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Interstellar’s First Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

Chapter 27: Super Monster

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The whole body of the gray-brown monster finally revealed itself. The light of the sun which had just climbed into the sky was covered by its huge body, and the huge shadow even covered the people 1000 meters away. The images displayed by the whole hologram were almost fully occupied by this huge monster. It only moved slightly, and even the earth began to vibrate. The trees under its tentacles immediately turned into pieces of powder that disappeared.

The dark red eyes that had narrowed into crescent slits in its eye sockets, had been motionless staring at them, it’s grinning huge mouth seemed to show them a similar scornful smile.

“Everyone stand still,” Sheryl’s voice was muffled under the pressure of this giant monster.

In front of such a huge super creature, everything had become tiny and insignificant light dust. Maybe in its eyes, as long as it moved its tentacles, it could easily crush them!

If the enemy did not move, it would not move.

At that moment, it seemed that even time was still, all the mechas were standing in place 1000 meters away from the monster. And the monster also, strangely, took no action, even its tentacles were lying on the ground with no movement.

Ye Shao looked at the monster staring at them, on guard. His hands were not slack at the top of the operation interface. As soon as the monster moved, he will quickly input commands.

Even Long Yuan was seriously staring at the monster in the holographic image, and the bloody dark light belonging to the predator was revealed in his dark pupils. This was the only worthy opponent he had ever met since he came to Alpha!

Xuan Feng, sitting in the front passenger’s seat, began to get excited and anxious. It was staring at the monster in front of him, constantly circling around the seat. “Little Long Yuan, this opponent looks very strong. Aren’t you ready to use me?” The big round black eyes eagerly looked at Long Yuan, and his eyes were full of ‘use me, use me quickly, I can’t wait to go out and play, and exercise my muscles and bones. By the way, let those low-grade mechas have a look at what is really a high-end foreign-style top-grade mecha, and then they’ll all be jealous to death.’

Long Yuan didn’t turn his head, and his deep voice sounded slowly, “It’s not time yet.”

Xuan Feng stood still for a moment, but now there was no time. When could he move? Originally in the Empire, since it was developed, it had only carried out a few combat tests and index corrections, and had never fought a real enemy.

It was like watching a large piece of cake in front of him, but the owner did not give it any to eat. His owner deliberately put the cake far away and only gave it a smell of the charming and sweet aroma. It was like stifling the rhythm of a mecha!

Was it possible that in its lifetime, it could only look at it eagerly, but could never touch the battlefield?!

Here Xuan Feng became more and more sad. Where there was originally static, the monster finally launched the first round of attack! A tentacle like a gray wall swept towards everyone with a ‘whoosh’ sound that everyone heard clearly.

Ye Shao entered a command on the interface as soon as the monster swept its tentacle. One foot of the white mecha stepped on the ground, and his body quickly leaped back. After several jumps, he avoided the attack range of the monster’s tentacles.

Long Yuan moved faster, even in the moment when the monster attacked, he had already appeared in the distance.

All the other mechas quickly dodged when the monster attacked. The huge tentacle fell on the ground, and immediately opened a crack. Then the monster lifted the tentacle with the soil falling around it, and rolled up again towards the scattered soldiers. Although the size of this monster was much larger than other monsters, its attacking speed was no worse than the others, maybe even much faster. Its action was just like a flash of lightning.

“Mecha Five! Quickly move behind the monster and look for opportunities to attack!” Sheryl’s voice resounded clearly in the headset. When the monster attacked, the five mechas dodged to the left and immediately increased their speed, like five fast-moving lines, leaping behind the monster.

The monster didn’t seem to care, Mecha Five had jumped behind it, but it still twitched it’s tentacles in a non-stop attack in front of the mechas.

Ye Shao manipulated the mecha to draw out his lightsaber and slashed it hard on the tentacles waving towards him. The blue and white blade of the sword slipped on the tentacles of the monster with a golden flash that exploded everywhere. Ye Shao tightened his eyes. The skin of the monster was obviously stronger than last time. The lightsaber from the mecha only left a trace similar to a metal scratch on its tentacles, not even a single wound.

Ye Shao carefully observed the skin of the monster who he had just chopped. It seemed that there was some metallic luster reflected on it, the skin of other monsters obviously did not have this luster.

Ye Shao’s dark pupils narrowed, he couldn’t help but think deeply. Obviously, the monster in front of him had evolved a defense function, and its reaction was very rapid. Almost at the exact moment of his attack, it had hardened this piece of skin.

