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Chapter 96: White Horse

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The players, the viewers of the live stream and Mo Song, the anchor, were all confused.

When they looked at the player who had pulled out the pot, he already had buried his head in it and eaten the vegetable chowder inside, Mo Song bit his tongue hard before he came back to his senses and hurriedly asked, “No, what are you doing? Does this food have a special function?”

The player graciously gave an explanation, “This ‘vegetable chowder’ was made by my blind chicken, and it turned out to have a superb gain effect, giving the character who eats it good luck for 2 minutes. I originally thought two minutes was too little time. It was just a chicken, but I didn’t expect that the right way to use it was for opening gift packs. You guys wait for me, there are too many vegetables inside, I have to eat them all to get this buff!”

After saying that, he continued to bury his head and eat. He swallowed a large piece of boiled potatoes, and forked a piece of green pepper, followed by cabbage, peanuts, tomatoes… 

They weren’t gluttonous for this vegetable chowder, but for the effect behind the food. They also learned that opening the original gift bag was a matter of luck. If a person’s luck was better, the chance of a rare item was naturally greatly increased.

Instead of relying on various metaphysical ways to pursue illusory luck, it was better to directly down a large pot of vegetable chowder! What are you afraid of? What you’re afraid of is not even having the chance to eat!

“So, so…This vegetable chowder, do you still have it on hand? Can I buy it from you for money?” Mo Song put out a purchase request for the soup while the others were still unresponsive. He was the owner of the live broadcast room. He needed to broadcast the whole thing, and he hadn’t opened his gift bag yet either.

The others glared at him, but also quietly waited for the other party’s answer, as they hoped to get a positive reply.

“No, la, just this one. I also wasn’t paying attention, and thought that the way to make the food was certainly not to be too good quality, so I simply loaded up the basin. It was only after it was filled that I discovered that it was actually for people to add luck to the system, then the system made a special note that this is a whole portion. If you share it with other people to eat, the effect won’t be there. This is probably a gain that will also be a loss, ha!” The player ate another small half of the tomatoes, as he spoke, the tomatoes red juice also flowed down from the corner of his mouth, was noticed and sucked back.

The sounds of gulping around him got a little louder, and this time it really felt as if the player’s eating could whet one’s appetite.

The viewers in the live room experienced it a little more deeply.

[Emm…Originally I was still surprised at the effect of this chowder, now how to watch him eat hard without looking elsewhere?]

[“There is a sage one. I think what he ate is so fragrant, oh. Is it really so delicious?]

[I want to sneak up to eat a few bites, but his movements are too fast. Every time he has potatoes or something, it’s less than 0.5 seconds until it goes into his mouth, so I have not eaten a little bit until now.]

[Then do not go to eat it. After all, anytime someone takes out food, it is not specifically for us to eat.]

[Good man, this is the model of the dry food people world! I used to wonder what kind of profession the Ancient Blue Star period ‘eating broadcast’ was. It should be similar to this, right?]

[Enn, the original blind chicken mess can also make such awesome food, ah! Well, master I have learned. When I enter the game I also want to do so a little.]

[Die laughing. The front of the quick wake up. We simply can not grab the game quota QAQ!]

The whole ten minutes, players were waiting for the dry rice man to eat the whole pot of vegetables, some people even secretly bought Food Baskets, and took out the food inside to eat together. Not to mention, with the “food broadcast” in front of them, it seemed to be more delicious to eat!

Mo Song also no longer bothered the man, and moved to his small bench to sit down.

However, not everyone would think about not bothering others, and would always like to find things. There was a person who ran up to the player and asked him, “If you have such a good item, why didn’t you bring it out earlier? Even if there is only one, you can also remind others to find whether there is a suitable item in their own backpack.”

He was the one who had opened the gift pack before, and the harvest was not very big, so he was still a bit grouchy about the matter of opening the gift pack. Now when he saw that someone had taken out such a powerful item, he was even more depressed. He even felt that if the other party had taken out this item earlier, everything would have been different.

The dry rice player froze before looking at the person who asked the question, and only after swallowing the food in his mouth did he answer, “Before…I forgot about it before. I only just remembered it! Otherwise I wouldn’t have been on the field so soon.”

Once he remembered that there was such a presence, it didn’t matter when he came on.

The person who asked the question was speechless, he originally thought the other party was deliberately doing so, in order to prevent others from opening to a good item, but hadn’t expected the answer was actually so simple and brutal. He forgot, so how could he be mad at him?

He could only look at him, depressed, then he stepped back.

