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Chapter 3: Where is this…?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Bai Li exited the gaming pod, it was already two hours later.

An hour before, he had registered for himself on the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’ website, and he was lucky enough to make it on the last day of the registration deadline. But this was just the first step, after that, he still needed to design a rough framework for the game and add the game portal to the competition website before the deadline.

Bai Li didn’t design the game first, but picked some of the most popular games from last year and played them, intending to learn from the game design experience of his predecessors. The result was that each one of them was retired in less than ten minutes with a wooden face.

Was it really worthy of the environment that all people play games? Also, why in every game, were they all cookie cutters with a fight to kill type of fighting? He wanted to find a relaxed and casual game, but the atmosphere wasn’t serene in these current games. Out of all the famous games on the list, there were many that were in outer space where one fought and leveled up. After playing many games, he couldn’t put a name to the content. Everything looked the same and became a combination, but he also completely didn’t notice any difference.

Bai Li decided to give up and have great confidence in the virtual reality farming game he intended to do. At least in terms of game content, his game would be fundamentally different from the other contestants’.

So after lying in the gaming pod for an hour, Bai Li finally opened the E class virtual reality game builder and diligently built up the landscape of the mortal village he remembered going to for the first time in the world where there was nothing. Houses stood, paths were crisscrossed, there were mountains, water and fields, the only thing missing was the upcoming residents.

After the world was constructed, Bai Li nodded his head in satisfaction. But soon, his brow furrowed, pondering for a moment, then waved his hand and wiped away the large houses, fields, and nice looking mountains and forests, replaced by broken walls, and a dense, deep, overgrown grove in the corner.

Compared to the village that had everything, it was more engaging to start everything from scratch, right?

After doing the above, Bai Li was quite happy. Thanks to the game builder, the operation was foolproof. As long as it was thought of in the mind, it could outline everything you want. As a foreigner from the immortal world, the power of his soul was still very strong, so it didn’t take him too much energy to do this. Instead, he seemed to be able to do it with ease.

Not only that, when constructing the world, Bai Li’s grass and wood spirit energy unconsciously fused with the world. When he discovered it, the two had already completely intertwined, so if he wanted to totally separate them, he would need to destroy the world and make it from scratch.

Bai Li felt carefully and found that the fusion was still wonderful. The whole world was impregnated with the clear spiritual energy of grass and trees, making it somewhere between the real and the unreal. Farming in this world could be more efficient and productive than the original setting. As an avid fan of farming, Bai Li could hardly refuse such a change. Then as his divine power slowly recovered and his Qi became thick, the world would also follow the qualitative change, and when the time came… 

What was more, the Qi of grass and wood clear spirit also had the effect of calming people’s restless emotions.

In the end, Bai Li didn’t destroy the world to redo it.

The initial appearance of the game world, or ‘newbie village’ had been designed, Bai Li worked non-stop according to the competition’s suggestions to add the ‘character creation interface,’ ‘newbie tasks,’ ‘functional NPCs’, ‘game store’ and other basic panels.

The character creation interface was his most detailed design. In addition to the adjustment of appearance, height and body type, Bai Li also added a character decal setting. Players could freely choose to add a favorite logo to their face or any part of their body, and in addition to the twenty regular models he offered, players could also pay to customize themselves. For only 5 stars, they could have one that was different from everyone else. Plus up to five paid decals could exist on a player.

At the time of that design, Bai Li blushed slightly. He was quite a bit embarrassed, and felt that this behavior was a bit like cheating people out of their money. However, once he thought of his pocket with only 666 star coins left, he had no hesitation whatsoever. Was it more important to have money or face? Wasn’t it important to live? Yes.

Besides, if the players were too cheap and couldn’t buy them, there were also free mass models.

For the newbie mission, Bai Li also used a little thought. As long as players followed his set task process, planting a live plant should be no problem.

As for the functional NPCs, Bai Li actually felt they weren’t too necessary, so he very perfunctorily only made a village chief, a replica of the first Shennong in the history of the immortal world. In addition to setting him to automatically issue tasks and answer some simple questions for the players, he also left a ‘mouth’ on the village chief, thinking that when he was free, he, the game designer, could also disguise himself as the village chief to make a guest appearance.

When it came to designing the final game store,quite a lot of time passed. Due to the fear of staying in the gaming pod too long and having Supreme wake up, not see him and becoming afraid, Bai Li was also a little anxious. So he just hurriedly filled the shelves with a value of 10 star coins for the first charge gift package.

The content of the gift package from Bai Li seemed to be quite rich, and 10 star coins was simply a starting price so it would sell really well.

After everything was done, and the game portal was added to the official website, he spent half a minute coming up with the game name ‘Carefree Farmstead’, then Bai Li hurried to log off. The game would have a two-hour review period, which was completed by a special program. The game would officially appear on the corresponding page only after the review was completed.

Bai Li intended to wait for the game to be officially ready to play during the period, but first he had to fill his stomach and feed Supreme.

The gaming pod slowly stopped running, and Bai Li came out of it feeling as comfortable as if he had soaked in a hot spring. Who would have thought that the gaming pod, which was only a freebie, actually came with the function of massaging and keeping the space at the optimum temperature?

