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Chapter 58: Café by the Sea

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

In April, the trees beside the road were already green, but the sea breeze was still a bit cool.

Qiao Xi held Han Tian’s hand and pushed open the glass door of a cafe.

“Welcome!” Sang Sang’s clear and lively voice rang out.

“Hey, Qiao Xi, it’s you!” Seeing Qiao Xi and the person next to him, Sang Sang greeted him with surprise, “I just sent you a message yesterday that it’s open, and you’re here today? That’s too soon!”

Qiao Xi tilted his head and said with a smile, “Anyway, I’m not busy now and I’ve finished my dissertation, so I wanted to travel with my boyfriend, so I came to this city first, to see your dream cafe.”

“With your boyfriend… A trip?” Sang Sang looked at the man next to Qiao Xi, who looked even more impressive than a star, and couldn’t stop the aunt’s smile from appearing on her face.

“Hello, my name is Han Tian, I’m Qiao Xi’s lover,” the man introduced himself gently.

“Hello, hello! My name is Sang Sang, I am Qiao Xi’s former colleague,” Sang Sang hurriedly responded and took the two to a window seat while whispering to Qiao Xi, “Wow, you’re fast, you were single last month and you’re already traveling with someone this month?”

Qiao Xi scratched his head in embarrassment and changed the subject. “Well, you were working at Angel’s Feather last month, but you already have your own cafe this month?”

“Haha! Yes!” When the cafe was mentioned, Sang Sang kept talking. “I was shocked to receive the news that the mysterious owner was going out of business temporarily, and I thought I had to find a new job. As it turned out, the mysterious owner offered me a huge severance package, enough to open a new store here! And, whether it’s finding a location or renovating, it’s all going exceptionally well, I really feel so lucky! Look at all those little ornaments I found earlier, they’re all coming in handy!” Sang Sang smilingly pointed out the little owls, the clock, and the little red mailbox to Qiao Xi.

The cafe wasn’t very big, but with Sang Sang’s careful decoration, it looked very cozy. Moreover, the view from the window seat was right on the sprawling gray-blue sea, with white seagulls passing overhead every now and then.

“Mn, this place is really great,” Qiao Xi exclaimed.

Sang Sang smiled contentedly and pointed to the small blackboard hanging behind the bar. “It’s a small place, so there aren’t that many desserts. But the apple pie I baked myself is simply superb, would you like to try it?”

She looked over at Han Tian and blurted out, “You must want black tea, right?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Sang Sang felt a bit remorseful—Oh, how could she be so arbitrary as to assume that he would drink black tea when she had never met him?

Then Han Tian smiled and said, “Yes, I like black tea.”

Sang Sang then went back to the bar to prepare it with confidence.

Only then did Qiao Xi turn his head sideways and say to Han Tian, who was sitting next to him, “It seems that Sang Sang didn’t remember either…”

Previously, except for Qiao Xi, whose memory was replaced by Su Rui, all other people who had contact with Han Tian had all their memories of Han Tian erased.

Therefore, Sang Sang would only remember that Qiao Xi worked in the store. Other things related to Han Tian, such as Qiao Xi bought the cafe, such as Qiao Xi and Han Tian helped her chase away her scum ex-boyfriend, she had no memory of.

Han Tian held Qiao Xi’s hand and said with a smile, “It doesn’t matter. she doesn’t have that memory, it won’t do any harm to her own life.”

“But…” Qiao Xi showed a slightly worried expression. “But, if she doesn’t remember her previous experience and then she meets a scum…”

“Qiao Xi.” Han Tian squeezed his finger and said, “Don’t worry.”

“Oh?” Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian hopefully and said, “You mean, she won’t meet someone like that again?”

“No.” Han Tian shook his head. “There are not many such people in the world, no one can guarantee that she will not meet them again. However, although she does not remember the specific events, those emotions and feelings have been rooted in her heart. She will never again give up her life, her dreams for the sake of others’ unbridled criticism. So, don’t worry.”

“Mn,” Qiao Xi nodded happily, while moving his body towards Han Tian a little more, their legs were pressed together.

However Han Tian’s face was expressionless as he moved a little more towards the window, hardening a gap between the two.

What! Not again!

Qiao Xi thought in exasperation, and even his face looked a little worse.

Since Han Tian had returned to the earthly realm, the two had lived together again.

Only this time, instead of living in “Dr. Han’s” apartment, they lived in Qiao Xi’s villa.

