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Chapter 90: “Mother Hen” 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“…That’s the situation. I pestered them for days, but in the end, that’s all I could ask.” Tang Ying looked at Wen XingYao somewhat apologetically, and told him all the information he had poked around for.

The nutrition should be able to be done with the ability of the infant, but “adding something else” was something that even the Imperial Research Institute’s president and vice president didn’t know about. It was impossible to get it, right? And the last bit of the king’s bomb, the need to repair the collapsed genes, this was an impossible task.

If someone could do that, those on Hope Star wouldn’t be getting more and more furry every year.

Tang Ying’s gaze towards Wen XingYao was once again inevitably tinged with sadness. His premonition had unfortunately come true, and Wen XingYao would never regain his human form again. Even if the two of them could communicate well in the game now, what’s the point? In reality, Admiral Wen XingYao had not shown up for a long time, and there were already many people who had speculated in private.

That the news wasn’t breaking out on Starnet was the result of their military department deliberately suppressing it.

On the side, Wen XingYao, who was considered ‘hopeless’, reacted calmly, as if he had already guessed that Tang Ying wouldn’t bring back particularly good news. He just nodded his head a few times, then told the other party, “Okay, I know.”

“Ai…” Tang Ying sighed heavily, wiped his face and changed the subject, “XingYao, when are you going to tell Bai Li about this? Your infant is with him, so if you explain the situation to him, the infant should be in a better position, right?” It was possible that he would be better taken care of.

Tang Ying did not utter the last sentence, but from his eager expression Wen XingYao could see that he was thinking about that. Wen XingYao’s greatest fear was that his infant would receive ‘special’ treatment.

If Bai Li learned his true identity, then wouldn’t their natural relationship no longer exist? The thought of Bai Li looking at him with awe and solemnity was too much for Wen XingYao, and he wanted to refuse. He didn’t want to become like that. Therefore, his response to Tang Ying was a long silence.

Tang Ying’s eyes widened. “No way! You’re not going to tell him yet? If you don’t, what if Bai Li finds out your identity first and he misunderstands. Won’t that be more embarrassing? XingYao, since you do not want to tell him, ah, should I go to help you tell him?”

“No.” Wen XingYao refused without even thinking. “You do not go and say anything. This matter…I will find a suitable time to tell him clearly, and won’t make him misunderstand.”

This kind of thing had to come from his mouth, or else what would become of him?

“All right, all right, you will speak when you want to. But I still recommend that you explain to him as soon as possible. With your squirming attitude, it’s like a hesitant scum. I can’t even look at it,” Tang Ying said with a show of hands.

In response, he received a death glare from Wen XingYao.

“Well, there is nothing more for you to do here, you go back to plant your land.” Wen XingYao could not resist speaking to drive him away, “If I feel a new change in my infancy, I will tell you in time.” It was also good to have a way to update him.

“Okay, then I’ll leave first.” Tang Ying could see that Wen XingYao really didn’t want to keep him, and his eyes frequently looked at the bunches of peppers that were just ripening at his feet, so he got up and said goodbye and left.

After he left Wen XingYao’s house and walked a distance away, Tang Ying glanced back and found that Wen XingYao had already harvested the chili peppers leisurely, without any look of urgency, his heart was even more helpless. Wasn’t there a saying from the Ancient Blue Star period? “The emperor is not anxious, the eunuch is anxious,” 1this was clearly him and Wen XingYao!

All right, since the person involved was not worried, then he could also temporarily slow down. First, he should harvest the crops on his land.

Tang Ying, “…”

Tang Ying, “…………!”

The chicks in his chicken coop, how come they all died?! Tang Ying was so shocked that he couldn’t speak for half a day, as he looked at the chicks that were floating in the sky above the brick chicken coop in the shape of grayish souls.

The system prompt came late, [Hello player, your chicks have all died of starvation due to excessive hunger! Please clean up the chicken coop as soon as possible and raise a new batch of chicks.]

Ah…So that’s it? It was because he hadn’t been online for a few days and the chicks starved to death. Even though the chicks were just strings of data, Tang Ying felt the fragility of life, and felt sorry for their death.

If he had remembered their existence and taken the time to come every day to feed them, or asked others to help feed them, they wouldn’t have died. Unfortunately, there was no if.

Tang Ying silently tidied up the nest and left the yard, intending to go to the village chief to buy some new chicks.

