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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yi Nan was dumbfounded when he came up and said, “This is the style of S-class students?”

Ji Meng, “Oh.”

Yi Nan said unconvincingly, “You exploit the canteen’s loopholes, and simply don’t take the rules seriously!”

“Oh.” Lu AnHe also slowly followed Ji Meng’s tone, “I did this on my first day here, and it didn’t affect me to get an S grade.”

At that time he was the first one to raise his hand and ask for his score confidently, ending up with a C grade. This incident has become a psychological shadow of Yi Nan, and hearing people mention it, his face was almost red.

Lu AnHe narrowed his eyes, “You’re the one who started the trouble, and you’re the one who couldn’t stop and had a tough mouth. What exactly is your business here?”

Naturally, he had a few issues, but because he didn’t like the look of the two, he rushed up to them to say a couple of words

——The point was that he hated them.

Although the training content was different, the intensity varied, the army routine periodic assessment would have all of them regularly drilled and audited in various ways, and then each time the results would be recorded and the scores would be recalculated on the basis of the cadet’s individual rank.

According to the time projection, there would soon be a new examination.

Because of the different training, everyone’s progress varied. Where the training intensity was higher, the students would certainly be getting better in the assessment, like a snowball, so that at the end only the best would remain, and those who couldn’t keep up with the progress would regrettably had to leave.

Yi Nan has always been upset, so recently he would pay special attention to the S and other students’ training situation, wanting to see if he still had an opportunity.

The two of them were now angry after his mocking words, so his original plan to ask about the training with a smile seemed to be impossible.

A little hatred grew in his heart.

Maybe he could have been Lu AnHe’s roommate if he had persuaded him a few more times, but this person, who had no presence at all, came out of nowhere, and even if he had spoken rudely, he dragged Lu AnHe with him.

He completely forgot that he had received benefits from Lu AnHe at the beginning of the camp, and also forgot that it had nothing to do with the decision of the other.

But the shame he felt when the results were announced was still fresh in his mind, and an Alpha was naturally competitive, so this emotion quickly festered, making him no longer “friendly” to the person in front of him at first.

“Aren’t you leaving yet?” The daily training time was long enough, so spending more time with this person was a complete waste of time, and Lu AnHe didn’t want to talk any more nonsense.

He obviously asked this for the unpleasant encounter to end, and without even waiting for an answer, moved his gaze away, hooked Ji Meng’s shoulder and turned away.

The two of them didn’t pay attention to him again.


Ji Meng let him hook his shoulder and walk back, only to find that the other really intended to return to the dormitory, before asking, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No.” Lu AnHe’s voice didn’t sound unhappy.

Ji Meng tilted his head to look over.

The other man was still wearing the training uniform, but in the darkness no one would see his appearance, so he took off his hat, lazily playing with it. The not-so-bright street light fell on his profile, as Lu AnHe raised a smile, “I’m not craving anymore.”

“Oh.” Ji Meng nodded his head.

No one took the matter to heart, so Lu AnHe said goodbye to Ji Meng and went to take a shower first, but he didn’t expect that when he walked out of the bathroom with my hair wiped, there was no one in the house

His roommate didn’t go out much except for training, and would occasionally look at the latest mecha designs when he was free, so it was clear that he really wanted to own a mecha.

Lu AnHe called Ji Meng’s name twice in confusion without response, frowning and wondering where he went.

In the training department, you couldn’t use a personal communicator with too many functions, so everyone used a special communicator that would only work in the camp.

He was wiping his hair when he noticed a little noise coming from Ji Meng’s desk and saw that the other didn’t bring his communicator.

Lu AnHe wanted to go over and help him turn it off, but heard that Ji Meng’s connection tone wasn’t the standard one.

It was a song he had never heard before, with an ancient and exotic tune, a unique and unfamiliar voice with a gentle melancholy, a heart wrenching ballad.

He had just put his hand over it when a door opened.

