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Chapter 123: Lin/Bai (5) I Like You Too

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey’s 2nd favorite is Little Bai


Bai SiNing’s head was still smothered in his chest, and his breathing was stagnant. Oh my God, he heard right, Lin XiuYong called him baby, and praised him for being a good boy. He held his breath, his face was red, and his heartbeat couldn’t stop moving around. The two words were carefully placed in his heart.

Bai SiNing’s breath wasn’t even, and reached out again to tease desperately. He came to save Lin XiuYong, but also to love him. He asked again, insisting on the answer, “Was it good or not?” 

Bai SiNing thought that if Gu Ang heard his voice now, he would probably make a vomiting face on the spot. Then he’d spat out in a disgusted tone, “Bai SiNing, what’s with your mushy voice? I’ve got fucking goose bumps.”

But he didn’t know why, ever since he fell in love with Lin XiuYong, he couldn’t help but want to pamper him. So, would he like it?

“Yes.” Lin XiuYong replied very softly, and kissed him again, his breath was completely messed up. They had known each other for three years, and this day made up for all the kisses.

Lin XiuYong kissed the person carefully, tracing the edge of his lips with the tip of his tongue, and then tasting the deliciousness little by little. He had loved Bai SiNing for so long, and now it was completely real. The person he held on the tip of his heart was finally embraced in his arms. It was as if there was an invisible tacit understanding.

Bai SiNing drifted in the intertwining of love, almost drowning in it. The two of them were still like a veil of rust, but now they were practically familiar. Like a pair of lovers who had been together for a long time, remembering each other’s preferences exactly.

Bai SiNing was bullied to close his eyes, and then persistently opened them. He wanted to look at Lin XiuYong for a while longer, remembering every expression clearly. Only the waves were so rough that he almost passed out in the end. A few years in military school was for nothing, his physical strength was worse than he thought.

He didn’t remember how it ended, he was drowsy, and only remembered Lin XiuYong carrying him to the bathroom. He seemed to be helping him to clean up, the action was very gentle. Bai SiNing soaked in the hot bathtub, his head lolled, and he fell asleep completely.

After a vigorous exercise and a bath, Bai SiNing slept comfortably until the next morning. He was jolted awake by the vibration of his communicator and woke up a bit confused. He blinked and felt an arm around his waist before he remembered he was in Lin XiuYong’s room.

Bai SiNing turned around with very light movements and opened his eyes to Lin XiuYong’s sleeping face, his eyelashes were very long, casting a shadow. So yesterday wasn’t a dream, he really slept with Lin XiuYong.

And… twice!

Bai SiNing covered his face, the blood rushed up, and only now was he shy after the fact. He was too brave, what would Lin XiuYong think of him? He reached out and carefully touched the tip of his nose, sliding it down the bridge and landing on his lips.

He’s so pretty, Bai SiNing looked at him with fascination for a while. How come I didn’t notice it before? If the enlightenment had been earlier, the two would have seen each other every day at school, and it wouldn’t have been so bumpy. It was just that, after two visits yesterday, he seemed much better in his susceptibility period and slept very smoothly.

Sure enough, he saved him.

Bai SiNing thought beautifully for a while before he felt the communicator vibrating again. He was afraid of waking Lin XiuYong, so he got up gently and took the communicator to the living room.

“Hey, Brother Ang, what’s up?” Bai SiNing opened his mouth and his voice sounded like a broken gong.

Yesterday Lin XiuYong didn’t stop his voice in the end, a kiss couldn’t seal it.

Gu Ang asked suspiciously, “Little Bai, did I call the wrong number? Why do you sound like this?”

“No, it’s me.” Bai SiNing rubbed his throat and spoke with difficulty, “Let’s talk about something.”

Gu Ang said, “I’m asking you, do you want to come with me to the team training this afternoon? I’ll pick you up if you want.”

“Training? What training?” Bai SiNing lowered his voice and casually poured himself a glass of water.

“Don’t tell me you forgot… Next week to the military camp, a week early training session.” Gu Ang said, “You’ve been on vacation, haven’t you?”

Bai SiNing slapped his head and finally remembered it, “Shit, I forgot about it. I’m still here at brother Lin’s, I’ll go back immediately.”

