Han Tian’s chillingly ugly face and felt a little weak, but had to say, “Your Excellency, according to the request of the seniors, you have been out of communication for too long last time, so this time you are equipped with a model that will be remotely operated to wake up communication once you cut off unilaterally.”

Han Tian’s face stiffened, and the coldness under his eyes was enough to make any demon roll away with a start—except, of course, the one living next door to him.

“Also,” Miquel bit his lip, seemingly mustering up a great deal of courage before speaking, “in addition, the genii have instructed that if you cut off communications again, you need to join me at headquarters immediately for a ‘listening session'”

“The patriarchs said that it was—an order.” Miquel crossed his heart and finally finished the hardest part.

Han Tian sat back on the couch, rubbed his temples, and sneered, “Good.”

Qiao Xi hugged the little white whale and the little shark, and turned over in bed all night.

In the morning, when he heard Han Tian knocking on the door, his heart, which had easily calmed down a bit, thumped furiously again.

What to do? What face should I put on when I meet him today?

As if nothing had happened? As if nothing had happened?

Or should I make a joke and just say, just say: Gee, I was teasing you yesterday?

As a result, Han Tian didn’t give him much chance to dwell on it.

After Han Tian knocked gently on the door a few times, perhaps not hearing any movement, he left on his own.

“Phew…” Qiao Xi breathed a sigh of relief. He was able to hide for a while.

However, to his surprise, Han Tian did not come knocking again.

On the contrary, after ten minutes, there was the click of the entrance door from outside.

Han Tian was gone?

Qiao Xi immediately jumped out of bed, pulled open the bedroom door, and ran to the living room with bare feet.

Sure enough, the study, living room, and dining room were all empty.

Only a simple breakfast was laid out on the dining room table, and a note pad was pressed against a glass of milk.

Qiao Xi walked over and picked up the piece of paper, which read: [Urgent notice of business trip last night. I may not be able to come back tonight. I have prepared a simple meal for you and put it in the fridge. Remember to eat well.]

Qiao Xi sat down dumbly on the dining chair, holding the note, feeling regretful and sad.

If I had known he was going on a business trip, I should have met him just now…

I should have seen him…

He crouched forward and plopped his upper body onto the dining table, without the slightest desire to get up and eat.

After a while, he slowly wandered back to his bedroom, fished out his phone and sent a message to Han Tian: [Mn, I overslept and just saw your message. Be careful on your trip.]

After sending it, he didn’t get a reply.

Holding the phone, he walked to the window and looked at the yellowing leaves outside, and felt a pang of melancholy.

“Sir?” Miquel called out tentatively.

“Hmm?” Han Tian drew his eyes back from the phone screen.

“We’re getting ready to leave,” Miquel said.

“Okay.” Han Tian tucked his phone away.

At this moment, both of them were standing on the top floor of a three-hundred meter high building.

The autumn breeze, which was already a bit chilly, became sharp when it reached such a high place, blowing on people’s faces like a knife.

However, Han Tian and Miquel both looked indifferent. They stood at the edge of the roof, pointed at the air and stepped out.

At this moment, if any human being saw this sight, they would probably be so frightened that they would shout: “Jumper!”

However, instead of falling, the two figures rose higher and higher, blurring more and more, until they completely disappeared between the clouds.

A few moments later, the two had stepped on top of the ground.

It’s not quite accurate to say that it was the ground.

Beneath their feet were patches of white light, tightly intertwined and spreading out endlessly.

As Han Tian took steps, the white light he stepped on glowed pale gold, condensing into a golden river amidst the whiteness.

The two of them moved in silence along this “river”.

Like walking for a long time, but also like only for a moment, the round dome of a building appeared in front of the two.

As if to welcome the arrival of the two, the door slowly opened.

Han Tian stepped in without expression, followed by Miquel.

The door closed again.

Although the appearance of the domed building could be described as stern and holy, the hall inside, at first glance, looked no different from a meeting room in the earthly world.

Bright floor-to-ceiling windows, dark carpets, dark sofas, surrounded by a half circle of sofas, there was even a coffee table, on top of which were two exquisite tea cups, the black tea inside was steaming hot.

Han Tian glanced at the black tea on the table, and did not mean to sit down, but instead went to the window and looked at the river of stars flowing below, without saying a word.

