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Chapter 166: I also want to go the “special way”.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Q: How does it feel when you are doing something you don’t want other people to find out about, and then you get caught in the act by one of your subordinates?

Tang Ying felt like his whole body was unwell, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat. He hadn’t expected that he would run into someone he knew on a path with little traffic on this dark and windy night.

He also never expected that when Bai Li’s personal “small gift” would be sent to them, although it was sent directly to their backpacks, it couldn’t be put back after taking it out of the backpack. Until the gift bag was opened, only then the items from it could be put back into the backpack.

However he didn’t know what could be opened from this gift bag. In case he opened some big treasure that would glow, and maybe even cause the whole sky to glow, wouldn’t it let everyone know where he got a limited edition gift bag? That couldn’t be allowed.

Tang Ying was so excited when he found the gift bag in his backpack that he took it out without thinking, only to receive a special message from Bai Li in the next second. It said that it was his first time doing this, and he forgot to set it up beforehand, which was why he couldn’t put it back in his backpack after taking it out.

So the big, red-colored gift bag could only be held in his arms. Tang Ying was still outside, which was why he was engaging in such sneaky behavior.

“No, I’m not doing anything!” Tang Ying hurriedly hid the red gift bag behind him, and said to Ni Jiang in a stern voice, “It’s late at night. What are you doing here instead of going to bed?”

Ni Jiang looked at Tang Ying strangely. She was also sharp-eyed and spotted a little red fabric behind Tang Ying. “Adjutant Tang, you are still in the game. We are half a catty, ah, and you are hiding something behind you in your hands. I have seen it. What is that, ah? This looks like a gift bag sold in the mall…” She poked her head around in curiosity, and her little eyes slid behind Tang Ying’s back.

Tang Ying wanted to use the red cloth wrapped around the outside of the gift bag to gag Ni Jiang. He was boasting to people a few days ago that the female soldiers of the military department were all heroic and strong. The women weren’t afraid of men. Now he only felt that these fierce women were sometimes too direct and it was not a good thing. The words in her heart were said so straightforwardly that he didn’t know how to answer.


While Tang Ying was thinking about countermeasures, Ni Jiang was quickly going into the game store and not finding a new gift package on the shelves. Her heart was filled with more doubt, and when she looked at Tang Ying, her gaze was filled with a strong desire to know.

Plus, considering the situation, if Tang Ying didn’t give a decent answer, she wasn’t going to go.

Tang Ying sighed. I should have known not to mix with these people so well. There is no big and small. Why is she still pestering her superior, wanting to know the truth? “You really want to know, huh?”

“Nnnn!” Ni Jiang’s eyes lit up and she nodded her head frantically. She was tired, and hadn’t expected that Adjutant Tang’s attitude would actually loosen up.

She was sure everyone was right. Adjutant Tang was good-tempered and soft-hearted. Hehehe!

“Okay then. You come with me. I’ll talk to you when we get to my home.” Tang Ying took the lead and continued to walk in the direction of his home. As he walked, he didn’t forget to remind Ni Jiang that this matter must not be known to others.

Only after Ni Jiang swore to God that she would never reveal the secret, did he take out the big gift bag he had been carrying behind him and display it in front of Ni Jiang.

“This is a gift bag I got through a special way. I don’t know what I can open from it, and I planned to open it when I got back. This gift bag can’t be put back after taking it out, that’s why I’ve been holding it in my arms.” And you found out.

Ni Jiang didn’t care about the hidden resentment in Tang Ying’s words. Her eyes curiously looked at the gift bag. She felt that the red cloth wrapped around the outside was similar to what she’d seen before when she opened the first “gift bag,” and completed the Village Chief’s Residence task. The style of this gift was even more gorgeous and exquisite than the village chief thank you gift that you get after completing the task. The red cloth was embroidered with fine gold thread with delicate patterns, somewhat indistinguishable in the dimness, but she was sure that the pattern must be extremely beautiful.

She wondered if Adjutant Tang would be willing to give her the red cloth to her after opening the gift bag.

The two of them soon arrived at Tang Ying’s home. This was the first time Ni Jiang came into Tang Ying’s small hut and could not help but comment on the room after she saw the furnishings.

“Adjutant Tang, your room looks so plain. How come you don’t have any furniture? I thought LiLi and Blunt Opinion did a live broadcast of the ‘Player House Decoration Awards.’ You should have seen it, so why is it still like this?”

Tang Ying shrugged indifferently. “Why not? I’m just busy. When I can get online, I’ve been doing tasks, so I don’t have so much time to spend on this.”

Ni Jiang muttered in a low voice, “Poor old single people…”

Since she said it in a very small voice, she wasn’t heard by Tang Ying.

Tang Ying casually pulled over a chair and let Ni Jiang do as she wished, while he himself put the gift bag that he had been holding to the table, and told Ni Jiang that he was ready to open it.

She moved closer with great urgency. In the blink of an eye, he removed the ties at the top of the bag, and with a soft fluttering sound, the red fabric quickly smoothed out on the wooden table, revealing a total of four dark purple wooden boxes inside.

“What is this?” Tang Ying directly moved closer. His nose sniffed heavily a few times. “Well, this box seems to have a fragrance. Quite nice.”

Ni Jiang heard that, and also hurried to go over and smell. After she smelled it she nodded in agreement, it indeed smelled good. She did not directly use her hands, since she remembered that these were Tang Ying’s things, she just waited for the owner of the box to hurry up and open them all.

