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Chapter 56: Your Name

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

“Qiao Xi! Wake up! You’re late!”

Qiao Xi rubbed his eyes and sat up dazedly with the blanket on his back.

He looked at the little curly hair in front of him and yawned. “Su Rui, what are you doing in my house?”

“Huh?” Su Rui looked at him with an expression of a fool. “What house? Are you sleeping like a fool? Aren’t you in the dormitory?”

“Dormitory?” He tried to open his eyes wide and looked around.

That’s right, one bed for himself, one bed opposite, and two desks side by side by the window, with books piled up on them.

The layout of this room looked like a college dormitory in every way. He shook his head, jumped off the bed and stepped on the floor with bare feet.

The floor of the dormitory without floor heating was so cold that he shivered and hurriedly put on the plush slippers, while muttering, “Oh… I just had a really weird dream. First I dreamed I was living in a villa, and then I moved into an apartment…”

“What villa and apartment, you go brush your teeth and wash your face and change your clothes. If you are late for class again, you will not be able to graduate!” Su Rui said fiercely.

Qiao Xi scratched his head and shuffled into the bathroom.

As he brushed his teeth and watched, a picture suddenly appeared in his mind: himself in the mirror, with two slightly curved black horns. Every time you want to go out, you will check carefully, whether the horns are hidden.

This image was so real that he couldn’t help but shiver.

He grabbed his toothbrush, poked his head out of the bathroom, and vaguely said to Su Rui, “I tell you, I ah, I think I dreamed I grew horns out, like a demon. Why do you think I had such a weird dream?”

Su Rui froze and looked a little strange, then shrugged his shoulders with a “you’re stupid” expression. “Qiao Xi, I think you’ve really slept like a fool. You are preparing for your thesis, is not the folklore about demon legend? You’ve been reading those strange books so seriously every day that you’ve almost found two horns to put on your head, so what’s so strange about dreaming of becoming a demon?”

“Eh? Is this my thesis?” Qiao Xi went back to the bathroom, spit out the white foam and mouthwash in his mouth, wiped the corner of his mouth, and thought with some confusion.

However, he seemed to be quite worried about not being able to graduate, and even in his dreams, he kept obsessing about this.

After changing his clothes, he put the notebook on his desk into his shoulder bag and left the door with Su Rui.

“Let’s go, there’s still time to eat skinny congee at this hour, I hope it’s not sold out today,” Su Rui said with great enthusiasm.

“Oh…” Qiao Xi followed behind, always feeling as if, once upon a time, someone would prepare breakfast every day and put it on the table in all kinds of cute shapes?

After eating breakfast in the cafeteria, the two of them went to the stair classroom.

After Qiao Xi put his notebook on the table, he looked around again with some doubts: I was in this classroom, had a class?

At that moment, a blond young man sitting in the front row caught his eye.

The back, the curve of his face…

Yes! I’ve seen this person in my dreams!

Qiao Xi stood up with a start and shouted, “Miquel!”

The young blond looked back and seemed a little surprised, but not too surprised, he just waved at Qiao Xi in a friendly manner.

Qiao Xi was about to rush in Miquel’s direction when Su Rui tugged his sleeve. “Why are you calling our assistant professor so loudly? Do you have something to ask him?”

“Assistant professor?” Qiao Xi blinked.

“Yes!” Su Rui’s face was almost disgusted. “Hey hey, you’re really confused today, aren’t you?

“Evans?” Although Qiao Xi tried to restrain himself, he still couldn’t help but amplify his voice, causing the students in the front row to turn around.

Su Rui smacked him on the head and glared at him. “What? Did you even forget your supervisor’s name? He is the supervisor of your thesis! Today is also his public class!”

Qiao Xi opened his mouth, feeling that all these names had appeared over and over again in his dreams…

In addition to these names, there was another name that had always, always been in his dreams.

But that name, what is it?

At this time, a young man with short silver hair and a good suit stepped up to the podium.

He straightened his microphone and his voice was clear. “Okay, let’s start today’s lesson.”