“Han Tian?” Miquel hesitated and asked, “I had a vague feeling when I was in the earthly realm. Now that I’m back here, this feeling is even clearer—your angelic power, isn’t it a bit over-consumed?”

“It’s just normal consumption,” Han Tian said indifferently.

Miquel wanted to ask more questions, but suddenly from the dome came the sound of chanting.

Han Tian frowned and walked to the center of the hall.

Soon, all the decorations around faded away, and the entire parlor was empty, leaving only the cold white.

Han Tian stood with an indifferent face, while Miquel had already lowered his head.

In front of them, seven pillars of light appeared in a place that was indefinitely near or far. The seven-beam pillar of light formed an arc around the two.

“Seraph.” An icy cold voice.

Han Tian slightly raised his head and stared at the beam of light pillar that flickered up.

“According to the communicator’s records, we are puzzled by your behavior. Can you explain why you suddenly turned off your communicator on this day, September 17, and shut it down for five whole days?”

There was no semblance of emotion in the words, just a calm inquiry.

“I have already stated to the supervisor before that the communicator was broken by accident.” Han Tian’s tone also had no ups and downs. “On the day of September 17, there was a super S-class demon that appeared in my jurisdiction in an undisguised form. Perhaps the threshold limit of our communicator is too low, which is why it immediately lost its function as soon as it came into contact with the super-S level demon.”

These words sounded like mere explanations at first, but the dissatisfaction implied in them was enough to make Miquel’s eyes flutter and a worried look appear between his eyebrows.

“So, on October 3, the communicator detected that a low-level demon had entered your guard range, why didn’t you submit any contact report?”

The rightmost pillar of light stopped pulsing and was replaced by the leftmost pillar of light that began flashing. Accompanying it was a colder, harsher voice.

“Since when is it necessary to report everything about the daily actions of high-ranking angels?” Han Tian asked coldly and rhetorically.

“…” The pillar of light on the left side went quiet.

“Seraph, please explain why last night, your communication was interrupted again?”

This time it was the pillar of light to the right of the center. This light had a faint blue tinge and the tone of questioning was softer than the two earlier.

Han Tian’s face showed just the right amount of impatience. “Guys, as I said before, the first time the communicator broke down, it was an accident. Therefore, the second time I took the initiative to turn off the communicator, it was not originally an incident that required a hearing.”

He scanned the pillars of light in front of him, his expression a bit untamed. “However, since you are so concerned, then I will reveal something to you…

I think you already know that the Demon World has sent a super S-class demon to lurk around us with the purpose of capturing the souls of humans and even angels. This is such an arrogant provocation!”

Han Tian frowned lightly, disdain and disgust clearly visible on his face. “For this kind of provocation, can’t we fight back? Are we going to tolerate such lowly creatures, being caught by them again and again? “

“Therefore, I will do what your predecessors never did, I will make this demon who dares to tease us, be dominated by the heavenly realm, be conquered by the heavenly realm, become the prey of the angels, make him—willingly—tear off his wings, pluck out his horns, become completely and utterly loser.”

Although Han Tian’s tone was not intense, the content of his words was enough to make the six pillars of light keep pulsating, as if they were intensely deliberating on something.

After a long time, the light blue pillar of light finally brightened up, and the soft voice said, “Sir Seraph, there is no need to go to this extent. For this kind of unnecessary provocateur, it is enough to send him back to the Demon World.”

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth sank, and the expression on his face even brought some sarcasm. “Sending him back to the Demon World is fine? Heh, it is our connivance and concessions that allow them to be so unrestrained!”


A slightly old voice rang out. This voice came from the pillar of light farthest away from Han Tian. This pillar of light had not changed at all until now, when it slowly flickered.

As soon as this voice appeared, the rest of the pillars of light all dimmed in unison, and Miquel bent down respectfully.

“Senators, Seraph has presented his purpose and plan to all of you. So, in accordance with the rules of procedure, do you all have anything else to ask?” The voice was subdued.

The remaining six pillars of light lit up in unison for a moment, and then answered in unison, “No more.”

“Good,” the center beam brightened, “then our hearing is over, Seraph, it’s been a long time, do you have time to come and have a cup of tea with me in the back garden later?”

Even Han Tian, at the inquiry of this voice, lowered his head, pressed his right hand to his chest, and replied respectfully, “With pleasure.”

