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Chapter 159: Cooperation and Reunion

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

After Bai Li’s repeated confirmation that Lei Bao’s words were not casual but sincere, he finally agreed to the other’s request and gave him three game slots in one breath. This kind of pie from  the sky was a good thing. He picked up a bargain just by giving the other game quotas. It made Bai Li feel sorry.

At the same time, Lei Bao was also very happy. The bottom line of his original profit distribution was 60-40, and he got three game slots from Bai Li for nothing after a little trick of the brain. With three game places, he could keep one for himself, and the remaining two would be rewarded to someone of great merit after he returned. He was really an enviable boss!

After they modified the profit distribution on the contract, Bai Li signed his big name on it, and at the same time handed the game slots to Lei Bao.

“Thank you, Bai Li.” Lei Bao bound one of the game slots to himself on the spot, and added Bai Li as a communication friend. Now the relationship between the words was much closer. “I believe that our cooperation this time will definitely bring a huge shock to the whole Empire. I can’t wait! I can’t wait to see the surprised expressions of the people of the Empire on that day after they eat the new nutrition liquid.”

“You’re welcome. I’m just providing some data. It’s up to your company’s researchers to make them before they can be considered a success.” Bai Li waved his hand and said with a smile.

“Don’t you thank me. Without you, this cooperation wouldn’t be able to go on. Soon the whole Empire will know what you’ve done and give their gratitude to you,” Lei Bao said with a serious face. He had a few moments of thought. “Moreover, I don’t know why, but from the first time I saw you, I felt that you are very kind, and it is relaxing to talk with you. I’ll tell you the truth, in fact, before coming, my emotions weren’t stable because of my Genetic Collapse Disorder. Even after injecting sedatives and taking a lot of mental candy, it didn’t not help. Before coming I was planning to make a quick decision. But during the exchange just now, I could hardly remember my previous state, and my whole spirit was relaxed and soothed. Bai Li, you are really a magical being. I am looking forward more and more to going into the game you’ve created to play.”

Obviously, Lei Bao equated Bai Li with his game Carefree Farmstead and attributed the change in himself to the fact that Bai Li was the developer of the game Carefree Farmstead itself. It never occurred to him that the fact of Bai Li’s existence influenced the game, and it wasn’t the game’s specificity that affected Bai Li. 

Bai Li was slightly shocked by Lei Bao’s words, but he reacted quickly and said with a smile, “Really, I didn’t know I had such special powers! Maybe it’s just your imagination. Maybe you’re happy from the bottom of your heart after negotiating this cooperation, which has affected your mood and state.”

Was that so? Maybe. Lei Bao frowned and pondered for a moment, then reluctantly accepted that statement from Bai Li. This was the closest their company had come to food, and it was indeed a delightful thing to see.

Since there was a meeting in the company waiting to be chaired by himself afterwards, Lei Bao said goodbye to Bai Li and left. Bai Li waved his hand and watched his figure disappear directly in front of him, then turned around and walked in the direction of the door.

Zhuo Rui hadn’t left. He waited nearby while the two discussed the cooperation, and when he saw the door being opened from the inside, he hurried to meet them, only to see Bai Li walk out alone.

“Mr. Bai, are you done talking? Where is Mr. Lei?” Zhuo Rui even glanced behind Bai Li a few times and found that there was really no second person inside.

“Mr. Lei had to leave first.” As if guessing what the other was going to ask next, Bai Li no longer held out, and just told Zhuo Rui the final result. “We have confirmed to cooperate, the contract has been signed, I believe that in a short while Tasty Foods will be able to develop and publicly sell the new nutrition liquid flavors.”

Having suddenly heard such good news, Zhuo Rui felt so happy that he was about to faint. Zhuo Rui touched his mouth suspiciously, his face full of anticipation. “Is this, is this true? You guys are really going to start working together?” 

“Of course it’s true. Why would I lie to you about such a thing?”

“Wow! Wouldn’t that mean that soon, in reality, I will be able to eat the nutritional liquid that tastes the same as the food in the live broadcast? When that time comes, I’ll definitely buy a few big boxes and stock up to eat it slowly.”

Bai Li laughed, and expressed his affirmation of Zhuo Rui’s statement. That young man, he was very thoughtful, to recognize so early the possible problems and how to prevent them before they occur.

By the time he left, it was almost 17:00. Bai Li thought of the small family that was waiting for him, so he said goodbye to Zhuo Rui and went offline. After he got offline and came out of the room, Wen XingYao, who was next door, heard the commotion and showed up.

“How did it go, Bai Li?”

Wen XingYao was aware of what Bai Li went to do in the afternoon. Although it wasn’t convenient for him to accompany him, he also told him all the information he knew about Lei Bao. He should have been relieved that the two had met this time, but he found himself distracted so often while he played the game that he couldn’t even plant the ground properly. He was always thinking about whether Bai Li would be given a hard time in a place he couldn’t be or something similar, so he simply went offline and waited for Bai Li to return.

