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Chapter 122: Lin/Bai (4) Chaotic Breathing

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, smokebreaaaaaaak \o/


Lin XiuYong gasped, squeezing his wrist with his fingers, pressed with so much force he almost left red marks. His heart felt like it had been hit, and for a moment he couldn’t catch his emotions.

Bai SiNing was still pressed against the corner of his mouth, sticking out his soft tongue like a puppy, and asked again, “Is this better?”

Not better, he was bad. This innocent and seductive kiss, clearly a white and flawless angel, was pulling him down into the abyss. 

Lin XiuYong had to use almost all his strength to suppress his emotions, in order to control himself not to do more excessive actions. He lowered his eyes, and spoke with great difficulty, “Bai SiNing, what are you doing?”

It was the first time he called him by his full name, squeezing it out of his throat. God knows how much restraint it took for him to keep his sanity intact.

“I’m helping you. Your voice is so hoarse, isn’t it healed yet?” Bai SiNing said, moved himself into his arms again, and reached out and wrapped his arms very gently around his waist. He smoothly touched his waist, in the heart of a soft cry, feeling really good to touch, “Lin XiuYong, you don’t have to feel like a burden, I won’t leave, I’ll stay here with you.”

Bai SiNing rubbed against him, smiled again and hid, “Lin Bai Bai seems to have run out, it’s licking my feet, so itchy.”

Lin XiuYong closed his eyes and ruthlessly pulled him away. He looked down at the puppy he had raised for several years, and he was very close to Bai SiNing’s feet, wagging his tail and turning around. It seemed to be particularly happy about the arrival of this person.

Lin XiuYong was also happy, but in this situation, it was impossible to find the optimal solution. He pinched his brow and put the sudden kiss just now to the back of his mind, “You’ve seen the person and the dog, I will go back to you some other time.”

Seeing Bai SiNing hold his mouth aggrieved not to speak, he reached out again and touched his face injury, “Remember to rub the medicine on it, go.”

“Why do you keep driving me away?” Bai SiNing was a little disgruntled as he pushed the man inside and closed the door with his backhand.

There was a slam, separating them from the outside into two worlds.

Lin XiuYong, “…”

His eyes fell on Bai SiNing’s lips, red with moisture, the little mouth that had just kissed him forcibly. It was very soft and passionate, with a touch of pampering.

“You…” He wanted to say something heavy to drive the person away, but he couldn’t say it. He wasn’t a moral gentleman either, and it was hard not to lust after the person he liked standing in front of him. It was just that he didn’t want Bai SiNing to regret it.

Bai SiNing raised his eyes to look at him, his mind completely elsewhere, as he hesitated to confess now. But the Alpha in front of him looked really bad, the temperature on his body was a little higher, and he could see that he was trying desperately to restrain himself.

Bai SiNing resented being a Beta for the first time, if only he could smell what Lin XiuYong’s pheromone smelled like. He pouted and sniffed at the man’s neck, and sure enough, he couldn’t smell anything.

“Sit down for a while, I’m going to take a shower.” Unable to face the scene at this point, Lin XiuYong could only run away. He rushed straight into the washroom and turned the water temperature to the lowest. He didn’t know what was going on in Bai SiNing’s head, the two hadn’t established a relationship, so he just rushed up and kissed him?

Was it out of fondness? Or out of sympathy?

Lin XiuYong wiped the corner of his mouth, the lips still seemed to feel the soft temperature, like a puppy licking the palm of his hand. It was tingly and itchy, with a flirtatious meaning.

Bai SiNing probably didn’t know what flirting was, but he managed to do it. He even wanted to push the door open again, regardless of any consequences, to taste the sweet aroma that was as tempting as candy once again.

Lin XiuYong glanced down at his reaction and wiped his face helplessly. He had to think of a way to send him back. When the susceptibility period passed, he’d confess to him, not wanting to wait a second longer.

The water droplets sprinkled unrestrainedly on his body, very cool and cold, it was hard to calm himself down. He pulled a towel to dry the water stains on his body, and put on the robe again. This time the straps were tied, covering the exposed skin tightly.

Lin XiuYong smoothed out his heartbeat and pulled open the door to see Bai SiNing leaning against the door. He froze and asked somewhat helplessly, “Didn’t I tell you to sit? Why are you standing here?”