The free one was so great, he really couldn’t imagine how good the most expensive gaming pod on the market would be! At that moment, Bai Li’s desire to make money was even stronger, and the last bit of vainness and guilt about adding the character decal function because of a flash of conscience also disappeared.

However the drowsy feeling of relief came to an end when he saw that Supreme, nestled in the pile of old clothes, was shivering in the cold because of the early spring evening weather.

Bai Li walked up quickly, worried that this temperature would freeze the kitten. As he approached, the originally sleeping Supreme awoke and opened his eyes. At that moment, Bai Li’s dark bright eyes, and Supreme’s pair of brilliant golden cat pupils met up. One person and one cat were a little dazed.

Bai Li, My boy is really beautiful. Is this the joy of raising a pet? I’m enlightened!

Supreme, I have a comfortable feeling for this good-looking human. Hungry. Hungry. Want to eat rice… 

Finally, it was Supreme who broke the eerie silence with a meow. That successfully brought Bai Li back from his trance, as he reached out to touch the cat’s head and belly, and then went to the kitchen to make dinner with bare feet.

As a successful Agricultural Deity, Bai Li was a master at planting crops, but in other areas well…Such as cooking. This skill point he hadn’t added to. So after he stood in front of the kitchen stove for two minutes in silence, Bai Li took out of his precious stock Gusteau’s special sweet and sour pork topped with rice.

In fact, there were other varieties of rice, but Bai Li thought that since he was living on the sweet and sour pork star, he should eat something special for his first real meal there.

While he waited for the rice to heat up, Bai Li took the time to spit out the odd names of the empire’s rulers. How could you replace the names of all the planets with the names of the food just to commemorate the fact that you would never eat that delicious food ever again in history?

Another thing Bai Li was unable to figure out was: obviously the number of agricultural planets weren’t even a hundred or 99, but why did so many agricultural planets grow vegetables and fruits with such a light taste? Even with the trend of homogenization, obviously the shape didn’t have much change.

Cucumber and durian actually had a taste like water? No wonder Interstellar chefs and food professionals felt desperate on a daily basis. Even though they had all the tricks and techniques, they couldn’t make delicious food when the ingredients weren’t of good quality.

Bai Li wanted to study the specific causes of the situation, but since he had no money, it made it difficult to move. He could only make a plan.

With a “ding,” the rice was heated and the sweet and sour smell unique to sweet and sour ribs escaped, and made his fingers tingle. His stomach, which hadn’t felt hungry for three days, grumbled for the first time. Bai Li, without changing his expression, took out the rice with sweet and sour pork.

The rice was taken out together with the spirit goat milk specially prepared for Supreme.

Supreme had actually followed the scent to Bai Li’s feet, calling “meow, meow, meow” and kept purring. His pair of shiny cat eyes stared unblinkingly at Bai Li’s hands…and the rice.

Bai Li smiled and deliberately ignored the anxious meowing Supreme. He unhurriedly put the rice and hot goat milk steadily on the table, before he leaned down to pick up the impatient Supreme and put it opposite him, then thoughtfully pushed the goat milk to him, so that he could drink it.

“Little one, you can’t eat this rice. The bones may break your little milk teeth.” After he said that, Bai Li stopped paying attention to Supreme, who was full of loss, and ate.

Supreme reluctantly took a few last glances at the rapidly decreasing sweet and sour pork, then buried his head and drank his own hot goat’s milk. A brush with deliciousness made his ears and tail droop together, and left him looking pitiful.

Bai Li smiled while he ate and watched Supreme’s antics. He was really a smart little guy. With less than half a day’s work he’d learned to act pitiful.

Well, this should be true for a Warm Light Beast that was a relatively high talent category, right?

Halfway through the meal, Bai Li found there was a new message on his communication number. He opened it to find that it was sent to him by the black hairy-eared staff member called Xiong Pili. He asked him politely if he had signed up for the ‘Virtual Reality Game Design Competition’, and if so, he wanted Bai Li to give him the name of the game so that he could enter the game and try it out.

Wow! He found a potential player!

Bai Li was in a good mood, so he carefully sent the link to ‘Carefree Farmstead’ and thanked Xiong Pili for his attention.

Bai Li guessed that the other man was busy or doing something else, so he closed the chat page and finished the rest of his meal.

The two hours of game review time ended, so Bai Li got up and walked in the direction of the gaming pod, and along the way, he also grabbed Supreme.

He deliberately went to read the manual again, which didn’t say that no pets were allowed to enter. On the contrary, the book also specifically pointed out that the gaming pod could actually be used by two people. No wonder the space inside was quite large!

However, Bai Li’s family was only him, so this extra space was for Supreme.

“Meow?” For Supreme, to be carried by Bai Li with his body close to his chest and abdomen, it confused him, and he could only suspiciously tilt his head to look at Bai Li.

“Supreme, be good. You will sleep on this side. It’s warm inside, you won’t freeze.” Bai Li gently stroked Supreme’s spine with one hand, while he used the other hand to activate the gaming pod.

The invisible breath filled the confined space, and the consciousness of both the man and the cat gradually became deeper and deeper.

The next second, Bai Li’s figure appeared in the “character creation interface” built by his own hands. What he didn’t know was that at the same time, there was another person who entered the exact same space.

A pair of bright, brilliant golden eyes, vigilantly surveyed the unfamiliar environment in front of him. His eyes glowed with a strange light.

Where was this?


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