In Qiao Xi’s plan, his villa has floor-to-ceiling windows, a large bathtub, a balcony with a view of the stars, all the floors paved with underfloor heating, a large kitchen with a large cooking table, and a study with a swivel chair full of the atmosphere of the boss, tsk, such a complete set of facilities, it is simply too convenient, okay!

However, Qiao Xi felt that the two of them were even more like “roommates” than before.

Except for Han Tian, who would give him a light kiss every morning when he came to wake him up, the two of them rarely even hugged each other.

Sometimes, Qiao Xi would drag Han Tian to watch a movie with him on the sofa, and he would take the opportunity to put one of his legs on Han Tian’s lap first, then slowly press the other leg up, and then sit down with his whole body—only to have Han Tian wrap his arm around his shoulders and hug him, while telling him, “Don’t move around, watch carefully.”

What are you looking at? The movie is not as good as you!

Once Qiao Xi came out of the shower, wearing his shark pajamas, and insisted that his room was cold, and that he didn’t know if the floor heating was broken, or if Han Tian’s room was warmer—Han Tian then tucked him in, brought the shark and the white whale over to keep him company, and dropped a kiss on his forehead and said, “Then you sleep in my bed, and I’ll go to your room. Good night.”

Huh? Sleeping in what? What I lack is a bed to sleep in?

The most outrageous thing was that one day, Qiao Xi went back and forth in the house for half a day and finally decided to give up! He stripped naked, jumped into the bathtub full of bubbles and started calling out, “Han Tian! Han Tian!”

After a while, Han Tian came in and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qiao Xi blushed and said, “I, I don’t want to take a bath alone!”

Han Tian nodded and took the rubber ducky from the bathroom shelf and put it on the water. “Mn, forget about the ducky. He’ll keep you company. Take a good bath and come out for dinner later.”

Then, Han Tian closed the door and went out.

Qiao Xi was dumbfounded.

He sometimes wondered if Han Tian, who was so tireless and energetic that he cried himself hoarse that day, was an illusion created in his dreams.

Thus, a month passed in Qiao Xi’s daily routine of doubting his life.

When he received a message from Sang Sang that she had opened her cafe in the coastal town, Qiao Xi had a flash of inspiration and immediately searched the internet: hmm, a small coastal tourist town, hmm, a hot spring hotel, hmm, a tourist train—

Okay, that’s it! If Han Tian is too shy at home, then I’ll have to find another place and eat him up!

What he didn’t expect was that although Han Tian agreed to go on the trip with him, and took over all the reservations and preparations, Han Tian suggested “by the way” that Miquel and Evans should come along too?

So, his plans to do this and that in a suite for two on a tourist train, which he had been looking forward to, fell through.

During Haicheng’s journey to the coastal town, Evans conjured up a chess set and played Han Tian the whole way, while Miquel stayed by the window reading a book. Qiao Xi, on the other hand, was desperate to play the game.

The next day at noon, the four of them arrived at the seaside town and checked into the private hot spring hotel Han Tian had booked. After making a date to eat the hotel’s signature seafood hotpot in the evening, Qiao Xi dragged Han Tian to Sang Sang’s café.

As a result, Han Tian did not show any intimacy even though they were sitting shoulder to shoulder, the view outside was so nice, and the background music in the store was so pleasant.

When Sang Sang brought the apple pie and black tea, Qiao Xi took a bite of the apple pie, licked the corner of his mouth, then looked at Han Tian and said, “It’s delicious, would you like some?”

As a result, Han Tian just drank the black tea without moving. “No.”

Qiao Xi, who failed once again, was simply furious.

Why? What the hell is this? After Han Tian became a demon, did he lose his worldly desires?

After coming out of the cafe, the two of them went for a walk on the beach trail. But Qiao Xi was already clearly not interested. On the way, Han Tian, who usually didn’t talk much, was trying to entertain him.

However, Qiao Xi was still very depressed.

He was even thinking, Why don’t you just ask yourself? Why don’t you want to do this and that with me anymore?

But… If you ask this question, won’t you seem too…hungry? Bi, after all, you are now an angel!

Although an angel with small wings, can not fly.

But angels should still be pure of heart and soul, right? For example, like the old Han Tian, gentle and cold?

In that case, is it possible that Han Tian is training me so that I can have the mind and nature of an angel?

Wow – that makes sense! That must be the case!

Qiao Xi, who felt that he had finally understood, was in a leaping mood again.

All right! It doesn’t matter, then I can hold his hand every day and have a kiss in the morning, and I’ll be satisfied!

Qiao Xi, with renewed energy, happily dragged Han Tian back to the hotel.

The innkeeper had already prepared a table and food for the four of them, and was waiting for them to be seated.