“I was afraid you’d hide inside and wouldn’t come out.” Bai SiNing’s face was red and he raised the communicator in his hand. He sounded a little proud, with a tone that was quick to praise, “I just searched online, read some science and responses, and kind of understand what the susceptible period is all about.”

Lin XiuYong moved his lips, “You’re quite diligent now.”

In the past, when studying for final exams, he didn’t see him this serious. Bai SiNing was just rash, grabbed a thing to think clearly, and would never let go. The internet had said it. If you want to chase a man, it was a big deal to sleep with him first. He was the king of theoretical knowledge, he used to buy a lot of strange toys for Gu Ang when he was picking out gifts, so he wasn’t so ignorant.

Anyway, he was willing to do this. As long as Lin XiuYong didn’t resist, he dared to be more bold. He also said, “I read online that if the susceptibility period isn’t resolved, it will be very difficult to carry on. Have you stayed at home for the past few days?”

“Yeah.” Lin XiuYong rolled the knot in his throat and answered simply.

From the beginning of the susceptibility period, he couldn’t concentrate on anything, and insisted on going to work for the first two days, but simply gave up later.

From day to night, it was difficult to sleep. The inhibitor also played a lot, but didn’t have much effect in the end, because of the desire in his heart. His mind was full of Bai SiNing, that innocent little face, cute and lovable, unworldly look.

But he was very bad, had no innocent thoughts, only wanted to use various ways to bully him. He didn’t expect, thinking about reading, that this person would really come. The crazy unspeakable thoughts in those fantasies suddenly seemed to have the possibility of coming true.

Bai SiNing’s eyes curved and his smile deepened, “Then I came at the right time. If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know yet.”

Lin XiuYong had a bit of a headache, What can I do if I tell you? He was about to carry Bai SiNing to the door when this person pounced softly again and directly hooked his neck. The soft touch returned to his lips, and Bai SiNing was kissing him again.

The action was a bit raw and reckless, and there was little skill, just licking over and over. Even bold and direct, trying to pry open his tightly closed lips. The reaction that was easily suppressed immediately surged back. He gently nibbled Bai SiNing’s lower lip and spoke with a heartbeat, “I’m asking you one last time, will you leave?”

“No.” Bai SiNing replied brutally and unreasonably, pressing down on his neck and hugging him tighter. He was the one who said he wouldn’t go, asking him three times.

Lin XiuYong was inexplicably relieved, as if he had found the perfect excuse for himself, and could then indulge. He tightened Bai SiNing’s waist, lowered his head and kissed back fiercely, quickly regaining the initiative. Frantic, passionate, no longer civilized.

Lin XiuYong clasped the back of his head, and said in a seductive tone, “Close your eyes and open your mouth.”

Bai SiNing fluttered his eyelashes, his fingers still clutching his collar, and obediently did as he was told. The child was too easy to bully, he would only open his teeth and claws and bluff. The slightest movement was a little stronger, and then the gesture was softened. He was a little taller than Bai SiNing, bending over almost all the weight of the body on the child. The kiss would only open the mouth like a puppy grunting, this person couldn’t even catch his breath.

Lin XiuYong couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth, gradually restrained his love and began to occupy the territory inch by inch. All this was like a vain dream, but he didn’t want to wake up.

After this opening was torn open, the relationship between the two would never return to the beginning.

“Lin XiuYong…” Bai SiNing didn’t know what to call him for, probably just simply wanted to call him. He was so bold that the knot he had just tied on his robe was casually ripped loose.

“Wow, you’re so good.” Bai SiNing’s hand was unfaithfully fumbling around, fingertips touching, complimenting from the heart.

Lin XiuYong was dumbfounded, the first time he heard such sincere praise from him, “Mn, thanks.”

Bai SiNing pressed his heartbeat, before he could have any other action, he felt he was picked up by his waist. In the next second, he was thrown onto the messy quilt in the inside bedroom. Lin XiuYong got up in a hurry, he didn’t waste time to fold the quilt, throwing it in a bundle at the end of the bed, and in the middle was an innocent Bai SiNing. His hair was in disarray, long gone from the carefully dressed look before leaving home, breathing rapidly, was half propped up to look at Lin XiuYong.

There was some fear and some expectation in his expression.

Bai SiNing blinked, fingertips gripping the quilt, trying to make himself look less out of shape, “I won’t run, you should slow down.”

