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Chapter 65: AU Extra 7: “Angel’s Kiss”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

In the early morning, the plane landed. A black Bentley took the two of them from the airport to the door of a downtown apartment. From the looks of it, this apartment should be quite old.

What kind of place is this? It doesn’t look like a place that sells ducklings, Qiao Xi thought to himself.

At that moment, Han Tian spoke up, “This is where we will stay for the next few days.”

“Hmm? For a few days? Didn’t we buy the ducklings and leave?” Qiao Xi was very puzzled.

Han Tian took him into a very old elevator with barred doors and said, “Oh, the return flight is once a week, so we need to stay for a week.”

After that, Han Tian manually closed the elevator door and pressed “3”.

The elevator creaked to life.

The elevator, which was over a hundred years old, took the two of them to the third floor with due diligence.

Han Tian pushed open the door, pulled Qiao Xi’s hand down the elevator, walked to the tan door at the end, and opened the door with a key.

The apartment was small, and from the entrance you could see the whole picture.

The living room with an octagonal balcony, the dining room, kitchen and bathroom on the left, and two rooms on the right. The light brown floor was clean and the furniture was tidy, so someone should be taking care of it regularly.

“Come here.” Han Tian entered the bedroom on the right side by himself and hooked his hand to Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi obediently followed him over.

The bedroom was spacious, with a large iron bed covered with comfortable bedding, and a plush carpet on the floor next to the bed, which was not cold even if one stepped on it with bare feet.

“Taking a break?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi looked at the bed and asked in confusion, “Hmm? Didn’t we just get up? Are we going to sleep again?”

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth twitched [dòng] twice, and after a few seconds of silence asked, “So, breakfast? The kitchen should have prepared breakfast already.”

Qiao Xi scratched his head. “We already ate breakfast on the plane…”

He looked at Han Tian, who had a strange expression, and asked in a small voice, “Shouldn’t we go buy ducklings? We didn’t come here to eat and sleep…”

“… Okay. Then let’s change and go out.” Han Tian’s face got worse and worse, but he didn’t say anything else, just turned around and pulled open the closet door and picked up clean underwear and socks, a white shirt, and a light blue coarse thread pullover sweater from inside, plus a pair of black pants and tossed them to Qiao Xi.

“Huh? Are these your old clothes too?” Qiao Xi held the pile of clothes, a little surprised.

“Yes. I used to come here for a few days every year.” Han Tian himself took a gray T-shirt and began to undress naturally.

As Han Tian moved, the muscles of his back bulged slightly, and his curves rose and fell.

Qiao Xi’s face reddened indisputably again. Clutching his clothes, he turned around and slid toward the door.

“Where are you going?” Han Tian asked as he slipped on his T-shirt.

“I’m… I’m going next door to change… The next door is also a bedroom, right?” Qiao Xi stammered in explanation.

“Next door? Next door is my studio, of course.” Han Tian said with some amusement as he unbuckled his belt, seemingly ready to change his pants as well.

“Uh… Then…” Qiao Xi wanted to say, You can change your clothes in the studio too, right? I don’t want to get naked in front of you at all.

“My studio, when I’m not inside, no one can go in.” Han Tian said with an unquestionable tone.

When Han Tian said this, Qiao Xi could only stop in his tracks awkwardly, then he turned his back and quickly tugged off his sweater and pants.

However, I don’t know if it was because he was nervous, but he first buttoned his shirt wrong, then he reversed the inside and outside of his sweater, and finally, he almost stretched both legs into one pant leg, causing him to fall straight down—he thought he would go bam.

He thought he would fall to the floor with a bang, but Han Tian’s arm intercepted him.

“What are you doing? Some kind of performance art?” Han Tian asked with a tearful smile.

“… I’m, I’m… Putting on clothes…” Qiao Xi, who still had two bare legs, his face turned red as he struggled to stand up again and tugged his pants back up.