Qiao Xi looked at the empty chairs, took out his cell phone and dialed Miquel, but there was no answer.

He scratched his head and said, “I’ll go to the room, it’s time for dinner.”

Han Tian frowned a little and said, “It’s okay, why don’t we eat first?”

Qiao Xi shook his head. “No, no, we agreed to go together, I’ll go find them.”

After saying that, Qiao Xi ran away.

The first floor was a public hot spring and restaurant, the second floor was an ordinary room, and the third floor was a suite with a private bath. The four of them had their rooms on the third floor.

Qiao Xi ran to the third floor and knocked on Evans and Miquel’s door, but there was no response.

Huh? Is it true that they haven’t come back yet? Then why didn’t you answer my call?

Qiao Xi was about to turn around and leave when he heard a faint sound in the room.

Qiao Xi knocked on the door again.

This time, someone answered.

“What is it?” Evans’ voice was hoarse and low.

“Uh,” even though Qiao Xi was no longer a student at the Demon Academy, he shuddered at the seriousness of his former mentor’s voice and tried not to stutter. “Mn, it’s dinner time. Let’s have seafood hotpot.”

At that moment, Qiao Xi heard clearly that something thumped on the door of the room.

“No. No time.” It was still Evans’ voice.


Qiao Xi wanted to ask more questions, but he saw the door swinging back and forth rapidly.

Along with the rattling of the door, he seemed to hear Miquel’s low sobs, which he tried to cover his mouth, but still couldn’t suppress.

This… This…

Qiao Xi’s face turned red all at once.

At that moment, he heard Evans whispering to Miquel, “Do you really want me to open the door? Do you really want to open the door like this?”

Qiao Xi’s ears burned, so he dared not listen for one more second, and immediately ran downstairs, sitting in front of the seafood pot and panting heavily.

Han Tian looked at his obviously abnormal expression, did not ask anything, just showed a heartfelt smile, reached out and poured him a cup of genmaicha.

“That, that, they, they…” Qiao Xi pointed upstairs, stammering words, “This, this, it’s not even night yet, they…”

Han Tian took a sip of tea himself and said lightly, “Oh, maybe they haven’t left the room.”

Qiao Xi was shocked. “Eh? That, that, all day?…!”

Han Tian looked at him, although his lips were slightly curled, there was no smile under his eyes. “Qiao Xi, a great demon has one characteristic. That is… Once you enter a certain state, it will be very difficult to stop.”

Qiao Xi was now completely dumbfounded.

He mechanically picked up his cup of tea and took a sip, without speaking.

Han Tian lowered his eyes, with a bit of apology, and said, “So, I know what you’re thinking, but… I would really worry and hurt you.”

Qiao Xi took another big sip of tea and calmed down a bit. “But, I think Miquel is fine too.”

Han Tian froze, forced a smile and said, “You’re not like him. Your current physique is a little bit weaker…”

Qiao Xi put down his cup of tea and stared angrily at Han Tian. “Why are you doing this again!”

Han Tian was stunned. “Me? What again?”

Qiao Xi said almost angrily, “I’ve said it before! I hate it when you treat me like a fool who can’t do anything! You’re trying to hide it from me again, without consulting me! Did you—”

Qiao Xi looked around, although there was no one there, he still lowered his voice. “Don’t you have to put up with it yourself?”

Han Tian sighed. “It’s hard though…”

“Then don’t put up with it!” Qiao Xi said firmly.

“Oh…?” Han Tian raised an eyebrow.

“Don’t. Endure. Anymore,” Qiao Xi said word for word. “Whatever you want, you can.”

“Well…” Han Tian looked at him meaningfully. “So, even if you cry and ask me to stop, I won’t stop, is that okay?”

“Yes!” Qiao Xi said without hesitation.

“If you even lose your voice and try to run away, I will also drag you back again, is that okay?” Han Tian continued.

“Of course!” Qiao Xi had a matter-of-fact look on his face.

“Okay.” Han Tian nodded his head and stood up. “Now then, I can.”

After saying that, he picked up Qiao Xi and headed upstairs.

“Eh, wait?… Stop, stop! No, I didn’t mean now…! Hey!” Qiao Xi resisted in vain, protesting loudly.

“Eh? Didn’t I just say that even if you told me to stop, I wouldn’t stop?” Han Tian turned his head sideways and gave him a demon’s characteristic, regal smile.


Wait, wait! Hey! I didn’t mean for this to happen!

Poor little angel, will he realize, before he passes out, that he’s been fooled again?

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