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Chapter 57: Embrace You Through the Lies

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko

The air around seemed to freeze. The world was quiet. In a trance, Qiao Xi found himself standing in the backyard of the big white house by the sea in Cloud City.

The old man in white, Han Tian’s “grandfather”, was standing in front of him, looking at him with compassion in his eyes.

Qiao Xi looked at the sea in the distance, the white cruise ship on the sea level, and looked down at his clothes, shoes. Yes, it was four months ago.

The laces were a little loose, later Han Tian would squat on the ground and carefully tie his shoes, then the two of them would go to the beach together…

He lifted his hand and felt down his back: empty, nothing.

“You already have white wings?” The old man spoke.

“Yes…” Qiao Xi said in fear. Then he shivered. “How do you know…? And, where the hell am I now? Is it November, or is it March? What day is it?” In addition, he subconsciously took a step back. “If Han Tian is an angel, then you, you are, you are…”

The old man shook his head. “Qiao Xi, who I am, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, what will you do next?”

“What will I do?” Qiao Xi asked blankly and rhetorically.

The old man did not answer him directly, but said, “You are in the body you were in four months ago; and your consciousness is jumping back from four months later. I think Han Tian has completed his plan during these four months.”

Qiao Xi bit his lower lip and tears were coming down again. “Han Tian, Han Tian, what did he do? Why did I grow wings? Could it be… Could it be…”

He wanted to say, Did Han Tian really give his soul, his identity as an angel to himself?

What about Han Tian? Where is he?

He wanted to ask, but his lips were too shaky to open his mouth.

The old man said, “From the time he first told me that a little demon might die because of his angelic power, and that they had fallen hopelessly in love with each other, and that he had done everything in his life to protect this little demon, I knew that you would one day appear before me with his soul.”

Qiao Xi’s breathing became more and more rapid, his chest rose and fell sharply, “What, what do you mean? I will die because of his angelic power?”

The old man smiled faintly and said, “What, you are not surprised to hear that he loves you?”

Qiao Xi shook his head. “No.”

The old man sighed and told Luo Lin’s conspiracy back then.

“Qiao Xi, when Han Tian brought you to see me, you were already doomed to live for only more than a month. I told him at that time that the only way to make you coexist with the angelic power inside you was to make you turn into an angel as well. If you were just an ordinary human, then with my approval, you would be able to achieve this transformation as well. But… It just so happens that you are still only a demon,” the old man continued.

“This kind of situation has never even existed in the heavenly realm. Even I didn’t think that it was possible to do so. That’s when Han Tian told me that he was willing to give his soul and angelic power, all of them, to you, so that you could replace him and become an angel.”

The old man spoke with some pathos on his face.

“I told him that even if he was willing to offer his soul, he might not be able to succeed, and it was likely that he would only extend your life for a short period of time. After three or five years, your death will still be unavoidable. Unless… You can take his place and perform the act that an angel should do.”

“He did not hesitate to tell me that you can definitely do it. Your heart, he said, is far gentler and kinder than his.”

“So, I used a little special power to give you the power of the heavenly realm that should not have been given to you.”

“But, only when you are spontaneous, to protect or save humanity, this power of the heavenly realm will be stimulated. Only then can you truly, as he wishes, become an angel.”

Qiao Xi was gasping for air like a dying fish. “So, so, he has given me his soul?… And his angelic power…? So, Han Tian, Han Tian he?”

The old man looked Qiao Xi straight in the eyes and said slowly, “Qiao Xi, you once told me that you thought the mermaid would not kill the prince. So, tell me again now, what would it take for a mermaid to survive?”

Qiao Xi shook his head desperately, tears falling down. “I, I… I’m willing to give him back his soul…”

The old man smiled bitterly and said, “And then what, you die in front of him? To break his heart forever? “

Qiao Xi could no longer stand. He half-kneeled on the ground, so painful that he could not say a word.

The old man took a step forward, pressed him lightly on the top of his head, and said, “O you… Have you forgotten that if a prince falls in love with a mermaid, that mermaid will have a whole new soul?”

