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Chapter 75: I Was Caught by Ye Fei

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, needs coffee


Ye Fei opened his eyes, dark, heavy eyes that could not see the bottom. He blinked slowly at Gu Ang, his back pressed against the covers, “Are you sure?”

“Mmm.” Gu Ang leaned down to kiss him, teasing and touching, lighting fires everywhere. The room was silent, exchanging each other’s breaths. He didn’t want Ye Fei to suffer, and he couldn’t see him being so stoic. He even released a bit of white peach oolong pheromone that tickled like a pair of soft little hands.

Ye Fei felt a little impatient and raised his hand to turn off the light in the room, leaving only darkness. Closing your eyes, you could indulge, or you could imagine.

Gu Ang’s hand began to explore along the open seam, feeling the muscular puffy curves of Ye Fei’s back, the slight dip of sweat on his skin, and the slight indentation of his sensual waistline before grasping precisely where it mattered.

Fingertips grazed, causing a muffled grunt. He was really good at it, he had done it many times before with Ye Fei, and almost as soon as he touched it, the memories came flooding back. The sweaty intimacy of the past overlapped with the present completely.

Ye Fei responded by snapping the back of his neck. Helping each other out like they have done countless times before. The short skirt was convenient, and it was easy to probe inside, catch and rub. He felt the roll of his skin, a ball of fire that almost burned sanity.

Fortunately, he still had the last vestiges of sanity left. That was good enough until Gu Ang was ready. Ye Fei turned on his side and pressed the man tightly into his arms, leaning on that little bit of solace to resolve the pain.

It had been a long time since he’d tackled it himself since the last midnight, and just spacing out like this had been maddening.

At 8 pm, the streetlights downstairs suddenly brightened, bringing a little halo of light to the room. Gu Ang’s eyes were a little lax, caused by the action and also by the tangled teasing. He opened his mouth to catch his breath and saw the floor-to-ceiling window next to the bed. It was very light and shallow, imprinting the figures of two people who, from a distance, looked like one person.

But not quite the same, more like cross-necked lovebirds.

They fell into the blackness of the night, playing in the water of boundless lust. There seemed to be a sudden downpour outside, and the rain slapped against the leaves. The crackling of the rain drowned out the sounds of the interior. No one would hear it, and no one would care.

“Slow…” Gu Ang snapped his back taut and straightened, driven to the brink by the sudden viciousness. With his back against the bed, he couldn’t back up any further and had to take it. He relied on his instincts to kiss, to take the last breath of life in near-death joy.

All given to him by Ye Fei, leaving him dead and satiated with pleasure. Finally, he bit Ye Fei’s lips in a death grip, then abruptly let go. The tip of his tongue twitched slightly, as if he tasted blood.

In the palm of his hand, there was a handful of wetness.

“You chewed the corner of my mouth.” Ye Fei ignored the messy clothes and gasped heavily. He lifted his chin slightly and wiped the corner of his mouth with his finger, his face still marked by the aftermath of the madness.

Gu Ang was lost in thought, and it took a moment to ease out of his blankness, “Sorry, I wasn’t in control.”

Ye Fei sat up and looked at the messy battlefield, there was no way to sleep in this bed, “Sleep in your bed at night and take a shower?”

“You want to come with me?” Gu Ang grinned ploddingly. Redoing the thing was like flipping a switch in the past, and all that right and wrong that spanned the middle never seemed to be there. It turned out that people who love each other have such a tacit understanding that they could regain their physical memories just by touching. He had thought it would be hard to reunite broken mirrors, but he hadn’t expected it to come so naturally, as if he was back to his old self.

Ye Fei leaned down and touched the corner of his mouth lightly, “No, stop teasing me, you go first.”

Gu Ang rested for a while longer before rolling out of bed and rushing into the bathroom in the crumpled little skirt. The shower fell, and only as an afterthought did he feel shame. What did he do tonight? Like a case of insanity or a bewitched mind, but there was a way back. He squeezed some body wash all over his body and slid it to the small of his back, moving his palm.

