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Chapter 48: Mo Song’s live broadcast (II)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant Editor: GaeaTiamat


The first players of Carefree Farmstead had already mastered the harvesting action of cutting wheat, harvesting corn, digging potatoes, etc. At this moment, Mo Song was doing the warm-up action of wrist twisting and ankle twisting, and in a few minutes he was going to start harvesting the corn field.

In order to make the picture look more harmonious, he deliberately found a Food Basket in his backpack that he didn’t want to throw away after eating food, and carried it in his arm in a decent way, and showed it to the viewers in the broadcast room in a comprehensive way.

“Does this basket look familiar to everyone? That’s right, it’s the Food Basket Item that comes in the game store for only 10 star coins. After you eat the food inside, you can choose to destroy the Food Basket, or you can choose to temporarily retain it. The retention period is three days, after three days it will automatically disappear from our backpack. But those who understand understand, who can’t bear to miss one of the day’s food…so that this Food Basket we are never short of…”

This sentence successfully let Mo Song receive a dozen gifts of snail powder worth 50 star coins, although it belongs to the “stepping” side, after all, the price was there, Mo Song didn’t mind at all, as he smiled and thanked the audience who sent gifts, the people couldn’t be angry.

“Next, I’m going to start collecting corn. The action may be a bit repetitive, son I’ll try to get it done quickly. Then we can go do something else.”

Mo Song also really needed to mention such a warning. It was known that the players would have a 3X3 or nine pieces of land as soon as they opened the first package, after which the land would depend on the players themselves to cultivate. As long as they didn’t go beyond the yard, how much they wanted to open was up to them.

Mo Song’s yard, although not as exaggerated as Wen XingYao’s, accounted for seventy percent of the area. With seventy pieces of land, even if it took ten seconds to harvest corn, it would take more than ten minutes. And the action of collecting corn, it may feel quite fresh at first glance, but after a long time, it was expected to soon get tired of watching.

These were Mo Song’s own thoughts. But soon, he knew that this idea was very wrong.

[Okay, okay, Blunt Opinion. You hurry up and start. My heart has flown to the white steamed bun.]

[It’s not boring, not boring at all. I can look forever…]

[Anchor, get busy. I prepared nutritional liquid, so later I will be fine for dinner!]

Mo Song saw that everyone didn’t have too much opinion, and quickly started working on his land. As said before, he was very skilled in the action of harvesting corn and could do the job with his eyes closed. But at the same time, he was reverent about the act of harvesting, each time it was seriously completed. He also felt that these actions gave a sense of inexplicable relief. Simply, it caused the audience to become more excited. 

So, Mo Song, who was serious about harvesting corn, soon forgot about everything and didn’t even remember to return the pop-ups in the live stream, throwing himself into the cornfield. When he broke off a piece of corn, he put it into the basket he was carrying on his arm, then broke off another one and continued to put it in, making people speculate how much this small Food Basket could hold, when in fact the corn had already been put into his backpack.

At the same time, there was a subtle shift in the wind in the live stream.

[Is there…is there anyone? Hurry up and tell me I’m not alone, I actually watched the anchor break the corn so much I couldn’t take my eyes off…]

[Why? Who says it’s not? The action is too magical. I can’t wait to become the anchor’s hand and break that one corn instead!]

[It is indeed magical. I’m the one who said that the heart flew to the white steamed bun, and now it is flying back again!]

When more than ten minutes had passed, Mo Song looked up with a disappointed face and saw that the screen in the live room was densely packed with words. When he looked more closely, he was actually discussing which of the corn plants he had broken when his movements were not standard, and which of the corn plants he had broken when there was a lag of a fraction of a second most likely because he had deserted.

Mo Song, “…”

Mo Song, “???”

You guys are watching live with a microscope!

The brain circuits of this group of viewers had undergone a shocking change when he didn’t wasn’t paying attention.

Mo Song rested for a while, took out the water bottle from his backpack, and drank several mouthfuls of water. “Glug glug, glug. This water is really good!” 

[Brother don’t take it back, I still want to drink!] 

[Drinking this water, my nutrient solution is not fragrant.] 

After checking the pop-up screen, he calmly retracted the water bottle, and instead pulled out a few small bags.

“I still have wheat seeds, carrot seeds and potato seeds in my hand. Which one do you want to see me plant, or which one do you want to see me harvest next?”

[Huh? I remember the anchor said before that some of the corn just harvested would be sold to buy seeds, but don’t you have ready-made seeds in your hand?] Someone in the audience asked a question.

Mo Song quickly answered, [Haha! Who can have too many seeds? I don’t have any of the new seeds that were added after the game upgrade, so I have to stock up on them, right? Yesterday, I was so busy thinking about the live license that I didn’t have time to experience many new things in the game.”

The screen was full of perfunctory sounds, [Good, good, the anchor is the best, the anchor is a good person!]

The pop-ups were full of people saying they wanted to plant anything, so Mo Song simply planted some of each. He said the same thing again, [The next seeding action may also be a bit boring, everyone…]

The audience said, [You’re a bad old man. It’s obviously a very interesting step. Why say it’s boring?!]

