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Chapter 160: I will remember to pay you for advertising.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

In the spacious and bright living room, there were three people sitting on the sofa, two of them sitting side by side in a natural and leisurely manner, while the other one was sitting alone on another sofa. Of the former, the younger-looking one raised his hand to indicate to the latter to take a sip of tea first to calm down.

The taste of the host’s hospitality was sufficient.

It took five minutes for Tang Ying to reluctantly accept the fact that the strange young man with whom he had a face-to-face was Bai Li in reality, but after accepting it, he was a bit broken.

He looked at the handsome face of the black-haired, black-eyed boy, and then at Wen XingYao, who had long silver hair, golden eyes and an expressionless face that looked askance at the world, and said loudly, “What’s wrong with all of you? Your faces are better than anyone else’s, but in the game you’ve made yourselves look like honest, ordinary people. I try to overlap your images in my mind with your appearance in the game, and now you’ve given me such a shock. Can you justify it? I thought…I thought I was looking in the wrong place, or that this was a long-planned conspiracy.”

Especially Wen XingYao. When he first saw him, he thought the other’s current state was stuck in beast form and unable to recover, so he was grieving for him in his heart. However, when he came in, he didn’t know what he had taken from Bai Li’s hand but he returned to human form in the blink of an eye.

When he saw his curiosity, he lightly said, “Limited energy. Must be used in critical moments.” Such words.

Tang Ying’s heart was broken. Well, the time spent waiting for him to come back was not the main thing. The original atmosphere that was a bit distant had dissipated after he spat out a few words, and Bai Li finally connected the Tang Ying in front of him with the image of Easy Victory Life in the game. Although he seemed to be a serious person, he had hidden humor in his body, and this kind of quality couldn’t be covered up no matter what kind of skin he was wearing.

However, for this kind of thing, he knew in his heart that he was good. There was no need to say it.

Bai Li said, “This is also to keep a low profile, so I don’t use the same face in and out of the game. It can save a lot of trouble. For example, many people now know what I look like in the game, but outside the game, even if they meet me face to face, they don’t know who I am, and I can go wherever I want.”

Tang Ying felt the same way and nodded, “You also have a point. Who would have thought that the Empire’s Admiral and his adjutant were also in the game. The foremost kryptonite player in the entire game forum is famous, but also in the starblog under another trumpet, issued a lot of game strategy, so now he is already a well-known god!”

With this paragraph word by word, Tang Ying’s tone also gradually became “yin and yang.” It was up as he spoke a sentence, then he would pause for a half second a second, to throw a bitchy look at Wen XingYao, then finally concluded a sentence, “I hope someone doesn’t flip on you, or else your War God filter in the eyes of the Imperial public will be completely shattered.”

Wen XingYao could clearly feel the faint resentment in Tang Ying’s words. When he thought about it, he had disappeared for more than two months, and hadn’t appeared in front of the public. Most of the work of the Ministry of Military Affairs was also all pressed on Tang Ying, and he only had spare time in the game. There were also documents that must be decided and signed by him personally. Now that the two had met, he was showing the other side of the yin and yang with a few sentences. Wen XingYao knew that he was a little angry, but it was very understandable.

So Tang Ying watched as Wen XingYao’s gaze towards him took on a distinct warmth, a look of relief, gratitude and closeness that shone on his body like the warm summer sun. He was shaken to the point that goose bumps danced all over his body. Everything was a big shock, and he no longer dared to continue to use his previous tone of voice.

Good god, this was using magic to defeat magic, ah.

After he had seen Wen XingYao’s usual inoffensive appearance, he couldn’t accept his “slimy” look at this time.

Tang Ying wanted to go back to a minute ago and smack the person who had said those words. Just let you be cheap and say such strange things, that’s good. Now the other took the initiative to “sublimate” it! 

Bai Li, who was sitting next to Wen XingYao didn’t notice the brief meeting of the two’s eyes. He followed the words of Tang Ying, laughed twice and said, “Even the Empire Admiral likes to play the farming game, this is good advertising, ah! If one day you really do flop, I’ll remember to pay you for advertising.” The latter sentence was said to Wen XingYao.

Wen XingYao and Tang Ying stared at each other. Tang Ying then looked at Bai Li with a warrior’s gaze, as he thought, This guy is really brave. He dares to say anything. I admire him.

As for Wen XingYao, he turned his head and gave Bai Li a deep look. He didn’t know whether he was giving Bai Li a guarantee or setting up a flag for himself, as he said calmly, “No, I won’t accept it.”

There wouldn’t be that day. He wasn’t going to overturn the car, whether it was the game or starblog trumpet. He would die before his cover was blown. Unless he wanted to uncover himself.

Bai Li wasn’t much concerned about Wen XingYao’s sudden assurance. He blinked his eyes and was about to say something, he saw a black figure leap down from the stairs leading to the second floor. Like lightning, in just a few breaths it reached him, and lightly jumped onto his body.

