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Chapter 167: The happy encounter.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Jiang Huaibi opened fewer items thanTang Ying and only had a lone “fishing boat design” so far. However, for her, the surprise she got from just one design was more than the sum of Tang Ying’s four items.

As a game anchor who made all kinds of things live every day, Zheng Yi was also very interested in the “fishing boat design” and soon established a partnership with Jiang Huaibi, while bringing along his game buddy What Are You Playing?. One person contributed to the effort, and two people contributed various materials, and they intended to focus on the manufacturing of fishing boats for a period of time afterwards.

Jiang Huaibi got the design of a small fishing boat, about ten meters long, that could accommodate up to five people at the same time. The boat was fully equipped, and could be used for fishing as soon as it was completed.

When he heard about this good thing, Mo Song didn’t want to miss it, and said he also wanted to go out to sea to have some fun. However, considering that several people in the group were also anchors, he said he could wait until Jiang Huaibi had already gone out to sea.

When it came down to it, Jiang Huaibi naturally and readily agreed and several people quickly joined in. However, the production of the fishing boat was a big project, and it wasn’t certain when it would be completely finished. The group could only hold down their excitement and wait patiently for the day when the boat was finished.

Bai Li and Wen XingYao went to rest early, not knowing what had happened to Tang Ying in the game.

Fox One and Fox Two, after they returned to the villa they were temporarily living in and fixed it up a little, lay down in their gaming pods and entered the game. The character creation interface had a face changing function. Fox One was overjoyed and hurriedly switched his square face into a pointy melon face. His features were also fine-tuned according to his face shape, as he focused on making his squinty eyes a little bigger.

When the face alterations were completed, Fox One looked at himself in the mirror and thought  that he could actually look this good one day, and it was true that people of the fox tribe were still more suitable for the face shape of a melon.

His beast type was a Tibetan fox, and he was a member of the Heavenly Fox clan. Fox One didn’t feel that he was bad for aTibetan fox, his only grievance with the beast type was its long, generous face. This had been an inferiority complex for him, so small that even with his good brother, Fox Two, who he spent a lot of time together with, hadn’t noticed the slightest.

When he thought about how the game Carefree Farmstead had the function of altering the face, Fox One suddenly became tearful as he changed his eyes. Mr. Bai Li, what a nice person! It was also fortunate that he and Fox Two didn’t refuse Bai Li’s gift, otherwise they wouldn’t ever see the day when they became melon faces.

While Fox One was changing his face, he didn’t even consider that he would meet Fox Two when he first entered the game. The two had previously heard from others in the discussion group that new players who entered the game were randomly assigned villages after filling out a questionnaire.

As a result, he didn’t know if it was providential or not, but just as Fox One entered the game and saw a face similar to Fox Two. Before he could go up and identify them carefully, the opposite side cast a surprised look. If he could recognize Fox Two at a glance, Fox Two could also recognize him at a glance.

“Fox, Fox One?” The voice was still Fox Two’s voice, and his face was unchanged. Shocked that the two could be sorted into the same village, Fox One forgot to cover his face for a moment.

Then he heard Fox Two’s next words, “Your face…How did it turn out like this! It’s so pointy!” It was sharper than even the women of their Heavenly Fox clan!

He really didn’t expect that Fox One, who was always mature and stable, actually had such a hobby.

This time it was no longer useful to cover his face, the reaction would still be seen later. Fox One simply went forward to cover the mouth of Fox Two to death, so that he stopped laughing so loudly. The two of them were extremely childish as no one in the game knew them, but that was before Fox One told Fox Two about the grievances he had, which led to another burst of laughter from Fox Two. However, after laughing, he expressed understanding and promised him that he would not tell anyone else about it.

After talking about the topic of face shape, the two began to focus on the present.

“What are we going to do next?” Fox Two looked around from time to time, and admired everything in the game.

Before he entered the game, he had absorbed too many game tips on what to do as a newbie, which made his head dizzy so he didn’t know which step to start with first.

Fox One thought about it, and came up with a plan. “First, we’ll top up in the game store, buy the Kryptonite Pack and then use the diamond coins to buy the First Pack to get the initial resources. After that we will go to the village chief to receive our task…The village chief’s home hasn’t been built yet, so he should be staying at the entrance of the village. After receiving the task, we’ll go to find adjacent pieces of land, put together our small huts and their respective yards, and then we can start planting!”

When Fox One said this, Fox Two moved quickly to complete the first step, from his backpack he pulled out the hot first gift pack that he just bought, but also gave an encouraging look at Fox One, indicating that he should also hurry up, then they opened the gift packs together.

Fox One, “…”

Two people’s luck was neither good nor bad, and while they didn’t get the golden hoe, they did  get crop seeds that could only be unlocked for purchase when their characters reached level 10. The next rookie quest was completed in a deliberate manner. By this time, the sky was also slightly bright. They’d actually played the game all night!

