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Chapter 59: AU Extra 1: I’m Arresting You!

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

It was raining really hard, pouring down in torrents. Qiao Xi was shivering, soaked to the bone, wandering around in the rain, trying to find a place to get out of the rain.

For example, a convenience store, a cafe, a flower store—according to the textbook, in the earthly world, if there was heavy rain and snow, these places could provide shelter.

However, he now landed in a high-class residential area. There were no convenience stores, no cafes, and the roads were lined with high-rise homes with dark gray facades, standing cold and unforgiving in the rainy night. It was almost autumn, and the rain was a little cooler. Qiao Xi, who was soaked to the skin, shivered and sneezed.

He retreated to the wall, his back pressed against the cold wall, his hand reached into his trouser pocket and squeezed the precious “photo”.

It was a frontal photo of the person he was going to capture this time, no, the demon he was going to arrest this time—Han Tian.

As an angel who had just completed his evolution, this was his first time in the earthly realm, and his first time taking on an “arrest” mission.

When Miquel, his senior, gave him Han Tian’s information, he solemnly reminded him, “This Han Tian, is a great demon in the Demon World, especially tricky, you must be careful, don’t be fooled by him!”

Qiao Xi nodded solemnly and replied, “Don’t worry! I will be extra careful! I won’t let the angel be disgraced!”

However, looking at the information Miquel handed over, Qiao Xi was still a bit confused: it was just a thin sheet of paper and a photo.

The photo was probably pulled from some information in the earthly world, and it showed an exceptionally handsome man, so handsome that Qiao Xi couldn’t help but look at it again and again.

As for the piece of paper, there was only a name, age, and the address of Han Tian’s neighborhood in the earth realm.

“That… Miquel, is that all the information we have?” Qiao Xi asked with some timidity. He had heard that the Demon World’s intelligence network was extremely developed, and had learned human technology and developed various apps that could be used in the earthly world, so why was the information of the heavenly world still stuck at the stage of only two pieces of paper…

Miquel sighed, blushing a little, and murmured, “Indeed, this is all we have. I sometimes wonder if I should take the initiative to learn from them.”

“Eh? Learn from the demons?” Hearing Miquel’s words, Qiao Xi was shocked. How could an angel of light and holiness, how could he go and learn from demons?

Miquel also came back to his senses, shook his head and returned to his serious expression, “By the way, when you make an arrest, there are two modes.”

“One is to tie him back directly, without saying a word more. The other is to have more contact with him and try to find evidence that this demon is harmful to humans. If you use the first way, directly tying him back, there is a chance that the trial court will rule it as an ‘invalid arrest’, which will make your report grade look bad and affect your future achievement points, got it?”

Qiao Xi blinked and asked vainly, “What is this evidence of harm to humanity, usually? Setting fire? Poisoning?”

Miquel shook his head. “No, the demons nowadays have become much more sophisticated. You have to pay special attention to whether they have anything that can be widely distributed among the crowd, such as food eroded by demon power, pamphlets full of demon language… If there are such things, you must try to stop them and bring them back as evidence, got it?”

Qiao Xi nodded vigorously with a solemn face, repeating the cautionary note under his breath. “Understood! Stay awake and be careful not to be tricked! Find the evidence and get it all!”

Miquel nodded approvingly.

In this way, Qiao Xi pinched the picture of the demon and landed in this residential area according to the location on the information.

He remembered that this demon should live on the 23rd floor of Block C…

But it was raining too much, and it was already dark, so he couldn’t tell which building was Block C at night.

At a loss, Qiao Xi squatted at the base of the wall and let the rain wash over him. If it weren’t for demons like you, why would I have to suffer such a crime? Can you appear in front of me immediately, confess your crime and let me send it to the trial court ah?

At that moment, the rain around him suddenly stopped.

Qiao Xi froze and jerked his head up to find a large black umbrella, propped over his head, shielding him from the relentless rain.

“Are you all right?” The person holding the umbrella asked.

It was an extremely beautiful, extremely cold voice. It was even better than the chanting of the holy angels that Qiao Xi had heard.

Qiao Xi wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and replied in a small voice, “Thank you, I’m fine.”

He slowly stood up with his back against the wall, and finally saw the umbrella owner’s face by the light of the street lamp—a knife-like line, profound eyebrows, but unexpectedly warm eyes, thin lips with a nice natural curve—this, this, this is not…?

The dumbfounded Qiao Xi trembled and brought the photo in his hand to his eyes and looked at it more carefully, then looked up and stammered, “You, you, you are Han Tian?”

The umbrella owner froze for a moment, but was not too surprised; he just looked at the young man who was drenched in wetness, holding a photo like a treasure, still trembling slightly, and frowned. “I am. You… Waiting for me?”

Qiao Xi couldn’t stop nodding and said, “My name is Qiao Xi. I’m here to… Argh! Ah-choo!”

He actually wanted to say “I’m here to catch you”.

