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Chapter 161: Men’s hearts, the needle under the sea.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

At first, Tang Ying didn’t believe Wen XingYao’s statement. Bai Li, with such a miraculous ability, under normal circumstances should be hidden for fear of being caught and dissected for research. How come there was a business, that they have already found the next experimental target? However when he looked at Wen XingYao’s expression, it didn’t seem to be fake, which left him a little confused. Was the Admiral’s charm so great that Bai Li was ignoring his own safety and achieving the other side’s goals?

Wen XingYao looked at Tang Ying’s expression, and knew that the guy’s thoughts had gone wrong again. He opened his mouth to say something, when Bai Li reached out to stop him.

“Let me explain.” Bai Li lowered his head to look at the fox cub’s back, gently stroked him a few times and said, “This decision was made by me and Wen XingYao together. It’s not as complicated as you think. I want to help him, then help others. My ability comes from a previous accident or a strange encounter. In short I’m now able to cultivate a Qi that is helpful to Genetic Collapse Disorder. This Qi can be absorbed by others, thus affecting every aspect of their body. This feeling, I think Wen XingYao should know it well.”

As the words fell, Wen XingYao, whose name was mentioned several times, subconsciously nodded his head, as he affirmed Bai Li’s statement. When he saw Tang Ying was curiously looking over, with “let me see, let me see” written all over his face, he thought about it and described it, “When the Qi enters your body, it gives you a very cool feeling. If you can imagine your mental state as a balloon about to explode, or something else dangerous, then the Qi is layers of refreshing cool mist that envelops the former and quickly penetrates it for the purpose of cooling, soothing and calming. When it completes a whole cycle in the body, you will feel your mind clear up a lot, whether it is reaction speed, control, or powering up several steps. The feeling is unparalleled, and is the opposite of what you feel when you’re in Genetic Collapse Disorder.”

It was only after such a long explanation, that Wen XingYao realized that he had a rich description of the “Qi” that Bai Li had given him. This also reflected that the Qi was extremely helpful to him in ways that even he hadn’t realized.

Then he looked at Tang Ying. He had stopped drinking tea, and was staring at him with a deadly gaze and an expression of envy and jealousy. Being on the receiving end of the emotions transmitted by Tang Ying, Wen XingYao hooked his lips upwards in a good mood and threw a provocative look at Tang Ying.

Tang Ying was so angry! This kid was really the same brat that he was from childhood! The public was fooled by his cool behavior on the outside!

Bai Li smiled at the interaction between the two, and just thought that they were very affectionate, not at all like an ordinary superior-subordinate relationship. Since he had heard from Wen XingYao that they grew up together it only made sense.

The black fox cub could now understand human language, but even if he could hear the content clearly, he had no idea of the complex meanings beneath the words. What “Qi,” what “Genetic Collapse Disorder,” and what “experimental subjects?” Those unfamiliar words made him dizzy, and his pair of fox eyes almost appeared to spin.

He simply wagged his tail, while his two front paws stomped around on Bai Li’s arm, as he frantically tried to attract Bai Li’s attention and get him to ignore the other two people. Just play with him.

At that moment, the three of them looked towards the door almost simultaneously. Tang Ying stood up quickly from the sofa, and Wen XingYao shouted directly towards the door, “Who is it?”

At the same time, several people’s muscles tensed. If this time lawless elements from the outside rushed in, it was certain that they would be beaten up. If it was in normal times, their reaction wouldn’t be so big as today.

Tang Ying had come over at that time, on what was considered a secret trip. The entire military, except for a few of Wen XingYao’s loyalists and a few big brothers at the top, don’t know that Tang Ying had gone out, let alone that his purpose was to meet with Wen XingYao.

Another unusual thing was that Bai Li, since he transmigrated, had been very nerdy. He hadn’t gone out often. Not to mention, he could only talk to a few friends, Song Xinran and Xiong Pili. At present, Song Xinran had gone back to his parents’ home and hadn’t not returned, while Xiong Pili would only meet when necessary to upgrade the virtual reality game builder.

Under these two conditions, who would suddenly come to Bai Li’s home at this critical moment to visit? This made them think a lot.

Wen XingYao and Tang Ying had already walked in the direction of the front door. Bai Li still had a fox cub on his leg and it was quite inconvenient to get up, so he was one step slower than the two. He didn’t think much about it, he just threw the fox cub around his neck and followed quickly.

Fox cub, “0.0”

The three of them were ready to explode as soon as the door opened.

However, through the door, they heard a short silence outside, then carefully came a voice begging for mercy.

“I…we are Fox One and Fox Two of the Sky Fox clan. We are here to find our Patriarch. Admiral Wen and Adjutant Tang, do not do anything.”