The chief patriarch’s back garden is always a “do not invite” place. Therefore Miquel could only wait quietly in the meeting room.

Han Tian’s words just now had completely dispelled the senators’ doubts. In the short term, they would not interfere with Han Tian’s actions anymore.

Han Tian’s performance was indeed in line with his usual style, cold, ruthless, and in the matter of fighting demons, could be called cruel.


Not quite right, not quite right.

As a partner who grew up with Han Tian, Miquel knew that Han Tian almost never explained or argued, because he didn’t care.

And just now, there was no doubt that Han Tian had said a little too much.

If you really want to retaliate against the Demon World, just tie up that little guy—ah no, that little demon who is good at disguise, and then gather both sides. Would a trial not be enough?

Why lay down such a complicated plan?

Moreover, what disturbed him even more was the sudden decrease in Han Tian’s angelic power.

What had happened? What exactly did that little demon do to Han Tian?

Or rather, what was the identity of that little demon, and what was it capable of doing?

At that moment, the low laughter of the shameless demon rang in his head again, “Your Excellency, if you are ready to trade with me, I am always ready…”

While Miquel was torn and distracted, Han Tian stepped out of the fog and onto the parlor carpet.

“Miquel?” Han Tian raised an eyebrow as he looked at the somewhat disoriented companion.

“Your Excellency.” Miquel, who had come back to his senses, swallowed the question he had just asked and changed it to, “Your afternoon tea with the Chief, did it go well?”

“Mn. Went well,” Han Tian replied simply. “I have to go to one more place later on. Once I’m done with that, let’s head back.”

As Miquel carefully mulled over how to go about bargaining with Evans, the object of his heightened attention, Qiao Xi, was sitting in Angel’s Feather, sipping his own brewed black tea.

This time, he gave up using tea leaves and used a tea bag provided by Han Tian instead.

The tea bags were of some unknown brand, and came in a wooden box, a large and neatly packed box.

Qiao Xi dragged a tea bag out, steeped it in 90-degree water for three minutes, and then sniffed it—it really smelled good! Sweet and mellow, and Han Tian brewed black tea is a good match.

I’d better get used to brewing my own black tea as soon as possible.

After all, when Han Tian has a lover, he will be so busy, how will he have time to come to the cafe, and how can he make black tea for him again?

Qiao Xi sighed, took a piece of cheesecake from the glass display case, and ate it.

The cheesecake was thick but not greasy, and tasted as good as ever.

But even such a delicious dessert could not make Qiao Xi happy.

He just ate quietly while eating, looking at the phone that had been quiet for most of the day.

The door of the cafe was slowly pushed open just as the black tea was about to reach the bottom.

Huh? Sang Sang is still on vacation, and Han Tian shouldn’t be back that soon, so there’s actually a customer at the door?


Qiao Xi, who realized that he was going to receive customers on his own, finally came to his senses. He almost jumped up, wiped his mouth in a hurry, stood straight like Sang Sang, and put on his business smile. “Welcome!”

The customer was wearing a dark gray trench coat and a black flat top hat. His face, hidden in the shadow of the hat, could not be seen clearly.

After entering the door, the man looked around and finally fixed his eyes on Qiao Xi, then slowly raised his gloved right hand and took off his hat. His voice was soft. “Hello, excuse me.”

Qiao Xi, who finally saw the person’s face, opened his eyes, and even the business smile just now froze on his face—

This person looks exactly the same as Han Tian.


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A kiss is like promotion; that’s so sweet 😘
HT’s power depletion is odd.
HT had a place to go & in the meantime, the glove-wearing Demon turns up at Angel’s Feather, looking just like HT.
Are they twins? Does HT have a double? Is he possessed? Or is the Demon using HT’s appearance?
It explains Gu Yianxin saying it was HT that instructed him.
QX is now in danger. Maybe we’ll find out how powerful he is?
Thanks Addis & Kiramekineko for the chapter.

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Oh no oh no oh no! 😭 Something really bad is about to happen!

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Ohhh noooo!! Was it all an act to tame Qiao Xi?!

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Han Tian is literally feeding his angelic power to Qiao Xi and making him protective jewelry, so of course it’s over consumed😭 He can’t let his cute little demon starve.

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