GDC Chapter 25

GDC Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Malicious third party

However, only stepping one step up, the ankle became sweeter and looked like it fell on the ground. Along with the change of expression, Lan WangJi quickly returned to Mount Dafan and hurried hands. After Wei Wu Xian’s recovery, Lan Wang Ji looked at his legs with one leg. Wei WuXian was a little shocked. “N-n-no, HanGuang-Jun. You do not have to do that.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The Ranch house lifted her head a bit, the second pale-colored eye was absorbed into her, watched and wrapped his pants legs. Still not worried about his face, Wei Wu Xian could not do anything in search of heaven.

All his legs were covered with stupid black silhouettes.

Lan Wang Ji said with a harsh voice for a while: “… I left a little time.

Wei Wu Xian says, “It’s time, everything can happen.

Slowly when we come to find me, we can not just kill it. This is the only significant sign of the cry, “Ran Wang Ji has pulled out. HanGuang Jun, you need to help me. If you do not, I can not handle it. Who are you caught? Is he to him? Where is he now?

Lan Wang Ji lifted a shield in the store, far from the street. Wei Wu Xian, “We will resolve the theme of the first stone castle,” continued, then he went to the store. Maybe Zidiano, he had not noticed before, but his legs felt a little. Since Chiang Kai-shek was dominated by Zidane’s forces, it was not a heavy stern, which was a thunderstorm.

Lan Wang Ji stood behind him. He suddenly called “Wei Ying”.

Wei Wu Xian stopped looking. Second, he pretended that he would never have heard of that word and answered the question “What?”

Lan Wang Ji, “It was moved by Jin Ling’s body.”

No doubt, but there was a statement. THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!?!

Wei Wuxian said nothing. Lan Wang Ji told again. “You’ve met Jiang Waninin.”

It’s not hard to know about the brand that Zidian left on Lower Mark. Wei Wu Xian said: “We live in this world, but definitely we will meet sooner or later.”

Lan Wang Ji, “Do not go …”

Wei Wu Xian said: “If I do not go, how do I want to take me back or something?

“…” Ranke looked at her calmly. Wei WuXian knocked on his face, as if his sensual sense had moved his mind.

If it were Ran Zhan, then he certainly shook without speaking in these words, he totally ignored him, or he would leave a cold face. However, Lan Zan’s reaction will now be hard to say. When he listened to these words and waited, as if he truly took back to Wei Wuxian on his back, despite the honorable genuiĝos and his good conditions, Ran Wang Ji, he walked in front of me. Shock said, “I was not serious, stopped and stopped. Zidian hit me a bit, so it was just crazy that it was not broken. It is being delivered to someone else’s back. It will be bad for adults, for example.” We returned to WuXian

Lan Wang Ji asked: “Does it look bad?

Wei Wu Xian replied: “Does it look good?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

After a moment of silence, Lan Wang Ji answered. “But you also took me in front of you.

Wei Wu Xian said: “Has this been the case? Why do not you remember?

Ran WangJi answered indifferently: “You do not remember such a thing.”

Wei Wuyi said: “Everyone says that I have bad memory. I’m fine, in any case, I can not take me back.

Lan Wang Ji, “Are you true?”

We replied that WuXian had solved: “I’m sure.

Two were silent over time. Suddenly one of LAN WangJi’s hands, LAN Wang Ji lay a little, the other went to the back of his knees and wrapped his back.

Wei Wuxian is shorter and lighter than him. So he was easy to lift, and his body clutched a few solid weapons. We WuXian did not expect the answer to this. It was the first time that he was regarded as anybody in his past and in his present life. He was afraid: “Lan Zhan!”

When he transpired, Lan Wang Ji always walked and constantly replied to him. “You said that I do not want to carry my back.

Wei Wu Xian said: “I did not say that I would take it too.

Fortunately it was late at night. No person walking on the street was very shy. We at WuXian had something even thin faces. After several steps, he quickly relaxed. How he played in front of the clothes at LAN WangJi, pretending to pull it, sighed, “Do you want to see your face or thicken you?”

Cold sandalwood smell wrapped her. Without worrying about her, Ran Wang Ji looked straight, held fair, serious, did not respond. As he continued to play wearing clothes at LAN WangJi, to see that it could not affect him, because we Wuxian have a heart run over revenge The thought is really strong, I think of myself. He makes me pay many times. I recently forgot about it. This is such an improvement. In addition to improving my cultivation, I improved this face.

Wei Wu Xian asked: “Lan Zhan, you knew what we were, because we were on the Mount of Dafa, right?”

Ran the king, “Yes.”

Wei Wuxian asked: “How can you say?

Ran Roja saw it and said, “Do you want to know? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei Wuxian said: “Yes.

Lan Wang Ji, “You said to yourself.

“Jo Jin Ring, myself, because I call Wen Jiabing? None of these, do not you?” Wei Wu Xian

Lan Wang Ji’s eyes looked like something transmitted to the fragment. The sad wave for a moment remained awake, and his eyes were still rainy with water.

He said seriously: “I thought.”

Vei Wuxin answered. “I ask you because I do not think of the reason.

This time it does not matter how he asked, Ran royal family refuses to answer. In Wei Wuyi in his hands, he entered the shelter. None of the eyewitnesses strangely does not work from the computer staff before dipping other water to one water. When they arrived at the door in the room, Wei WuXian was “fine. It was here. It’s time for you to fall down. With the third hand to help you open the door I do not …”

Before he finished his words, Lan Wang Ji did something very serious. Perhaps what he had done so far was the first time in his life.