Hmm? The Sky Fox clan? Bai Li dropped the hand on Wen XingYao’s back, and gathered up the “fox cub” scarf that seemed to be falling off.

The scarf curled up and wrapped loosely around his neck.

Wen XingYao felt the warmth leave his back and he frowned. He quickly remembered the day he picked up the black fox cub, and sent out a message that sank into the sea. The people he sent the messages to were Fox One and Fox Two, now behind the door. Don’t dare to say that these two have long known that Zhu MoLing was on their side, but deliberately did not come to take him away, ah. What was the point of doing that?

Only Tang Ying was not in a state to hear the person outside the door introduce himself. His head was obviously hung with a few big question marks. He pointed to the fox cub that was hanging around Bai Li’s neck, and asked the two in a low voice, “You…You….use people as experimental subjects without the consent of their families?”

If they weren’t people of status, this would be suspected kidnapping, right? No, no, you can’t say that. Listen to the meaning of the two outside. It seems that they knew that Zhu MoLing was in Bai Li and Wen XingYao care. They just didn’t know why, they hadn’t taken the initiative to come to the door previously. However, now they decided to come to the door, and also chose this day.

That was good, they were almost as much of a wrongdoer.

Bai Li gave Tang Ying an awkward look and didn’t say anything. Wen XingYao didn’t even bother to lower his voice, and said straight out, “What’s the point? You don’t need it for anything! He also destroyed one of our gaming pods.”

That referred to the day Zhu MoLing turned into a giant beast and wreaked havoc, then stormed into Bai Li’s rental house and destroyed their recently purchased gaming pod.

Tang Ying, “…”

Fox One & Fox Two, “…” They got the news that Admiral Wen XingYao’s heart wasn’t very big sometimes.

Bai Li gave an awkward but unobtrusive smile.

A few minutes later, Fox One and Fox Two, led by Bai Li, arrived at the villa’s parlor in a cowering manner. Occasionally, they raised their eyes to look at Bai Li who walked ahead of them, but they were always too burned by the spicy scene of the Patriarch in his juvenile form which was hanging on Bai Li’s neck to look any further.

The Patriarch, who was so wise and dashing, was hanging around the neck of an ordinary person like a scarf. Together with a silly face that he’d given up the struggle, if they looked carefully, his fox eyes were also comfortably squinted. If one day the Patriarch regained his human form, and remembered today’s events, how inwardly it should be the sky and earth, ah! 1

If the only words they surreptitiously heard outside the door earlier were true.

Fox One’s beast type was a Tibetan fox, born with a square face and squinting eyes, but with excellent eyesight, standing at a high place with the naked eye can see what was happening in a range of thousands of meters, and was responsible for stalking 2 (Specifically, a few glances into Bai Li’s yard after the daily meal). It was very easy. Fox Two’s beast type was a big-eared fox, with big ears, so it can hear the sound of the range naturally far away. 3

When Bai Li and the others in the living room were chatting, they didn’t deliberately close the floor-to-ceiling windows to the courtyard, which allowed Fox Two to overhear some of the content. Including Wen XingYao’s words about trying to get Zhu MoLing back to normal.

Wasn’t this kind of thing what they had longed for day and night since their Patriarch had regressed to his infant form? At that time, the two couldn’t control themselves and wanted to enter the living room of Bai Li’s house directly from the courtyard. In the end, they managed to restrain themselves and chose to go through the front door, but they were still almost treated as miscreants.

As he looked at the living room with several more people now, Bai Li rearranged the seating. He, Wen XingYao and Tang Ying sat on the long sofa, leaving the two single sofas for Fox One and Fox Two. After they were seated, the interrogation about their “abandonment” of the Patriarch began.

“Tell us, why didn’t you reply to our messages?” Bai Li took off the fox cub’s collar and put it back on his lap in front of Fox One and Fox Two. He naturally stroked the soft fur on his back as he asked lightly.

The fox pair looked at its squinty eyes while theirs were two or three times wider, and for several seconds couldn’t close their gaping mouths or say anything. For Fox Two, that pair of particularly large beckoning ears first twitched a few times. That awakened him, but also reminded him of their purpose. The pair didn’t share a sentence then Fox One spoke their thoughts.

“Our Patriarch suddenly being reduced to his infancy stage was something we didn’t expect. When we found the Patriarch’s trail, he had been…Mr. Bai had adopted him,” Fox One said.

“Heh. This is adoption?” Wen XingYao’s hands were folded across his chest, his cold eyes focused on the black fox cub who got things cheap but was still selling good, as it pestered Bai Li to smooth its fur. “We are just temporarily taking care of him on your behalf. When his people show up, naturally he will be returned to you.”

