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Chapter 66: AU Extra 8: The Best Way

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

Unlike the touch-and-go “sharing” at the bar, this time, Han Tian was simply “attacking the city”.

From the gums to the root of the tongue, every inch was spared and no place was left untouched.

At the beginning, Qiao Xi’s brain could still pop out a few exclamation points. In the end, he felt a blankness in his mind—no, at first glance a blankness, but in fact a tangle of countless light rays, locking up his entire consciousness, making him unable to think or even breathe.

When Han Tian was finally willing to let go of his hand at the back of his head, he could only lean on Han Tian’s shoulder, panting violently, unable to ask any questions.

At that moment, he heard the “ooh-ooh” whistle from the bench next to him, and a crackling applause from across the room.

This group of humans, what are they doing?

However, these noises did make him sober up a bit.

He barely sat up straighter, his eyes moistened at the corners, and asked indignantly, “What are you doing? I thought we were sharing food before, so this… …long… …mouth-to-mouth?”

Han Tian blinked, and a hand on his waist, said, “This is also sharing ah! You just kissed my forehead, didn’t you?”

Qiao Xi froze and said, “Yes… …but… …that was just, just seeing you so down and trying to cheer you up… …”

“Yeah, I know.” Han Tian had a straight face: “So you were trying to share ‘happy emotions’ with me. In that case, wouldn’t a kiss on the mouth be more effective than a kiss on the forehead?”

“Huh?” Qiao Xi put both hands on Han Tian’s shoulders, his face full of confusion.

Is there such a thing? How come I didn’t know?

“Look, am I not down at all now?” Han Tian was righteous.

Well…that’s true…

“And…” The demon’s hand pressed the back of Qiao Xi’s head again, with a little force, so that his ear touched his lips, and he whispered, “And, you should be feeling good now, right? Very… pleasant?”

Qiao Xi let out an “umph” and couldn’t deny it at all.

When he was “sharing” just now, Qiao Xi was in a trance back to the day he first flew with his wings

He did not fly high, and also stumbled, but it caused the blood around his body to boil, and his heartbeat was about to pop out of his chest with the excitement, joy, and pleasure, so he can’t forget.

And just now…

He has to admit that the taste is not worse than his time of flight. Even…it was more prolonged and more…memorable.

“So, this kind of sharing is the best way to restore the spirit of both parties.” Han Tian was guiding him in his ear.

“But…but…” Qiao Xi stammered, feeling that something was not quite right.

Is this the hidden effect of “Angel’s Kiss”? Why didn’t I learn it?

“How do you know?” After half a day, Qiao Xi finally said this sentence.

Han Tian smiled and said, “This is not a cold knowledge. Do you remember, in the movie you watched yesterday, the two little lions, isn’t that how to comfort each other?”

Qiao Xi pursed his lips, remembering the two little lions on the screen. Well, it does seem that way…

He stared at Han Tian’s smiling eyes, and suddenly a thought popped up.

He didn’t have time to think about why before he had already asked out loud, “You and others…have shared like this?”

An intriguing light flashed in Han Tian’s eyes.

“No,” Han Tian said.

He gently rubbed his cheek against Qiao Xi’s face; his voice was low, with a strange compulsion: “This kind of sharing will only be effective if the other party is the one you trust the most. The more both parties trust each other, the better the effect will be. Otherwise, it will only be counterproductive.”

Qiao Xi’s heart suddenly beat wildly and uncontrollably again.

He subconsciously wrapped his arms around Han Tian’s neck and asked softly, “So, I can assume that you… …trust me a lot?”

Han Tian sniffed his hair deeply and softly replied, “Of course.”

I don’t know why, but this sentence made Qiao Xi’s heart become full all of a sudden. He closed his eyes and gently touched Han Tian’s with his forehead, and the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably.

After leaving the museum, Han Tian still didn’t take him to buy ducklings.

They wandered along the stone paths in the old alleyways, big and small.

The human beings dressed as sculptures, the bread baked in the ovens of small stores, the crafts made of shells on the street, all seemed so new and interesting to Qiao Xi.

What made him sigh most was that after climbing along a long sloping road, a large area of blue color appeared in front of him—the sea, the sea with no end, as pure as the sky.

It was already late in the evening, and the light of the setting sun was spilling gently over the water. The whole scene, stable and warm, was exactly like the scene in Han Tian’s painting.

Qiao Xi stood at the roadside observation deck, holding the white railing in his hand, his hair blown by the wind, and sighed softly.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Han Tian stood behind him and held his shoulders.

“Yeah.” Qiao Xi didn’t notice that he was already leaning against Han Tian’s chest.

“Does it make you feel that no words can describe the beauty and the emotion you feel now?” Han Tian asked.

“Yes,” Qiao Xi answered honestly.

Han Tian wrapped his arms around him from behind, slowly turned his head sideways, and once again covered his lips.