Qiao Xi’s face, distorted by pain, glimpsed a ray of hope.

The old man let out a long sigh. “Go back, go back to the time and space where you should be, and find him. Then, love, as he did to you…”

The white light suddenly rose.

When Qiao Xi came back to his senses, he was already standing in the shady alley again.

The two men he had just kicked into the air were still on the ground, crying.

“Qiao Xi! Are you all right?” Running from the entrance of the alley and stopping in front of him was Miquel.

“I just…. . Huh?” Miquel might have tried to come up with some excuse to explain why he was here, but he had already seen the two small, white wings on Qiao Xi’s back.

Those two wings could never support Qiao Xi’s flight, but no one would think that they were still the wings of a demon.

“Miquel,” Qiao Xi said softly, “you are Han Tian’s companion, right? Then you tell me, where is Han Tian?”

Miquel froze, his face turned blue and he shouted, “Evans! Come quickly!”

Almost immediately, Evans landed in front of the two.

“Your magic is not working! According to the plan, even if he finds out he’s an angel, he won’t regain his memory, he’ll just think he’s always been an angel!” Miquel said with anger.

Evans first threw the two large piles of humanoid garbage on the ground away and then spoke. “Uh, don’t get mad yet… Under normal circumstances, this magic will not fail. Only, this magic formation does have a flaw.”

Qiao Xi looked at Evans and said dreamily, “Dean, I’ve remembered… The so-called graduation project, the so-called entrapment, and then asking me to approach Han Tian, it was all planned in advance, otherwise I wouldn’t have any chance of surviving, right…”

Evans didn’t reply, but Qiao Xi already took him to be acquiescent.

Qiao Xi continued in a low voice, “That day, when Han Tian came to arrest me and you came to save me, it was your collusion, right? I felt at that time that something was wrong…. Why would Han Tian intentionally put the watch there and how would you happen to know about it…”

Evans sighed and said helplessly, “Yes, I threw you into a predetermined magic array and let Su Rui replace all your memories; originally, if you were painful and disappointed enough, you would have forgotten him forever under the effect of the magic array. As a result, in that situation, you actually still believed in him, and that’s what caused the formation to crack.”

Qiao Xi held back her tears and couldn’t think about why Miquel appeared with Evans, but kept repeating to the two, “So where is he now? I want to see him! I want to see him!”

Miquel looked at Evans and then at the tear-stained Qiao Xi and tried to stop talking.

Evans sighed and said, “Qiao Xi… Now that you’ve remembered, you should have guessed that Han Tian wouldn’t set up such a trap for no reason and had to replace your memory in such a cruel way.”

Qiao Xi took a deep breath, put his hands behind his back, clasped them tightly and said, “Your Excellency, please tell me where he really is.”

Evans looked at him and shifted his eyes a little. “He’s in the Demon World, and he probably doesn’t look the same as you remember now…”

“You can probably guess by now that your fall from the hospital was not a dream at all. At that time, your power had already gone out of control, Han Tian, to save you, took you to the Demon World. And to calm the two chaotic twisted powers in your body, he… He had used up almost all of his power at that time.”

“Then, he and you went to Cloud City and took you to meet their ‘old man’. After that, he decided that he would rush to give you his soul before your power got out of control for the last time.”

“However, he himself was already weak to the extreme, where he still had the strength to guard you, and how could he possibly get rid of Luo Lin for good? He made a deal with us voluntarily in order to spend the last month with you, to protect you to the end, and to borrow our power to make you forget him. The night he confessed his love to you, he gave his soul to you completely. On the next day, after he drove you away, he became a demon according to the contract with us, and… It was a soulless, demon…”

When Evans finished, Miquel looked at Qiao Xi worriedly, lest the little demon, no, the little angel could not bear it.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Xi just closed his eyes, slowed down, and then said in a firm voice, “Your Excellency, please take me back to the Demon World, I want to see him. Whether he is now a demon or a monster, even if he is completely devoid of human form, I want to see him.”