Ji Meng stood in the doorway, holding something in his hand, so Lu AnHe shook the communicator in his hand, “I was just about to you.”

The other nodded, so Lu AnHe added, “Very nice tune.”

Ji Meng’s eyes showed a little happiness, “Mn, I especially like it. I even think that if I have my own mecha in the future, I will give it this name.”

“That would be convenient for you.” Lu AnHe’s tone was full of certainty.

Ji Meng smiled along with him, then remembered something and said, “Oh, this is for you.”

As he spoke, he handed the item in his hand to Lu AnHe.

It was a piece of cake that was still warm.

“Borrowed the canteen baking machine to make it,” Ji Meng’s smiling eyes were very bright, “You just said you lost your craving, but it was surely just spoiled.”

“I went through the ingredients that can be used quickly in the canteen and that’s it,” He was confident in his craft, “It won’t be noticed, try it quickly.”

Lu AnHe froze for a rare moment.

“Is that what you just went to make?”

“Ah.” Ji Meng felt nothing wrong, and even thought that Lu AnHe disliked it, so he hurriedly said, “I used to make these all the time, and it tastes very good.”

Lu AnHe tossed the towel aside, the tips of his hair still wet with moisture, took the cake from Ji Meng’s hand and threw it into his mouth in one bite.

The two were so close that Ji Meng could smell the pleasant scent of the other person’s body just after showering, so his eyes dodged for a moment, he grabbed his clean clothes and went to the bathroom, “I, I’m going to take a shower.”

Lu AnHe swallowed it, the taste was indeed very good, the handicraft of the logistics department was estimated to be no match for him.

He called Ji Meng’s name, the other party stood still in response, but didn’t turn around.

Lu AnHe lost his smile, he didn’t expect that the low-key good student would now actually be stuck in the surveillance, sneaking to the cafeteria at night, just to bake a cake for his roommate.

He smiled at Ji Meng’s back and said, “Did you learn to be mischievous from me?”

This time Ji Meng turned back, half of his face sideways and said, “I was never a good person.”

I don’t know if I’m a good person or not.

Lu AnHe laughed in his heart.

He stuffed the remaining half of the cake into his mouth again, smiling and taking a step closer, because he knew Ji Meng wanted to take a shower, simply nonchalantly used the hand that had just touched the cake to pull a handful of the other’s hair, leaving a little fresh sweet fragrance, “Okay, then go wash it, bad egg.”


The stage cycle test soon began, this was the first time since the grouping, so they all paid particular attention.

This was a large exercise, but instead of going to a distant border area like the base, the exercise was conducted internally.

The grouping was a personal lottery system, the same lodging people may be teammates, but may also be opponents. The contents of the exercise varied, but of course the most important thing was to destroy the core command of one of the parties, which was considered a victory.

Ji Meng and Lu AnHe didn’t draw the same group, and when the exercise was about to begin, Lu AnHe patted Ji Meng as he stuck to the blue side’s badge, “Bad egg, want to show mercy?”

The other was amused by him, “That also depends on whether you give the opportunity.”

The two of them casually chatted a few words before returning to their respective teams, and when Lu AnHe looked at his teammate beside him, he didn’t hide his dissatisfaction — Yi Nan actually drew a group with him.

However, he didn’t really feel the need to be concerned about this.

The number of unified mechs used in the exercise was limited, and the number of restrictions or other training requirements didn’t allow for one person to have a mecha, so sometimes there would be a situation where the previous person ran out and then a person continued to pilot against enemy.

Instead, Yi Nan, as if forgetting the unpleasantness of that day, took the initiative to ask him, “Lao Lu, the mecha assigned to you, which gear do you use to start the engine with?”

Lu AnHe looked at him lightly, “Both can be used.”

Yi Nan didn’t get a clear answer so he didn’t ask again.

Lu AnHe didn’t drive the mecha this round, but was assigned to a ground team and decisively chose to continue to close in, first wiping out a wave of defensive forces on the opposite side, and then began to communicate with his teammates.

