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Chapter 158: Business talk

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


There were three small tails behind Bai Li. The first was Wen XingYao, the second was Song Xinran, and the third was Jiang Huaibi. They all lived in one place, so it made sense to walk together on the way home.

On the way back, Bai Li’s eyes glanced at the top of Song Xinran’s head from time to time and finally he couldn’t resist asking, “Little Song, when did you get a pink hat on your head?”

The edge was also adorned with a few furry tassels. It was strange and cute, but how come he didn’t remember there was a hat of this shape in the game? Song Xinran heard this, and his expression suddenly became strange. He looked straight at Bai Li, as if he was accusing him of something.

Bai Li, “?”

“What’s wrong?” Bai Li asked suspiciously. “What’s so strange about my question?”

When he saw that Bai Li really hadn’t noticed, Song Xinran didn’t answer directly, just reached up to his head and took off the “hat” from the top of his head.

When this pink hat was grasped in his hand, Bai Li finally found the anomalies, the “hat” was actually alive!

A creature that was pink with a little transparency. The texture was soft, and if it was pinched, it bounced, then when it was caught by Song Xinran, its master, the several hanging “tassels” shook on the spot with a crazy swinging energy, as if to say, “Stupid human! Stop! Quickly let go of me!”

At the same time, the “hat’s” body also opened two thin slits. Oh no, it was squinty eyes.

Song Xinran said, “Master, this is the pet that came out of my pet egg. It’s such a pink jellyfish. 1 You didn’t notice it at that time?” In his opinion, that color, that type, they were very attractive…

Bai Li looked embarrassed. He really hadn’t noticed. Or rather, since the birth of his giant panda cub, he’d been obsessed with the cuteness of the panda cub, as he observed its sleeping face and watched it so it wouldn’t fall off its shoulder nest, which kept him very busy. He’d had no time or energy to pay attention to anything else. Besides, there was Wen XingYao between Song Xinran and him, so it seemed reasonable that he didn’t see it for a while.

When he saw Bai Li’s expression, Song Xinran knew he was right. He gave Bai Li a look of resignation, but did not say “Master, you don’t care about me anymore” or other words. After he put the pink jellyfish back on top of his head and felt it was lying comfortably on top of his head, Song Xinran continued to speak to the others.

“If you remember, my pet’s eggshell was also pink, and kind of furry to the touch. Even if Master hadn’t said the eggshell look was a certain characteristic of the internal pet, well, I already thought I would open out a peach elf or something. However, the result…Why, it’s actually a pink jellyfish. Who would have thought?”

“Hahaha! LiLi also said it. This is just a reference direction. At least the color is right.” Jiang Huaibi was holding her own treasure hunting mouse and said with a smile, “Anyway, I could not guess with mine, but at last out came a treasure hunting mouse. I’m really super satisfied. I think we two are a perfect match…”

On the side, Bai Li nodded in agreement. Jiang Huaibi’s luck was always good.

Wen XingYao used a finger as a grip point for the macaw and didn’t join the trio’s discussion. He stared at it’s beady eyes, his mind full of the players’ joking words.

“Now, Big Brother Demon Xing is considered complete by land, sea and air.”

The golden koi swimming in the water, the milk lion running on the ground, the macaw flying in the sky…such a magical combination. It was something Wen XingYao hadn’t expected, but now that things had come to an end, even if he had other ideas, he was powerless to change anything. What else could he do? Of course, it was to raise them well.


At 15:20, Bai Li appeared alone in front of the Holographic Game Design Competition’s office building on the Starnet. Because of the video call, Zhuo Rui, who was waiting at the entrance of the building earlier, spotted Bai Li’s presence and walked over quickly.

“Mr. Bai, this is Zhuo Rui who is in charge of the interface with you.”

After the two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, Zhuo Rui led Bai Li towards the inside of the building. The meeting place was located on the seventh floor, and Zhuo Rui intended to take Bai Li directly up in the elevator.

On the way, in order to avoid the awkward atmosphere caused by no one talking, Zhuo Rui introduced to Bai Li the general function of each floor of the building. The public opinion detection department, data supervision department, network maintenance department and other departments on each floor were explained to Bai Li, although Bai Li didn’t really understand. _(:з”∠)_

The two arrived at the seventh floor just as another staff member led a tall man in from the other side. Even a fitted suit couldn’t cover the strong muscles of the man. As he observed Zhuo Rui’s expression, Bai Li guessed that this should be the person he was meeting today.

Sure enough, the person who came was none other than the current president of Tasty Food, Lei Bao.

Because Wen XingYao knew Lei Bao, Bai Li wasn’t very nervous, so he smiled when they shook hands and introduced each other’s names, then sat down to their respective seats, as he  intended to directly open the door to the mountain.

Zhuo Rui and his colleague saw this, and left after serving them each a cup of tea.