However, what happened next made him even more embarrassed.

Standing on one foot, he bent over and tried to put the socks on his feet, but the thought of Han Tian watching him from the side made him so flustered that he couldn’t even hold the socks open, holding them in his hand, but he couldn’t get them on.

“… Forget it, you stop.” Han Tian probably finally couldn’t look at it anymore and said it in a commanding tone.

Qiao Xi stood frozen in place, with an expression of embarrassment on her face like he was about to cry out.

Ugh… It’s so humiliating… It’s like not being able to recite [the code] in public in class…

“Sit on the bed,” Han Tian ordered.

Qiao Xi jumped on one foot and sat down on the soft bedding.

When he sat down, he realized. “Huh, why do I need to jump?”

Han Tian looked at him, took the sock from his hand, and half-kneeled down in front of him.

“No… No need…” Looking at Han Tian in this posture, Qiao Xi felt his ears were so hot that they were about to burn, and the feeling in his heart was extremely strange.

Han Tian didn’t wait for him to finish his words of protest before he already rested both of his snow-white feet on his lap and quickly put the socks on.

“There.” Han Tian stood up. “Put on your shoes and go out.”

Han Tian’s voice had no ripples, as if what had just happened was perfectly normal.

… Perhaps, it really is just normal? It’s just that he was too busy to put on his socks, and then this demon thought he was too slow, so he helped out.

He shook his head and decided in his mind what had just happened, put on his shoes and followed Han Tian out the door.

He thought that the two would go straight to the place where the ducklings were sold. Unexpectedly, after walking two streets, Han Tian led him through an old stone paved alley and stopped at the door of a nondescript three-story building. The word “Museum” was hanging on the rustic yellow wall.

“… What is this?” Qiao Xi looked at Han Tian in confusion.

“Have you heard of this man?” Han Tian said a name to him.

Qiao Xi suddenly realized. “Ah, I know this guy! He is famous for his pigeons!” Well, but Qiao Xi only knew that this man had painted pigeons.

“Right.” Hearing Qiao Xi’s statement, Han Tian smiled. “Besides pigeons, he has many other wonderful works, most of which are collected in this museum. I come here once a year to see them.”

“Oh…” Qiao Xi nodded her head in a puzzled manner and followed Han Tian into the museum.

The museum was not too crowded, and some tourists took pictures of the paintings on the wall or took a group photo before skulking away.

But Han Tian was not. He looked at them slowly and carefully.

While looking at it, he turned his head sideways and introduced it to Qiao Xi in a soft voice. Although Qiao Xi could not understand much, he felt that Han Tian’s voice was so pleasant that he was willing to listen to it and keep listening.

When he encountered a few special ones, Han Tian would take a few steps back, find a suitable position, and then tilt his head to watch them, looking extremely focused.

Qiao Xi, too, followed a few steps back and looked at Han Tian’s side face without a moment’s hesitation.

In Qiao Xi’s eyes, when Han Tian was facing these paintings, the look on his face, the light in his eyes, and the feeling he exuded were all completely different from before.

These two days, although Han Tian is still gentle to him, there is no demon’s bad behavior, but Qiao Xi still felt that this demon was sometimes especially “improper”, such as he could not care about undressing, such as he could watch themselves undress….

But now, the way this demon stares at these paintings reminds Qiao Xi of the “holiness” and “piety” that the students of the Angel Academy showed when they received the admonition of the chief patriarch.

Holiness? Qiao Xi frowned, wondering how he could use such a word for demons.

He forced himself to move his eyes away from Han Tian’s side face and to the paintings.

Hmmm… The paintings were attractive, with bold lines and strange shapes that combined in a completely unexpected way, like an infinitely extended dream world that suddenly presented itself to humans.

Although Qiao Xi did not think he understood it, he still thought that it was quite beautiful, as good as Han Tian’s work.

By the time the two of them finished looking at all the exhibits, almost three hours had passed.

