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Chapter 156: hatching in Progress

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


[Ahhhhh! It’s Big Brother Li Bai and Big Brother Demon Xing! I didn’t expect them to grab the pet eggs too! This hand speed, it’s really great…]

[Peachy little brother, younger sister Huaibi, and the liver emperor are also in there, ah! Other village players please remember what they are good at. Maybe they can come in handy with the next event!]

[These people are smiling so brightly, ah. It’s the look of the winner of life. I also want pet eggs. I also want to enter the game, ah. TvT…]

After they put their pet eggs into the depressions in front of them, the players greeted the camera and the live viewers. Most of the people in the world were outgoing and cheerful, so even if they were facing the camera for the first time, they weren’t afraid in their hearts and grinned happily.

There were even people who gave flying kisses to the camera, “mua~mua~” A sound others could hear clearly.

After they expressed their envy for this group of players, the audience turned their attention to the twenty pet eggs.

On the circular-shaped table, each egg had a different pattern. There was a black speckled pattern on a white background, red and green with contrasting colors, a light pink shell with a plush texture, and golden lines haphazardly wrapped around one. The pet eggs were all almost the same size, and each with a unique sense of beauty. They were dazzling, and the viewers were curious about what the hatchlings would be like.

[Ah, I’m in a hurry! When will these pet eggs actually hatch?]

[I remember the Big Brother Demon Xing’s egg last month. It took almost half an hour before it was actually born, right? The hatchlings look like they’ve grown a lot lately!]

[That pet egg’s broken shell tells us never to underestimate any pet hatchling. It’s likely that underneath their soft appearance are strong genes and powerful fighting abilities, remember brothers?]

[Remember, remember, remember! As long as it is a pet in the game, there is not one that is useless!]

Since Mo Song was also the owner of one of the pet eggs, it wasn’t convenient for him to walk around at that moment, so he simply controlled the live camera to keep it hovering over the pet eggs, as he automatically captured the pet eggs that produced movement and took close up shots of them.

The moment a pet egg was taken out of the backpack, the process of hatching began, and even if there had only been one egg, that was more than enough to observe. However, now there were twenty eggs. Each egg would shake every half a minute and the camera would automatically follow them in a circle. It quickly went to the end, then back and forth…it was very busy.

The audience was fascinated as they watched, but also very happy. On the pop-up screen, they excitedly guessed whose pet egg would be the first to hatch.

[Blunt Opinion just said, his pet egg moved a little just as he took it out, so I’ll blindly guess it’s him. Better open out a real Blunt Opinion, ah. Haha! Let him feel the fun of a daddy with a baby coming…]

[I’m laughing my ass off, but I’m afraid Blunt Opinion will cry on the spot! I say, the first to hatch should be the player called Clear Pears. You see her egg? Look how it’s shaking up a storm! Maybe in the next second, the egg will produce cracks.]

[Hey, how come no one guessed Big Brother Demon Xing’s, ah? His egg is also a second child, right? Maybe he will have experience related to hatching? That’s a big lead over the others!]

[Pfft! Hahahahaha! What the hell is a second child? It’s not like Big Brother Demon Xing is giving birth himself. He’s just taking care of it on the side, right?]

[Blooming Youth’s egg is also very likely, ah. the eggshell has a natural crack pattern. Maybe it will be easier to hatch.]

[Ahem! No need to guess further. Didn’t you notice? LiLi has a small black claw claw exposed. It’s only that the location on the eggshell color is originally black, so you may not notice it. smug.jpg]

What?! Someone’s pet egg had broken its shell so soon? Plus it was the one from the game developer himself?

The audience quickly stopped arguing and fixed their eyes only to find that Bai Li’s side had already gathered quite a few people. All players who were watching from a short distance away, ran over instinctively after they noticed signs of a hatchling emerging.

At this time no one could be distracted from the group of people gathered around a little farther away. All eyes were focused on the tender little black paws. The owner of the little black paw looked like a strong youngster, full of strength, and in a short time it had poked a big hole in the top of the eggshell, and revealed its little head.

The round head was white. Only the ears, eyes and nose were black. The fur was wet with moisture, and the eyes surrounded by black fur were round and slimy, as they showed curiosity and ignorance about the world. It seemed to notice the burning gaze of the people around it, as it stopped the action of continuing to destroy the eggshell and cocked its head.

Many of the players and viewers present felt that their teenage hearts had melted at the sight of that cute cub. Who could stand such a naturally teasing little baby!

That sudden crooked head tilt was like a needle in everyone’s acupuncture point. Regardless of the pad foot probe action, they covered their face or cupped their hearts, and froze in place.

The little cub saw these people had no response, and broke its little paw from the eggshell and touched its head. It continued to concentrate on the destruction of the egg. In a short time, the entire eggshell was broken, and it sat in the pile of broken eggshell, casually picked up one of the larger pieces, and as if it was eating cookies, “click, click, click” it chewed.