Having Wei WuXian, he got out of the door.

Open two doors and a man sitting nerve, I was going to yell at once: “HanGuang- May 6 I do not know, I do not know, I …”

He noticed the state in which two people entered, for example, he could finish the last sentence as soon as possible when he saw them in heaven, “… I really do not know.”

It was really a “shake head”.

He acted as if he did not see anything, Ran Wang Ji took inside Wei Wu Xian and built him on a bamboo mat. NIE Huai Sang seemed as if he did not see the event, so soon he put his face and opened her fan. We WuXian went to the fans to check him out. Despite the fact that for many years he had passed, his classmates did not change anything. He looked like he was again. He was born with an elegant and attractive face, but his expression appeared to him as if he could do what he could do. His elegant suit showed a good taste for the clothes, which means he certainly thought about it. Compared to sectarian leaders, he looked innocent. Even if he was wearing emperor’s clothes, he does not seem to be a prince. Even if it is sand, he looks like a farmer.

He later Ran Wang Ji denied that the spiritual dog placed a piece of cloth on a table, this is not a problem. NIE Huai Sang answered miserably and then felt that his sleeve was missing some fighting: “I just happened that I do not know anything about it”

Wei Wu Xian said: “If you do not understand, I will speak. When you listen to me, maybe you will get acquainted with you knowing some things.”

Knee HuaiSang opened and closed his mouth several times and could not answer. Wei WuXian continued, “In the areas of Xinglu ridge Qinghe, on” people’s eating ridge “, but there were rumors about the” human food castle “, because there were not some real victims, that’s the only Clearly, the hearing will do it. In fact, the first – ordinary people avoid avoiding Xinglu-Crest just like it, its true function is to act as a line of defense.

If there is “the first is the second.” Even as the second line of defense is not afraid of rumors about the corpse. People eat a castle to walk on the neck of Xinglu – someone entered the family camp deliberately or accidentally See them, the dead who go behind them, they will run away, but these feet is weak, with the number of electricity being converted, so as not to cause any actual damage.

“The third line of defense is a set of stone castle drops, only the first two, that is to protect from farmers, but it works only against media farmers, but the usual If you are a producer who possesses spiritual weapons or if you specialize in dog breeding in the Maus Army or if you’re just as powerful a grower as HanGuang-Jun, this line of defense will be It’s broken. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“There are three protection measures hidden from the discovery of the Xinglang stone stone castle. The person who built the stone castle is very clear: it is NIE It is an area of ​​sect that appeared in the vicinity of Ishikawa’s palace from the other, leaving evidence.”

“The very purpose of QingheNie’s sect is to build the Xinglu Ridge? Two people eat a castle, they came to the corpse can do it? Wall eat what? Seek director No, you can not give a precise description to us here In the absence of time when all secrets are revealed, if there is it’s time, all the sect and tribes are afraid to come here to find you, even if you want to find out things to listen to, believe in you, not arbitrary. ”

It’s as if he gives NIE Huai a chant: “It’s not a cannibal castle, it’s … it’s my only ancient nation state …” desperately replied

Wei Wu Xian said: “Prefer field, what is a good graveyard, is a spatula, not a corpse?”

NIE HuaiSang, before I explained things, you can promise me something, HanGuang Jun “answered with sad faces? Our two followers are long known to each other and our owner swears why I do not care which two of you as witness some good things If you could say then, then … then let’s say next to you 1 tells you that nobody will look. If the secret is revealed in the future, I am very grateful. You have always been right in your words. Promising, I believe in you .

Lan Wang Ji, “What do you want to do?”

Wei Wuxian asked: “After all, this means that it is not a castle that people can eat, does this mean that nobody consumes it?”

Nie Huai Sang bent his teeth and answered obediently: “… that is.

Wei WuXian, “Wow”

HuaiSang from nowhere, adding that “But it was only once! And another failure, there was not our sect, it’s 10 years ago! Do! Xinglu-rumble cannibalism castle on the ridge then it started from me … I prevent the fire and rumors grew.
Note Translator

Wei Ying: There are some people (like Addis Editor), which everyone is forgetting, but Wei Ying is the name of Wei WuXian’s birthday. A person’s birth name can only be invited by close friends and family. Otherwise, it is considered incorrect. Since Lan Wang Ji was a friend once, we call it Wei Wu Xian Wei Ying. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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  2. I wanted to add that the TN is slightly misleading to Han Quang-Jun’s personality. He is not the type to call someone by their birth name just because they were classmates. He is a very formal person. He has only ever called his close brother “Elder Brother” with complete respect. You will never see him refer to his close relative even by affectionate name. He calls Wei Yin by name for a different reason then that they were classmate. 🙂

    1. I apologize for the wording. I absolutely see your point of HanGuang-Jun not being the type of person to call anyone by their birth name. However, I’m a bit confused by your wording of “a different reason”. Which specific reason are you referring to? I’ve always thought that there were multiple reasons, but then again, my first and second reads were quite some time ago, and I haven’t finished my third read yet, so I may have forgotten. Thanks for pointing this out 🙂

      1. Sorry. I didn’t mean to lead the conversation towards anything by saying a different reason. I just meant the reason isn’t as simple as the fact that they were classmates. Or else he would be calling everyone familiarly. As for the actual reason, it is only my interpretation because I don’t think the author literally stated this. To me the reason is the very same as to why he lets Wei Ying touch the ribbon on his head. He personally sees Wei Ying as more than a friend.

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      The reason why Lan Zhan recognized WWX is a spoiler. It will be revealed somewhere around chapter 55-60 I think?

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