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Chapter 30: The Bed Was Really Hard

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey working hard


Ye Fei stared at the neat pile of white peach oolong tea bags, incriminating as it was, spread out on the coffee table. He wiped his face helplessly, “I had it hidden behind the sofa, and you found it?”

Gu Ang took another sip of tea, with a little wit, “Mn, why did you buy this?”

Ye Fei’s mind was spinning and he quickly found a good reason. He slowly entered the room, closed the door behind him, went to sit next to Gu Ang, when he saw the brandy agent on the small table. This guy was quite smart, and had already checked there. But in this situation today, he didn’t want to let Gu Ang know the details.

Since Gu Ang didn’t know anything, he could do what he wanted, regardless of the consequences, really cause trouble, not afraid of hurting himself.

Ye Fei lowered his eyes, rubbed the back of his burned hand and put it in his pocket.

“It’s a birthday present for you. In addition to this, there’s another, I wanted to send them to you together when it’s time.”

Gu Ang waited all night, never expecting that he would receive this answer. He was neither happy nor angry, and wanted to break this pile of tea cups. He finished the last sip from the teacup with some disappointment, “How do you know my birthday?”

“It’s on the sports registration form, it’s coming up.”

The answer is seamless, Gu Ang thought to himself. He was the one who made a fool of himself.

Up to now it was still unclear whether Ye Fei crossed over, thought to find white peach oolong tea, and did not expect to make a mistake.

This person’s body was covered in layer after layer of fog, couldn’t be seen through and couldn’t be understood.

Gu Ang remembered the bottle of brandy agent, then lazily asked, “What about the masking agent? What did you buy that for?”

He thought, If he admits it, I have to confess.

Killing a thousand enemies while losing eight hundred.

“It’s also your birthday present, I thought you didn’t mind the smell.”

Was it really just a coincidence? Or was it Ye Fei’s excuse?

Gu Ang gasped, “You have such a big opinion of pheromones? First sending a few bags of tea to stimulate me, and then getting a fierce one to make up for it?”

Ye Fei played along with the plot, “You don’t like them? Then I’ll buy you something else.”

“No, don’t bother.” Gu Ang turned pale, not sure what he was expecting, his heart was clogged, “You’re not going back to Xiao Bai’s today?”

Ye Fei nodded, once again confirming that he was safe and sound, “I’m going back. I originally thought I left something important, so I came over.”

Gu Ang was deflated, “Then you can stay there, don’t come back.”

Ye Fei raised his eyes and crashed into Gu Ang’s eyes, which had too many unreadable feelings. If there wasn’t this crap, he would have chased Gu Ang immediately.


The broken mirror, there was a crack. The scattered pieces, like those still unknown truths, had to be sorted out little by little to be put back together again.

Ye Fei touched his brow, “You don’t want me to go?”

This action was a bit ambiguous, **-like 1.

Gu Ang tilted his head to avoid the look and wanted to drive him away, “Go, leave. What do I care? This room is comfortable with only one person sleeping here.”

“Okay, recently the school isn’t too safe, so you have to be careful.” Ye Fei was ready to touch the dark side, but with tonight’s matter, he needed to uncover the person behind everything first.

Gu Ang snickered, “Needless worry. With my body, except you, who can beat me?”

After saying that, he felt like he was praising him, so he added, “Oh, I forgot that you came in second in the freshman competition and you couldn’t beat me.”

Gu Ang swatted at the air like he was batting away a fly twice, “Hurry up, I haven’t finished my workout today.”

“When did you even start exercising?” Ye Fei smiled. He used the cup Gu Ang had used to make himself a cup of tea, “Go ahead, I’m tired of walking, so I’ll rest a while.”

Gu Ang: “??? Are you too old to walk these two steps and need to take a break?”

Ye Fei didn’t say anything, lowered his eyes and tasted a mouthful of white peach oolong. His lips and tongue touched on the location where Gu Ang had just drunk, the aroma was refreshing. He was tired of drinking the Biluochun from Bai SiNing, but this was the flavor that won his heart.

Gu Ang didn’t care about him, rolled up his sleeves and started to do push-ups on the ground.

This was his daily training that he added after being differentiated. Since he didn’t know what other strange changes would happen to his physique, it was a good idea to make himself stronger.

Push-ups were child’s play for an Admiral, and Gu Ang did a hundred of them in a row without blushing or panting. He moved up and down with such force that he inadvertently lifted the corners of his pajamas.

After two hundred more, Gu Ang finally took a little breath.

His white cheeks were gradually tinged with some light red, like a ripe peach.

Ye Fei saw Gu Ang hanging his head, and stared at him with lustful thoughts. His line of sight was firmly locked on his waist, slim, tight and full of power.

Maybe he was a kinky person seeing something kinky, but he thought the push-ups looked a little erotic. Ye Fei pushed his tongue against his palate, thinking that he must hurry and withdraw.

The erotic Gu Ang was in front of him, how could he stand it?