“The defense is weak at nine o’clock, but it is too far from my group, apply for a long-range mecha to annihilate.”

Yi Nan’s voice rang out in the mecha, “Roger.”

A few seconds later, the dedicated maneuver bomb flew forward in the direction Lu AnHe said, “Completed attack.”

Of course the red side wasn’t likely to fall over like that, Ye Ling, who was in charge of the defense, had already predicted the strike point and entered the program to interfere with the missile when it was about to reach him, and eventually the trajectory deviated and the blue fire failed to hit.

Lu AnHe narrowed his eyes and listened to the reports of the other team members, “This was not a successful attack.”

Yi Nan stammered, “I… I followed the instructions.”

“Do you need to be reminded of such things as orbital deviation and calculation?” Someone began to reprimand over the communicator.

Lu AnHe rubbed his face and continued to advance with his team.

But every time it came time to need mecha support, the other team’s controls always went wrong, and although it wasn’t a major problem, it directly led to Blue slowly burying the advantage they started with, gradually being dragged into their dominant zone by Red.

“How about we switch mecha drivers?” A member of the group suggested over the communicator.

The originally competitive Yi Nan took the initiative this time and said, “Okay, I’m not playing steadily, I’ll go to the ground troops. Are you coming, Luo Lu?”

Everyone knew Lu AnHe’s strength, so after hearing Yi Nan speak, they agreed with him.

He didn’t refuse and agreed with a “Mn”.

When he arrived at the mecha interchange, he found that Yi Nan hadn’t done a good job of concealing the facility, so the location of their mecha could easily be discovered by the other side.

He raised an eyebrow and got into the mecha, observing the cockpit and the display before saying, “Continue.”

What happened next was exactly what they predicted.

After Lu AnHe sent two rounds in a row, the Blue mecha’s position was revealed, and Red decided not to hunker down in the camp while the blue team wasn’t paying attention.

It seemed to be trying to go past the other tedious steps and tackle the blue mecha directly first.

“Old Lu, watch out!”

The red mecha came in aggressively, with its engine fire turned up to the maximum, coming straight at Lu AnHe with the maximum intensity acceptable for the drill.

Lu AnHe reacted quickly, first taking two steps back immediately, then using the distance and shockwave at this point to take advantage of the opportunity to fend off the first wave of attacks, and everyone thought he would continue to retreat, but he suddenly fired up a return attack in mid-air, igniting the arsenal of weapons—

He wanted to counterattack!

The red mecha was clearly excited, too, and it was clear that the pilot inside was very skilled and experienced, dodging several of Lu AnHe’s attempts to catch him in the act, and even managing to build up his energy in the process, trying to take advantage of the situation and attack again.

At the same time, the blue mecha’s arsenal of weapons had already been successfully built up, and his right arm was glowing brightly, as he was about to attack the red mecha.

To their surprise, the blue mecha’s fuselage suddenly shook violently, and the light of the right arm, which had successfully stored energy, was instantly dimmed, and the whole mecha lunged forward as if it was out of control!

This was… The pilot failed to adjust the initial driving parameters?

This was a very basic mistake, but also a very fatal mistake. If this happened on a real battlefield, it was almost equal to becoming a sitting duck.

The key problem now was that if the mecha really got out of control and the pilot didn’t control it well, even though it was loaded with virtual ammunition, it would still fall hard from mid-air with the mecha, and might get injured—

In the next second, the red mecha instantly sensed this, and immediately stopped all attacks, accelerating towards Lu AnHe’s mecha, using its impact as momentum to hold the other side up without falling until it landed unharmed.

The soldier from the blue side spoke in a whisper over the communication.

“Old Lu missed?”

“He would actually fail to do such a basic check? It shouldn’t be.”

“…It’s a bit of a pity. Maybe it could have been a fight.”

“It’s good that it was a drill, and it’s good that the other side saw it, or old Lu might have had to fall and hurt himself.”