Mo Song, “…” All right, I’ll shut up.

Sowing seeds was much faster than harvesting.

When he first started planting, Mo Song used a small hoe that was only arm’s length. After that, he thought it was inconvenient to bend over all the time, so went to the woods to find a thicker branch and tied the branch and the hoe together with vines to make a long, rough hoe.

Mo Song felt like a really smart guy until one day, he saw a player open a long hoe directly from the Golden Tool Set.

Mo Song cracked on the spot. After picking up his heart and putting it back together again, he angrily used kryptonite. After buying a dozen Golden Tool Sets, he finally managed to open a long hoe, and a gold short hoe. His inner grief was cured.

After that, he only used the old long hoe to dig and handle DIY products, but he also didn’t want to throw it away. He placed it in the corner of his small hut, when he wanted to get up to take a look at it. After all, it was a new attempt in the game…

In the process of turning over the soil with the old long hoe, Mo Song couldn’t resist talking about it, and the screen was full of [Hahahahahaha], and praised for the anchor as a real naive soul.

Mo Song said, “I personally feel that the experience was quite interesting. When I first made the hoe, I had a sense of accomplishment and felt very good about myself. Although it turned out that this idea was not mine first, my happy mood was not a deception. So friends, if one day you also come in this game, you can also try to make some gadgets or something. I can guarantee that the production process is still very interesting.”

The audience was suddenly stabbed by the switch and the pop-up screen suddenly went from [Hahahaha] to [Wuu]. They also wanted to enter the game to play, ah! However the designer didn’t give them this opportunity. They only released just under 5,000 spots. How could they get them?

Mo Song knew that he had made a mistake, smiled and said a few words of reassurance, and buried his head in his work.

In a short while, the 70 plots were finished. He took the three types of seeds out of the bag and quickly and accurately scattered them into each of the pits, using his foot to kick the soil into the pits as he did so. The two actions were synchronized, and soon the seeds were planted.

“Well, the steps of planting are over here. You asked me if there are any rules for these actions? The answer is no. In fact, it does not matter how you want to plant. The game gives the player great freedom. Anyway, it is your own land. If you want to spend half an hour digging a hole, no one will say anything.” Mo Song said, while giving them a ‘big landlord’ smile. “It feels easy, but don’t doubt it will be hard work, you can’t make these moves without planting for a month.”

[Why are you guys so focused on watching the anchor planting? PS: The word ‘fertile’ is something I learned in the game forum.]

[Really? Then I’ll try it too!]

[I also went to try. Not only to experience the above two feelings, but I can also faintly can smell a very nice fresh aroma. Anchor what is this smell, ah? Obviously the corn had been put away by you.]

Mo Song thought about it and guessed, “Maybe…Is it the smell of the earth? Is it the kind of smell that feels like a bath for the lungs. Although its a little fishy, but not an unpleasant smell?”

[Yes, yes, that’s the smell! But it seems to be lighter than the anchor description. Oh of course the olfactory sync only 30%, that’s okay TAT.]

“Haha! Then this is the smell of dirt.” Mo Song smiled and affirmed the answer. “If you guys think the scent is light, when it rains in the game I will take you into the woods. The fresh scent of the earth will be heavier after the rain, and then we can go mushroom picking together.”

The audience felt that today, they were really in the heart of the moment. Whether it was the mountains, corn fields, white steamed buns, or even the smell of the earth now, which many people had never been exposed to before, they enjoyed the novelty of this experience while being full of curiosity.

After making a pact with Mo Song to go to the forest together on a rainy day, the audience threw another wave of gifts. Mo Song put his tools away and was about to go out when he saw a sudden flash of light effect in the live stream. Looking up at the top of the pop-ups, he found that a boss had thrown him a big wave of gifts.

Go out and forget to take medicine, [After planting the land, Anchor needs to use fertilizer and magical spring water. Anchor did not buy these two so go buy it. I want to see the anchor open the magical spring water! Buddha Jumps Over the Wall x 100″

The ‘Lucky Magic Spring Water Pack’ was the kind of item to show off the atmosphere, each had a single value of 30 star coins, but it could randomly open a different number (1 – 99) of magic spring water. If you were lucky, you could use one for a long time, while if you were unlucky, you can buy ten or eight to barely make back your money.

Once this top came out, the crowd also remembered that there was such a thing, and their spirits became excited again. They jumped to their feet and asked Mo Song to act quickly. They wanted to witness the anchor’s highlight moment together.

Mo Song was stunned for a moment, quickly came back to his senses, and the smile on his face was more sincere, “Thank you for the 100 Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. I will buy fertilizer and magical spring water gift packs in the game store. For gift packs to buy 100 is enough, so today I will show you something cool!”

Go out and forget to take the Medicine’s’ ruthless words were much, and so Mo Song’s voice just fell. Five more Buddha Jumps Over the Wall were sent out to express their satisfied attitude.

Mo Song soon bought all the 100 Lucky Magic Spring Water Pack, ready to give everyone a live performance to open the gift bag. As this unexpected event developed, the number of viewers who heard about it and entered the live room grew, and the total number rose to five million in a very short time!


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