Qiao Xi looked at the man on the podium, and many blurred images turned up in his mind. In these images, Evans was urging him to do something very important…

Is that also a dream?

Qiao Xi hesitated and asked Su Rui hesitantly, “Hey, I’m probably having a brain fart today. Let me ask you, do I know this teacher Evans very well?”

Su Rui looked puzzled. “Of course. Haven’t you been helping him with his projects since freshman year? Why else would you have chosen him as a mentor?”


Qiao Xi didn’t listen to anything in this whole class.

Maybe it was because he was confused during the class, but after class, Evans asked him to stay and asked him with concern if he had any difficulties with his thesis.

Qiao Xi looked at Evans and said, “I don’t have any problems with my thesis. It’s just that I feel like I’ve lost my memory after I woke up today, and I almost forgot who I really am.”

Evans slapped him on the shoulder. “Why, young man, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, don’t keep thinking about your thesis, eat, drink, date, and rest comfortably for three weeks, then all your memories will be restored.”

Miquel, next to him, also smiled at him, as if encouraging him to follow Evans’ words.

Qiao Xi went back to the dormitory with Su Rui in disbelief.

However, after finding a sweet store and having a big meal, his memory really seemed to have recovered a lot.

For example, he remembered that he had worked in this dessert store, and the name of the store manager was Sang Sang.

When Sang Sang came to collect the cups, she rubbed his hair and smilingly asked, “Didn’t you say you didn’t have time to come here for your thesis? Why are you free today?”

Qiao Xi giggled, drank the last sip of black tea, and asked tentatively, “Sang Sang, was I the only one who worked in the store before? Did I have other colleagues?”

Sang Sang laughed and said, “How many people come to my store in a day? How many things can I do? You are the only employee who works here!”


Qiao Xi hesitated again, gritted his teeth, and asked, “By the way…. Sang Sang, your previous boyfriend…”

Sang Sang didn’t wait for him to finish before he hit him on the head. “What previous boyfriends, this beautiful girl is single and doesn’t need a man.”

Okay, okay.

From the sweet store, Qiao Xi subconsciously slipped towards a certain street—he remembered that there was a hospital there.

He remembered, in a trance, that he had once spent a very happy few days here, with a man.

Just as he stood at the door, a lady in pink approached him and asked politely, “Hello, how can I help you?”

Qiao Xi thought for a moment and said, “I’m looking for a doctor, like the best and most popular doctor you have here.”

The little sister froze, but still smiled politely and gave him a PAD. “Look, all the doctors in our hospital are here. All of them are highly skilled and trusted by our patients. You can make an appointment online through our app with the items you want to see.”

Qiao Xi looked at each doctor’s picture and no, none of them were the blurry shadow of his dream.

Qiao Xi sighed and gave the PAD back to the lady, smiling apologetically. “Sorry, I… I probably misremembered.”

Maybe he really had a memory problem because he was under too much pressure for his dissertation?

Qiao Xi thought so and decided to follow his tutor’s words and try.

He left his dissertation aside and ate and slept every day.

As for dating, he didn’t have anyone he wanted to date, but just went to the White Star Orphanage twice with Su Rui and Miquel.

According to Su Rui, they had been going to the orphanage every Saturday before, taking care of the children and giving them gifts.

The children, in turn, welcomed their arrival.

In particular, a child named Tong Tong pulled Qiao Xi and made him tell stories for a long time.

After three weeks, Qiao Xi felt that his memory really came back and he didn’t have any strange dreams anymore.

His name was Qiao Xi, just an ordinary senior student.

After returning to normal, the days flew by.

The winter was almost over, the snow was melting and the weather was getting warmer.

This evening, Qiao Xi was returning to school from Haicheng Library, thinking that the weather was good, so he might as well walk back, since it would take less than an hour to take a shortcut anyway.

When he passed a sparsely populated alley, he suddenly smelled a peculiar stench.

Along with this stench, there seemed to be the cries of a teenager.

Hmm? What’s going on here?

Qiao Xi stopped in his tracks.