For a while, the sound of crisp chewing was incessant.

“So my pet egg is a giant panda cub. There is ready-made food for it at home,” Bai Li suddenly spoke, with laughter in his voice. That broke the quietness of the scene.

Whether it was the players on the scene, or the viewers in the live stream, they all woke up like a dream. Their eyes gazed at the giant panda cub that was still clinging to its dry rice, and discussed it warmly and in quiet voices.

“Giant panda? Isn’t this an iron-eating beast? I didn’t expect it to be quite so cute looking as a cub…But does LiLi have some misconceptions about it? He seems to treat it as a soft and harmless little animal.”

“Haha, when you said that, did you forget that LiLi is also super strong? I remember the days of last month’s event. LiLi and I were divided into the same corn field. With him and Big Brother Demon Xing against two gangs. The violent memories…omg that was really painful, hiss-“

“Brothers, I looked up the information on Starnet. During the Ancient Blue Star period the giant panda was the national treasure of China. The national love was high, unlike the current panda Therian. It’s strong and sturdy, with a huge mouth that can even chew steel, and chew it into a pile of slag.”

“Understand, understand. The game’s giant panda cubs are still cute. We suck on the right…”

While they were talking, the giant panda cub had already finished eating all its eggshell, and its arms and legs, which had been still a bit weak, became strong. It smelled Bai Li’s master’s smell. Bai Li saw the situation and stretched out an arm to catch the giant panda cub as it came closer.

The new cub was only as big as the palm of an adult’s hand, and after it hugged Bai Li’s wrist with both paws and feet, its little buttocks twisted and turned. Its tail cocked, and it actually continued to climb up his arm, and in a short while it reached Bai Li’s shoulder and sat down on his shoulder to nest. Its front limbs loosely hugged Bai Li’s neck, its little head rubbed against his chin. It emitted a comfortable “ooh” sound, then closed its eyes, slowed down its breathing, and surprisingly fell asleep. 1

A lot of people in the room were shocked by this development and couldn’t say anything. What happened to this cub? Sleeping after eating? A little bit of an iron-eating beast cub had no vigor! Not only that, it gave an “ooh” instead of a cub growl. Was that a call? What the hell?

The “oohing” was a shame. Hurry up and wake it!

Then, the giant panda cub told everyone with their practical thoughts that it was impossible to wake and they never could. The round black-and-white dumpling was sleeping heavily. A small pink tongue was exposed from its mouth, which intensified its cuteness. Bai Li carefully inclined his head and looked down at it, his heart laughed at the same time, while he didn’t forget to lift a hand to support its small buttocks, and save it from falling off his body.

The first hatchling was born, and stayed in the arms of its owner.

When the other pet egg owners saw it, especially the female players, their eyes glanced at the giant panda cub on Bai Li from time to time, and the strong desire in their eyes could be felt from a long distance away.

Damn, it’s the feeling of a heartbeat!

The women weren’t looking forward to having a super practical pet. If the cubs that eventually came out would be half as cute as LiLi’s, they thanked God for that!

Soon, the second pet also successfully broke its shell. It was A Moth Covers the Sky’s pet egg, and the hatchling was a naive money turtle. 2 The pattern on the back of the turtle was a coin, and its name is very consistent. The pet skill of the money turtle was also related to coins. Feed it a few copper coins every day, and the next day the player would be able to harvest a varying amount of silver or gold coins, but for the specific amount, the player would have to test themselves. A Moth Covers the Sky held the little turtle in his hand, and his happy mouth grinned. Money turtle, money turtle! it’s really to send him money! Great!

When he announced the skill of the money turtle, the surrounding players were envious. What kind of divine skill was that, to eat copper coins and spit out silver and gold coins…What was the difference between that and picking up money for nothing!

With the two successful examples of the giant panda cub and the money turtle hatchlings, it wasn’t long before other people’s pet eggs also hatched one after another. A dozen pet hatchlings hatched together. The audience was dazzled. Their eyes glowed as they commented on the newborns. They said at one point that the white dog smiled like an angel, and at another that the black matte gorilla looked like a human, and that it might be able to help with farming when it grew up.

During that time, Wen XingYao’s pet egg hatched and a large blue macaw with green and yellow feathers on the top of its head and abdomen, 3 also got a lot of attention from onlookers, who laughed and said, “Now Big Brother Demon Xing is surrounded by land, sea and air.”

Wen XingYao couldn’t help but laugh at the thought, but it was true!

The birth of new life made the surrounding area happy and harmonious, but at that moment, was the sound of a crying voice, “I…my pet egg has not hatched until now. Is it a difficult birth, right?”

Hmm? There’s still talk of difficult births for pet eggs these days? Everyone looked in the direction where the voice came from…


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Translator Notes:

  1. Cute panda pic time!  
  2.   Another feng shui good luck talisman


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