He was so busy chasing the person these days that he didn’t even pay attention to the calendar.

“Oh, running off to find someone?” Gu Ang hummed and laughed, “OK, you have guts. Hurry back and talk to me slowly.”

Bai SiNing looked at the time and nodded haphazardly, “I’ll be back now, I should be able to make it.”

He hung up the phone in a frenzy and looked around for his clothes. The top and pants were scattered all over the floor, and he quietly knelt on the floor to collect all the clothes and quietly went into the bathroom. Turning on the light, Bai SiNing looked at himself in the mirror and was shocked. His eyes were red, his lips were swollen, and his body was covered with small and large hickeys, indicating the intensity of the battle.

The most red marks were located around the neck, like a necklace for him.

Yesterday, Lin XiuYong kissed him that intensely? Bai SiNing washed his face with cold water and finally sobered up quite a bit. He was half shy to put on his clothes, only to find that the collar was very low and couldn’t cover it at all.

Yesterday, in order to look good, he deliberately chose a v-neck t-shirt.

Now, the whole world would know what he had done. Bai SiNing pulled the collar, self-congratulating, welcome to the adult world, no big deal. After simply washing up, he was ready to go.

Lin XiuYong probably didn’t sleep for a few days, it was rare for him to get a good sleep, so his sleep was very heavy. Bai SiNing thought about it, and didn’t have the heart to wake him up.

Moreover, he was now a bit timid, the words of confession could never be said.

After the battle, it was quite awkward to see him again with open eyes.

He went to the living room, found a piece of paper and pen, and left him a note.

[I have to leave first, rest well. Don’t run around during the susceptible period.]

Bai SiNing stared at the words and was satisfied. Mn, there was a boyfriend-con feeling. After writing the message, he realized that Lin Bai Bai had woken up at some point, rubbing against his leg and shaking her head.

Bai SiNing looked down, smiling and rubbed a handful of dog’s head, “Bai Bai, ah, I hope the next time I see you, I can be your father.”

As if eager to share with someone, he picked up the dog’s ears and rambled on to her.

“You, a neutered dog, probably don’t understand much either. Last night, your dad bullied me to death. But then, I was pretty cool and happy. He’s so gentle, oh, but strong, and has great kissing skills. I like him more and more. What to do? Forget it, you, a dog can’t understand. I have to go, see you next time.”

Lin Bai Bai lazily glanced at him, the dog’s translucent eyes as if looking at an idiot. Bai SiNing reached out and rubbed his dog’s head again, “Be obedient, don’t let your father worry.”

He went back into the bedroom for a second look and helped him put the covers back on before reluctantly closing the door.

Back outside the institute, he checked carefully, the mecha was a little damaged, but still usable. Bai SiNing probably calculated the time, drove a little faster, and should be able to step on the point to catch up. Having memorized the route on the way here, it was easy to get back. He increased his speed as fast as he could, and finally arrived at the training area one second before the time limit.

It was just a long, tiring journey.

Bai SiNing rushed in with a gasp and sat down next to Gu Ang, asking in a dumb voice, “Has it started yet?”

“It seems that the leader is late, so we have to wait for a while.” Gu Ang rested his legs under the seat with an open face and looked up and down with curiosity. His eyes fell on the white neck and his expression became gossipy, “Tch, it seems someone was eaten yesterday. Lin XiuYong was a little fierce.”

“You… too direct.” Bai SiNing tugged at the collar, wanting to cover it up.

Gu Ang’s toes were tapping on the ground, lazily speaking, “Tell me, how did it suddenly progress so rapidly? A few days ago, you were still struggling with whether he had a girlfriend or not.”

“I went to see him yesterday, he was susceptible…” Bai SiNing’s face instantly turned red, and countless images flashed through his mind, thinking uncontrollably.

Gu Ang understood and nodded slowly, “So this voice of yours is because you were screaming?”

“Oh, why are you teasing me? ” Bai SiNing covered his face, his voice felt like it split, “Stop it.”

“So, I now have a very crucial question to ask you.” Gu Ang paused and his expression became serious, “Is the relationship confirmed?”

Bai SiNing was in a trance for a moment and mumbled, “Not yet…”

“Fuck, you two are really wild, this is also possible.” Gu Ang was about to die from these two, “Is it that hard to confess your love?”

