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Chapter 97: Mysterious Pet Eggs

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

The big guys didn’t float up because of the audience’s praise, but chose to add status to themselves and hang titles to make themselves different. Who doesn’t have a few goodies in their box when they walk around the world?

Song Xinran took out a stack of large burritos, scented with green onions, and gave one to each person he knew.

“This is a pancake made from wheat flour I ground by hand, with a lot of scallions in it, it’s fragrant and crispy when you bite into it, and it works by adding 3% luck points in 5 minutes, so try it out.” 1

In the game, players’ luck value was fixed, everyone’s base point was 100 points, if eating a cake can increase 3% of the original base, even if it only lasted for 5 minutes, no one could refuse such a temptation. After receiving the pancakes from Song Xinran and thanking him, everyone clicked and ate them.

Bai Li also gave a thumbs up to the young apprentice, acknowledging his growth during this time.

Song Xinran’s face turned red with embarrassment.

Nearby, Wen XingYao silently turned on the ‘Lucky’ title for his top of the head display.

The golden font, in a blanket of titles became ‘a little red among all the green.’ The rest of the people looked over in unison as they cast envious and jealous eyes towards Wen XingYao. Damn, wearing the only suit in the whole service, topping the only title in the whole service, arrogant, really too arrogant! But what could they do? He had money and was also willing to spend money, so he deserved to have so many good things.

Bai Li stared at the top of Wen XingYao’s head for a few moments, and secretly calculated his current luck value, which was 2 points more than the others, with 105 points. Thinking that his opponent’s luck value was higher than all of them, Bai Li smiled encouragingly at him.

Wen XingYao stiffened when Bai Li looked over, feeling as if the gaze was a bit hot, and when Bai Li smiled at him, his mind was in chaos, thinking Bai Li had found out the little secret he had been hiding. The tips of his ears quietly reddened, but he didn’t notice.

Next to him, Tang Ying made a pensive face. Something was wrong, something was really wrong. He was only hiding what he hadn’t said, so why did he have this look?

Tang Ying didn’t have enough time to think about what it was all about, because soon Mo Song announced that everyone could start opening gift bags.

Bai Li didn’t hesitate much and opened the gift bag directly. His palm emitted a white light, which indicated that something good had been opened.

The Seed Maker he got could be placed in the home, and created five random seeds every day. Like the previous Fortune Tree, it was also a good item that could be used for a long time.

Bai Li was quite satisfied with the result. After all, this machine was made from his settings. He was waiting for a player to reach level 30 until it appeared in the game mall. As for the selling price, it was going to be set at 200 star coins, which wasn’t too expensive.

“I’m done, it’s your turn.” Bai Li briefly explained the purpose of the item he got, and then urged the others to act quickly.

After that, Song Xinran got a kitchen set that could increase the effect of the food he made; Jiang Huaibi got a backpack upgrade stone that would expand the player’s backpack to 100 compartments; Mo Song got an automatic irrigation device that could be installed in the yard to water about 20 pieces of land nearby and the way to use it was to store the magical spring water in advance.

Everyone got a good item to their liking, even Mo Zhu, who had the worst luck, opened a big bag of 100 small bamboo shoots to grow bamboo.

“Brother, lend me your irrigation device?” Mo Zhu went over to discuss with his own brother.

“Go, go, go. If you want to borrow something, you can borrow something. Don’t be sticky, right?” Mo Song only felt a pang of numbness, and quickly handed over the item that had just arrived and not yet warmed up.

He also gave him some of the Lucky Magic Spring Water that he had opened for the audience.

“Hey, thank you, brother!” Mo Zhu was also not polite, and accepted all of it.

In the live room, the audience looked at this brother and brother scene, first praised the touching brotherhood, and then quickly reacted. This pair of brothers actually appeared together in the Carefree Farmstead game! There were 5,000 people in the game and these two people could actually grab a game spot?! This probability was lower than the Empire’s Admiral and an ordinary person living under the same roof, ah! They were too envious!

