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Chapter 94: New House Completed

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Bai Li also got a hint from the optical computer bracelet that was tied to the virtual reality game builder, and lay down into the gaming pod with Supreme in his arms. Before his consciousness fell into darkness he muttered, “Supreme seems to be getting fatter and fatter, so let him stay outside as a cat after a while.”

He’s already a big cat, so he shouldn’t feel scared anymore, right?

Supreme, who was trying to rub himself into Bai Li’s arms, didn’t notice that he was being disliked.

Bai Li opened the door and saw Wen XingYao coming out of the house next door, so he smiled and greeted him.

“Demon Xing, good morning. I find that we are often online at the same time!” Bai Li said it just casually, he didn’t even think about the trick, but Wen XingYao was nearly startled enough to grow white hair and sweat. He thought Bai Li had guessed what was going on. However, the other party’s expression was still very friendly, so the stone in his heart fell to the ground, and he was quietly relieved.

“Good morning,” Wen XingYao replied. He deliberately explained with the sentence, “I heard a friend say that the ‘village chief’s residence’ mission was completed, so I rushed in to see.”

He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he subconsciously lied to Bai Li, and even planned to push Tang Ying out if Bai Li had questions about the ‘friend.’

Now was not the time, Wen XingYao said to himself in his heart. Today was the inauguration day of the village chief’s residence. Players would go to see the fun, and afterwards there would be rewards handed out. The game would become very lively. Bai Li, as the game’s designer, would certainly be watching the players’ reactions, and make arrangements for the game’s follow-up. If he told Bai Li his identity right now, he would undoubtedly be giving him a hard time, but there was still enough time for him to talk about it in the future.

After that calculation, Wen XingYao also put on a calm smile.

Bai Li did not suspect anything in Wen XingYao’s answer, just nodded his head to inticate that he knew, and asked the other party if he wanted to go with him to the village entrance to see the situation. Wen XingYao had no reason not to agree, and the two quickly went out together.

Since the village chief said that all the materials were gathered and the task was completed, within fifteen minutes, almost all the players were there. Nearly five thousand people crowded at the entrance of the village, and caused the cramped feeling of a mountain of people.

One particular pair of eyes followed the village chief and the village chief’s wife, watched them walk towards the central location of the village, observed the vicinity for a moment, then selected one of the open spaces. As the crowd shouted, a variety of materials fell from the sky, as if they had their own consciousness, then flew to the long-fixed location.

Soil poured down, stones were built into walls, cherished tree species and flower seeds appeared in the location of the garden, and countless stones that were polished smooth and round were paved into several winding paths. The foundations were laid, the planks turned into a variety of different shapes, and several exquisitely shaped rustic buildings were completed in the blink of an eye, with copper, silver, and lazurite becoming the embellishments and decorations of the buildings, which seemed to glow under the soft sunlight.

All the furniture provided by the player, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, floated in the air then divided into several small groups into each building. Players outside could guess that they must be well placed, and now waited for their new owners to use them.

After that, a gray, puffy cloud came from the sky and a small, light rain fell over the mansion. The rain didn’t last long, and the air became very fresh after the rain. The players closed their eyes and greedily sniffed the damp scent of the soil after the rain. Suddenly, someone shouted “Look at the ground!” Everyone opened their eyes and looked at the soil that had just been laid down.

The soil had sprouted a layer of new green, as the plants quickly grew and bloomed. Trees grew, thin branches and trunks rose to normal thickness in a short time, many of which were species that the players could not name, but because they could smell a faint fragrance when they got close enough, it let people know that they must be very precious.

The flower seeds were scattered in the flower garden, and compared to the bare appearance a few minutes ago, hundred of flowers were blooming at once, and ten thousand flowers were competing for attention. The strong fragrance of flowers wafted out, and soon attracted a group of butterflies that danced on them.

And there were as many as five or six such flower beds in the garden.

Bai Li even heard a female player let out surprised sounds of inspiration, whispering in an excited tone of voice as she said that when things are done today, she also wanted to arrange such a flower garden in her yard. Not only did those flowers look extremely moving, the butterflies that were attracted to them also instantly struck her teenage heart.

There were also male players who couldn’t help but look at the excited expressions of the girls and spit out “girly things,” and were attacked by the angry female players then they quickly ran away, not wanting to get hit anymore.

The village chief’s residence, from the site to the official completion, took less than half an hour. And in that half an hour, the players experienced what was called a visual feast, together with envy and jealousy.