Lin XiuYong didn’t reply, just wiped a handful of his hair from his forehead and pressed the man back into the blanket with some haste. The impact of the susceptible period was completely out, he sideways nibbled the white neck, leaving kiss marks little by little. Like a bright flower, blooming on the white snow. It was hard to ignore the wild beating of the heart.

Lin XiuYong remembered that night, quietly leaving bite marks on Bai SiNing’s waist. At that moment, he was in a dark, dark crush, silently manifesting his presence. When he was discovered, he could only find a lame excuse. And this time, it could be righteous, without fear. He watched the white skin change little by little, and his body looked like it was tinted with a light layer of powder.

Bai SiNing hummed like a little puppy, the window seemed to be not closed tightly, and there was wind blowing in, making it cool. He shivered a little and urged, “Is it ready yet?”

“Don’t be nervous.” Lin XiuYong twirled his earlobe and touched the hand cream on the bedside table with his hand. It was Bai SiNing who gave him the okay, and he was the one who came to mess with him first, so he shamelessly accepted the charming request.

“I’m not nervous.” Bai SiNing stiffened his mouth and tried hard to show his strong side, still bullied into a red face. All he could do was bury his head under the covers and hide his fear in the midst of the chaos. He was a soldier, a soldier, he had been through the gunfire, he could endure. And the thought that it was Lin XiuYong who was bullying him, his heart was like melted chocolate, only sweet.

It turned out that when you liked a person, you would become brave. You would open yourself up as much as possible to accept all of him. Bai SiNing’s head rose in layers of cold sweat and became a log. His back stiffened, his brow knitted, still desperately trying to comfort Lin XiuYong, “Ooo, I’m okay.”

Lin XiuYong felt as he tried to comfort him in a soothing voice, “It’ll feel good in a bit.”

Bai SiNing yelled softly again, a wrinkled little expression, stubborn and cute.

“I’ll give you a kiss.” Lin XiuYong tightened his arms and hugged tightly, pecking and kissing over and over comfortingly. Seeing his brow relaxed a little he continued the action.

For the first time, Bai SiNing felt so delicate that even his eyes misted up. He looked at the man who was kissing him deeply through a foggy view, his face was a hormonal explosion of his thin sweat dripping down. Bai SiNing could hardly describe the fluctuation inside, his expression changed quickly, to half-crying and half-laughing.

It was so good, he had him completely.

They fell into the illusion of intertwining with each other, perhaps without having to say anything, their fondness for each other had been uncontrollably revealed. Bai SiNing flashed his eyelashes and opened his mouth slightly, which was immediately covered by his palm.

“Don’t speak.” Lin XiuYong thought about the time almost to the end of the day, the dormitory where outside people come and go, his tone was a little paranoid.

He’s all mine, his voice and expression, only I could appreciate it alone. I want to hide you and make you become my unique baby.

Lin XiuYong strongly sealed his lips, the fantasy images and reality overlapped, exactly the same. It turned out that dreams could come true if he could dream long enough.

“Then be more gentle.” Bai SiNing complained aggressively. The time seemed to be stretched out, the sky gradually darkened, the room was dim.

When it finally ended, Lin XiuYong didn’t withdraw, giving himself completely to him. His fingers stroked Bai SiNing’s back, soothing him little by little along the lean back, allowing him to slowly calm his trembling.

“Sorry, I didn’t control it. Can you get up? I’ll carry you to the bathroom to clean up a bit.” Lin XiuYong loosely wrapped his arms around him with a tone of apology and a look of unabated desire on his face.

Bai SiNing shrank softly in his arms, opening his mouth to gasp for air. He couldn’t help but tilt his head, greedily admiring the person. Such a real, sexy, torn away from the pretense of Lin XiuYong, was owned by him. It was hard to smooth down the breath, Bai SiNing incomparably thoughtful advice, just a little hoarse voice, “No, you’re not well yet. I can do it one more time.”

He read online that the Alpha susceptibility periods were hard to get through, with desire at work, and Lin XiuYong must be suffering. Since it was someone he liked, he couldn’t let him suffer. Bai SiNing saw that he didn’t respond, and again rubbed his neck with his messy hair, pampering in a soft voice, “Let’s do it again, OK?”

Lin XiuYong’s comforting fingertips stopped and his breathing was in disarray. He lowered his head and pecked the corner of his lips, pressing his heartbeat to say the name he had practiced 10,000 times in his heart, “Baby, you’re too good.”


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