So, the live pop-up screen turned into a large crying scene again.

Mo Song hurriedly redeemed himself, reminding everyone to pay attention to Big Brother Demon Xing and What Are You Playing who had not yet opened their gift bags. Wasn’t anyone curious about what the big brothers would open?

The audience was energized and dried their tears as they sat and waited.

Wen XingYao didn’t mean to wait so long without opening the gift bag, he was just a little confused and was still trying to find his thinking skills when the others jumped over Bai Li and opened the gift bag quickly. This was not a long time, just two or three minutes, but by the time he completely came back to his senses, there were not many people left who had not yet opened their gift bags.

He also hurriedly pulled the straps on the red cloth bag away to reveal the contents inside.

A burst of golden light erupted from his hand, and no one knew if it was everyone’s illusion, but this burst of golden light seemed even more dazzling than the appearance of that white horse before.

“Big brother, what did you open?” Mo Song made a salivating look and looked at Wen XingYao and asked.

Wen XingYao looked at him and did not say anything, but silently took out a huge egg from his backpack. The egg was bigger than a man’s head and was heavy in his arms, with a golden pattern on the shell, making it impossible to guess what kind of creature was in it.

No need for the audience to guess, Wen XingYao directly read out the description of the egg, “A mysterious pet egg, no one knows what kind of creature is inside the egg shell. Hatching time is 15 days.”

As he said this, he incidentally looked at Bai Li, only to see Bai Li shaking his head towards him as if saying: Don’t look at me, I don’t know either.

After listening to Wen XingYao’s introduction of the egg, the audience in the live broadcast room reached a high point.

[Wow! It’s a pet egg, or a mysterious pet egg. What kind of creature will hatch out of this egg? Is it a tiger? Is it a lion? Or a big black bear?]

[Maybe only oviparous animals will hatch from this egg. A swan? An eagle? Or maybe a mythical bird of prey from the Ancient Blue Planet?]

[Gee, it’s awesome anyway! As expected of Big Brother Demon Xing, who carries the title of ‘Lucky Man’, this is too lucky, right? I have a very important interview coming up. I want to go in and touch the title on top of Big Brother’s head!]

[Hahahahaha! You guys look at the other players, they look so funny, their mouths are so wide open! Are they trying to eat children?]

[The front, before you say this, I suggest you go look in the mirror first, we have the same face oooh.]


Wen XingYao took the egg out for the others to see, and then quickly put it back. Fortunately, although this egg said it needed to hatch, he was not the kind of egg owner to stay with it all the time. As long as it was placed in the backpack, the small creature in the egg would slowly grow until the day it broke from its shell.

This made Wen XingYao relieved, fortunately it was not like Tang Ying’s chickens where if he was gone a few days, it would not starve to death…

For the player What Are You Playing?, the prize he drew was also very surprising to the players. His hands also burst out a burst of golden light and it fully opened his life skills bar, and gave him the title ‘all-rounder.’

In other words, What Are You Playing? only had mining and gathering life skills before, but now he had all five life skills. The name was even better, and the efficiency of all life skills was increased by 20%, which could save him a lot of time.

Seeing his reward, What Are You Playing? nodded in satisfaction and showed a clear smile on his face, which had not been smiling much before. Compared to him, the reaction of the players and the viewers in the live stream room on the sidelines was a bit odd.

[Well…How can I say this? Although this reward is also unique in the game, just knowing that it exists…I feel my liver is vaguely painful.]

[The game system dished a big stone hammer. Big brother is famous for ‘games’, and the devil actually sent such a gift right to him. Big brother should be afraid of this game, or find a new one…]

[Is this the feeling of being spoiled by the game? Look at how sweetly Big Brother is smiling, he loves this gift at first glance. What a terrible man!]

[In comparison, I still prefer Big Brother Demon Xing’s pet egg. Hahaha! Although I don’t know what kind of pet will hatch from inside.]

