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Chapter 60: AU Extra 2: Demon’s Assistant

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

“… Wh- what’s happening?” Qiao Xi froze.

What’s happening? I’m going to sneak up on you, see what kind of harmful things you’re doing, what kind of horrible drawings you’re making, and then I’m going to take you away!

But that’s obviously something you can’t talk about, right?

Therefore, he could only stare at Han Tian in disbelief, not knowing how to answer.

“Didn’t you just say, just seeing my picture, you were charmed?” Han Tian laughed in a low voice, as if he was saying something very interesting.

“Yes…” Qiao Xi replied stiffly.

“So now, having seen the real person, and having seen my painting, and knowing my ‘identity’, do you have any other feelings?” Han Tian continued to ask.

“Oh, I think your paintings are very interesting,” Qiao Xi answered fluently.

On this point, there was no need to bother making up a false story.

He did find the paintings on the wall attractive, and, it seemed, there was no demon power implied.

“So,” Han Tian said slowly and methodically, “do you have any other job right now? I have a shortage of assistants. If you like my paintings and want to stay by my side, do you want to consider accepting this special assistant job?”

“Stay… Stay with… By your side…?” For some reason, even though Han Tian was right, and even though he was indeed trying to find a way to “lurk” around this demon, Qiao Xi still felt somehow ashamed to hear this man say it.

“Hmm? No?” Han Tian asked rhetorically, “If not, then I am offended. I’ll call a car for you…”

“Eh don’t, don’t, don’t!” As soon as he heard that the demon was going to fly away, Qiao Xi frantically waved his hands to deny it, while speaking fast. “No, no, no, you’re right! I like you! Ah no, I like your paintings! I especially want to stay by your side! I don’t have a job right now! I can do it for you! No, I can be your assistant!”

After listening to Qiao Xi’s “confession”, the corner of Han Tian’s mouth lifted slightly and he took a pair of clean slippers from the shoe cabinet in the foyer and gave them to Qiao Xi, “So, welcome, my assistant. You go take a bath and get some rest. Tomorrow, let’s sign an agreement.”

The bathroom in Han Tian’s house was quite spacious, and the bathtub was simple in shape, but the depth and width were appropriate.

When Qiao Xi went in, the bathtub was full of water and there was a duckling floating on it.

Qiao Xi happily picked up the little duck and squeezed it in his hand.

He loved this yellow duckling. When he was in the Heavenly Realm, every time he saw this little duck in the pictures, he coveted it and especially wanted to secretly hide one in his dormitory.

Of course, Qiao Xi did not dare to do such a thing that would definitely violate the [Angel Academy Code]. So, he could only secretly fantasize about it.

Unexpectedly, he actually saw and touched the duckling in a demon’s house.

So, Qiao Xi, giggling, squatted in the bathtub and played with the duckling for half an hour, taking a moment to press the duckling into the water, a moment to put it on the surface of the water and push it around, and he completely forgot to think about a particularly important issue—

Han Tian said “agreement”, in the end, what is it?

After the shower, Qiao Xi’s previous clothes were definitely not wearable. He was thinking, Why not wrap a towel and go out? As soon as he looked up, he saw clean pajamas and underwear on the shelf, and a sticky note that said: “You can use the second bedroom, the room with the feather-shaped door sign on the door.”

Qiao Xi scratched his head and thought to himself, Wow, this demon is really considerate, almost as considerate as Miquel.

After changing into clean and tidy clothes, he found the room with the feather door sign without any problem.

The feathers were snowy white and snowy white, forming a strong contrast with the dark-colored door of the room.

“Tch, shouldn’t demons use black feathers? Why white ones?” Qiao Xi thought as he pushed open the door into the room without thinking.

The room was comfortably furnished, with a large bed covered with a fluffy duvet and piled with various types of pillows. Against the wall was a black suede sofa with a snow-white blanket on the armrest.

In front of the sofa was a low coffee table with a large silver tray holding a colorfully wrapped candy.

Out of curiosity—and definitely not out of greed—Qiao Xi picked up a candy and put it under his nose and sniffed it.

Wow, the taste, thick and rich, with the richness of chocolate and the aroma of wine: it’s wine chocolate!

Qiao Xi felt his mouth watering.

At the Angel Academy, “eating dessert” is one of the few ways to relax. Some angels with high status could use their angelic power to create excellent desserts out of thin air. Such angels, in the eyes of Qiao Xi and other lowly students, were comparable to the existence of the patriarch.

For Qiao Xi, who had some difficulty even flying, he could only wait and eat a small cupcake at tea time every day.

However, Qiao Xi’s basic self-control was still there, no matter how greedy he was. He took a deep breath and put the chocolate wine heart in his hand back on the tray. However, he always felt that the chocolate kept calling him, saying, “Come on, come on, I’m especially delicious.”

Qiao Xi swallowed again and lifted the blanket from the sofa to cover the tray of sweets.

Well, as long as I can’t see you, you can’t tempt me! Hmph!

Next, Qiao Xi decided to do something serious.

He took out the black wrist watch-shaped communicator from his pajama pocket and pressed the call button.

A second later, Miquel responded, “Qiao Xi, how’s it going? How’s the mission going?”