For this reason, the black fox cub who was forced to go offline as well was sulking and angry with him.

Now that Bai Li had appeared, the fox cub acted like it had seen its savior, as it decisively abandoned the lion and from Wen XingYao’s broad backbone, it made a flying pounce into Bai Li’s arms, and emitted a loud milky complaint.

It was worth mentioning that after a few days of quiet practice, he found that he had been fooled by the bad lion. The human who smelled good obviously didn’t have the strange disease of “fox fur allergy.” That was just an excuse for the bad lion to keep him from approaching the human. To get back at the bad lion, he would stick to the human’s side as long as the human was within his sight, without a care for the pressure that emanated from the bad lion’s body.

Bai Li skillfully wrapped his arms around the fox cub and petted him from head to tail before he answered Wen XingYao’s question with a relaxed look, “Mn, it went well. The contract has been signed. The first month I will give the data for five kinds of food, and then each month I will give another 1 to 3 kinds. I share 40% of the profit from all sales. That Lei Bao was quite generous, and his character is also relatively straightforward; nothing roundabout.”

When he heard the result, Wen XingYao also felt happy for Bai Li. In addition to the game revenue and live share revenue, he now had another profit revenue from the nutrition liquids, so after this his wallet should be difficult to flatten. It would be much easier to buy the virtual reality game builder upgrade and other things he wanted.

What Wen XingYao didn’t know was that Bai Li’s goal was never to upgrade the virtual reality game builder to the top level. From the beginning to the end, what he had been working towards was buying an agricultural planet. Although farming in the game was easy, it was ultimately not real. How could it be as exciting as having a large field in reality?

When Bai Li came back from being online unharmed, Wen XingYao asked Bai Li for some grass and wood clear spirit energy, and transformed into human form to enter the kitchen to make a big table of delicious food to celebrate the good news.

Two people and a fox ate until their bellies were round, then went back into the game to digest.

The rest of the day ended in that uneventful atmosphere. The players in the game, their fellow netizens in the forum, the contestants who had signed up for the Carefree Farmstead anchor auditions, they all had no idea that on such an ordinary afternoon, Bai Li had made a big decision that would soon have a huge impact on all of their lives. They just all had a good night’s sleep.

Tang Ying disembarked from the spaceship in a low profile way, took a taxi waiting at the side of the road, set his final destination and then reclined in his seat to rest his eyes. Early this morning, he had set off from Buddha Jumps Over the Wall to the Sweet and Sour Pork Star. Since he was too involved in farming the day before, he only went to bed at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. On the way over, he had been busy imagining the scene of seeing Wen XingYao again after nearly two months, he was so excited that he didn’t get a good rest.

At this point, a strong fatigue came over him. If it was a typical day, at such a critical moment, as long as he felt a trace of fatigue, Tang Ying’s response would be to take a potion. As the Admiral’s adjutant, how could he freely reveal a weakness?

However, this time, Tang Ying chose to let the tiredness come through, like a thick cotton wool it enveloped him, warm, soft, as if the next second he would fall into a deep sleep. This feeling of being unattached and floating on a cloud was something he hadn’t experienced for a long, long time. His spirit was as relaxed as when he was farming in the game, but this time it was in reality, the significance of which was indescribable. When he thought about it, the corners of Tang Ying’s mouth curled up in a light, pleasant smile.

However, the good times were short-lived after all. The automated car stopped in front of a small villa, and the electronic voice was already urging Tang Ying to pay the fare for the journey.

Tang Ying, “…” This planet’s cars drove too fast!

He got out of the car with a depressed face, and just as he got out, he met up with Bai Li who heard the noise and came out to check. The fox-eyed young man with black hair and eyes, was dressed in a comfortable home outfit, as he held a tool and smiled at him looked familiar to Tang Ying.

“Tang Ying, you are here so early? I thought it would be a while later…” With that, he turned his body sideways and beckoned Tang Ying to hurry in.

Instead of responding to Bai Li’s greeting, Tang Ying looked him up and down, and a wary, dangerous gleam shone in his eyes as asked in a deep voice, “Who are you?”

He could guarantee that he had never seen this youth before. Since his own face would occasionally follow Wen XingYao on various news, it seemed that the other person knew him. However, he did not know them.

In a short moment, Tang Ying thought a lot, and even probed for hidden enemies around him and Wen XingYao. Anyone who had heard his whereabouts and the purpose of his trip, and wanted to create some surprises for them so Wen XingYao wouldn’t return.

At the same time, his gaze towards Bai Li was getting sharper and sharper.

Once Bai Li made a move, he would rise up and attack.

However, at that moment, Tang Ying heard a familiar voice, as a huge lion emerged from behind the strange youth and said to him, “What are you doing out here? Why don’t you come in?”

Tang Ying, “???”

Admiral! How did you become like this? Admiral!

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