[Ah! Is this the end of the blind box draw? I haven’t seen enough! I hope that when I get into the game, there will be another one of these kinds of events, then there will be more people, and the number of lucky people will definitely be more. Hehehehe!]


Mo Song, after thanking all the viewers for their participation and support, temporarily went offline to handle the small gifts for the viewers. The players who had their own harvests also greeted each other and left, either to go back to farming and fishing or to familiarize themselves with their newly acquired items.

Bai Li, Wen XingYao, Song Xinran and Jiang Huaibi were walking towards their place of residence when someone suddenly called Bai Li’s name from behind. As he turned back to look, he saw it was Mo Zhu.

“Bamboo, 2what do you want?” Bai Li called Mo Zhu’s  game name and looked at him strangely. He and Mo Zhu didn’t have many interactions with each other in the game. Although Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi’s game quotas were sent out by him, they usually played on their own when they were on the game, and it was only when players organized their own big events like today that they would get together to chat or something. Now when he saw Mo Zhu running over to him, Bai Li was really surprised.

When he looked behind Mo Zhu, Xiong Pili was not there.

“Li Bai, I’m here to deliver something to you.” Mo Zhu didn’t notice Bai Li’s glance behind him as he took out a bag from his backpack. It contained a lot of small bamboo shoots, and he explained, “Didn’t I open 100 small bamboo shoots? I can’t grow so many anyway, so I thought I’d give some away. I asked Old Bear, Chatterbox and my brother. They aren’t interested in this, so I thought I would send them to you. There is still some open space behind your vine frame, you can plant a few bamboo plants. When it grows, the yard should be more beautiful.”

Mo Zhu was in a bit of a hurry when he spoke, and he didn’t even know what he was talking about when he got to the end, but his purpose was clear: he wanted to give this small bag of bamboo shoots to Bai Li.

Seeing Bai Li’s hesitant face, Mo Zhu hurriedly added, “Li Bai, you gave us two game places before, and we haven’t been able to find an opportunity to thank you. Please accept these bamboo shoots. Anyway, I opened them from the gift bag. I opened so many, that I can’t use them up. Also Demon Xing, Peach and Heart’s Jade, you can take some away if you want. There’s enough!”

100 bamboo shoots. Planted bamboo may continue to grow bamboo shoots, just he alone with, really could not use it.

Bai Li saw that he was really determined to give the bamboo shoots away, and after he thought about it, he agreed, “Then you can give me some. I’ll go plant them in the yard. Thank you, ah, bamboo.”

“Hey, you’re welcome. It’s all right!” Mo Zhu was very happy that Bai Li accepted his feelings, and immediately shoved the bag in his hand into Bai Li’s arms. “These are all the ones I prepared for you. If you think it’s too much, you can take them and share them.”

Bai Li took a look at the bag. Good guy, there were actually 80 bamboo shoots inside! Mo Zhu basically gave him all the bamboo shoots he had, right?

“That’s too many, right?” Bai Li wanted to hand the bag back again, or at least have Mo Zhu take some back.

Mo Zhu’s reaction was even faster than his. He hurried back a few big steps, as he laughed loudly and said, “Hahaha! There isn’t much. I have enough. Li Bai, if you think it’s too much, you can share it. If you can’t finish it, you can give it to Peachy and let him make it all into food! I suddenly remembered that there are still some things to do, so I have to go first. See you all!”

After he said that, he ran away in a flash.

Bai Li, “…”

Others, “…”

You don’t have to do this, brother!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Gaea: Scallion pancakes! I really want to try these! They look so yummy!
  2. 竹子 = Zhu-zi


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Betting that the egg has some sort of mythical creature like a dragon or a phoenix!

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xiao ying
July 6, 2023 8:43 pm

is he (demon xing) still in the game to witness the birth of his mysterious egg or is he gonna get abandoned to ‘play outside’, which one come first~?

is it gonna hatch some ancient creature? or is it another fairy pet?

July 7, 2023 1:18 am

Thank you:)

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