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Chapter 64: AU Extra 6: “It’s silly. No fun.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

Inexplicably, Qiao Xi felt his face was hot and his ears started to burn.

However, according to what Han Tian just said, this is just a very ordinary sharing of food, right?

Qiao Xi hesitated and took the chocolate into his mouth.

He was already very careful, but perhaps the chocolate was too easy to melt, or perhaps his teeth were shaking, and as soon as the chocolate entered his mouth, he bit through it.

Pop— as the outer skin broke, the heart of the wine burst open directly.

The aroma of caramelized wine, mixed with the rich fruitiness of sweet orange and peel, and the slightly bitter chocolate together, filled his entire mouth.

Perhaps because of the high alcohol content, Qiao Xi felt his tongue was tingling.

But he couldn’t taste or even swallow it, instead he turned red and stammered an apology, “Yes, I’m sorry, it’s broken… How about you choose another flavor?”

“No, I only like this one.” Han Tian looked at him with dark eyes.

“Eh? Then…” Qiao Xi couldn’t come up with a better solution.

But apparently he didn’t have to bother thinking of a solution—because Han Tian, already leaning over, cupped his face with one hand and clasped the back of his head with the other.

The warm breath pounced on his face.

The surrounding area became unusually quiet, so quiet that Qiao Xi could only hear the sound of their breathing, and his own inexplicably fast heartbeat.

He didn’t dare to look Han Tian in the eye again, but subconsciously closed his eyes and opened his lips in cooperation, thinking inwardly, Oh, why is this way of sharing so shameful? Is this really okay?

However, it seemed that a long time had passed, but Han Tian’s lips still did not come up.

This demon just used the tip of his tongue to lick the little translucent liquor off the corner of Qiao Xi’s mouth.

Then, he let go of his hand and retreated.

“… Just… That’s it?” Qiao Xi opened his eyes and wiped his wet lips.

“Mn, that’s all. It tastes good, thanks for the hospitality,” Han Tian said his thanks in a serious manner.

After saying that, this demon’s hand tapped in the tray/ “The rum taste is a bit strong, maybe you will not adapt to it? Another cherry wine? Perfect for you.”

Probably the rum is really too high in alcohol content, Qiao Xi can only look at Han Tian blankly and let out a hoarse “Eh?”.

Han Tian took out a dark red wrapped chocolate and shook it in his hand. “This one, do you want to share?”

Before Qiao Xi could react, Han Tian had already peeled the chocolate and stuffed it into Qiao Xi’s mouth with his long and polished fingers.

It was so sweet.

The cherry’s rich aroma, mixed with the sweet aroma of wine, tasted wonderful.

However… Why is it not as sweet as it was just now? Nor does it have the same fragrance? And not as much as just now, let yourself… full of anticipation?

He stood up with his hands on the coffee table and responded with panic and confusion, “This, this one, why did you use your hands!”

Han Tian stood up, with a little pity in his eyes, and wiped the corner of his mouth with his fingertips. “This chocolate melts too fast. Let’s use our hands.”

Oh, right.

“Well, then, we’ve shared. I’m going back?” For some reason, perhaps because of the strong aftertaste of alcohol, Qiao Xi always felt unsteady on his feet and his heart was beating especially fast.

After several seconds of silence, Han Tian replied, “… Well, go back.” 

Qiao Xi immediately picked up the tray, stumbled to go out, and then dizzily walked back, grabbed a large handful of chocolate from the tray and put it on the coffee table, and only then did he really leave.

After returning to his room, Qiao Xi felt that he couldn’t open his eyes, so he flung himself onto the bed and used a pillow to crush his head.

Han Tian, who was in the master bedroom, picked up his cell phone that he had tossed aside.

There was a message from Evans: [Did you get it?]

Han Tian replied with one word: [No.]

Evans typed a question mark over.

Han Tian looked at the chocolate Qiao Xi had just put on the coffee table and typed: [Too stupid. No fun.]

After replying, he threw the phone away, walked to the floor-to-ceiling window, grabbed a box of cigarettes from the cabinet, shook one out—and put it back.

He looked at the cigarette in his hand, was silent for a second, and simply turned it whole into ashes.

Perhaps it was the sleep-aiding effect of alcohol that made Qiao Xi sleep extraordinarily well.

When he woke up the next day, he opened the curtains and stretched against the morning light, feeling refreshed.