“Mr. Bai, I think you should know the reason for my visit.” Lei Bao wanted to try to show his friendly attitude, but he had no choice but to show a fierce face. After he thought about it, he reverted to his expressionless look. “This is also the result of our company not being sharp enough to discover the deliberate part of this game of Mr. Bai’s earlier. Before I came, I watched the entire live replay of Carefree Farmstead for the taste of the food inside…”

Lei Bao spoke eloquently, and expressed his love for Carefree Farmstead in an unconcealed manner. During the process of narrating, he mentioned the novel method of farming that required players’ own hands, the unique game quests and activities, the interesting and head-turning lucky boxes, and the leisurely life of fishing, gathering and mining. The food in the game, instead, was the last to be talked about.

In Lei Bao’s view, each food item in the game was like the gift of the beast gods to Interstellar people, and the unique taste of each dish was worthy of constant remembrance. He said that books on food taste descriptions in the Ancient Blue Star period should follow the taste of those cuisines in the game.

Bai Li listened quietly and patiently during this process, and when he heard Lei Bao give such a high affirmation to the food in the game, he laughed, waved his hand, and said, “Wrong, wrong. The taste of the food should follow the descriptions in the ancient books. Shouldn’t that be reversed?”

When he said this, the tone of his voice couldn’t be ignored. Lei Bao also quickly reacted to the meaning of his words. This was definitely the taste of the food in the game, as he was sure that they had the same taste as the food of the Ancient Blue Star period.

Lei Bao didn’t want to explore the root of how Bai Li did it, since he subconsciously already believed what he said. The food in the game should taste like the food from the Ancient Blue Star period. It was a pity that he could only experience 30% of it through the live replay, if it was 100%, how tantalizing it would be…

The meeting had created a good atmosphere at the beginning, one came with a very high sincerity to cooperate, and the other was also interested in trying something, so the two immediately hit it off, and it didn’t take long to finalize the cooperation of five flavors of nutrient solution, namely: cucumber, tomato, watermelon, corn juice, and milk tea.

Bai Li also had his own considerations for suggesting and choosing these five flavors. Compared with the complex dishes in the game, these five flavors were singular. Their fresh taste would also make them relatively more acceptable to the public. Also, it would be easier for Tasty Food to conduct research and tests, then the new flavors could be launched as soon as possible.

Lei Bao also explained to Bai Li, that the main material of the nutritional liquid came from an agricultural planet and a large number of crops, and was beyond the industrial synthesis of a variety of edible additives. They could only create a taste that was as close as possible to the data provided by Bai Li under this condition.

In the current crops, taste and flavor were increasingly reduced, and it was better not to take the initiative to challenge the high taste of the better foods. Lei Bao accepted Bai Li’s statement, and nodded his head with deep understanding. He said straight away that the professional’s opinion was really important. After all, before he came here, he was thinking about meat flavor, spicy pot flavor, and spicy diced chicken flavor for the nutrient solutions.

Bai Li, “…” He should have known how the egg toast flavored nutrition liquid was created when Song Xinran brought it to him earlier. Who would have thought that the current president of Tasty Foods would be such a daring man?

After agreeing on the five flavors, Lei Bao signed a contract with Bai Li directly.

The contract stipulated that at the beginning of the cooperation, Bai Li would provide data on five types of food (cucumber, tomato, watermelon, corn juice and milk tea) for their research, and then each month he would need to provide data on one to three new types of food. The profits from the sales of the nutrition liquids provided by Bai Li will be split 30/70 between Bai Li and Tasty Foods, which would be settled at the end of each month. In case of default, Bai Li could terminate the contract at any time.

In addition, if there were other changes. The contract could also be terminated at any time by mutual agreement. Bai Li read the contract from beginning to end and found no problems, and was about to say that he could sign the contract directly.

Then he heard Lei Bao mention, “By the way, Mr. Bai Li, do you have any extra game slots?”

If Bai Li looked at him carefully at this time. He found that Lei Bao seemed to be sitting in a more upright posture than at the beginning, with his eyes shining with an unconscious smile of anticipation on his face, much more natural than when he greeted Bai Li. Then, his two hands on the knees also quietly clenched into fists, which expressed the inner tension of their owner.

This stance was more serious than when he had been talking business.

Bai Li, who had 998 game slots in hand, nodded and confirmed this statement. “I do have some left in my hand and plan to give them away during this month’s event. Mr. Lei has mentioned this right now, do you have any idea about them?”

This question could be considered as giving no answer. After all, if there was no idea, he wouldn’t take the initiative to mention.

He didn’t know what Lei Bao thought, but he didn’t think the statement of Bai Li’s had any problems. Instead, he nodded heavily, and straightforwardly said, “Two days ago I couldn’t grab the game quota, and also missed the lottery draw. When I discovered that I could still find someone else to buy from, the few slots had long been snatched up. If Mr. Bai doesn’t mind, can you give me a game quota? I am willing to give up another 10% of the profits and we’ll split it 40/60.”

With such a serious atmosphere, Bai Li kept very calm on the outside. For a time, he didn’t know whether to spit on Lei Bao’s behavior of treating money like dirt, or to be surprised that the Carefree Farmstead game quota was actually sold as a commodity behind his back.

What could you do if you don’t play when you get a spot?

Or was it that those who sold game slots were actually living koi on earth, not only grabbing them, but also drawing them in a separate lottery?


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Translator Notes:

  1. I don’t have a picture of a pink jellyfish that likes to be a hat…


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