“Sorry, hungry?” Han Tian said somewhat apologetically.

At this moment, the two of them had just come out of the museum and sat on the bench in the square outside the door.

I don’t know if it was in honor of the painter, but the square was small, but there were an extraordinarily number of pigeons, all walking and jumping with their heads held high, not avoiding people in any way.

Qiao Xi shook his head. “It’s okay…”

However, his stomach growled in response.

Han Tian laughed. “Take you to dinner?”

Qiao Xi looked around, nudged the opposite side and whispered, “No, just the same as them.”

All around the benches were young men and women who looked like they had just come out of the museum. These people were talking and gesturing excitedly while munching on burgers.

Qiao Xi subconsciously thought that perhaps Han Tian would prefer to stay here instead of going to a restaurant and sitting there.

Sure enough, Han Tian responded with understanding and quickly went to buy two fast food meals and returned.

So the two of them sat on the bench and nibbled on their burgers with cola.

The autumn afternoon sunlight spattered on the two of them, warm and comfortable. 

When his stomach stopped growling, Qiao Xi sipped his cola and asked curiously, “Do you like his paintings a lot?”

“Mn,” Han Tian said with an unmistakable smile in his eyes, “I like it a lot.”

He paused and continued, “When I first left the ‘family’ and went to Haicheng, I was very confused and didn’t know what I could do, and I did some confusing things. Later, I happened to see this man’s painting and immediately thought, “That’s great, how can humans express such complex emotions in such a simple way? Then I thought, ‘Can I also try to paint a painting like this?'”

Qiao Xi stared into Han Tian’s eyes, very sure that he once again saw the expression of “devotion” on the demon’s face.

Han Tian didn’t let Qiao Xi’s stare stop him, but continued, “The funny thing is, once I picked up the brush, I realized that this is something I can do, and something I’m willing to do… Even though countless people questioned me and didn’t even think I could paint, I chose to, and just kept painting, and kept on painting.”

“But,” Han Tian’s eyes darkened, “I know now that I will never be able to paint this well.”

“Hmm?” Qiao Xi asked rhetorically in confusion, “Why? Your paintings are very good now, I like them very much! I think it’s no worse than this artist’s!”

Han Tian looked up at him and smiled bitterly. “Thank you. But…”

He lowered his eyes again and his voice became hollow. “But, it’s not the same. Without the support of inner emotions, my painting will always be just an empty shell.”

“Who said that?” Qiao Xi asked even more strangely. “When I first saw your paintings, I thought, ‘Wow, they are so alive, looking at them is like burning up’; if they are just an empty shell, how can they have such an effect?”

Han Tian didn’t say anything, just gave Qiao Xi a deep look before turning his head to look at the pigeons in the square, a lonesome smile floating on his face.

What! Why are you more down instead, don’t you trust my judgment!

Qiao Xi was a little displeased.

I don’t believe you, I’ll cheer you up!

He stood up, went around to Han Tian and said seriously, “Han Tian, believe me, your painting is very, very good, it’s never an empty shell without emotion.”

After that, Qiao Xi looked at the man’s obviously not serious look, frowned, bent down a little, and the lips hit his forehead, but also lingered for a full 3 seconds.

Hmph, I even used the special skill “angel kiss”. You should always be physically and mentally happy, and not feel that you do not draw well.

After 3 seconds, Qiao Xi, who thought the skill was finished, tried to straighten up…

However, his waist was caught by the demon’s arm.

Next, his whole body was pulled downward, his legs went limp, and he fell into Han Tian’s arms.

Before he could react, he had been hooked up by the chin and sucked on the lips.


His eyes widened and huge exclamation points and question marks popped up in his head: Didn’t this demon say that lips need to touch only when passing food? So what was Han Tian doing now?

Wait, why is his tongue in my mouth too?

Whoa ah ah don’t move! Hey, hey! Hey!

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