Tang Ying was not of a procrastinating nature, and quickly lifted the lid of the four boxes. They all contain different things. Respectively: a round and silvery thing named “Silver Frost Xuan Lian” flower seeds; a pocket-sized wine jar, which when it was taken out of the small box was turned out to be the height of the calf of an adult man with Apricot Blossom Fen Wine [efn note] this was also referred to as an altar. Since google gave me hundreds of different images when I tried to search I went with an antique jar like this one. [/efn_note]; A small bag with ten pieces of super bait, the introduction of which thoughtfully recommended for use in seaside fishing; and a dark golden mask said to be from the “Mysterious Ancient City,” and was obviously considered a tool for pretending.

Ni Jiang’s mouth watered as she watched, her eyes glowed green, and her expression was full of desire/greed.

“Damn, these things are great, right? Adjutant Tang, that ‘special way’ you mentioned, what kind of way is it? Do I still have a chance to get it now? This gift pack is also too good. You opened four kinds of special items in one breath. It’s not because you found a bug in the game to get these goodies, right?” The more Ni Jiang said, the more she felt that her guess made sense. She excitedly continued on, “Hey, if I tell LiLi about this, will LiLi be moved to reward me with a big gift pack like this?”

However, if she really did this, Adjutant Tang’s opened items would only be withdrawn. After all, Adjutant Tang and LiLi were acquainted and seemed to have a good relationship!

Tang Ying stuffed the items into his backpack with trembling hands, smiled coldly, didn’t hold back, and spat out the secret that had been kept all the way, “Heh! Then you think too much, my gift bag, Bai Li personally gave us!”

Ni Jiang, “!!!”

Not only was it from LiLi, but it was also addressed to “us.” She now wanted to know who was in that group so she could tell them of her envy!

Unfortunately, Tang Ying knew that she had lost her tongue and would keep her mouth shut. He used the reason that Ni Jiang had finished observing, and unceremoniously kicked out his guest.

Ni Jiang pestered him for more explanations, but when she saw Tang Ying’s resolute attitude, she knew she wouldn’t hear the answer she wanted today, and so she left.

Her curiosity was satisfied, her enthusiasm to go back to a planting frenzy was quenched, and sleepiness swept over her again. Ni Jiang hesitated for a few seconds, then went offline on the spot, and returned to work on her beauty sleep.

After Ni Jiang left, Tang Ying thought about it and took the items out again. He held them in his hands and looked at them endlessly, as he giggled for a while, and carefully took screenshots of them. He sent them to the discussion group that had not been disbanded and left the message, [I opened these things from the prize pack. Have you opened yours?]

After that, since no one replied, Tang Ying turned his attention back to the big wine jar.

He knew what wine was, but he had never drunk it in reality. He’d only read about it in the history books about the Ancient Blue Star. The reason for this was that the taste of natural food has declined so much that even the conditions for making wine couldn’t be met, so over time wine had been lost in reality. He hadn’t expected that he could get such a big jar of wine in the game. He would like to see what the “fragrance of wine” described in the book really smelled like.

With that in mind, Tang Ying directly knocked open the clay seal of the jar. In almost the next second, an intoxicating aroma entered his nasal cavity in an overwhelming and dominant way. Tang Ying’s whole face froze, and then an expression of joy appeared on his face as realized he’d found a good treasure.

He hurriedly found a large bowl and carefully scooped out half a spoonful of liquor from the jar with the wine-serving tool that came with the jar. After that, he didn’t start by tasting the wine, but first resealed the mouth of the jar, so as not to let a trace of flavor leak out.

Who knew? It might be that if the wine were exposed to the air for too long that the fragrance would evaporate

After he did that, Tang Ying picked up the wine bowl and measured the clear liquor in it. Without the smell to distinguish it, the color of the wine was similar to his normal drinking water. Tang Ying got close to the edge of the bowl and took a small sip. His mouth was bombarded with a strong wine aroma, the wine flowed into his throat, and after a while a light sweetness came up, with a long aftertaste.

With just a small sip, Tang Ying fell in love with the taste of the wine and felt that his whole body was warmed up after drinking it. Even his spirit was relaxed for a short time. The taste was fantastic!

For the rest of the bowl of wine, Tang Ying drank it sip after sip, until only the bottom was left. Still his neck tilted, his head, hoping for that bite. In the process of drinking, he only felt that his body was getting warmer and warmer. He felt like he was lying on a cloud, soft and fluffy. His expression took on a smile that he failed to notice, while his face was as red as if it was burning up; superbly red.

“Hehehe…Hehehe…This wine is really delicious. I don’t have enough for one person to drink, so I won’t invite others to drink it. I have to hide it and enjoy ‘burp’ slowly in my spare time!” He burped heavily, and the strong smell of wine wafted out. After he burped, Tang Ying was completely drunk, but he didn’t play with the alcohol. He was lying on the table, completely asleep.

His absence also left the others in the discussion group with faint doubts.

[Strange, where is Easy Victory? Why is he missing?] Mo Song asked curiously.

They were using their in-game nicknames in the discussion group.

[I don’t know. Why did the person run away just after finishing?] Jiang Huaibi also asked, puzzled, but quickly skipped to a different topic, [Hahaha! You guys can never imagine what I opened! I opened a ‘fishing boat design.’ @Give Me a Bowl of Rice. Big Brother, help me build the boat, and then we will go out to explore together…]

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