Qiao Xi, who had been drenched in water, had no desire to collect any more evidence, but only wanted to finish his task and return to his dormitory to take a hot bath and sleep in comfort.

As a result, Han Tian sighed. “You want to sign? Well, after I sign it, you’ll go home right away, okay?”

What? An autograph?

What do I need your autograph for?

Qiao Xi was so shocked that his eyes widened and he said, “This demon is really thinking in a strange way.

Then Han Tian held out his hand to him and asked, “Do you have a pen?”

Qiao Xi shook his head in confusion and decided to press the “I’m coming to get you” line for now to see what the demon was up to.

Han Tian laughed helplessly, “You’re looking for my autograph and you don’t have a pen?”

Qiao Xi could only stare at him blankly, not knowing what to say.

“How about this, I live on the 23rd floor, you wait for me at the door, I’ll give you the photo after I sign it, okay?” Han Tian asked gently.

Although he didn’t understand why, Qiao Xi couldn’t help but smile—hey, I’m going to take two photos in front of his house as a memento of the first time I caught a demon on the ground!

Looking at Qiao Xi, who was still giggling like a chicken, Han Tian smiled, shook his head lightly and said, “Let’s go.”

Thus, Qiao Xi followed Han Tian and watched him use his fingerprints to open the door of the apartment and enter the elevator.

After reaching the 23rd floor, Han Tian opened the entrance door, hesitated a little and said to Qiao Xi, “The corridor is cold, you can come in and wait.”

Hmm? I can enter the demon’s house now?

Wow! This will definitely make it into the report!

Qiao Xi nodded without hesitation.

“Wait a minute.” Han Tian took the photo from him, put it on the entrance cabinet, and walked through the living room and deeper into the room.

Qiao Xi took the opportunity to look around, well… On the clean white walls, there were several paintings with strong styles and bold colors, which gave people a strange feeling that their whole body would burn up just by looking at them.

Qiao Xi didn’t know much about art in the earthly realm, but he instinctively felt that the paintings were very appealing.

By this time, Han Tian had come back, holding a brush in one hand and a large white towel in the other.

He handed the towel to Qiao Xi and said, “Wipe the water off your body, don’t catch a cold.” At the same time, he signed his name “Han Tian” in a flowing manner on the photo.

Seeing Qiao Xi staring dumbly at the painting on the wall, Han Tian laughed and said, “I painted this painting several years ago, and it has never been exhibited in a public exhibition, so you probably haven’t seen it either.”

“A painting exhibition?” Qiao Xi repeated these two words and suddenly a light appeared. “Ah, you are a painter?

Han Tian’s smile suddenly froze.

“Hmm? Aren’t you looking for my autograph because you saw my paintings?” He raised the photo on his hand. “This photo, too, is the promotional photo of the latest exhibition.”

Qiao Xi, who was shivering from the cold, suddenly felt his mouth dry and even a fine sweat came out on his forehead.

He finally realized what had happened since just now.

This demon must have mistaken himself for a crazy fan, followed him all the way to his doorstep, and then held a photo, waiting for his autograph?

Haha! What a mess! See I’ll catch you now…

Eh? No.

The senior said that I should pay special attention to whether this demon has done anything harmful to humans, such as making some items that are widely circulated among humans and contain the power of a demon—then, perhaps, this demon drew a picture of such a thing?

Yes, it is very possible!

Then what should I do now? Immediately recite the incantation and catch him away? No, no, this opportunity has come to me, I must seize it!

No, I can’t just end it like this. I want to find evidence that he used demon power to corrupt humans!

Looking at the rich expression on Qiao Xi’s face, which was sometimes pensive, sometimes surprised, and sometimes cheered up, Han Tian thoughtfully half-milked his eyes, took the towel from Qiao Xi’s hand, and gently pressed it on his head, while his hand inadvertently wiped Qiao Xi’s face.

“Qiao Xi, what are you thinking about?” This demon asked in a low voice.

Qiao Xi took two deep breaths, and with all the haste and wisdom in his life, he said boldly, “No, I didn’t come to ask for your autograph because you are a painter!”

“Oh?” Han Tian was not surprised now, he just put the towel back and looked at Qiao Xi with a smile under his eyes.

“I, uh, well, I saw this picture by chance! And then, uh, I heard someone say that the person in the photo is called Han Tian.” Qiao Xi tried her best to make a “spellbound” expression, then switched to a “deeply in love” face and said, “From the first moment I saw this picture, I was smitten with you! Then I thought, no matter what, I want to get to know you and get you to sign an autograph for me!”

“Oh…” Han Tian nodded, then stared into Qiao Xi’s eyes and a playful smile emerged. “Just an autograph, that’s all? Haven’t you ever thought that there is something else that should happen with me?”

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Ahhhh!! I was waiting for lovely action from the previous chapter 😫
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I never realized that the last chapter was the end of the main story 😭 Now I’m sad this novel is coming to an end!

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