It seemed that the story of his dead chicks had already reached the ears of the NPCs. When he was talking to the village chief and buying chicks from him, Tang Ying felt that the village chief and the village chief’s wife beside him were looking at him in a somewhat disapproving way, but he had really done something wrong, so he was too weak to ask a question and planned to buy the chicks and hurry home.

“Young man.”

However, when Tang Ying turned around to leave, the village chief called him back.

Tang Ying secretly thought, bad, but his face quickly put on a pity and self-condemnation expression.

“What do you want, village chief?” Tang Ying turned around and asked.

In his mind, he was already prepared, if the village chief was going to scold him for the death of the chickens, he had to run as far away as possible in order to prevent the old man from hurting him by saying anything too bad. Just thinking about it was not enough, his legs filled with force, just waiting for the village chief to try something before he ran away.

The two people in the vicinity were not without other players, looking at the inexplicably tense atmosphere, they had stopped going elsewhere and secretly watched.

Unlike Tang Ying, who had not been online for more than two days, most of the players had witnessed the exciting scene of the “skinny” old village chief beating the wild boar herd, and knew a lot about the village chief’s combat power. They suddenly found Tang Ying who seemed to be very afraid of the village chief’s look and couldn’t help but be curious. Couldn’t they witness the NPC violently beating a player, right?

Hey, hey, hey! Happy to see, happy to see, ah!

However, the scene they wanted to see didn’t happen. The village chief called Tang Ying just to remind him a few more words to take good care of those chicks, so they do not have another tragedy like last time happen again.

“Okay, okay, village chief. I will take good care of them!” Tang Ying nodded repeatedly, and humbly accepted the village chief’s admonition.

Che, what? There was no fun to see? Then let’s go! The onlookers booed a few times and left without looking back.

In public, the village chief educated him like a child, and Tang Ying’s heart more or less felt some social death. He was completely relieved when he returned home in fear and trepidation.

He took out the five newly bought chicks from his backpack and gently put them into the cleaned nest, and added fresh feed and water for them.

Tang Ying half crouched on the low wall made of bricks, watching the little chicks with their two short jiojio, carefreely bouncing on the grass. His mood became much better.

Thinking of the village chief’s words about taking good care of them, Tang Ying blinked his eyes and rummaged through his backpack. He remembered that when he first came online, someone had given him something that he could feed to the animals, and would bring it to him specifically, so it must be something good, right?

With this speculation, Tang Ying soon had a green grass ball in his hand. It was wrapped with fine grass leaves, and the fragrance of the grass could be smelled as it approached.

“Kirk, Kirk, Kirk!” The little chickens also seemed to smell this smell, their bean eyes became bright and shiny, and they gathered around Tang Ying’s side with a chirp, flapping their tender little wings, wanting to fly up and take a bite.

Chickens, Damn, why can’t I fly?!

Tang Ying looked at the inconspicuous grass ball in his hand in amazement, and then pulled off a small bit from the top and broke it up, and threw it down like he was scattering millet.

The chicks buried their heads and ate. After they finished eating, they looked at Tang Ying with bated breath. Tang Ying smiled like an old father as he realized the fun of feeding, and fed them another small piece.

One person fed, five chicks took turns to fight for it, until Tang Ying’s feet were numb from squatting, and a fist-sized ball of Taming Grass was fed to them. When he was about to stand up, the second system prompt of the day came, and it was also a world announcement.

[Congratulations to player, Easy Victory Life, who has been recognized by five “Chicken Littles” and received the pet “Chicken Little (5)” and the title “Mother Hen”!]

Tang Ying’s eyes went black and he heard the five little chicks in the nest jumping and calling him, “Mommy.”

Pet system. Is this the pet system in the game? Why does it seem to be different from what he thought? You can collect five at a time, and they only occupy one compartment?

Tang Ying tentatively took the newly acquired pets back to the pet space, and the chicken coop, which just had a new occupant, was once again quiet.

Tang Ying, “…” He had to go to the village chief to buy new chicks again!

He saw Tang Ying twice in a row within half an hour, and the other person came to his village chief for the same thing, “…”

He threatened with his eyes, if you don’t give a reasonable explanation, you won’t be able to buy small animal cubs from my side again.

Seeing the world notice, players who came see the new “Mother Hen.” Yes, yes, let us take your cubs! Also, the ‘5’ in brackets after the chickens, what did it mean?

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Translator Notes:

  1. 皇帝不急太监急 lit. the emperor is not worried, but his eunuchs are (idiom) / fig. the observers are more anxious than the person involved


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