This garden style mansion would make them feel envious for a full thirteen days. It was made of countless materials they all had gathered and it represented the players’ efforts. If they wanted to put a price on this hard work, everyone would say that this mansion should be priceless.

And the houses they live in themselves? Thatched huts, bamboo huts, wooden huts, tiled huts, and stone houses. Except for the last one, all the others could be bought with money, thatched houses could even be opened directly from the gift pack. Look at the huge contrast, but don’t let people envy and hate it!

Players envied it, but also knew that such a house was something they couldn’t have. They could only hope that in subsequent game updates, the game designer would open up the house appearance transformation, so players could enjoy DIY, and through their own hands build their favorite house.

Even while the players looked silly, the construction of the mansion didn’t actually completely stop, but went from a large open construction to a meticulous refinement, as many places were added as the details of the heart. The players wanted the whole mansion to be finished to show the appearance they remembered.

Outside, a fence was added for atmosphere, but on each side of the gate stood a building that wasn’t quite the same as the mansion’s style of painting. On the right hand side was a small house, and over the top was written “grocery stall,” three words. When someone looked through the window of the small house, there were all kinds of goods. One player was curious enough to walk over. After reaching a certain distance, the system automatically popped up a prompt, asking him whether to shop. This was obviously what had previously been the village chief’s store.

On the left hand side of the door was a large wooden board similar to a bulletin board, at the top of which a few sheets of paper had been posted in response to the scene, but the player could only see that the “mission” and “activities” sections were still blank, as well as the life skills learning page.

This was from the village chief and village chief wife, from tedious work to free, ah.

The players were enlightened and agreed with such a design. They could still remember, when the game just came out, players, in order to receive new tasks and buy white steamed buns, would gather in front of the village chief.

Now, although the situation was a little better, the game had ten times the original amount of people, so sometimes it was indeed a little inconvenient.

The village chief also stood aside and said with a smile, “In the future, you can directly submit any tasks here, I have some goods on hand and also added the grocery stall, you can pick anything you want.”

The players nodded their heads and said the village chief was right.

Because the number of players was too many, the mansion even if the floor space was large could not be stuffed with so many people at once, so the village chief and village chief’s wife together, each only took 100 players to visit at a time. After a stroll through the mansion, the long-prepared gifts were handed to the players.

Everyone got the same gift packaging. They were wrapped in a festive red fabric, and looked like an oversized normal bag, so people couldn’t help but wonder what was inside. However, at that moment, all the players seemed to have something to do, so none of them were the first to open the gifts. It was as if they were waiting for all of them to get the gifts and then open them together to see who got the more quantity and better quality of gifts.

During the waiting process, the players who had already finished their visit spontaneously moved out small benches to sit nearby, and a group of people formed a circle like a family, and had a lively discussion.

Bai Li sat with Wen XingYao, Song Xinran, Tang Ying, Mo Song, Xiong Pili and others, who had also finished the tour and got their share of gifts, and were chatting with many emotions on their faces.

The inauguration of this garden-style house had undoubtedly given them a huge shock. Who, when looking at the countless materials falling from the sky, wouldn’t open their mouths and say “awesome”? Now the mansion had just been completed, there weren’t any fireworks, but they all knew that the mansion would be more and more beautiful as time settled.

Wen XingYao, Song Xinran, Tang Ying, Mo Song, and Xiong Pili were aware of Bai Li’s true identity and felt that the garden, as well as the photos they had seen before, had been designed by Bai Li himself, and had great admiration and respect for his imagination and creativity.

Bai Li hurriedly interrupted their musings, “Don’t misunderstand. I can’t design such a landscape, there are special design drawings!”

The copy of the “Architectural Drawing Book” sent to him by the God of Architecture was still lying in his space. The others didn’t know what Bai Li had, and just thought he was being modest. Song Xinran covered his mouth and snickered as he said, “Master, I know…”

“Yes, we know it too…” The rest of the group followed suit, all with a look that could only be understood but not expressed.

Wen XingYao, watched them laugh at Bai Li, but didn’t participate in it.

There was also a little comfort in helplessness.

“What do you all know…” Bai Li lowered his head and muttered, depressed. He decided to change the topic. These people, he was afraid, would never believe that his design talent, just like his cooking talent, was at the rookie level.

It was okay to talk about it, but not to do it.

They were a group of people, relatively far back in line, and had waited outside for a short while, when the last group of players who weren’t yet finished were sent out by the village chief.

Another exciting scene was coming. Thousands of people together opening the “blind box.” This was something that had never seen before, right?

Mo Song had already set up the live camera in advance, and was just waiting to let the expectant netizens see their happy moment.

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