In the dining room, Han Tian was already drinking coffee.

The table was still set for breakfast. Only, compared with yesterday, there were two more cupcakes on the table.

When Han Tian saw him, he raised his chin and said, “Sit down.”

Qiao Xi ran over, picked up the cupcakes and asked with a smile, “Can I eat this first?”

Han Tian’s eyes lifted from the PAD for a second and simply said, “Yes.”

Qiao Xi poured himself a glass of milk and ate the cake with the fragrant milk.

He didn’t eat very well, the cake crumbs kept falling down and he got some on the corners of his mouth, so he had to keep licking the corners of his mouth while eating.

Han Tian raised his eyes again and stared at his lips for two seconds, then lowered his head and took two sips of his coffee.

When breakfast was finished, Han Tian closed the PAD and said calmly, “The first job yesterday was well done. You can have your second job now.” 

“Oh? What’s what?” Qiao Xi’s eyes widened.

“… Did you notice the little duck in the bathroom?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi nodded, his eyes curled in a smile. “Yes, it’s cute.” 

“Mn. But there’s only one, I’m worried it’s a bit lonely,” Han Tian said seriously, “so, I’m going to go buy another one.”

“And your task is to go with me to buy a duckling to be its companion.”

Qiao Xi suddenly realized. “Oh, okay. Where are we going?”

It sounded like a very simple task.

Han Tian wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin and stood up. “Let’s get changed and then we can go out.”

Naturally, Qiao Xi was still wearing “Han Tian’s old clothes”. Only today, he changed into a sweater and a pair of gingham casual pants, and his shoes were changed from yesterday’s oxford shoes to soft-soled sneakers.

He didn’t understand why this guy kept all his clothes from 7 or 8 years ago. And kept so neatly? Each one is almost as new?

Is this a thrifty and tidy demon?

Qiao Xi thought curiously while putting on his left communicator again and pulling open the door.

Han Tian had also changed his clothes and was waiting for him in the living room.

To Qiao Xi’s surprise, Han Tian was wearing a sweatshirt identical to his own, but with a pair of jeans on the bottom half.

“Huh? You’re wearing the same as me, huh?” Qiao Xi thought it was interesting, and there was even a little surprise in his tone.

“I like this style, so I’ve been buying the same style of clothes since 7 years ago,” Han Tian explained.

“Oh, so.” Qiao Xi nodded and didn’t think any more about it.

Han Tian walked to the foyer and waved at him. “Let’s go, the car should be downstairs already.”

Yesterday when we went to the exhibition, Han Tian drove the car himself, so when he said the car had already arrived, Qiao Xi was a bit confused: Hmm? Where are we going today? Is there a driver?

Waiting for them was a black Maybach. After the uniformed driver saluted them, he opened the door for them and welcomed them into the car.

Qiao Xi, who was sitting in the back seat, looked at Han Tian’s sculpted face and asked in a low voice, “Where are we going to buy ducklings?”

Han Tian pressed him on the head and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll know later.”

“Oh.” Qiao Xi shrank his neck, thinking, Did we not buy the duckling in Haicheng? Do you need to drive to another city?

What Qiao Xi didn’t expect was that the Maybach drove all the way to Haicheng’s airport.

After they got off the bus, two other uniformed staff members were already waiting for them.

Next, amidst Qiao Xi’s curiosity and Han Tian’s calmness, the two were led by the staff members through a series of passages and walked directly to a plane.

Before stepping into the cabin, Qiao Xi finally couldn’t help but ask again, “Han Tian, where, exactly, are we going to buy ducklings?” 

“Oh, the duckling at home was bought in the western country, I think, to find a companion for it, it has to go to its hometown.” Han Tian finally said the destination.

“Eh? West Country? That’s the one… The country that is rich in bullfighters?” Qiao Xi was so surprised that he couldn’t close his mouth.

He knew about the West Country, he also knew that it was on another continent in the earthly realm.

In order to buy a duckling, he actually had to travel to another continent?

Well… This demon’s behavior, where is the diligence and frugality…

“Right.” Han Tian winked at him.

At this time, the two staff members had already brought them to a spacious “room”.

Qiao Xi looked around and felt that this “room” was completely different from the interior of the plane he had seen in his textbooks.

He remembered that the plane should have rows of consecutive seats, even if it is more spacious, there will be four seats in a row.