“Hey…” Tang Ying raised his hand to say something, but Wen XingYao gave him a look and he didn’t dare to speak.

The next experimental subject was Zhu MoLing, but he didn’t want to keep it. It was really about a man’s heart, the needle under the sea. 4

Fox One was suddenly so scared that he shrank his neck back, and didn’t dare to say more. Fox Two saw this and hurried to step in, “Admiral, Deputy, and Mr. Bai. You know that once a Therian regresses to infancy, according to the Empire’s rules they will be the first sent to Hope Star. Our Patriarch’s brother went that way, but not long after his disappearance, we became a shadow of ourselves. The Patriarch is also very resistant to that place, and he certainly won’t want to go there. So we thought…we could delay a day or so. As long as we didn’t find the Patriarch that day, he could be sent there a day later.” Fox Two finished and apologetically gestured towards Bai Li. “I hope Mr. Bai can forgive our hasty decision. We are willing to pay a sum of money as a reward for taking care of our Patriarch during this time together along with  the Admiral.”

He quoted a figure that wasn’t low. It was enough to keep Zhu MoLing’s family in tow for a year and a half.

Bai Li lowered his head to think, and was suddenly enlightened in his heart. He asked, “The prize I drew a few days ago, the various benefits sent over in the name of the community, are they also because of you?”

Fox One and Fox Two glanced at each other and nodded gently. They had thought a lot about how to send the Patriarch’s nutrition money to Bai Li’s wallet.

When he got the answer, Bai Li was a little bit lost. He had said, when had his luck ever been so good, it wasn’t scientific at all. As he thought about it, he habitually stroked the fur on the fox cub’s back again.

This fox was not only the highest, but also the best. He was so…was it considered to be taking advantage of others in front of their men?

A pair of hands passed by his side, before Bai Li could react they carried away the fox cub, and placed it on the sofa in the gap between the two, and let him squeeze in to sit.

Wen XingYao said with a smile, “It’s not appropriate just now. Let him stay by himself.”

“Oh…” Bai Li blinked and thought, Wen XingYao is really sweet.

Fox One and Fox Two just felt that they weren’t paying attention to them, so they should get into their “interrogated” state more seriously.

“Hey, no need to pay us back. Our military and the Sky Fox clan are close partners. The Admiral and Bai Li have helped take care of your Patriarch so what does it matter? It doesn’t cost much effort.” Tang Ying gave a wink and pulled them into their military camp, as he played the external spokesman for those two, and summed up the matter in a few words.

The two of them were the only ones who can be found in the world.

It seems that the previous conversation of the three people was known to the two foxes. In that case, he simply didn’t hide it. Tang Ying tone compellingly pulled the two into the same camp. Just let them promise not to say a word about today, before they would be willing to take them along.

On the matter of whether their Patriarch could recover or not, Fox One and Fox Two naturally wanted to discuss urgently, so they were very cooperative. As long as the Patriarch could regain his human form, let them do whatever they want!

Tang Ying and Wen XingYao didn’t speak. They all looked to Bai Li, with a practiced action. This was Bai Li’s home, so everything was decided by him.

Bai Li thought about it and said, “Then things will stay the same. Your patriarch will stay in my house, you can come to him whenever you want. However, you really don’t have to pay anything, and you don’t have to continue with the lottery and all that. If you feel bad, just come to the courtyard occasionally to give me a hand, all right?”

Help? What kind of help?

While Bai Li was talking, Fox One and Fox Two kept nodding their heads, but when they heard the last sentence, their brains got stuck for a rare moment. Fox One thought of the scene in Bai Li’s yard and something came out, “Hmm? Mr. Bai’s yard is full of soil. Are we going to help you turn the soil and make mud together? Wouldn’t that reduce your sense of hands-on experience?”

As Therians who grew up in a steel forest without a bit of greenery, Fox One and Fox Two had  little understanding of farming, so when they saw the soil, they only thought Bai Li was doing some kind of art, making small ornaments or “XX statues” out of it. To play it, and in the passage of time from the soil grows…this was also treated creating decorative objects and they didn’t care.

That’s why there was such a question.

“Pfft…!” Tang Ying thought Bai Li’s tea tasted good, and had been drinking it silently. When he heard Fox One’s question, a mouthful of tea spurted out violently. He didn’t bother with Fox One and Fox Two’s reactions, just looked at Bai Li with a shocked face and asked, “Geez, Bai Li. Is farming in the game not satisfying you anymore? You actually arranged it in reality?”

Bai Li said in his heart, it was obvious that there were no fields to plant in reality, so he had turned to the virtual world. Now there were suitable conditions in reality, it was natural that he would hurry to arrange things. However, for Tang Ying, such an explanation wouldn’t make sense, so Bai Li just smiled at him without saying anything.