“I’m afraid he doesn’t like me… In fact, if you didn’t call me, I was also ready to hide for a while. After that thing was done, I don’t know how to face him. Forget it, I’ll go to him when I’m ready.” Bai SiNing annoyingly pressed his messy hair down and changed the subject, “How late is this training?”

Gu Ang ignored his question and rubbed his chin with a puzzled look, “How did you become enlightened? Suddenly you found yourself liking him?”

Bai SiNing pursed his lips, somewhat in a trance, “Just… a sudden epiphany, enlightenment.”

The leader on stage came in, Gu Ang lowered his voice to add the last sentence, “You should be glad that you have a friend like me.”

Bai SiNing glanced at him, how he felt that there was a meaning behind those words. It was really… strange—

Lin XiuYong slept until noon, the sun outside was already bright. He frowned, didn’t open his eyes, and naturally reached out to touch the bedside position. It was empty. Eyes snapping open, he stared at the half-empty bed and froze. Where was he?

“Little Bai?” Lin XiuYong barked at the living room, to which only the dog’s voice responded.

Lin Bai Bai wagged his tail and ran in, leaping onto the bed and arching into his arms.

Lin XiuYong didn’t have time to pet the dog, grabbed his ears and questioned, “Where is Bai SiNing?”

The dog bit his finger and dragged the man toward the door.

Lin XiuYong lifted the covers and got up, hung up a robe and walked to the living room, where Lin Bai Bai stopped by the coffee table and arched his nose.

He looked down at the coffee table, on which there was a small box of pastries, and a note.

The pastry should be the new recipe that Bai SiNing said he learned yesterday, as for the note… Lin XiuYong picked up the piece of paper, read the contents, and almost died of anger. This person slept with him and ran away lightly on a note like this? He fled the scene of the crime himself, but also told him not to run around, really capable.

Blame him for not making his words clear yesterday, Bai SiNing must have misunderstood. Will he think he was susceptible to the period and treat him as a tool?… The reason for this was that Bai SiNing’s brain was very likely to turn to this. However, yesterday this person took the initiative to boldly kiss him, so he should have a good feeling for him. Or maybe he thought he was just having fun and was afraid he would have trouble facing him and was hiding?

He had never thought that the relationship between them was progressing by leaps and bounds, and ran out of ideas. Bai SiNing, this person was inscrutable, couldn’t be speculated according to normal human thoughts. The more Lin XiuYong thought about it, the more confused his mind became. He took out his communicator from his bedroom and dialed Bai SiNing’s number to try to reach him.

Just as the phone was connected, he heard a vibration coming from the couch.

“Fuck…” He quickly walked over and flipped it out, cursing a rare expletive, “What the fuck? He even left without his phone.”

He had no choice but to send a message to Gu Ang: [Do you know where Bai SiNing has gone?]

The person replied with a very skinny voice: [Now you know you’re in a hurry? What have you been doing?]

Lin: [You seem to know. Send me the address, I’ll go there now.]

Gu Ang: [You guys… it’s time you make it clear. Otherwise Bai SiNing’s brain may not know what to think.]

Lin: [I know, give me the address.]

He was so anxious and annoyed that he almost begged Gu Ang. The man didn’t give him a hard time and quickly sent a location. Lin XiuYong took a look at it and saw that it was quite far from here, a few hours away. He hurriedly changed his clothes and went out, borrowed a mecha, and entered the address to his destination.

Bai SiNing was on the run, he was really anxious this time, and messed up. In the past, the relationship between the two was as if they were separated, and he didn’t have to be obvious and follow the rules. But after that breakthrough, if he didn’t make it clear to determine the relationship, he’d look like a scum.

Moreover, he couldn’t give Bai SiNing too much time to think about it. That person had a clear mind, and may not know what kind of messy thoughts he would have. If this time passed, it might be difficult for the two of them to come together again.

It was so hard to cross back, if he lost Bai SiNing again… Lin XiuYong let out a long breath, no, he couldn’t let this happen. He increased his speed to the maximum and scrambled for time. Just by the time he reached the training site, it was dark and he had dispersed.

Lin XiuYong stood in the night, staring at the empty building, feeling overwhelmed for the first time. He lit a cigarette and circled the building while calling Gu Ang.

