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Chapter 165: The list was announced.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

At 00:00 on March 5th, the Interstellar people who were swimming on Starnet unexpectedly found that the official website of Carefree Farmstead and the starblog of Carefree FarmsteadV had been updated at the same time. The new game hosts were announced. There were a total of 199 villages and 5 hosts per village, making a total of 995 players who became Carefree Farmstead hosts on that day.

Bai Li also kindly posted a jump link for the new hosts to click into for self-signing, and once the signing was done and confirmed, they could start their Carefree Farmstead live career. In addition, Bai Li also updated a new game play, “NPC goodwill system.” Players no longer need to figure out what their image in front of an NPC was, everything could be viewed on their personal panel.

The range of good feelings was -100 ~ 100, from left to right was divided into hate, indifference, alienation, shallow friendship, acquaintance, passion, to friendship these ranges. The closer the good feeling was to 100 points, the closer the NPCs were to the players, and vice versa. In a game, the attitude of the NPCs could be said to determine everything. Hidden missions, advanced mission rewards, discounts when buying and selling…As long as the NPCs were willing, they could give the players the best things!

With this addition Carefree Farmstead players no longer need to grasp blindly, or wander in the heart of nonsense thinking about how many points they were worth in the hearts of NPCs. They could directly see through the data on the panel and know how hard they should work afterwards. That put the game experience on a higher level.

The fellow netizens who saw the announcement were ready to rejoice when they suddenly thought about how they hadn’t grabbed a spot in the game, so they left their comments at the bottom with a cold face, [Oh. Read.]

The players who heard the news were moved to tears, and shouted, [LiLi, I love you!]

Especially those who found their game name in the list. They were weeping with joy, and one after another, posted their “award acceptance speech.”

[No! I didn’t think so! I didn’t expect it! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! There! Me! Mom, I’m a big shot! I’m going to be an anchor of Carefree Farmstead! Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I’m on the air, so that everyone in the world will remember my name!]

[Hahahahaha! My name is also on the list! From now on, I can play the game I love, do the live broadcast I’m interested in, and take the gift share from the live broadcast to make money in the game, a virtuous cycle.]

[Oh, I’m not there, my ideas must not be good enough to be chosen by LiLi! After that I’ll continue to work hard and try to stand out in LiLi’s next call for anchors!]

[LiLi’s speed is so fast! I remember there should have been a lot of people signing up, but they actually announced the selection list in just a short time. Could it be a direct random selection?]

The person asking this question was actually a little suspicious that Bai Li wasn’t involved in the heart of the selection. Otherwise how did he do it in such a short time? Even taking only a minute to read a registration application form will take dozens of hours, right? The deadline for applications was 12:00 on the 4th, which meant Bai Li spent only one afternoon and one night compiling the list.

If the selection was done with care, the efficiency should be horrible.

However, without waiting for others to follow the trend of suspicion, Mo Song, who bought a house in the forum, bubbled up in time, and said that the screening had also involved the opinions of the game anchors that had been live for more than a month, as well as Bai Li’s other friends together, to complete the huge workload in less than a day.

However, he did not say that Bai Li promised to send them each a “small gift” in private. Such a good thing could not be freely announced to the public. If others knew, when the next opportunity to help Bai Li arrived, would they not demand their turn?

Once this explanation came out, everyone quickly expressed understanding. Haha! The matter was over.

Because of the new update of the “NPC goodwill system,” the players who were ready to go offline to rest suddenly had the spirit again, and decided to explore the game first to see how many points they had per NPC.

Ni Jiang was a 23-year-old female Therian, and she was a beautiful and elegant snow-white Persian cat. Because of the talent brought by her beast type, she worked in the military department as an intelligence acquisition job. She hadn’t entered the game by the game quota issued from the military, but grabbed it by her own hand speed. At that time, she attracted the envy of many people.

She played the game for two months, she was pleased for two months, and very glad that she was quick and accurate to grab the game quota. She wasn’t not like those people outside, who because they couldn’t grab the game quota, cried out in sadness.

With two months of game history in Carefree Farmstead she was relaxed and happy. Here, she could do whatever she wanted to do without worry, sometimes without even thinking she could easily complete the work at hand. She didn’t have to think about the effects of the Genetic Collapse Disorder on her body, nor did she worry about the day she would suddenly revert to infancy and never recover.

Starting this month, Ni Jiang had a new interest in the game. She loved to collect flower seeds from everywhere in the forest and plant them all in the corners of her yard. When the flowers bloomed, she would carefully dig them out of the soil and replant the same colors together to form blocks of different colors in the yard.

If flower petals accidentally fell down, she would also carefully collect them, ready to accumulate a certain number, and submit them as house exterior upgrade materials. Maybe after all that collecting, she could have a house with the appearance of flowers.

However, the flower seeds that could be collected in the forest to grow flowers were ordinary varieties, and there were few good quality seeds worthy of careful care. Since there was a new NPC this month, she had focused on the Flower Lady, often hung around her, and received a dozen tasks.

Ni Jiang got a package from helping the Flower Lady collect flower seeds and grass seeds, removing weeds from the Village Chief’s yard, calling the Naughty Boy home for lunch, and delivering lunch to the Fisherman for her. It was called “Flower Cake,” and produced several different flavors of incense sacks, embroidered orchid silk handkerchiefs, a small jar of peach wine, and a number of rare flower seeds.

The recipes she gave to her little sisters, the scented capsules and handkerchiefs were also divided between several little sisters. The small jar of peach blossom wine, she hadn’t been able to drink so far, and did not dare to bury it in the soil, as said in the Ancient Blue Star history books, for fear that once the system was refreshed, it would be gone.

As for those rare flower seeds, it was enough for her to properly decorate her own small yard. After she learned that the game now had an “NPC goodwill system,” Ni Jiang was very curious about her goodwill with the Flower Lady in the end, so late at night, she climbed into the gaming pod to check it out. She found that her value was just between “acquaintance” and “enthusiasm”. As long as she got three or four more points, she could get the warm treatment of the Flower Lady!

The thought of good feelings that could bring about a qualitative change and better rewards, Ni Jiang was full of motivation, and not a bit sleepy. She rushed to find the flowers to complete the task.

The result was that the NPCs were also resting and the Village Chief’s family mansion door was closed. There were no lights inside, it was dark and very quiet.

A pot of cold water poured down on her head, and Ni Jiang jolted. Her expression quickly turned into a crying laugh. It was true that impulsiveness made her lose her mind. How could she forget? There was no one to assign tasks to her at night. If she wanted to get close with the Flower Lady, she needed to wait until daytime, ah!

However, now people were almost awake, and if she tried to go back to sleep, she was afraid she would toss and turn half the night. 

So she decided to play a little longer.

Ni Jiang sighed and walked in the direction of home. Only halfway, she found a sneaky figure not far in front of her. When she fixed her eyes on it, she realized it was Tang Ying, Adjutant Tang.

She didn’t know where he came from. His whole body was hunched over, and he would walk a few steps then look around, as if he did not want to be seen with his current appearance, so he would walk a little slowly.

Having just found Tang Ying, Ni Jiang didn’t react. She was still walking forward with big steps, and didn’t pay any mind, she just walked to a distance of only half a meter away from Tang Ying.

At this time Tang Ying also heard the movement behind him, turned around and met Ni Jiang’s curious eyes. “Adjutant Tang, what are you doing here?”

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