Now, however, his location is a complete “room”, the room with a leather sofa, sofa opposite the wall hanging TV.

If not for the armrest of the sofa next to the porthole, Qiao Xi would not have thought he was in an airplane.

What’s even stranger is that the room is connected to a corridor, and Qiao Xi walks down the corridor to the end and finds a separate, as it were, bedroom with a bathroom and a double bed.

“This? This?” Qiao Xi felt a little overwhelmed by the reaction.

“Mn, I booked a double suite,” Han Tian said blandly.

Qiao Xi, who had no idea about the “suite” on the plane, just scratched his head in confusion and pointed to the double bed with snow-white sheets and said, “But why is there only one bed?”

“…” Han Tian froze for a few seconds before replying, “Well… I booked my ticket late, and there is only this one bed cabin.”

“Oh…” Qiao Xi said with some regret, “Okay. Then we’ll have to squeeze into one bed for the night.”

Although the “room” was relatively large, and although there was a separate bar area outside the “room,” Qiao Xi wasn’t too interested.

After the plane took off, he just sat quietly on the sofa, staring intently at the sky outside the porthole.

Han Tian sat with him for a long time and finally said, “You like looking at the sky so much? Won’t it be monotonous?”

Qiao Xi, his cheeks dragging, his eyes straightening, whispered, “Yes… I can’t fly very well… I don’t usually see this kind of view…”

Compared to other angels, Qiao Xi’s wings were several turns smaller and he could not fly much higher. This time when he came to the earthly realm, he was able to land in Han Tian’s neighborhood by using the teleportation array.

Sometimes, he really envied the excellent angels like Miquel who could fly freely at high altitude.

He had never experienced what it was like to rise and fall in the clouds.

“Bad flying?” Han Tian asked rhetorically.

“Yes… Uh! I mean, uh, I’ve never been in a plane before, uh, so it’s kind of refreshing to look at the sky.” Qiao Xi, who had come back to his senses, shivered and hurriedly babbled on.

“Oh, I guess so.” Han Tian said, “How can people fly, and no wings, right.”

Qiao Xi, with cold sweat on his forehead, said with certainty, “Yes, and no wings.”

Only when the sunlight outside was too strong to look directly at, Qiao Xi resentfully pressed the blackout panel down and began to sit on the sofa and stare.

“Watching a movie?” Han Tian asked.

“Uh… Can I?” Qiao Xi replied with uncertainty.

When they were at Angel Academy, they also watched “movies”. However, they were all documentaries about the basic history of mankind, which were boring and dull, and Qiao Xi would often fall asleep watching them.

So, he didn’t really understand why some textbooks called movies an “art”.

Han Tian tapped on the operating screen, selected a movie on the menu, and picked “Animal City”.

“Huh? A rabbit? Huh, so interesting.” As the picture unfolded, Qiao Xi, who was not looking forward to the movie, fixed his eyes on the couch without blinking.

Han Tian smiled and silently sat down next to him and wrapped him up in a blanket.

When the end credits rolled, Qiao Xi looked like he couldn’t get enough.

“Good look! Can we watch it again?” Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian with anticipation.

“Watch it again? —If you like it, we can watch something else.” Han Tian was a bit helpless.

“Oh? There are other things! Yes, yes!” Qiao Xi rubbed his hands together excitedly, his eyes glowing. 

“… Aren’t you tired…” Han Tian glanced at the bedroom.

“I’m not tired!” Qiao Xi replied with a firm voice.

“Okay.” Han Tian found another animation and watched it with Qiao Xi.

After watching three in a row, Han Tian forcibly turned off the TV and practically dragged the person into the bedroom. “Okay, no more watching, it’s time for you to rest. Now, change your pajamas, take a shower and go to bed!”

Qiao Xi tried to retort, but Han Tian frowned and said, “Job number three: sleep! Now!”

Only then did Qiao Xi wilt and obediently took the pajamas prepared in the plane and ran to the small bathroom to take a shower.

By the time Han Tian returned from the shower and changed into his pajamas, Qiao Xi had already fallen asleep under the blanket. He had a silly smile on his sleeping face, wondering if he had dreamed of the rabbits and foxes in the animal town.

Han Tian sighed as he looked at the krug champagne specially prepared at the bedside, and the roses that were completely ignored by Qiao Xi.

He lay down next to Qiao Xi, gently put his hand around the other party’s waist, and closed his eyes as well.

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