Qiao Xi replied confidently, “Excellent! I’ve infiltrated this demon’s house without any problems! I’ve even stayed!”

Miquel hesitated and asked with some concern, “Hmm? That’s too smooth, isn’t it? Is there anything unusual in your contact with him? Did he treat you in an… overly enthusiastic, or unnatural way?”

Qiao Xi thought carefully and replied firmly, “No! It’s all very normal!”

After all, for Qiao Xi, Miquel had always taken care of him like this! So what Han Tian did was not really that special.

“Okay.” Miquel was a little more relieved, and after a few more words of advice, he cut off the communication.

After finishing today’s report, Qiao Xi sighed with relief, put the communicator carefully back on his left hand, fell into the warm bed, and fell asleep in less than a minute.

In his dreams, he would never guess that Han Tian, in his study, was watching him on the screen with great interest as he picked up the chocolate and put it down, and then put it down and picked it up again. Then, with a little smile, the man listened to his entire conversation with Miquel.

The next day, Qiao Xi, in his pajamas, met Han Tian, who was drinking coffee.

Not knowing if the bellboy had come early in the morning, the table was already set for breakfast.

Next to the waffles with yogurt and jam, there was a thick pile of paper that he did not know what it was.

“Good morning.” Han Tian glanced at Qiao Xi and put down his coffee cup.

“Good morning…” Perhaps the down comforter was too soft and comfortable; Qiao Xi still felt dizzy now.

“Sit down.” Han Tian raised his chin at Qiao Xi, gesturing for him to sit across the dining table.

Qiao Xi obediently sat down.

“Do you know the specific job description of the special assistant?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi shook his head sluggishly.

“You don’t know? You didn’t know and you agreed so quickly?” Han Tian said faintly.

Qiao Xi lowered his head and spat in his heart: How could I know? I just wanted an excuse to stay, okay? I would have agreed to whatever you said at that time!

“Then you should take a good look at this agreement. If there are no problems, sign on the last page.” Han Tian pushed the thick pile of paper on the table.

Qiao Xi then remembered: Ah, yes! Yesterday, this demon did say that he wanted to sign an agreement!

Qiao Xi’s reading ability was not too strong, and he often needed Miquel’s help when he was at the academy. Therefore, when he saw this 40- or 50-page agreement, he immediately shivered and looked at the first page with anxiety.

Well, the hirer was Han Tian, the appointee was Qiao Xi, and the position was special assistant. Good, just like Han Tian said verbally.

The first item of the job description: “The appointee shall follow the instructions of the hirer and use his or her best efforts to fulfill the requests made by the hirer within a reasonable range. The form of the request made by the hirer includes, but is not limited to, verbal, electronic messages, handwritten text, etc.”

Qiao Xi was confused.

He tried to think about it for a long time and then asked, “Uh… Why do I feel like this first item is saying, ‘I have to do whatever you want me to do?'”

Han Tian frowned. “Hmm? How?”

The man reached out with a long hand, and placed it exactly on the word “reasonable”, with a slightly puzzled expression. “Isn’t that a very clear limit? If my request is unreasonable, obviously this should not apply.”

Qiao Xi was about to ask another question when Han Tian came in slowly with, “Speaking of which, I forgot to ask yesterday, Qiao Xi, have you graduated from college? Did you… Did you get a bad grade? Otherwise, how can such a simple agreement look so difficult?”

Qiao Xi, who was very sensitive to the words “bad grades” and “hanging chads”, immediately turned red when he heard these words and retorted, “I graduated! Who said my grades are not good!”

He grabbed the agreement and puffed out. “I don’t look like I’m struggling! I was just… I was just asking!”

Now, Qiao Xi, who was already hungry, couldn’t even eat his breakfast and grumbled as he read the agreement page by page.

To be honest, many sentences in it were extraordinarily long, winding, and full of strange qualifiers like “to the best of its knowledge” and “to the best of its ability”.

To put it simply, Qiao Xi finished reading but didn’t understand.

But! How could he admit in front of this demon that he couldn’t understand it?

It’s just an assistant employment agreement!

Qiao Xi picked up the signature pen placed to the side and—swish swish swish—wrote down his full name on the last page.

“Okay!” He handed the signed agreement to Han Tian with an awe-inspiring face.

Han Tian glanced at the agreement and smiled lightly, “Okay. After breakfast, prepare to fulfill your first job.”

First job?

Qiao Xi drizzled honey on the waffle while thinking about what kind of job it would be.

Mixing paints? Washing brushes? I don’t think I know how to do that.

Washing dishes? Sweep the floor? Drying clothes? This… I’ve never done it before, but I should be able to learn.

When he finished eating and started to try to put away the table, Han Tian raised his eyebrows. “What are you doing?”

Qiao Xi blinked. “Uh… I’m working?”

Han Tian touched the tip of his nose. “There will be a bellhop to take care of that. As for your job, you come with me.”

Qiao Xi followed Han Tian into the master bedroom, confused.

Han Tian looked Qiao Xi in the eyes, smiled, and said word by word, “Your first job: pick out the right clothes for me, and then, help me change into them.”

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