Tang Ying took the initiative to complete the hidden meaning underneath that smile. He put down his cup of tea, smiled at Fox One and Fox Two, and explained aloud, “How can you say that it is ‘turning the soil and kneading the mud?’ Bai Li is obviously farming with his own hands. You guys have been hanging around here for a while and haven’t been on Starnet to see what’s new and heavy in the news. Such as the recent hot farming game Carefree Farmstead. You haven’t heard of it, right?”

There were still some people who didn’t know about this game. People who were not connected to Starnet and made do with the 2G network from the Ancient Blue Star days!

Two foxes, two faces were confused. Tang Ying glowed in contrast, and they suddenly felt that they were so earthy and backward, when they were already not young Therians. TAT.

Carefree Farmstead, they really hadn’t heard of it.


The silence said it all. Tang Ying looked at the two sympathetically and spoke super fast to explain the origin of Carefree Farmstead to them, and then told them that the game’s creator was Bai Li himself. So it was a very common thing that he would also farm in reality.

Fox One and Fox Two were unaware of the science, and looked at Bai Li in a trance that was filled with a billion points of respect. Mr. Bai was also a powerful person, ah.

Bai Li had intended to tell the two about his identity as a game developer after this matter. Since Zhu MoLing wanted to return to human form, he couldn’t be separated from his character in Carefree Farmstead, so Fox One and Fox Two would have to know sooner or later. Now Tang Ying directly helped him to say it and saved him some words.

Since they now knew the specific role of the soil in the courtyard, Fox One and Fox Two naturally wouldn’t prevaricate and readily agreed to Bai Li’s terms, and said that when Bai Li had anything that needed their hands to just ask them.

Wen XingYao’s heart felt a faint loss. There was only a short time when he could help Bai Li with planting the land and to take care of vegetables. Now there were two more people.

… Not two, but three.

He looked at Tang Ying, who smiled and said he could also help, and Wen XingYao silently tightened his fist.

The morning passed unnoticed until the fox cub “ow’d” and pulled on Bai Li’s hands. Bai Li remembered that it seemed to be late, and it was time to eat lunch.

In this regard, Fox One and Fox Two had very good eyes. They didn’t wait for Bai Li to say anything, and were in a hurry to go back to their own place first, and said they would come back in the afternoon. Before they left, they also didn’t forget to add Bai Li as a contact, so that they could hear news about their Patriarch in a timely manner.

As he looked at their retreating backs, Bai Li said softly, “I was going to ask them if they wanted to stay for dinner.”

However, since they left on their own, he didn’t say anything.

Tang Ying followed up, and said, “It’s just time to eat. With their status, won’t they be equipped with a space button?” Was this a time when you can’t even get the nutrient solution?

At this time, he didn’t know what he was about to face.

Wen XingYao looked deeply at his own adjutant. His heart had a subtle sense of condescension. Do you think in the Bai Li family that we will eat ordinary nutrient liquid? Too naive!

Then he thought about how the meal he was going to eat afterwards would be cooked by his own hands, and his expression fell visibly. He secretly gave Tang Ying a black mark. This person had broken his stage so many times today, but he still could eat pure natural delicious food. It was really cheap of him.

Tang Ying only felt that the surrounding temperature was suddenly high then low for some unknown reason, so he was thinking that after they ate the nutritional liquid to fill their stomachs he should help Bai Li check the temperature control system in the villa. However, these thoughts were punched to the sky, never to be thought of again, as he watched as Bai Li and Wen XingYao together kept bringing out steaming food from the kitchen.

The braised pig’s trotters, which were softly stewed with a tantalizingly oily skin, the spicy and fragrant diced chicken, which was red in color and covered with the same sauce and a light but delicious winter melon pork rib soup. The aroma swept towards Tang Ying like a roaring dragon. It caused his stomach to growl, and his mouth to water so much that he couldn’t even hold it in.

“Crap! Damn! Where did you guys get these dishes? Why do they smell so good and smell so familiar? Did we go to the game while I wasn’t paying attention?” Tang Ying’s brain seemed to have left home, as he foolishly asked the two, “Bai Li, to have a villa-style gaming pod…That is going to cost a lot of money, right? You can really get down to it, huh?”

It was hard to believe that from the moment he stepped into the villa, he had already entered the game? Why else would he see in reality the delicious dishes that could only appear in the game!

Mom, was he dreaming?!

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Translator Notes:

  1. embarrassed
  2. Couldn’t find a reference to a “big-eared” fox so I chose a picture of a Fennec fox cause it’s dang cute.
  3. well hidden


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