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Chapter 95: “Fortune tree seeds.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Li Bai,” Wen XingYao took advantage of the fact that the others weren’t paying them any attention there, and quietly came close to Bai Li’s ear as he asked, “The village chief sent gifts, what will the items be, ah?”

Bai Li only felt his ear tickle. Soft heat stained up his ear, and his body quietly sat straight, as he whispered back, “I set it so current game items, as well as future items have a certain chance to come out from the gift bag. Anything from plant seeds to a surprise box clothing set. As long as the player’s luck is good enough, they can open a more precious item. The higher the contribution, the greater the chance of getting a good item. You can understand this, right?”

The more you work, the more you get. Wen XingYao nodded, and secretly thought about what kind of item he could get if he ranked in the top 100. He wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by others.

“Li Bai, Demon Xing, the live broadcast is ready. Why don’t you guys bring out your gifts?” Xiong Pili reminded the two of them to quickly make their next move. The red cloth bag he clutched looked somewhat petite when set against by his large hands.

“Yeah, yeah.” Song Xinran also covered his mouth and laughed to help. “Master, how come you two are still whispering?”

“Oh, oh, oh. I wasn’t paying attention just now.” Bai Li smiled shyly at several people, and then took out his share of the gift and hugged it in his arms with a natural expression.

Wen XingYao closed his mouth, followed the example, and stopped talking after taking out the gift. His expression was calmly looking ahead, seemed to be thinking about something, only the occasional flicker of his eyes revealed a little bit of his heart.

Beside him, Tang Ying was sitting there as he watched Bai Li and Wen XingYao’s neutral reactions. Tang Ying stroked his chin. He felt that his boy had become different from before!

At this time, Wen XingYao seemed to have noticed Tang Ying’s inquiry and looked over obliquely with a warning in his gaze. Tang Ying hurriedly made a gesture of throwing himself in the opposite direction, and quickly shifted his eyes to look elsewhere.

Bai Li opened Mo Song’s live stream, since he intended to observe the reaction of the netizens outside.

[Damn it, this game is damn sweet! My brain knows that the more I look on, the more I’ll just want to rush in and play, but my hands are still uncontrollably clicking in. TAT.]

[Open the blind box? What’s so funny about that? Oh, it’s a blind box in Carefree Farmstead. Oh, that’s okay :)]

[Wow! Blunt Opinion, quickly move back a little. I also want to see what the village chief’s mansion looks like. The wall behind you looks so good! The pattern on it is so nice. Why did you not turn on the live-stream when you toured the inside?!]

[Where is the blind box? Where is the blind box? Hurry and open!]

[Wow! So many people, this is all the players inside, right? Five thousand people, but there is no place that belongs to me, so sad…]

[Upstairs, it should be 4,998 people, you can’t forget there are two more spots still clutched in the hands of the game designer.]


When Mo Song saw someone mention the two remaining spots, he almost uncontrollably looked in Bai Li’s direction. He managed to hold back, coughed dryly and hurriedly spoke about the game play.

This matter was decided last night when Mo Song just tentatively made a proposal, and it was approved by all players, who said, “How can we not let others participate in such a fun and meaningful thing?”

To this, the netizens outside the game could only say, “ho, tui!” 1

“I’ll open a program here that will randomly grab a viewer’s comment. When I say start, everyone will report a number, between 10 and 50. The number that the program grabs will be the number of players who open the gift pack together in this batch, and then we’ll be able to see who’s a lucky person and who’s not! In addition, for  the lucky audience member who is caught, after the end of the broadcast I will contact you by private message and send you a small gift…”

Sure enough, it was kinda involved. The netizens outside the game were inexplicably satisfied and said loudly, [It doesn’t matter what the small gift is, I mainly like to report the number!]

The players in the audience were also eager to try, and felt that they would be the heavenly emperor before the gift packs were opened. Moreover, they firmly had a strong confidence that was also a kind of metaphysics. As long as they were confident enough, the item opened in the gift pack would not let them down.

As for other metaphysics, such as praying with folded hands, bathing and burning incense, sacrificing fat, hair, good friends, N years of peach blossom luck to the game system or the game maker, and so on, there were countless. The live broadcast site was like a large superstitious gathering.

Bai Li, “…” It is not necessary to be so religious. I don’t want someone else’s luck!

While laughing and joking, the first number grabbing started. Mo Song controlled the program and got the number “25.”

“Oh no. We got the middle number on the first try. Now we need 25 players. Who wants to go first?”

“I’ll do it!”