It was as if the abs, a little less than before, were almost turning into a floppy mess. Gu Ang squeezed his stomach with some self-loathing. Was it possible that even his body had become softer after becoming an Omega? He cursed and hastily shuffled out, and Ye Fei was standing on the balcony smoking.

Gu Ang was a few meters away from him, still frowning slightly, “The smell of smoke is so bad.”

“No more smoking.” Ye Fei turned back and put out his cigarette, “Finished washing?”

Gu Ang moved forward a couple of steps, “Big brother, can I see your abs?”

Ye Fei, “……” He lifted his robe helplessly, “It’s not like you haven’t seen them before.”

“Look at me.” Gu Ang lifted the hem of his pajamas and looked horrified, “My abs are gone.”

Ye Fei let out a laugh, “You’ve been eating and sleeping lately, it’s a wonder you haven’t gained weight.”

“It’s over, my whole life is about to be ruined like this.” Gu Ang threw himself on the bed in despair, his face full of sorrow.

Ye Fei reassured him, “It’s okay, you’re bursting at the seams with combat, who’s looking at your stomach?”

Gu Ang was a ball of boredom and still didn’t get over it until class the next day. Today was a live training session, and he overlooked Bai SiNing’s stomach. Surprise! Even Bai SiNing had abs! He didn’t!

Gu Ang was in despair, covering his clothes to death for fear of being seen. After class, he called out to Ye Fei and sulked while walking the outside, and was stopped by Bai SiNing just as he reached the door.

Bai SiNing grinned and hooked his neck, “God Ye, I haven’t asked you for feedback.”

“What feedback?” Gu Ang wrinkled his brow in a grumpy manner.

Bai SiNing spoke cautiously, “More than half a month has passed, women’s clothes, huh? You haven’t worn it yet, have you?”

“Keep your voice down.” Gu Ang raised his fist and threatened, “If a fifth person found out about this, you’re dead.”

Bai SiNing deflated, “I didn’t even see it, couldn’t I ask for an afterthought?”

Ye Fei coughed lightly as he thought of last night’s absurdity, “It was quite pretty, I’ll give you back your ponytail one day.”

“No need to return it to me, Ah’Ang keep it for yourself.” Bai SiNing hemmed and hawed, “Maybe you can use it later.”

“No way, won’t use it.” Gu Ang paled slightly, “Go aside and find your XiuYong to play with.”

Bai SiNing mindlessly bragged, “I’ve been controlling my diet lately and the weight went back on.”

“Oh, congratulations.” Gu Ang wasn’t salty and didn’t go anywhere. He took two steps, then backed up, lowering his voice, “How did you lose the weight?”

“Just, starve, eat your vegetables, plus exercise.” Bai SiNing shook his head, “There are no shortcuts.”

Ye Fei reached out and hooked him, “Don’t listen to him, eat what you need to eat, you’re fine the way you are.”

Gu Ang used to be too skinny, though muscular, with a thin waist and belly. There was supposed to be a lot of exercise in the army, and he was worried about him not eating properly. Now that Gu Ang had put on a little weight, he felt perfectly fine with it as long as it didn’t interfere with his training. And, having gained a little weight, Gu Ang was soft and seemed to feel better when held.

Gu Ang grunted lightly, “Forget it, I’m so fierce I don’t need the flashy pretensions.”

Bai SiNing was puzzled and turned his head up and down, “What did that mean? Couldn’t understand it.”

“You don’t have to understand.” Gu Ang wrenched his head back. His voice carried the same old arrogance, “Just know that I’m good at it.”

It was already March and the school uniform had been changed to a spring shirt, easy and light. It was only when Gu Ang passed under the dormitory building these days that he noticed the cherry trees were in bloom. Huge swaths of people from outside schools run in to take pictures and punch cards, and they crowd the downstairs every day.

Occasionally people would talk about Gu Ang and Ye Fei when they saw them coming and going together. Speculation mostly, more curious if the two were actually together.

