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Chapter 98: New Event Announcement

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

Bai Li opened his eyes in the gaming pod at 20:00 with a smile on his face. Whether it was the completion of the quest or the great success of the players’ spontaneous activities, he felt very accomplished and in a better mood. The “Village Chief’s Residence” mission was successfully completed, and now he could arrange the game activities for this month as soon as possible.

He had written in the update announcement that the “Corn Master” event would go live on February 15, but he thought it would be rushed. He hadn’t expected the players to be so competitive and actually complete one of the tasks ahead of schedule. He could arrange the content of the event tonight, and then send out the relevant rules on his Starblog and the game’s official website. When he thought of this, Bai Li was instantly full of motivation.

“Meow?” The big golden eyes stared unblinkingly at the human, as he cocked his head and wagged his tail, but he got not even half-hearted attention from the human. The puffed-up Supreme had no choice but to make a little noise to get the human’s attention.

Before today, when he woke up with the human, the human would kiss and cuddle with him first.

“Ah, I almost forgot about you, Supreme.” Bai Li said without much guilt, and hurriedly petted the cat.

He pet Supreme around from head to tail, not even letting go of his soft belly. When he felt a stiff patch of hair on his neck, he froze and looked closer. The harder hair was not only on Supreme’s neck, but also on his face, forehead and chin, like a circle around his face. The color of this hair was slightly darker than his body, but the length was similar. When he looked at it seriously, Supreme was still the same beautiful kitty.

…Or maybe he was a big kitty.

Bai Li blinked, locked eyes with Supreme, and then reached under Supreme’s armpits and lifted him up.

Supreme was not expecting such a move from Bai Li, and was confused as he lifted him up into a long cat strip.

By lifting him up like this, the part of him that was covered with fur was exposed to Bai Li’s view, and Bai Li took a good look at Supreme’s private parts with this position, and laughed and joked that Supreme would soon be a big, mature cat.

“Meow? Meow!!!” Supreme seemed to realize what was being looked at and used his tail to cover his balls, then began to struggle hard.

When Bai Li held back a laugh and loosened the shackles, he made a flat out run to the corner of the gaming pod to hide, with only a pair of alert eyes visible to look over. How did he not know before that humans actually had such a bad hobby?

Bai Li just leaned inside the gaming pod and laughed for a while. Once he had laughed enough, he beckoned towards Supreme, as his fingertips gathered more clear grass and wood spirit energy than he usually gave Supreme, which attracted him over. “Okay, okay. Supreme, don’t be angry. How about I compensate you with something good?” he said, and wagged his finger towards Supreme.

The players’ enthusiasm for farming had risen to a high level recently, and he had received a lot more faith value. Even the clear grass and wood aura had also followed in its richness.

Supreme, was a little kitty without a position. The first time Bai Li released the clear grass and wood spirit aura, he was a little excited, and when Bai Li took the initiative to call his name and coax him over, how could he hold back?

He immediately jumped in place and darted towards the human’s arms. His head burrowed into Bai Li’s arms, and with his two front paws, he pulled the human’s fingers over. He licked and rubbed, as if he had nothing else to do.

Bai Li was used to this alternative catnip feeding method. For Supreme, licking his finger was him being lazy and content. Anyway, it was his kitten, so he could spoil him.

When the grass and wood spirit on his finger was absorbed by Supreme, Bai Li carried him out of the gaming pod.

Bai Li originally thought that Supreme would absorb the grass and wood spirit and stay the same as before. He spread in a sunny place to sunbathe his belly. After an hour or two, he would return to normal. But what he didn’t expect was that today, Supreme acted as if he was drunk, even when he followed him his feet were all twisted up, his four little paws stepped out in a serpentine walk, while his big, round eyes were all dazed, and his eyesight wasn’t coming together.

Bai Li, “…” What’s the matter? Could he continue to absorb the grass and wood spirit energy or not? Bai Li sighed and resigned himself. He picked up the kitty and put him back on his bed, the held him down for a good night’s sleep.

It seemed that he sensed his human’s thoughts, because Supreme only struggled a few times, then obediently retreated into the blanket, drowsy.

After he settled the ‘little drunkard’, Bai Li tidied up the room a bit, and then lay down in the gaming pod again. He had to figure out the content of the event on the 15th. It took two whole hours to set up some details before Bai Li officially released the event announcement.