“Yeah. Old Lu how are you?! Can you hear me?”

Lu AnHe readjusted his communicator and said through clenched teeth, “Yes.”

Although he wasn’t injured, the impact of the sudden fall and the collision with the other mecha was still very strong, which made him sit in the driver’s seat for a few minutes to recover.

There was a small accident, and the exercise was suspended to check the safety of the mecha and personnel, with all channels temporarily turned on.

Just as everyone was wondering who was driving the red mecha, everyone heard a teenage boy’s voice with a touch of anger, “Is Yi Nan there?”

An enthusiastic soldier immediately reported a location, “Here he is. What’s wrong?”

Everyone watched as the red-sided mecha moved and drove directly to where Yi Nan was.

A few moments later, the cockpit door opened and a teenager in a pilot’s suit came out of it.

He seemed to have a good temper in everyone’s eyes, and although he didn’t say much, he always seemed to be smiling.

At this moment, however, there was no smile on his face, and the emotion in his eyes was even icy cold. He came down from the elevator and walked step by step to Yi Nan.

Just when Yi Nan wanted to speak, the other party suddenly pointed a laser gun at his forehead.

“Apologize.” Ji Meng’s face was expressionless, and the original quietness, friendliness, and occasional blush from the training sessions all disappeared, only the tightly pursed lips and cold eyes remained.

Everyone froze.

Although they knew that there was no live ammunition in the dispensing gun, to make such a move so brazenly in a non-drill situation was undoubtedly against the rules.

“You were driving the last wave, you must have changed the engine parameters of this mecha to try to induce him to fall, right?”

When he said this, everyone understood why Lu AnHe had made such a cheap mistake.

——It turned out that it was the previous person who had tampered with it.

Ji Meng slightly moved his index finger, pressed the gun harder against the other person’s forehead, and repeated what he had just said, “I said, apologize to him.”

Lu AnHe found Ji Meng in the confinement room.

He sneaked in, because the other was punished with a week of confinement to reflect on his mistakes, during which he couldn’t participate in other training.

Of course, Yi Nan, who maliciously framed his teammate, was sent directly out of the training department and never had the chance to come back in.

When Lu AnHe entered the confinement room, Ji Meng was staring at the window while holding his cheeks.

He looked like he was in a good mood, not very depressed at all.

Lu AnHe knocked on the wall before Ji Meng came back from his daze.

“Why are you here…” He didn’t finish his sentence, but Lu AnHe covered his mouth with his hand.

Ji Meng couldn’t say anything, and was left looking at the other with unblinking eyes.

“I came here secretly, so keep your voice down.” Lu AnHe said, then removed his palm from the other’s face, which still had a warm breath on it, “I wanted to see how my roommate is doing.”

“Nothing major.” Ji Meng said.

“Let me see what the reason for your confinement is.”

Lu AnHe walked over and looked at the line on Ji Meng’s light brain.

“Bullying a fellow soldier.” He read it out.

After all, pointing a gun at the other party was a very serious offense, and even though the other party was at fault, Ji Meng was still punished by the training department.

But hearing this, Ji Meng, who was still in a good mood, suddenly opened his mouth stiffly.

“He’s not a fellow soldier.” He pursed his lips and said very stubbornly.

“He deliberately framed his teammate, which makes him unworthy of being called a fellow soldier. Luckily I noticed it…”

“Hey, don’t be angry, don’t be angry,” Lu AnHe said hastily, “I knew he wanted to get me, and I could also ensure that nothing would happen to me so I let him do it. Otherwise it would be troublesome if he denied it and we had no proof.”

“Then…” Ji Meng spoke, but then repeated, “Anyway, he’s not a fellow soldier.”

“Okay, okay, not a fellow soldier,” Lu AnHe laughed, feeling as if he needed to coax his roommate.

Lu AnHe flicked the teenager’s forehead and spoke with a smile, “I’m your fellow soldier, okay?”


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