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Chapter 157: All confused

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Overturn the Mythical Beast was the owner of the “difficult” pet egg, and a girl who didn’t look very old. She watched other people’s pet eggs hatch one by one successfully, but hers wasn’t moving at all. It was absolutely impossible to say that there was no panic in her heart. As a result of her sudden outburst, the attention of the players and the live viewers all focused on her side, with their eyes fixed on the unmoving pet egg.

It was a light yellow pet egg with black stripes, and regardless of the color it looked like a watermelon placed horizontally. It couldn’t be said that it didn’t not move at all. In fact, it was still moving, but the magnitude wasn’t obvious. If a person wasn’t watching closely, it wouldn’t be noticed. If it was touched with the palm of the hand the faint vibration from the inside of the eggshell could be felt.

Mo Song, who had a small green snake wrapped around his wrist, used his other hand to protect the snake from being bumped by others while he squeezed through the crowd with the live camera. He looked at the sad Overturn the Mythical Beast and said comfortingly, “Don’t worry, Sister. How can a pet egg be ‘difficult to birth’? In this situation it will definitely be able to be born. It’s just a matter of time!”

Overturn the Mythical Beast was in the lowest of moods. She even had a negative mood of resignation, and when she heard the words she softly retorted, “How can there be no problem? The hatchling’s shell is their first challenge in life, and this process can only be completed by themselves. If someone from the outside were to destroy the eggshell to control their birth, it would make them extremely weak, and ultimately they won’t survive. By the same token, if they are so weak that they can’t even break the eggshell from the inside, it will be hard for them to survive…My pet egg, isn’t it the latter?”

After she said that, she gave the pet egg in front of her a sad look, and put her hands gently on the eggshell, as she tried to pass on her thoughts and beliefs to the hatchling in the eggshell.

After hearing Overturn the Mythical Beast’s words, Mo Song didn’t know what to say to comfort the other party. However, his eyes darted around and found that Bai Li and Wen XingYao were walking that way. He instantly and pleasantly waved his hand towards the two. The action was so fierce that the small snake wrapped around his wrist was almost thrown off. But when he saw the thin green snake, he remembered that he was a pet person, and hurriedly pulled his hand back, and covered it like a treasure.

Bai Li accelerated his steps and rushed over. The panda cub sleeping on his shoulder opened its eyes dazedly because he moved too fast, looked around and found that it was safe, and so it closed them once again.

This time, Overturn the Mythical Beast also saw the figure of Bai Li approaching, and looked at Bai Li as if he were a life-saver. Her fingers kept twisting the hem of her coat, with the appearance of her own wrongdoing.

“You don’t have to rush.” Bai Li said as comfort. “I have never seen a pet egg that couldn’t be born. The birth of the pup is only a matter of time. You just need to wait patiently. There is no need to blame yourself.”

Overturn the Mythical Beast had been successfully comforted. She gave a big sigh of relief at the same time, then politely thanked Bai Li, “Thank you LiLi. Fortunately you are here, otherwise I would panic!”

Suddenly, both of them felt a dark glance from the side and looked over to find Mo Song. The other gave Bai Li a sour look and said jealously, “Obviously, I also said that it could definitely be born. How come no one believes me? Do I have the face of a liar?”

“Pfft!” This time, Overturn the Mythical Beast was completely relaxed, and broke into laughter. As she laughed, she also apologized and told Mo Song not to be upset. He was still a very good anchor.

Mo Song laughed and cried, then said that it was really the game developer who had more face. The audience in the live room laughed out loud, and hurriedly played on the pop-up screen.

[Can they really be comparable? Just think about who LiLi is. He is the ‘father’ of all the pet eggs ah. Of course the father knows whether the child can be born normally…]

[I don’t know if Blunt Opinion’s face is credible or not, but it’s true is it not, that he deliberately provoked us with the goodies in the game?]

[I still remember the promised ‘full banquet.’ This guy said he would check out the dishes for us first, and then he made all of them in one night!]

[Hahaha! This girl blindly speaks the truth. Blunt Opinion is indeed an excellent game anchor, but the chat before was not talking about his credibility on that issue. Hahaha! This way of changing the subject is really great!]

[Well…Am I the only one who is curious about what kind of hatchling will be born from the pet egg that hasn’t hatched after so long?]

[The same curiosity. I suspect that will give birth to a great guy! It’s a finale, so it should be the rarest existence in the room, right?]

So while the pet hadn’t yet officially broken its shell, the audience speculated wildly. Even Overturn the Mythical Beast and a group of players around the scene had their eyes on Bai Li’s movements, as if they were sure Bai Li would know the answer.

Bai Li noticed these eyes. He petted the panda cub and said with a smile, “Don’t look at me. I don’t know either. Everyone’s pet eggs are random. No one knows what cubs are inside until they are born.”

“Ai…” There was a lament of loss.

“But…” Bai Li remembered one thing and hinted, “The pattern of the pet egg shell will have a certain reference. Before you also said that the pattern of the pet eggs are all different. This is actually a reflection of the characteristics of the hatchlings. If you want to guess what kind of hatchling will be inside, it is possible to start from this angle.”