The moon was getting darker, and when Ye Fei left, Lin XiuYong followed him out of the school. The communicator flashed with a faint light and displayed small words, “The first person he came to see was indeed Gu Ang.”

Lin XiuYong watched Ye Fei enter a neighborhood, carefully folded up his glasses and put them into his pocket, his eyes returned to coldness.

“If it really endangers your lives, I will have to step in to save them.” He muttered with an expressionless face, “Damn, how could they release this kind of monster.”

He was about to walk back when his communicator popped up with a light communication alert, ringing sharply. Lin XiuYong furrowed his brow, and could only burrow into the corner of the alley and tap to connect.

A long-haired teenager was projected on the drab old wall, still nestled in the couch with his glass of wine.

“My lord.” Lin XiuYong leaned his back against the wall and changed his voice to whisper, “ChangBai, looking for me so late, is there a change of plan?”

Lu ChangBai didn’t say a word, just opened his hollow eyes wide and stared deadly at the red wine swaying in the white bone wine glass he was holding.

Half a sound, Lu ChangBai only slowly spoke, “XiuYong, do you like this wine glass?”

“That wine glass is very beautiful, the heaven is full and the earth is square. I can see that this person is very good at thinking, very rich in the ability to rule. I think he must have been a high ranking general in the past.”

Looking at the wine cup made of human skull in the other party’s hand, Lin XiuYong guessed the owner of this white bone without hardly thinking — Lu ChangQing, the eldest son of the Lu family.

Hearing the other party’s compliment, Lu ChangBai slowly combed through his hair with his hand, and suddenly burst out laughing hysterically, “This time you’ve guessed wrong.”

Lu ChangBai forced the crazy smile that appeared on his face as he spoke to Lin XiuYong.

“The owner of this skull was an uncompromisingly stupid person. Obviously he had no talent and wasn’t strong enough himself, but he still liked to show off, saying that he was the big brother and must cover his little brother from the wind and rain.”

“Tell me, isn’t he the number one big dumbass in the sky?”

Lin XiuYong on the light screen didn’t speak, just quietly leaned against the wall, looking at the monster in front of him who was laughing madly while shedding tears.

He thought that the other was pitiful and hateful, however, it had nothing to do with him.

“XiuYong, the mission remains the same. Be sure to help Ye Fei and Gu Ang both get the victory of your Red Flame melee this time. Only that way can the two of them receive the reward while leaving Red Flame to do the mission.”

Lu ChangBai casually scratched a mark on his face, with blood slowly spilling out, shocking to the eyes. He recovered himself a little from his insanity with this pain.

Lin XiuYong pondered for a few seconds, “I see, Red Flame Military Academy is the strongest blood-making machine of the Imperial ** Team. Outsiders are unlikely to be able to lay their hands on it, do I need to be in the school…”

Lu ChangBai pressed his head against his wine glass and grunted coldly, “Yes, it would be good to create a little fun for them. Let’s give them a little fright at school, don’t let them live in peace.”

Lin XiuYong raised his eyebrows and waited for further details.

“As compensation for letting you out this time, I will instruct them to double the resources in your favor.”

After saying that, Lu ChangBai hung up the light and shadow communication.

Afterwards, he immediately pulled out a pile of paper filled with dense writing from the pile of paper around him, and then he frantically wrote and drew on it, muttering nonstop.

“Revenge? That’s what you call a plan, stupid brother.”

“I miss you, stupid brother.”


The next day, Gu Ang’s mind was swollen from listening to the theoretical lessons all day.

It was just paper talk, not much fun.

Gu Ang stretched out and asked Bai SiNing, who was next to him, “What are you going to have for lunch today?”

Bai SiNing sorrowfully looked at the schedule, and then swept his eyes at Gu Ang with more resentment.

“Brother Ang, you’re really treating me like a secretary. We have classes in the afternoon, so let’s go to the canteen to eat.”

Gu Ang half-heartedly joked, “When I become a five-star Admiral, you would love to become my secretary.”

He missed the days when he and Bai SiNing fought side by side, and if he could really go back in time to that day, he would do his best to rewrite the ending.

Bai SiNing wanted to dislike the comment but when he thought about it, it wasn’t untrue. He swallowed his words again.

He suddenly saw Ye Fei hurrying past him and shouted, “God Ye, do you want to eat together at noon?!”

“No.” Ye Fei didn’t even raise his head and walked out, his expression high and cold and detached.

“Unfortunately, if God Ye Ang had eaten with me, it would have been very impressive.”

Gu Ang rewarded Bai SiNing with a smack to the back of the head, as he snickered.

“What are you thinking about? How about me and Ye Fei standing half a step behind you, one left and one right? Wouldn’t it be better to have two cosmic aces as your followers at the same time?”

Bai SiNing shrank his shoulders and his voice weakened, “No, Brother Ang. I’m not… That swell.”