Carefree Farmstead V, [Good evening dear players. This month’s event ‘Corn Master’ will be officially launched on February 15th, lasting a total of three days, with the following activities:

  1. Planting corn competition. The corn planted and harvested by players during the three days will be converted into points, 10 corn plants = 1 point, the points will be counted in the total points.
  2. Corn harvesting contest. Each player can participate 3 times a day, sign up at the village chief, 20 people/group will compete, points will be awarded according to the ranking of the competition, and the points will be counted into the total points.
  3. Corn Treasure Hunt. There will be a lot of items with ‘corn’ elements in the game, find them and you will be rewarded with certain points, which will be counted in the total points.

The first player with the highest total points will be rewarded directly with 2 Carefree Farmstead game spots.

I hope you can actively participate in the event, good night.]

Bai Li bid everyone good night, saw that the announcement to the netizens was posted and left the pod. In the middle of the night, the game maker of Carefree Farmstead had actually given them such a big surprise!

Everyone focused their attention on the two places that were the reward, and didn’t even want to look at the main content of the event.

[Good night? What good night?! Don’t good night us! Come out and say it clearly! Does the first place really get two game spots?]

[Oh my god! I have to hurry up and tell this news to my good friend, let him work hard in the game and try to become the first in points so I can rub a game spot. QAQ!]

[Acquire a game place in advance, I will pay 100,000 star coins. Brothers top me up, in the future I will have entered the game and give you credit!]

[All get out of the way, piss off! Let me wake up this daydreaming fool! The game’s a lot more than a million dollars.]

[Ahhhhhhh! LiLi really did not disappoint me! He’s actually willing to take out the game quota as a reward for the event! I really do not know who will be the first place, too lucky bla! Actually will get two game quota in one breath!]

[The content of the game also looks interesting, very close to the true meaning of the game, ah! I don’t know what kind of items we can exchange for points, but I feel like this will be another surprise from LiLi!]

[@Carefree Farmstead all players, have you seen the announcement? I don’t need to remind you what to do, do a good job, plant the corn, play the game, and contact me directly to sell me a place in the game. Don’t be insensitive, or I’ll beg you on my knees!]

[How can it only be two places? Where are the other three? Did LiLi give them to his friends…? Ah, I envy LiLi’s friends!]

[Envy +1]

[Envy +2]


This was just the reaction of the netizens. When the players in the game came out, after being reminded of what a ‘vicious battle’ they would face, no one praised Bai Li with a ‘big heart!’ He was not the first person to use a game slot as a reward for the event since the Holographic Game Design Competition was founded!

However, when they thought about it, with the popularity of Carefree Farmstead, nowadays, it should be famous in a range. How many people were clamoring every day for the game designer to upgrade the virtual reality game builder once again. Even the game quota had become precious. Good luck grabbing it. Get ready to pray in front of your ancestral graves!

Suddenly one day, a person’s ancestral grave can rise three bursts of green smoke, who is not happy hands and feet?

[Understood! I’m going to go and prepare a special nutrient solution for my gaming pod. For three days, I will not come out. I will count the seconds to plant corn and harvest corn. I do not believe I can not get the most points!]

[I have to hurry to go to the land that is not open. Everyone’s yard can have up to 100 plottable spots.]

[Ah, ah, ah! I just opened several magical spring water gift packs and fortunately, I did not use them. When the event begins, I will pour it all in the corn field!]

[Emm… I suddenly remembered that Song’s Blunt Opinion hands seem to have more magical spring water, ah, so isn’t this kid several steps ahead of us?]

[Not to mention Song’s Blunt Opinion, there is also Big Brother Demon Xing as the head of the star warriors, I can guarantee that when the event begins, they will definitely use the entire magical spring water!]

[Ah this…Looks like we can’t count on the first contest, but let’s try to work on our corn-breaking moves and techniques! And that third point, treasure hunting or something, this is not money that can be found, mainly depends on luck…]

[Got it! Got it! Brothers, we still have a chance! When the time comes to turn the game upside down, I don’t believe I can’t find a corn item, hehehe!]


All in all, after Bai Li sent out the announcement, both the netizens outside the game and the players inside the game acted up. Players were fist-pumping, as they vowed to be the first place in this event.

Bai Li, on the other hand, was feeling the slightly higher than usual body temperature on Supreme’s body, and looked at him with a worried face. However after probing Supreme’s body with grass and wood spirit, the result was that the other side was fine, just sleeping very deeply and soundly.

He had no experience in raising a Warm Light Beast, so he didn’t know what this meant, and made a wild guess that Supreme had grown hair on his body, causing him to overheat. So he turned the room temperature down by five degrees, and then followed and laid down.

In the darkness, Bai Li stared at Supreme for a while, and saw that he did seem to be a little more comfortable after the temperature dropped, and fell into a deep sleep.

Until he fell asleep, his hand was still loosely resting on one of Supreme’s outstretched paws, unconsciously squeezing it in his sleep.

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