When he said that, the people around him were energized, and one by one they carefully observed the patterns on the eggshell, and then made their own guesses.

“Pale yellow, with black patterns…The inside shouldn’t be a tiger, right? Tiger is good! Tiger is good! Not only is it powerful and dominant looking, but when it grows up, it should be able to be a mount like Gray Scales’ wild boar!”

“But…The pattern on a tiger’s body shouldn’t be so uniform, right? The width of the stripes are similar, so I think it is unlikely to be a tiger. It couldn’t be…It’s a zebra with a color mutation! Zebras are not bad, they can be mounts!”

“It could also be a clown fish! But the pattern seems to be a bit different? I don’t care, I’m done guessing anyway!”

“Tch, why not say it’s a ‘façade marker’ that’s become a spirit? I took this pattern to Starnet and checked it out. It looks quite similar…”

Viewers, “…” That’s a great idea!

The pop-ups jammed for a few seconds before returning to normal and continuing to appear as one possibility after another.

Overturn the Mythical Beast didn’t try to guess what her future pet would be, but chose to look at the “answers” of the viewers in the live stream. One by one, either tall and fierce or rare possibilities were in front of her eyes, and her breathing got a little faster, as if those pets had really appeared in front of her.

So much so, that when the pet egg began to shake violently, she didn’t react. It was only when the others shouted out her name to remind her, that she looked at the “difficult” pet egg as an afterthought. When she looked over, the top of the pet egg had just been broken through a tiny hole, but there were no fluffy claws or anything else showing, which made onlookers even more curious as to what was inside the egg shell.

As they were so focused, almost no players heard when someone whispered, “Strange, why do I think I hear a buzzing sound?”

However that was okay, the question was soon answered.

The small hole in the eggshell became larger and larger with the internal impact, and after reaching a certain diameter, two pea-sized things flew out of it, one of them slightly larger than the other, and after breaking out of the egg the two tiny ones went straight to Overturn the Mythical Beast and stopped at the top of her, one on the left and right.

At the same time, there was a buzzing sound that came from their bodies, light and tender, and showed their joy at finally coming out of the eggshell.

Overturn the Mythical Beast was confused.

The players on the sidelines were confused.

The viewers in the live broadcast room were even more confused.

This was…a bee? Or two of them? What was the matter? Such an insect that could be found everywhere could be considered as a pet?

The former was clearly aware of the existence of such an animal in the type of pups that can be opened from pet eggs, while the latter was out of trust in the former. Wen XingYao believed that Bai Li couldn’t be wrong, and that he must have his own reasons for making bees a player’s pet.

After the initial surprise, Overturn the Mythical Beast felt the faint vibration coming from the top of her head and was the first to come back to her senses. She had very mixed feelings. She was both relieved that her pet egg finally hatched, and lost since the pet that came out was a type that she and others had never guessed.

Who would have thought that in such a large pet egg was actually only pea-sized two insects? The size difference was too obvious, right? However, no matter what, these were her own pets, and Overturn the Mythical Beast still loved them most.

She looked at the skills of her pets. There were three skills. The first was pollination, which increased the yield of crops to some extent, the second was honey, which brewed sweet honey through the collection of pollen, and the third was to increase the friendliness of NPCs by 5 points.

It was worth mentioning that the pet skills had a long string of instructions behind them, which told the owner they would not only see only these two small bees now, but afterwards there would be more and more small bees as they would build nests and constantly lay eggs. The bees would be able to spread out to pollinate and harvest honey to ensure the effectiveness of the pet skill.

Overturn the Mythical Beast’s face, as the content of the pet skills was read out word by word, went from dark to dazzling, and the smile on her face got bigger and bigger. The discerning eye would know that this was a happy expression of picking up a big bargain.

Players and viewers also felt happy for her because of that reversal.

[Well, that almost scared me to death. I thought it was a rollover, but it turns out I thought too much. This definitely deserved to be the finale. It was really worth it!]

[Maybe I know why this egg was ‘difficult to hatch.’ With only two small bees, how much strength did they need to break through the eggshell obstruction? To be able to knock a hole in the eggshell is considered to be their extraordinary talent.]

[Let’s congratulate Overturn the Mythical Beast, the little younger sister, who obtained such a practical pet. Mushroom Village players will have a mouthful again. This is a good treasure that will make honey! Speaking of which, I’m reminded of the deliciousness of honey muffins and honey lemonade again!]

[Wow! I thought it was just two little bees, but I didn’t expect that they will give birth to themselves. It won’t be long before Overturn the Mythical Beast has a large group of bees, right?]

As he looked at the dense blessings on the pop-ups, Mo Song breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately this time the event didn’t flop, and everyone had a pet to their liking. After he said goodbye to the audience and closed the live camera, Mo Song reminded Overturn the Mythical Beast not to forget to pack up the pet eggshell and take it back with her, as everyone else’s were eaten up by their pets.

“Oh! Okay, I’ll go clean up!” Overturn the Mythical Beast trotted back to the table, followed by two little bees as they flew in circles.

When they saw that there was nothing left for them to do, Bai Li and Mo Song said goodbye and left with a small string of tails.


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