“Che…” the fox cub raised his head and barked at Bai Li, with no shortage of bragging in his voice.

When Bai Li thought about how he had put the fox cub back into his room after breakfast and closed the door, and how the fox cub appeared in front of him unaided, he quickly guessed that he wanted to show off. Bai Li stroked his head and big fluffy tail, and sincerely praised, “Amazing. He can open the door by himself.”

Tang Ying thought he heard his Admiral “growling” at the black fox cub that appeared out of nowhere with a dissatisfied nasal voice. He shook his head and assumed it was a hallucination, then he took a few more looks at the black fox cub who was pampering himself in Bai Li’s arms, and this time he did find something, “Hmm? He is…?”

Apparently, when Tang Ying met Zhu MoLing’s eyes he also understood what the other’s beast type was. He might have been a little less sure at first, but after watching Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s reactions carefully, he realized that his guess was correct. Tang Ying asked in a lost voice, “No way. Is this really the Patriarch of the Heavenly Fox clan?” 

At the same time, there were two other people who were even more anxious than Tang Ying was at this moment. Since they had entrusted their Patriarch to the care of a “kind and warm-hearted” stranger out of selfishness, Fox One and Fox Two had been living in a nearby villa. They had two main things to do on a regular basis: they observed from afar the life of the Patriarch, who has returned to his infancy. (They could only see him in the courtyard after mealtime every day because Bai Li is too stingy). Then they find every reasonable way to send warmth to Bai Li without being easily noticed, and also find ways to send warmth to the Patriarch. This was what they had been doing all that time, and through careful observation they had found that their Patriarch was still living quite well. He was eating and drinking well, and even his body shape seemed to have rounded up a bit. Not the grown-up kind, but the eating-too-much kind.

This was how good the food was. Fox One and Fox Two were quietly envious in their hearts.

However, they didn’t live such a leisurely life for long. Soon they found out that the harmless-looking young man’s roommate was actually the long-lost Imperial Admiral Wen XingYao. They could barely accept that. After all, at the beginning, he was the one who contacted them through the optical computer communication, and asked them to hurry up and pick up the Patriarch, but they hadn’t replied out of selfishness, and had been “playing dead.”

However, now, not only was the Imperial Admiral at the youth’s home, but even Tang Ying, Admiral’s adjutant, had come over from Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

Fox One and Fox Two were instantly scared. They were torn over going to the door now to admit their mistake and bring back their Patriarch. The two got together and discussed it intensely. Fox One thought they could wait and see what the other side was going to do, but Fox Two thought they couldn’t wait any longer, because their Patriarch was now a weak, poor, helpless fox.

While the two were discussing this issue, Wen XingYao had already obtained Bai Li’s consent and told Tang Ying how he had recovered from his juvenile state to his current state with Bai Li’s help. However, he himself had no idea about the existence of grass and wood clear spirit energy, and only thought it was something Bai Li had cultivated by chance, and was very enthusiastic about it. After he finished his speech, he realized that Tang Ying had completely frozen in place, his eyes were as wide as copper bells, and that he almost saw Bai Li as a flower.

“It’s amazing! It’s simply amazing!” Tang Ying recited the words, and jerked his head to look at Wen XingYao. “If Bai Li’s ability is really as powerful as you say, this will become big enough to cause the whole Empire to shake with the news, ah!”

In this short period of time, Tang Ying thought rapidly. If Bai Li has such ability, why do the game ah? Why participate in the competitions, ah? As long as he really had the ability to be able to cure Therians’ Genetic Collapse Disorder, it was enough for the Empire to put him up. If Bai Li agreed, he could help him to arrange things with those high ranking and powerful masters, and then take Bai Li to Hope Star to save them.

However, his dream was interrupted by Wen XingYao’s sullen voice, “I’m not telling you this to make you think Bai Li is a lifesaver for the Therians of the whole Empire, his powers have only been used on me so far, and I’m the only one who has recovered from infancy. Don’t forget, Bai Li created Carefree Farmstead, and there are already many players in the forum that their Genetic Collapse Disorder is under control.”

Wen XingYao’s words were like a hammer hitting the back of Tang Ying’s head, as they woke him up from his unrealistic fantasies. When he thought about it carefully, he was right. Bai Li was only one person, but the game could be played by a large number of Imperial people, so it seemed to be the most cost-effective.

He was easily convinced.

When Tang Ying finally calmed down, Wen XingYao led him to look at Bai Li…and the black fox cub in his arms before he said, “Bai Li and I have discussed this before, and if his ability is really useful, it would be great. There is a ready-made test subject here. After this we will try to see if we can restore him to normal as well.”

Tang Ying, “…” You said he’s only used it on you, but you’re so quick to try it out?

Zhu – Experimental Subject – Mo Ling, “?”

Fox One and Fox Two, who finally decided to come to the door to apologize, “!” Back to normal? Who? Were they having hallucinations?

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