“Hey, where did you go?” Lin XiuYong didn’t bother with pleasantries and opened the door.

Gu Ang replied, “Little Bai said he wanted to be alone and was going home first, so he isn’t with me.”

He went home, that’s good.

“Okay, thank you…” Lin XiuYong hadn’t finished his sentence when he turned his head and saw Bai SiNing squatting behind the school building. The man was squatting on the ground alone, shrunken into a tiny ball, pulling grass from the roadside one by one.

Lin XiuYong paused in his steps and sighed with relief, “I found him, I’ll let you go first.” He walked over and grabbed Bai SiNing’s collar and asked in a cold voice, “Didn’t you go home? Why are you squatting here?”

Bai SiNing turned his head and looked at him with great effort, “Brother Lin ge…” He deflated his mouth and rambled on about the current situation, “After I separated from brother Ang, I realized that my mecha was broken and my communicator was left at your place…” 

The latter words need not be said, in short, it was tragic.

Lin XiuYong closed his eyes, with rare heavy words, “Can you grow some brains? If I didn’t come, did you plan to squat here until dawn?”

He just let go of this person for a little while, he could put himself in this situation.

“Don’t be mean to me.” Bai SiNing blinked, his tone was a little aggravated, the hand plucking grass action hadn’t stopped, “I was going to find my colleagues inside to borrow some money from them. I’m squatting here, because I’m thinking about something.”

I’m thinking How could I build up the courage to see you and tell you what I like about you? I’m thinking, how do you feel about me? Was it from desire, or was it sincere?

Lin XiuYong looked at him with downcast eyes, his voice was colder than the night, “You ran away this morning without calling me. Are you hiding from me?”

“I’m not hiding…”

“Tell the truth.”

“Okay, I’m a little messed up, I don’t know what you think… And I…” Bai SiNing spoke incoherently.

Lin XiuYong extinguished his cigarette, picked the man up from the ground and grabbed him and stuffed him into his mecha. “Forget it, don’t say it, come with me.”

Bai SiNing shrunk his neck and sat in the passenger seat, a little scared. Lin XiuYong’s face looked cold, a far cry from yesterday’s gentleness. He curled up in the chair and tried to speak, “Brother Lin, are you angry? I didn’t mean to leave you behind, I’m sorry.”

Bai SiNing reached out and tugged on his sleeve, pleasingly, “I left on the pretext that I had to leave, but I didn’t mean to, and I didn’t want to play with you. I just didn’t think about it…”

Lin XiuYong pursed his lips, didn’t say anything, just silently sped up. If he didn’t want to be with him, then he would lock him up so he could think about it slowly, until he was ready to promise. Such Bai SiNing stirred up paranoia in him. It was giving him too much time and space that delayed their progress.

Then how about… a gamble. He switched the location of his destination and headed straight for the lab at the Imperial Star. It was a secret room that belonged to him and no one knew about it.

Bai SiNing looked at the location getting more and more out of the way and panicked a little, “Where are we going?”

“You’ll know when you get there.” Lin XiuYong didn’t look at him, his expression was cold as he maneuvered the mecha.

When he reached the location, he carried Bai SiNing down with a sullen face, ignoring his struggle and went straight into the lab, opening the door with him. Putting the man against the wall, he reached out and put his hands against him to keep him from moving.

Bai SiNing’s back was against the laboratory wall, he clenched his hands, his voice trembling, “What are you doing?”

He looked at the man blankly, unable to read the emotions in his eyes.

Lin XiuYong lowered his head, fingertips quickly slid, the laboratory code locked. He didn’t want to wait, no matter why Bai SiNing hid, he now had to talk to this Little Bai idiot to make things clear. Only after doing this did he turn on the lab lights, then cupped his chin to force him to look up, “Bai SiNing, look how much I love you.”

He was going to tell him all about his love, all of it. 

Bai SiNing blinked as the light brightened and finally got a full view of the lab. It should be an abandoned warehouse converted, a large empty room. Inside, in addition to some very sophisticated-looking instruments, the walls were filled with photos.

Yes, all kinds of Bai SiNing. There was the freshman sports, there was the time to play with others after class, there was the time when he fell asleep on the table, there was also the graduation ceremony when he held the certificate…

Many, many, a whole wall. It looked spectacular when it was posted directly across from each other. What was he doing taking pictures of him?