The two laughed and joked as they arrived at the cafeteria, which was overcrowded.

They heard that a new dish was coming out, so they each got one, found a random corner and sat down to get ready to eat. Gu Ang’s chopsticks reached for the shrimp balls, took a bite, and slowly swallowed.

The natural insight allowed him to detect that this taste wasn’t quite right.

He was already in a period when his Alpha and Omega hormones were extra active, and he was extra sensitive to the difference. After only one bite, Gu Ang obviously felt a small amount of his pheromones acting out of control in his body.

The problem wasn’t big, but if he ate more, it was impossible to say. Gu Ang frowned when he thought of the last horrible prawn. He immediately stepped in and grabbed Bai SiNing who was about to stuff a big spoon full of rice into his mouth.

“Don’t eat it Bai.”

Bai SiNing stared at him blankly as his chopsticks shook and the shrimp balls fell into the plate with a splat, “What’s wrong, Brother Ang.”

Gu Ang pushed the plate away, pulled a smile, picked up Bai SiNing’s collar and walked outside the cafeteria, “Shit, the food in the cafeteria today looks like it’s been poisoned, it’s awful. I’ll call Moon River House later and ask them to send some takeout to the dormitory.”

Bai SiNing, who had a miserable face, suddenly came to life and roared with excitement, “I love it when you follow Brother Ang and have meat to eat! Moon River House!”

Gu Ang took Bai SiNing back to the dormitory, and just as the take-out arrived, the two buried their heads and ate hard without saying a word.

Bai SiNing, an Internet addict, was browsing the forum with one hand and stuffing his mouth with the other, when he suddenly let out a “fuck” and sprayed Gu Ang with rice.

The snow-white shirt was stained with some unidentified rice and some spilled soup.

Gu Ang loves cleanliness, so he removed his clothes while frowning, bringing a new one to change into, “You’re disgusting.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to, something really bad happened.” Bai SiNing pointed to the forum, “I’m so shocked! Today the cafeteria was poisoned en masse, and many students were sent to the school hospital.” He patted his chest in glee, “Luckily we both stopped talking in time, thanks to Brother Ang for saving my life again.”

Gu Ang changed his clothes and returned to the table, “What poison?”

“Take a look for yourself.” Bai SiNing, who had a big heart, quickly calmed down and continued to eat and drink, “The afternoon class is canceled.”

Gu Ang lost his appetite with that bite of rice and squatted in his chair to quickly browse through the Red Flame Express. The cause of the poisoning was still unknown, and the number of students poisoned was up to two hundred, so things looked pretty serious.

Red Flame was the top military school, and if someone could come in and poison the meals, the one behind it must not be simple.

Gu Ang pondered, the school was really not very peaceful lately.

Who was it that these things were aimed at?

He sent Bai SiNing back in the afternoon, took a nap and woke up at 7 PM. The second major problem after his recent differentiation was some drowsiness. Gu Ang held his drowsy head in a daze and brushed the school forum for a while, but it was already midnight.

There was no progress, the whole school was filled with rumors, combined with the first day of the enemy spy or whatever, he felt that this matter wasn’t simple and he couldn’t be unrelated.

Outside, the woods rustled, and any wind and grass fell into Gu Ang’s ears, which were abnormal. He made a round of the house, but after finding no surveillance and no one hiding outside, his vigilance slightly reassured some.

Gu Ang took a bathrobe to take a shower and was blow-drying his hair when he heard the door lock rattling. He quickly put down the hairdryer, not even having time to put his belt on as he rushed out of the bathroom, his muscles tense.

Sure enough, someone was coming.

The door locked open and he saw Ye Fei standing in the doorway carrying a suitcase and looking slightly out of breath.

Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief and dropped his guard, “Why are you back?”

Ye Fei pulled the suitcase inside and pursed his lips without saying a word.

At noon, he asked his father to check out what happened last night, and later heard about the canteen poisoning, he was too worried and was unable to do serious business. He thought, since Gu Ang had been exposed, hiding was also not helpful.

It would be better to move back in, so that he could be close to protect him in case something happened.

When Gu Ang saw that he didn’t reply, he wrinkled his eyebrows, “I asked you, why are you back? And carrying your suitcase?”

Ye Fei moved his lips, “Xiao Bai’s bed is too hard.”

Gu Ang scratched his head, his half-dried hair dripping water into his collar, itching slightly. He moved haphazardly, leaving his collar more open.

“I told you, that bed is really hard.” Ye Fei saw that the man was fine and took a comfortable shower to unload his worries. Did this person know that the loose bathrobe straps and not wearing underwear was inappropriate?

His Adam’s apple slightly rolled as he repeated, “Really, it’s too hard.”

The author has something to say: 

Hard how ????

ps. Lu ChangQing Lu ChangBai, taken from the idiom QingShi BaiMa.

Finally no more messy names for supporting characters, #Stu Nomi Awesome


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Translator Notes:

  1. It was like this in the raws.


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