This time the “share” was lingering and gentle, Han Tian was not in a hurry to plunder, but was testing, little by little, provoking the tip of Qiao Xi’s tongue, constantly luring the man to his territory.

When Han Tian finally retreated a little, Qiao Xi had recklessly rushed up again, like a child who had just tasted something delicious, and completely lost the initiative to call a halt without his self-control.

In the end, it was a fat pigeon that stopped on the railing and cooed at them twice, which gradually made Qiao Xi wake up from the dream-like beauty.

Han Tian, still holding him from behind, said against his face, “Well, the emotion you want to convey, I have very, very clear.” 

“…Okay…okay.” Maybe it was the sunset, but Qiao Xi felt his face was extra hot, and his skin was also heating up.

From this time on, the two of them did not stop “sharing”.

On the way back, when Qiao Xi tasted a delicious ice cream, he would stand on his tiptoes and print a little on Han Tian’s lips; when he heard a beautiful song sung by a street performer on the roadside, Han Tian would turn his head and give Qiao Xi a peck.

That night, after dinner, Qiao Xi went to the sofa and happily watched another animation until he was too sleepy to open his eyes, and Han Tian dragged him to the bed.

Then, Han Tian also laid down next to him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.


He turned around and put his arms around Han Tian’s neck, asking curiously, “Why did you use my forehead again?”

Under the soft night light, Han Tian’s eyes flickered. “The forehead is fine.”

Qiao Xi pouted and said stubbornly, “But I think it’s better this afternoon.” 

Then, without waiting for Han Tian to say anything, he pounced on Han Tian’s lips and licked them gently.

Then, wrapped in the blanket, he rolled to the side and quickly fell asleep.

Han Tian, on the other hand, lay rigidly in place, unable to move for half a day.

Until his cell phone rang a message tone.

Evans: [Where’s the little cutie?]

Han Tian: [Next to me, asleep.]

Evans: [Not bad! Did you succeed?]

Han Tian: [No.]

Evans: […]

Evans: [You’ve been brainwashed by the heavens?]

Evans: [You are a shame of the demon.]

Han Tian turned off his phone.

He turned around and looked at Qiao Xi’s sleeping face in the hazy light, gently brushing his hand over the soft lines, and finally turned off the night light and rolled over and wrapped his arms around the young man beside him.

In the morning, when Qiao Xi woke up in a daze, he found himself lying on Han Tian’s arm. The man had woken up at some point and was staring at himself.

Qiao Xi shrank under the covers and mumbled with his eyes closed, “I just had a dream… I dreamed that you and I went to my hometown together.”

Han Tian only said, “Oh?”

“Hmm.” Qiao Xi rubbed his face against Han Tian’s arm. “My hometown is…very, very high up. You won’t like it.”

“Oh, not really,” Han Tian said.

Qiao Xi was still confused, and did not care what Han Tian said, only humming to himself. “Then, I took you to the mirror lake. You said in your dream that the lake was so blue that you wanted to paint it…well… …”

“So, did I paint it?” Han Tian asked.

“Not at first,”  said Qiao Xi, shaking his head. “You said the color can not be adjusted, can not be drawn, very sad…”

“And then what happened?” Han Tian asked, while gently brushing Qiao Xi’s eyebrows.

“Then, I just… I encouraged you mouth to mouth the way you taught me, and you drew it out.” Qiao Xi sighed comfortably, obviously very satisfied with the ending of this dream.

“Yeah.” Han Tian laughed softly.

“So yeah, this way, it’s really useful, right?” Unknowingly, Qiao Xi had already shrunk into Han Tian’s arms.

“…In fact,” Han Tian turned his body sideways, legs pressed against Qiao Xi’s, whispered in his ear, “In fact, there is a more useful way, want to know?

“Hmm? More useful?” Qiao Xi was a bit overwhelmed.

“Yes…” Han Tian said, “It is said that this way, if used properly, can make people who trust you, do anything for you.”

“Anything?” These three words were swirling back and forth in Qiao Xi’s mind.

Han Tian said, he trusts me the most, so…can I get him to agree to follow me back to the Heavenly Realm?

After returning to the heavenly realm, if he really is not a very evil demon, perhaps, he will not be punished, and even, I can let him stay in the earthly realm to continue to paint?

Or… …I have the possibility to make him promise me to sign an agreement with the heavenly realm, never to harm humans from now on? If he is willing to agree, then is it that I do not have to take him back to the heavenly realm?

“So, do you want to try?” Han Tian whispered in his ear.

“…I want to try.” Qiao Xi said.

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Seggs,seggs time,please let them have seggs.

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Seggs,seggs time,.please let them have seggs.

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I’d have liked for HT to explain to QX about emotions, rather than this.
It’s also noticeable that in both versions of their story, it’s QX who is either lacking in (as a demon), or innocent/inexperienced about (as an angel), human physical contact and love.
Thanks Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

September 14, 2023 10:38 pm


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