One or two bold ones would ask outright, “Ye Fei, did you get Gu Ang?”

Every time that happened, Ye Fei just smiled faintly, “Still chasing.”

So the talk started again, Gu Ang was too hard to chase, Ye Fei had been chasing after him for a month or two but he still hasn’t got him. Some also said that Gu Ang was too arrogant to put up with this. But after all, it was two Alphas’ gossip and there was unkind speculation.

What two people banging each other felt so lewd. Or maybe double A was disgusting, not an orthodox relationship. These arguments had been heard and seen long before in the last life of Gu Ang, so he was fearless.

It wasn’t supposed to be a normal relationship in the eyes of the world, he had put his mind at ease, and it was time to talk about it. At the end of class that day, Gu Ang and Ye Fei were just about to go to the cafeteria to eat when their communicators vibrated. He hadn’t wanted to care when he suddenly saw students passing by looking at him and pointing.

Gu Ang frowned, “What’s happening?”

Without speaking, Ye Fei pulled out his communicator and clicked on it, and the various media headlines nearly exploded.

“Qin LeHe, the Qin family’s celebrity, files for divorce, and Gu Shen, a political celebrity, was forced to leave the family.”

“Family fortune roundup: $3.8 billion in Qin LeHe’s name.”

“Gu Shen divorces, foggy political path ahead.”

Interview with Gu Shen’s best friend Lu Yan: “This is a toxic woman!”

Gu Ang briefly scanned the headline a few times and snorted, “Expected, reversal coming soon.”

“Mn, the information is ready, and I’m informing my dad’s side now that it’s ready to be sent out.” Ye Fei sunk his eyes and said soothingly, “These naysayers are temporary, don’t worry about it.”

Gu Ang’s expression was bland, “One piece at a time, don’t put them all together.”

“I know, then first, put some hooks in.” Ye Fei, with a cold face, gave the order. He pressed his fingertips on the keyboard for a while before putting away his communicator, “Come on, let’s eat first.”

The two had just entered the cafeteria when they bumped into Wang YeZhu. The man was dejected and provocative, “Saw the news, your mom and dad got divorced? That’s wonderful, I heard your mom rolled up the entire family fortune, toxic enough.”

“Shut up, is it your place to discuss?” Gu Ang stepped forward and grabbed his palm and folded it downwards, “Talk nonsense again and you’ll lose your hand.”

Wang YeZhu had a scowl on his face, “Let go of me, am I not telling the truth? The news says it all, your mother’s a poisonous woman!”

Gu Ang’s wrist was strong, and a crack was heard, causing Wang YeZhu to howl in pain.

He narrowed his eyes, his vision like a knife, “One more word and next is your leg.”

“No more, no more, let go.” Wang YeZhu fought to yank his hand outward, and it wouldn’t budge.

Gu Ang reached out and kicked him, sending the man to the ground, “Get out.”

The confrontation between the two men caused no small commotion, and the two Qin and Gu families themselves were perennial newspaper characters, and their son was still a Red Flame windbag, and everyone was curious. But having seen the downfall of Wang YeZhu, they didn’t dare to talk loudly, but could only cover their mouths and mutter secretly.

Gu Ang didn’t bother, finding a random stool and sitting down with a grim look on his face.

Ye Fei patted him on the shoulder, “Sit down, I’ll go get you something to eat.”

Gu Ang hmmed, resting his elbows on the tabletop to prop up his chin. Anyone who looked his way got a warning shot.

Ye Fei came back with the food and the two didn’t talk much, eating with their heads down. By the time the food was almost ready, there was a sudden clamor in the cafeteria again. Gu Ang looked down and swiped through the news before seeing that a new message had been put out.

It was evidence that his dad had secretly transferred all the Qin family’s assets before, line by line, nail by nail. Ye Fei did a good job of keeping the evidence simple and brutal — the fixed asset transfer records. All the evidence was just explaining one thing, who was really the one who was full of calculations in this marriage.