This was a rather tricky monster, and Ye Shao made a decision in his mind. Besides, he didn’t know if this monster had any other attack methods different from other monsters. Ye Shao’s eyes were calm, maneuvering the mecha to avoid the attack of its tentacles again and landed on the ground.

Under the command of Sheryl, the five mechas standing behind the monster finally pulled out their lightsabers and rushed to the monster in front of them. When they controlled the mecha to jump to the monster’s huge body, the original smooth skin behind the monster’s head began to wriggle, and then gradually formed two narrow thin lines behind its head.

The soldiers in charge of the sneak attack held their breath at that moment, because they clearly saw that after the two thin lines slowly opened, a pair of blood red eyes was revealed. The huge pupils turned a few times, then slowly dropped down and firmly watched their movements.

“Commander Sheryl! The monster, it’s got another pair of eyes. What should we do now?”

“Continue with the command.” Sheryl said after listening to the report, he paused for a moment, and ordered, “Pay attention to the monster’s movement, if there is something wrong, retreat first.”

“Yes.” The five mechas speed did not reduce, holding a lightsaber towards the monster to cut past.

The monster stretched out a tentacle lazily and waved it in the air for a while. Then he turned his head and waved to the five mechas that were rushing towards him. The holograms of the five mechas were filled with a huge gray wall that was quickly pressed, and there was no other scene around.

The mecha pilots responded quickly by inputting commands on the control interface, directing the mecha to avoid the attack. However, from the left and right sides, thick tentacles were also extended, just like a cage, blocking their escape route.

When the mecha pilots tried to retreat, the tentacles moved faster, and they were violently slapped on the back and pushed down!

All five mechas fell heavily on the ground, hitting it hard and making a dull noise.

The cockpit of the five mechas that were shot down on the ground were all flashing red, “Beep! Mecha is under serious attack! Beep! Mecha is under serious attack! The damage degree of the protective outer layer has reached 10%! “

After throwing all five mechas on the ground, the monster moved forward with little interest. It fiddled with those mechas with its tentacles.The moment they were about to get up, the monster would shoot them back to the ground with its tentacles again.

The soldiers in the cockpit were almost nauseous by the violent shaking of the fall, but the monster treated it as if it was playing with toys. No matter how the tentacles slapped, it seemed to control its strength and did not kill anyone.

“Beep! The damage degree of the protective outer layer has reached 15%! Mecha is under heavy attack again! Pay attention, beep… “

Sheryl, while manipulating the mecha to fire a particle light cannon at the monster, frowned, “Six mechas, go help them!” As he gave the order, six mechas jumped behind the monster, including Ye Shao and Long Yuan.

Originally, Long Yuan wanted to attack from the front, but when he saw Ye Shao’s mecha move, he changed his plan. He did not hesitate to input the command to the control interface, and followed Ye Shao.

The white light accumulated more and more thickly, and finally came out of the gun. A dazzling white light burst out on the tentacle, which quickly extended its metal layer to protect the body. But after the white light dissipated, only a layer of skin was left of the tentacle, and blue mucus, which was darker than other monsters, flowed along the wound. Then the muscles around the monster began to wriggle… With speed visible to the naked eye, the wound recovered to its original state.

Not only defense and attack ability, this monster’s self healing ability was also many times faster than the other monsters!!

Sheryl estimated the fighting capacity of the enemy in his mind. His face was as sharp as a knife, and his golden eyebrows were even tighter. If only relying on themselves, he was afraid that they couldn’t defeat this monster. The combat effectiveness of this monster was far beyond the capacity of their small team.

Now then, he had to make the decision and ask for help from the team nearby.

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Minnie ford
Minnie ford
October 27, 2020 2:58 pm

What a giant monster it’s going to be a long fight i want to see what xuan feng got what kind of machine can’t wait for more love it

October 27, 2020 4:09 pm

Thank you for the chapter. This monster is special. I feel bad for YS. All his teammates are still missing.

October 27, 2020 8:45 pm

Thank you for the update!

October 27, 2020 9:27 pm

It might going be a long battle🤔🤔

October 28, 2020 1:28 am

Another not eco-friendly monster 🌳🌳🌳👾, and it’s evolved. It’s going to be a tough nut to crack. Let the chichuachua mecha handle it, I want to see it fight!!! Long Yuan is true to his words, protecting Ye Shao. 💖
Thank you for the chapter!!!

October 29, 2020 2:36 pm

This huge monster will becpme a huge bite for them to chew.
Poor Xuan Feng is so eager to fight, but isn’t allowed to.
Thank you very much for your hard work.

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