Bai SiNing narrowed his eyes, couldn’t figure it out, couldn’t guess.

Lin XiuYong rolled the knot in his throat and slowly spoke, “Listen, I have liked you for six years combined from before to after the crossing. I’ve hinted countless times, waiting for you to get it, but you were too stupid to understand.”

“Six years…” Bai SiNing’s eyes widened, was that what he understood? Lin XiuYong had actually liked him for so long, he was probably a pig brain, retarded enough not to notice it now. 

Lin XiuYong hmmed and continued, “Do you know what I was thinking every time I heard you say that we were good friends?”

Bai SiNing shook his head, his brain a mess, still digesting the scene he saw.

“I want to kiss you forcibly so that you can’t say anything that would annoy me.” Lin XiuYong lowered his head and took the man very hard into his arms, murmuring against his ear, “But I can’t do that, I can’t force you to do something that makes you unhappy.”

He would always treat Bai SiNing with tenderness, meticulous and considerate, careful to hide his liking in his heart. Thinking that if Bai SiNing relied on him enough, he would never be able to leave.The events of today made him panic, and all of a sudden he revealed his weaknesses. His compulsion, his possessiveness, the dark side of his paranoia in his bones. Because once you had lost too much, when you regained it, you’d grasp it tighter.

He wanted Bai SiNing, this life was his alone. Without injuries, without running away, just peacefully and wholeheartedly love him.

Bai SiNing let him hold him, his brain was still short-circuiting.

Lin XiuYong saw that he didn’t say anything, in the end he was afraid of scaring him, so he switched to a soothing tone, “But you took the initiative to kiss me yesterday and sleep with me, so I can no longer let you go. Bai SiNing, you have to be responsible for me, as my boyfriend.”

Oh my God, did I get the wrong script?! Bai SiNing opened his lips slightly, shouldn’t he be the one to confess his love? This person was stealing his lines! “You… wait, let me slow down.”

“I’ll give you time to think about it then. Is three days enough time?” Lin XiuYong held him against the wall, squeezing his hand to touch the door code, “But these three days, you’re not allowed to go anywhere. If you want to leave, try out the code yourself and you can leave.”

He thought very clearly that the three-day period was false. Bai SiNing wouldn’t let anyone go until he agreed to do so. At least, at the moment Bai SiNing kissed him, he held the illusion.

Bai SiNing licked his lower lip and murmured, “It won’t take three days…”

His heart was about to explode into fireworks, and he could say yes right now. He couldn’t see Lin XiuYong’s expression, but I could feel the million sadness in his tone. Bai SiNing turned back, his finger touched the password and pressed it haphazardly, “Besides, I’m a pig brain, I can’t open such an advanced password.”

Lin XiuYong lowered his eyes, his eyelashes casting a heavy shadow. Watching his movements, he was demoralized. He was trying the password, and he really still wanted to escape. Trying to tie him down again, still feeling sad because of this knowledge. It took three years, but it wasn’t enough to get a person’s heart? Yesterday, it was probably just the whim of a child acting out. He was overthinking it, Bai SiNing didn’t like him.

The atmosphere was silent.

After a while, Bai SiNing finally reacted and reached out with a violent punch to break the combination lock.

Lin XiuYong stared at the broken codeword and froze, what was this towards?

Bai SiNing tilted his head and looked at the person with a smile, “What a coincidence. I like you too. The combination lock is broken, can we stay here?”


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Bai Bai this unique way of thinking outside the box, a little silly, but I love him. He is very special! It took a while, finally, the two are together! Thanks for the translation!

Sue R
Sue R
July 5, 2023 7:02 pm

😆😆😆 this B SN is very out of the norm, but very cute. Thank you.

July 7, 2023 12:55 pm

I love these two.
BSN still didn’t seem to feel worthy of LXY’s love and it’s taken a straight forward confession to get through to him that his feelings are reciprocated. It’s such a relief!
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 7, 2023 9:41 pm

Bai SiNing is so cute 🥰… At last, Lin Xiuyong’s dream come true💕💖

July 18, 2023 9:31 pm

I wasn’t expecting the ending, but I love it!

Thank you for the chapter!

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