And their spirits still remained high! They weren’t even a little sleepy!

Fox Two didn’t know he’d gotten mud on his cheeks, until Fox One wiped them with his hand. He exhaled a mouthful of turbulent breath, and laughed, “Fox One, I never knew planting a farmstead could really be such a fun thing! Watching the seeds of those crops start in the soil, then come out as tiny seedlings, and then a little bit of strong growth…that feeling was also great! I have a kind of first father’s joy. Hahaha! If I didn’t need money to buy new seeds, I wouldn’t want to sell them! This game…I think I can play it for the rest of my life!”

Fox One was more sensible. He gave Fox Two a gentle slap on the back of the head and said, “The game is indeed fun, but you can’t be so addicted that you don’t even eat, right? Let’s go offline first, eat all the nutrient solution for today’s portion, and by the way, tell Mr. Bai our game nicknames and village number, then rest a little before playing the game some more.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you. Let’s go contact Mr. Bai first.” Fox Two always listened to Fox One, and what the latter said wasn’t without reason, so he accepted it easily.

The two of them went offline together, and Fox Two told Bai Li their character information together.

It didn’t take long for Bai Li to reply.

[Hmm? You guys are actually in the 66th newbie village as well? That’s really good luck! Your patriarch is also in that village. His in-game nickname is ‘Ink.’ Look for him in the village. After you find him, if you can, tell him about the current situation. Although, it is said that he won’t carry his memories from the game with him when he goes offline, maybe it will stimulate his juvenile form to regain his human consciousness.]

Wen XingYao was like that. When Wen XingYao took the fox cub to the game, Bai Li used a little of his game developer privileges to find out the fox’s nickname in the game and exactly where he was in the newbie villages through the name “Zhu MoLing”. He originally wanted to wait until he and Wen XingYao were on level 30, and if Zhu MoLing hadn’t regained human consciousness by then, he would go to the 66th newbie village to find him and explain the situation.

Bai Li wasn’t unable to go directly to the 66th newbie village, but the level 30 rule for traveling to other villages had been set by him and he, as the game developer, also needed to show players a good example, so he didn’t act on the thought.

Furthermore, going to find Zhu MoLing in the game and taking the initiative to explain the situation to him wasn’t a particularly urgent matter. He and Wen XingYao were mainly working on it in reality.

Now it was a good thing that two of Zhu MoLing’s men had entered the game and been assigned directly to the 66th newbie village, just in time to take Bai Li’s place in dealing with the matter.

When Fox One and Fox Two heard about it, they were really happy that they were assigned to the same village as the Patriarch. What a great fate! After they thanked Bai Li again and again, and then inquired when Bai Li intended to play, the two didn’t care to rest. They hurriedly got in the game, and inquired of other players in the village if they knew a player called Ink.

Zhu MoLing felt that he had slept for a long time. For longer than the last few times he had been in the game. He boarded the game and looked at the current time. He found that he hadn’t played the game for nearly a day and a night!

What in the world were Fox One and Fox Two doing? Did they take his health as the Patriarch to heart? As he sat quietly in his house, sipping a large mouthful of slightly cold tea, Zhu MoLing quickly planned the projects that needed to be completed later.

First, harvest all the crops in the yard that had been ripe for a long time, replant a batch of seeds that took the longest time, then go to the village chief to sell half of the harvest and buy other household items and new seeds.

After all that, he went to buy that day’s Food Baskets, a total of ten, three in the morning, three at noon and four at night. Well, it took so long to get on the game, that his accumulated luck must be sufficient. Even after he opened the Food Baskets there must be some left, so why not buy a few more clothing surprise boxes. He saw a player wearing a set of clothing that he didn’t have, and it must have been opened from the surprise box!

Zhu MoLing’s mind was filled with a lot of mixed thoughts, while after he finished his cup of tea, he got up and headed out the door. 

“The patriarch is online!”

What? Why did he seem to hear Fox One’s voice? Was it a hallucination?

Zhu MoLing looked up and found two excited figures standing outside the courtyard. When he looked at their faces carefully, he could barely make out what the two men had once looked like.

“Fox One, Fox Two?” Zhu MoLing asked. “You’re here too?”

He didn’t think about whether these two couldn’t come up, he was just a little curious as to why they were only coming up now. Couldn’t they have followed him around and explained the outside world to him on his first day on the game?

As he looked at the two who were excitedly nodding their heads, Zhu MoLing examined their current appearance, frowned and asked, “Fox One, why has your chin become sharp? And Fox Two, why do you look so much older?”

Once the words were out of his mouth, the joy of meeting again faded quite a bit.

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