The information was secluded and heavy on the cheating part, but it also mentioned that Lu Yan had intervened to help, before part of the family property was transferred to the Lu family. It was quite provocative to wonder whether it was collusion between the political and military forces, or whether each got what it wanted, and the non-sense.

No one would have thought that the two Alphas were cheating, and more people began to speculate whether there was something fishy about Gu Shen’s promotion. And the military bigwig Lu Yan, who had been implicated, seemed to be off the hook.

Gu Ang sighed in relief, “At least my mom’s side of the public opinion should be broken back.”

Ye Fei whispered back, “Mn, take your time with Lu Yan’s part. He’s military so we can’t be rash.”

“It’s good to be vague about the derailment so people don’t get sidetracked from the point.” Gu Ang snickered, “Old thing, sooner or later, we’ll pull it together.”

Ye Fei said, “Lu Yan is still involved with Lu ChangBai, and there’s still grinding to follow.”

“You’ve helped me a lot.” Gu Ang exclaimed from the bottom of his heart. He remembered how his last life had ended, “If only I had found out earlier, this time taking the initiative, my dad is completely played.”

Ye Fei hmmed, “Probably giving us a chance to live again was a way to get all this unpleasantness out of the way early.”

He saw Netizen’s comments turn one-sided #HeartQinLeHe. The family fortune of her own family, emptied by her husband in conjunction with outsiders, would fill anyone with anger. And Gu Shen, soon to be branded as “shameless for the sake of career” scum, was scolded.

Gu Ang looked out the window at the bright spring light and felt his palms sweat slightly.

It seemed like everything was starting to look up and the future was changing little by little.

Ye Fei put down his communicator and spoke languidly, “I think that I’m not far from catching you.”

He said catch, but it was really not that different from being together. Gu Ang nodded heavily, remembering what he’d said earlier, that when his mother got divorced, they’d both go public. When the two men went out after dinner, they ran into several of their classmates, all of whom changed their expressions and tones, urging him to leave the relationship behind.

Gu Ang thought to himself that his father should have died eight years ago.

Ye Fei looked at him worriedly, “Do you want to go for a walk?”

“No, I’m fine. Let’s go back.” Gu Ang smiled at him, “The day has finally come.” 

He wandered off at a loose pace to the dormitory building, which was still crowded under a tree full of people who had come to take pictures in a rowdy way. The wind scattered a tree of cherry blossoms, and a few petals drifted down over their heads.

Gu Ang’s eyes stung by the sun, and he squinted, feeling the heat of the sun, feeling as if he were standing in the light again. He glanced over at Ye Fei next to him, the man who seemed to stand with him no matter what, never leaving. Gu Ang looked down at the time, today was the 16th of March, the 158th day back from the crossing.

It was a sunny day, the sun was nice and the mood was good. His heart was full of joy wanting to talk to someone. Gu Ang reached out and grabbed Ye Fei’s wrist as Ye Fei’s words just flashed through his mind, “I’m not far from catching you.”

He wanted to tell him, Big brother, you actually caught me a long time ago.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Fei asked softly, his voice carrying a tenderness that belonged only to Gu Ang.

Gu Ang raised his eyes to him, his features still handsome and sharp, but his eyes spreading with infinite love. Kind of condescending to him, trying to give him a title. A sudden, passionate rush of adrenaline shot through him. It was as if the words had been bottled up for a long time wanting to tell the world, all the thoughts calling out.

Gu Ang felt like his old self had returned, the arrogant, reckless Gu Ang. He lifted his chin slightly and shouted childishly at the crowd, “I’ve been caught by Ye Fei! Ye Fei, I love you.”

The crowd taking the photo was momentarily silent, and the reaction was followed by an uproar. To the cheering and screaming of the crowd, he pulled Ye Fei over and kissed him heavily.

No one knew that the old love had been renewed, no one saw the broken mirror. They only saw them kissing in the midst of the flying cherry blossoms.


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Great chapter.
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Ohh so sweet🥰🥰..
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