It was only two exchanges, but it reminded others that the game had items that could increase luck. Not only the vegetable chowder, but when other players made food, or got a title, sometimes it could also have such an effect. Those who had such an item took out the item, those who had a title, immediately put it on. The game had a ‘title display’ function, and many players chose to display the title on their heads. In just a few breaths, the group of players had dense text above their heads.

Bai Li almost went cross-eyed and silently inclined his head. He felt regret in his heart. He should have known not to add that function, if anyone had claustrophobia, wouldn’t they immediately faint?

“Ah. I’ve finished eating, so the buff is added. Let’s hurry up and start. Let me open mine!” The dry rice player finally finished the whole pot of vegetable chowder, and energetically did a warm-up action in place. Mo Song didn’t need to remind him, as he took out the gift bag and started to open it.

The effect of the buff was incomparably powerful, and when it said it brought good luck, it brought good luck. The player’s hands burst into a golden light, and when he learned exactly what he had opened, he was so happy that he jumped three feet high!

“The system gave me a horse! A horse! It can be a pet and a mount, there’s never been a horse in the game, I’m so lucky!” With that, he took out the horse that had already been sent to the pet pen.

A snow-white horse appeared in front of the crowd, it was tall, without a trace of miscellaneous hair, and already equipped with a set of harnesses. Its character appeared very docile, and when it saw its master, it elegantly stepped forward and gently rubbed him with its head, its tail swishing, leisurely and at ease.

Such a horse undoubtedly poked a lot of people’s hearts. Both men and women were enchanted by the appearance of this horse. Too beautiful! Female players felt that when the horse looked over, it was like a prince with snow-white skin was looking at them with deep affection.

“But it’s a mare, it can’t be a prince!” The owner of the white horse stated with a shrug of his shoulders, not even knowing how much of a blow his words had dealt to the female players.

The viewers in the live room were crying and laughing, and the pop-ups were filled with a strong sour taste. They wanted to travel into the game and replace the lucky player with a good touch of the mane on the horse’s back. It looked soft and silky! It must feel good!

The dry rice player only opened a horse from the gift bag, but the value of the horse was undoubtedly worth what everyone else had gained before. He took the horse by the reins, walked it to the side and started to watch the others open their blind boxes.

A lucky man spread his luck, as several other players in the same group had white light bursting out of their hands. The items they got were not as exaggerated as the white horse, but they were still good. The whole ‘blind box opening’ venue was filled with a cheerful and happy atmosphere.

The players who had already opened their gift packs looked envious, while the players who were still in line rushed to the lucky one and said they wanted to shake hands with him in order to ‘rub off the rich.’

After a series of handshakes, hundreds of times, they felt their hands were going to become swollen.

After that, at the players’ request, Mo Song increased the number of players to 50-200, and continued to draw randomly from the audience’s pop-ups, while the players still opened good and bad items. It seems that the items or titles they used beforehand worked, and the frequency of opening good items was significantly higher.

The viewers in the live room had a great time watching it in one breath, exclaiming that this was the most fun they had with opening blind boxes. They were happy too!

Finally, when the number of players who hadn’t opened their gift packs was less than two hundred, Mo Song gave up the live room extraction method and invited the remaining players to come up together, plus himself, to open all the gift packs in their hands in one breath.

The viewers, whose spirits had been somewhat depressed from watching too many players draw blind boxes, saw a number of familiar figures among the crowd that came up, and their spirits were instantly lifted again.

[Demon Xing! The legendary Kryptonian! Will the system give him preferential treatment because he has too much kryptonite?]

[And Big Brother Li Bai, but he seems to have little presence in this mission, well, let’s hope he can open something good!]

[See that man in the corner, it is said that he is What Are You Playing?, the man who gave the village the name Mushroom Village all by himself, and was first place in the contribution list this time. He should open a good item!]

[Oh no, Peaches are So Delicious, Heart’s Jade, Give Me a Bowl of Rice, Old Dream of Stars, plus our Blunt Opinion, I didn’t expect all five anchors in the game to come in last, the finale!]

[Hey, I don’t know if you guys have noticed, this last group of players, it’s almost like a set of mall fashions. For example on Big Brother Demon Xing, that one is said to be called ‘Heavy China’ and is currently the only one of that set of rare items in the entire game! The previous people looked much plainer compared with this group of players.]

The ordinary players who were still enjoying themselves, and ready to watch a group of bigwigs open their gift packs, ??

Don’t think that if you call us plain, we don’t know that the nearest word to that is ‘dirt’!

We’re going to hit someone else!

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