“I’ll come too! Open it early, early to know what’s inside! I’m curious enough to die!”

“Me, me, me!”

In a short while, the first group of players gathered and stood in the middle of the crowd.

“Can we open it?” Not long after standing, one of the players asked eagerly.

Mo Song smiled and made a ‘please’ gesture. “Yes, feel free to open the box and tell us your results afterwards.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, someone could not wait to open the gift bag in his hand.

The momentary expression, how to describe it, from full of expectation into a stunned pause, then the smile on the face disappeared, the expression blank, confused to look up, as if still living in a dream.

[Ah, ah, ah! Nervous dead me, is this a good thing or garbage? Give an accurate description!]

[Nervous +1. How do I feel this is more exciting than opening a blind box by myself?]

[Kam, will not open out of the spirit of the guy, right?]

[Pfft Hahaha, come on, where’s the spirit guy in the game?]

As the audience waited, the player finally found his voice, “Ten, ten wheat seeds, and ten daffodil seeds, is that good or bad?”

This should be considered bad, right, after all, they are seeds?

But soon, the results of the next person told him that there is no bad, only worse. The next buddy opened five bottles of mineral water. Except to drink to quench thirst, there was no other role. At least there were flower seeds, which were loved by female players, right?

Thinking about it, the first player was quickly relieved. Okay okay, he was not the worst one!

The opening was two losers and the players felt worried but they opened their items. At least it could not be worse than the first two.

The remaining 23 players, actually humbled themselves. None of them wanted to be the third person to open the gift pack. In the end, Mo Song had to step in and persuade them to open them in the order they were standing, before those people reluctantly agreed.

Just when Mo Song and the audience thought that these players would open the gift packs in order, the five standing at the front discussed and finally decided that five people would open them together.

“I’ll count to three, two, one, let’s open it together! Three, two, one!”

Only to see one of the five people, their hands seemed to be holding a burst of white light, faint and inconspicuous, but enough that the sharp-eyed audience found out. They jumped to ask Mo Song to hurry to ask people what good things they got.

Mo Song went up to the interview as good as he was told.

The player had not yet recovered from the white light when he found himself in the center of attention. He wiped his face and said, “Wait for me”, then lowered his head and searched in his backpack. It didn’t take long to find it, the system had already prompted him, and the newly obtained item was placed at the end of the grid. Soon he was holding a small round object and raised his head again.

“This is a fortune tree seed, the white light should be from it.” The owner of the seed introduced it as such, “It is said to grow 30 days after planting, after that it will bear 100 copper coins every day, or gold and diamond coins if you are lucky.”

Wow! Good stuff!

The crowd looked at the seeds with a different gaze, the fortune tree sounded very powerful, and would directly produce money, although not much, but every day, day after day, the accumulation of small amounts into a lot, a month at least 30 gold coins! Plus, the money just grows on the tree! That was also very great!

Compared to the ‘Fortune Tree Seeds’ in this player’s hand, the items opened by others seemed ordinary. Even if someone got two lemon tree seeds, they couldn’t overpower him.

The audience and the players made a lemon sound together.

The first recognized “little emperor” was born.

After that, among the first players who went up to open the gift pack, no one had white light in their hands anymore. The tragic results told the players who were still excited that the truth wasn’t as good as they fantasized, and that the activity of opening gift packs must be treated with a normal heart. Otherwise they wouldn’t get the item they wanted, and it would only be themselves who would be in pain and grief.

The audience had a good time watching and cheering for them when they saw someone open a good item, but more often than not, they were still making “Hahahahaha” noises and expressing sympathy for the non-coms.

A round down, and a bunch of seeds of the non-coms had them looking at each other, with a version of the same disease, feeling sympathy for each other. Before the people could walk back into the crowd, the audience had already urged Mo Song to hurry up and start the second game. Mo Song acquiesced and hurriedly grabbed another number.

48, and this time there were more people.

Again, unbelieving players rushed forward and then walked down with their heads hung in despair. Apparently, the god of luck did not take care of them, and the gift they got was not much better than the last wave.

After three batches in a row, the situation was the same. When everyone thought that the blind box opening live was going to end under the tiger’s head, one of the 27 players in the fifth batch came forward and asked Mo Song to wait a bit before starting again.

“What do you want?” Mo Song asked curiously.

“Hey.” With a silly smile on his face, the player pulled out a large basin from his backpack. “Luck is something that can be solved by external objects! You guys wait for me, I’ll put a buff on myself first!”

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Translator Notes:

  1. spitting sound


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