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Chapter 7: Uncle Zhao, you can’t.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Wen Yu’s heart tightened. He hurriedly pulled the towel to cover his body. Before he could fully cover himself up, he heard footsteps.

No, the bathroom door wasn’t closed!

Looking sideways, Wen Yu’s eyes collided with the familiar cold and deep eyes. The towel in his hand was tightly held. He was lucky that he didn’t take off his underwear, but even so, he was still stiff, lest Zhao Zheng found out his secret.

Zhao Zheng’s eyes moved to Wen Yu’s face. When he saw Wen Yu’s tension and embarrassment, he used one hand to grab under Wen Yu’s arm. His flesh was warm and delicate. When he saw the embarrassed child, he looked over and asked, “Stand still, what do you want to do?”

“I want to wipe — my body.” Wen Yu felt that the heat suddenly rushed up, and his face turned red. He explained, “I sweated a lot.”

Zhao Zheng wanted the butler to come to serve him, but when he saw Wen Yu’s face as red as cooked shrimp, he forgot. He took the towel with his other hand, bowed his head and said, “Lean on me.”

“W-what?” Wen Yu didn’t react in time and Uncle Zhao had already grabbed him by the waist and pulled him into his arms. His injured foot couldn’t bear any weight so he was directly clinging to Uncle Zhao’s strong and hard chest. His face turned redder and he was ashamed. But it seemed like Uncle Zhao was content. Before he could say anything, Uncle Zhao said, “Hold on tight.”

Wen Yu subconsciously grabbed Zhao Zheng’s waist. Zhao Zheng turned on the tap and was twisting the towel under the water. Wen Yu knew that Uncle Zhao was going to wipe him, and immediately waved his hand. But when he pulled away, he could not support himself with only one foot, and ended up tightly holding Uncle Zhao’s waist. His face was buried in Uncle Zhao’s chest, and his nose was full of the man’s scent, cold and clear.

Very light, very special.

In such a short time, the warm towel was pressed to his back. Wen Yu’s skin could not help being covered in a layer of goosebumps. He didn’t know what was going on. There was also a sense of crispness and numbness, which made him at a loss. He said, “I’ll do it myself, Uncle Zhao —”

“Don’t move.” Zhao Zheng’s tone was cold and imperative.

Wen Yu was too scared to move. Zhao Zheng was in a good mood when he saw that the person in his arms was obedient.

But it was obvious that Zhao Zheng had never helped anyone before. Anywhere he touched was soft at first, and then became painful. The towel had turned into thorns, scraping along his back. After a while, when the towel came to Wen Yu’s arm, he could not help but whimper.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Zheng asked.

Wen Yu whispered that he was in pain. Zhao Zheng saw that under the light, the child’s fine white skin had become covered in red marks. He paused, and his hands lightened their strength and asked, “Now?”

“It’s okay.” In fact, it was still a little heavy, but he dare not ask too much.

Zhao Zheng saw the thought on Wen Yu’s face, and he lightened his touch even more, thinking that the child had become so charming now.

When he rubbed his chest, Wen Yu blushed, held Uncle Zhao’s hand that was wiping him down, and said bravely, “I’ll do the rest myself.”

“Yourself?” Zhao Zheng obviously didn’t believe it. Seeing Wen Yu’s red face and thinking of something, he handed the towel to Wen Yu, but he still held Wen Yu’s waist with one hand.

Wen Yu wiped his body casually, feeling relieved.

After cleaning, Zhao Zheng helped Wen Yu to the bed. His face was cold and hard. He stood beside the bed and looked coldly down at Wen Yu, who was wrapped in a quilt. He said, “If you need anything, just call the butler, or you can call me.”

Wen Yu peeked from the covers, his face flushed. Then he nodded and said, “I will. Thank you, Uncle Zhao.”

When Zhao Zheng left, Wen Yu lifted the quilt and shuffled barefoot to the window and partially opened it. The cold air outside blew in, and the heat on his body declined. He sat by the bed and looked outside at the dark. It was quiet here, even the wind didn’t make much sound.

The temperature of his body dropped, and his heart calmed down. Wen Yu wrapped himself in the quilt and soon fell asleep.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, Zhao Zheng needed to go to his company and said to Wen Yu, who stayed at home, “Stay here. It’s not convenient to move. I’m not at ease if you are alone.”

“It’s a little injury. I can’t bother Uncle Zhao. I can… I can go back to the dormitory.” Wen Yu hurriedly said that he didn’t want to stay here to bother people. Uncle Zhao was very good, but they had just met.

Zhao Zheng’s eyes were cold, and he said, “I’m not talking to you.” And he said to the butler, “Look after him.”

“Uncle Zhao!” Wen Yu cried out.

In response, he was left looking at the figure of Zhao Zheng who had left. Wen Yu was a little angry. Lately, he felt that Zhao Zheng was a little dictatorial. Usually, he would compromise on small matters. But what happened just now made him feel disrespected.

The butler bowed and said, “Master is also thinking about your health. You live alone outside. You can’t walk around since your foot is injured. It’s troublesome.”

“I know he means well, but —” Wen Yu thought for a while but didn’t go on. He thought it would be better to go to school tomorrow and he would go back to the apartment directly. He didn’t believe Zhao Zheng would forcefully tie and bring him back here.

Due to his foot injury, Wen Yu cancelled his tutoring sessions. He stayed in the villa and had nothing to do. After eating, he slept since he couldn’t walk around. Wen Yu only came to know today that there was not only the butler and the maid, but also several gardeners, cooks, bodyguards and drivers in the villa. But even though there were a dozen of them there, the villa was very quiet. Without Zhao Zheng’s instructions, they rarely walked around. Even if they appeared, they were quiet and orderly.