Yes, the teenager seemed to be shouting, “Help!”

Qiao Xi slowly turned his head and looked into the deepest part of the alley.

The lights at the intersection were broken, so it was impossible to see.

He took a deep breath and walked toward the dark place.

One step, two steps.

Gradually, he could see clearly. Three strong men like bears, holding a skinny teenager down on the ground. One man covered the teenager’s mouth, and another was trying to peel off the teenager’s pants.

Qiao Xi only felt the blood rushing upward—

However, what could one do? Each of those three men, in terms of size, was big enough to smash himself with a punch.

He might as well hide far away and call the police first…

But by the time the police arrive, will the teenager still be safe?

No, no, I don’t want to just wait!

Faintly, he heard a clear, crisp voice say to himself, “Qiao Xi, if this is hard for you, if you want to stop them, stick to your choice.”

Not knowing where the courage came from, he swished out his cell phone and pointed the white light of his flashlight at the men and bellowed, “Stop!

The three men subconsciously blocked the light with their arms and then turned their heads toward Qiao Xi.

“Let go of him! I’ve already called the police!” Qiao Xi said loudly.

“Get out of my way, you idiot! Get the fuck out of the way!” One of the men cursed angrily.

Qiao Xi took a deep breath, untied his shoulder bag and carried it in his hand.

The next second, a burly middle-aged man stood up and lunged at him, cursing.

Qiao Xi stood firm and took the shoulder bag full of hard-shell books and smashed it hard against the middle-aged man’s head.

“Ouch!” The middle-aged man fell to the ground, covering his eyes.

The other two men froze and finally let go of their hands on the teenager and lunged at Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi shouted “Run!” at the young man on the ground while blinding the men’s eyes with a flashlight.

The teenager cried and cried, not even to say thank you, and ran away quickly.

Qiao Xi didn’t dare to let up and swung the bag round again, smashing it at the men.

However, the two men, who obviously fought often and were too dominant for their size, directly held Qiao Xi’s arm and then punched him in the abdomen.

Qiao Xi’s body jerked with pain, but still gritted his teeth and tried to use his knees to the man in front of him.

However, the man in front of him nimbly avoided it and punched him in the face at the same time.

Another man, who had simply come around behind him, began to speak incoherently.

“What to do? What to do?” Qiao Xi thought in panic. With no intention of conceding defeat, he stomped back once again—

“Waaaahhhhh!” The stomp, which should not have been a threat, had an unexpected effect, causing the man behind him to fly five meters away.

Qiao Xi and the two remaining men were frozen.

However, he quickly reacted and kicked forward again—the man, like a sandbag, was kicked into the air, then hit the ground hard and began to wail.

The man, who had already been smashed over the head, did not dare to stay any longer and crawled away, crying and howling.

Qiao Xi stopped where he was, huffing and puffing.

His heart was beating fast, and his back seemed to itch a little.

And, more and more itchy.

He turned his back and touched it, and his pupils shrank. Himself, what did he touch? What has grown on his back? What is this fluffy feeling? Wings… Wings…? Tiny, two wings?

He shuddered and withdrew his hand, and suddenly found that he had a light, snow-white feather in his hand.

His gaze coalesced on the feather, and his mind was in chaos.

Countless memories, countless memories that had been sealed, came flooding back.

His hands shook, bringing the feather to his eyes, tears crackling down.

His lips opened and closed, and with difficulty he spat out the two words that should have been completely forgotten: “Han… Tian…”

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Oh no,😟😟

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I guess the plan to make him forget his heartbreak failed.

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So HT took the Demon power & the Angelic power alone should have remained suppressed with QX’s memories?
That was his memory, speaking to him like HT used to, telling him to stick to his choice?
It’s all reversed now, so won’t they still be in the same situation? Weirdly, from the reactions of other characters, they seem to be aware of how things were.
It’s all a bit odd.
QX’s love for HT is too strong to hide from his memories 🥹 How is HT coping?

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Thanks, Addis and Kiramekineko, for the chapter.

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