Wen Yu was also frightened by the maid who suddenly appeared. She was holding the fruit plate and smiling softly, “Young master, please have some.”

The woman put down the fruit tray and left with a bow. Wen Yu didn’t know what to think. He looked at the maid’s feet and saw her shadow under the light. Wen Yu was relieved, but he thought his reaction was funny. He secretly berated himself, “What are you thinking about? How can the people here be ghosts? Wouldn’t that make Uncle Zhao a ghost?”

However, when he looked away, the shadow of the maid’s head was slanted down, but the maid walked straight without moving her head.

In the afternoon, Zhao Zheng came back and had his lunch in the dining room. Wen Yu was still angry, but seeing Zhao Zheng’s expression was the usual, he was a little frustrated and felt that he was being too childish.

The time in the villa seemed a little long because it was too quiet, but Wen Yu stayed still and then the afternoon had arrived.

The butler and the others would not talk with him. So after what felt like a day of holding back, Wen Yu was a little excited when he saw Zhao Zheng. He moved from the dining table to the living room, where there were variety shows on the TV. The living room became lively.

Wen Yu saw Zhao Zheng on the sofa frowning slightly because of the variety show. Obviously, he was not used to such noisy programs. Wen Yu had a little joy of being successful in his mischief. Who asked him not to reason with me in the morning? Hmph!

“Uncle Zhao, let’s play a different game today.” Wen Yu was not going to play checkers.

Zhao Zheng raised his eyebrows, and his cold face showed what he thought.

Wen Yu saw that and his heart suddenly skipped a beat, but soon recovered. He changed his posture and asked Uncle Butler, “Do you have any cards? Let’s play cards. If only we had a video game system…” he said.

“Cards?” The butler had some doubts on his face. After leaving, he quickly came back out with a new deck of cards.

Wen Yu wanted to play ‘fight the landlord’ 1 with the three people together, but the butler wouldn’t play, so he had to play ‘Guess the Bigger Number’ with Zhao Zheng. It was a boring game, but Wen Yu was interested because he won several times against Uncle Zhao and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhao, you can’t play cards.”

Maybe he was too proud, because after that, he didn’t win another game.

Until ten o’clock, Wen Yu’s face was wrinkled. Fortunately, he didn’t bet anything. He initially wanted to make the loser paste paper strips on their face as punishment. 

It took a long time for Wen Yu to understand men did not understand the word ‘No’, especially Uncle Zhao.

The next morning, the driver took him to school. It took him only half an hour from the villa to the university gate, which was too fast.

“Shortcut.” The driver then got out of the car and opened the door. He respectfully said, “I will come to pick up the young master in the afternoon.”

“No, I won’t go back today.” Wen Yu wanted to sneak away, but it was not good to let the driver wait for him. He could only tell the truth.

“I’ll be waiting for you unless the Master says otherwise.” The driver finished and got in the car.

Wen Yu stood there frowning. What can I do?!

Before he could limp to the classroom, he met Gao Yang. The latter saw him and ran to help him. He looked at him seriously and said, “Wen Yu, I thought for a night and made a decision.”

Wen Yu seldom saw Gao Yang’s serious expression, and was shocked by this look. “What’s the decision?”

“I decided to remove Ji TianTian from my list of goddesses and stop chasing her.” Gao Yang replied.

Wen Yu thought he was saying something stupid. He thumped Gao Yang when he heard the news and said with a smile, “And I thought it was something important. Do whatever you want.”

But Wen Yu didn’t expect Gao Yang to actually stop pestering Ji TianTian. Instead, it was Ji TianTian who took the initiative to run to their class. Just after their class at noon, Ji TianTian and Xu WeiWei blocked them at their class entrance. Many people in the class knew that Gao Yang was after Ji TianTian, so when they saw her, they began a discussion.

Gao Yang was going to explain but he didn’t expect Ji TianTian to come in first, and she moved right in front of Wen Yu, “Wen Yu, I’m sorry about Saturday.”

Wen Yu felt that Ji TianTian was a little annoying. But looking at the lively scene in the class, he stopped. Since she had come to apologize, he couldn’t say anything, so he nodded. This matter was resolved. Unexpectedly, Ji TianTian said, “I want to invite you..guys to dinner. Last time, you guys paid for it. I feel bad.”

“No.” Wen Yu thought that he could not eat well with Ji TianTian there.

Ji TianTian’s eyes turned to Gao Yang. In the past, Gao Yang would have a meal with Ji TianTian no matter what, but this meeting had already been decided by Gao Yang. He said without hesitation, “Wen-zi, let’s go eat at the canteen.”

When Gao Yang said this, Ji TianTian lost face. She bit her lower lip and smiled, and said, “Well, next time then.” She followed Xu WeiWei out.

After lunch, there was only one class in the afternoon. It was over by three o’clock. Gao Yang helped Wen Yu out and said, “Since you are injured like this, just live in the dormitory. I’m afraid that when you go to the toilet in the middle of the night, you will fall on the ground…”

“Gee, that car is so familiar. Wasn’t that the one that picked you up —” Gao Yang stopped talking.

Wen Yu glanced up and was stunned, “Uncle Zhao?”

He didn’t expect that Zhao Zheng would come to pick him up in person. Standing outside the car, he saw them look at him, so he walked over briskly.

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