Evans stared at him for half a minute, showing some intolerance. “Okay. Only, you are no longer a demon, can you stand the Demon World’s knife-like air, and the magic that can suffocate you at any time?”

Qiao Xi shook his head. “Dean, since Han Tian could, then I, too, have nothing to fear.”

Miquel wanted to say something else, but Evans blocked it with a gesture.

The demon, who always looked so impolite, put away all his smiles and said seriously, “In that case, Your Excellency, newborn angel, please allow me to show you the way.”

A quarter of an hour later, Qiao Xi had stepped on the land of the Demon World. Although this was the place where he was born, he had never felt such a silence and heaviness as he did now. As he walked deeper and deeper, the air became heavier and colder, and every breath he took was like a sharp blade coming at him; the ground was hot and sticky, and every step he took was like a million hands reaching out and trying to clutch his legs.

Under the influence of the magic, he was even a little dazed in his consciousness.

In the haze, he heard Han Tian say, “If I really like someone, you will definitely know.”

He saw Han Tian looking at himself. “I don’t care what your intentions are. All I know is that you’re a sweet, kind little fool who deserves to be treated well.”

He remembered Han Tian hugging himself from behind and asking, “Will you be my boyfriend…”

He heard Han Tian whispering in his ear, over and over again, “I… I love you…”

Han Tian, the Han Tian who had been silently watching over him…

“Qiao Xi!” Evans bellowed as he looked at the little angel whose eyes were losing focus.

“Qiao Xi, your body is now full of power representing the light, and you will now instinctively resist this place. If you lose consciousness right here, how can you still see him?!” Evans spoke loudly.

Qiao Xi shook a little, and his consciousness gradually gathered back. After walking a little further, Evans looked back at Qiao Xi and said, “We’re almost there. Ahead of us is the Lake of Destruction. You should know that the central island of the lake is the place where the demonic energy of the Demon World is the thickest. Han Tian is there.”

Qiao Xi slid out of the last few hundred meters step by step, and finally arrived at a small island in the center of the lake.

Around the lake island, the magic aura was lingering like smoke.

And in the center of the lake island, there was a man, or a demon, lying quietly.

The upper half of his unclothed body, covered with intimidating black lines.

The lines, even along his white neck, crawled up to his face.

And his originally sharp and clean short hair, has become long and drawn out, spread under his body.

But the most striking thing was the pair of horned, pure black horns coiled around his head.

Although Qiao Xi did not ask, Evans explained, “You may not have seen it before, the pair of horns is the unique symbol of a great demon… As a high-ranking angel, Seraph, even if he turns into a demon, is still a great demon whose power is never less than mine.”

Qiao Xi ignored Evans’ explanation, but jumped directly to Han Tian’s side, knelt down, trembled and grabbed his hand, and then used his own hand to stroke his face, tracing his closed eyes, high nose, and thin lips in turn.

“Why is he not waking up?” Qiao Xi asked.

Evans stood next to him, a little uncomfortable. “Qiao Xi… I have just said that he is now an empty shell without a soul. He’s… Do you see those lines on his face? After his shell is filled with magic, these lines will spread all over his body, and then he will wake up briefly.”

He hesitated and continued, “But after he wakes up, he won’t be conscious either. He will just follow the contract with the Demon World and go to the bottom of the Demon World to deal with those difficult and disobedient magical creatures. When his magic power is exhausted, he returns here and continues to slumber. He is now… is no longer the Han Tian you remember, but just a… A vessel for killing demons.”

“You are here now, a little early, not yet when he wakes up. But… Even if he wakes up, you…”

Evans, who hadn’t finished his sentence, froze.

He saw that Qiao Xi held Han Tian’s face, leaned down, and kissed him.

The kiss was not a fleeting kiss, but a lingering and deep kiss that was characteristic of lovers.

As the kiss deepened, Evans was surprised to find that the black lines on Han Tian’s body were rapidly fading away.

What is this? Did Qiao Xi’s angelic power interfere with the absorption of the magic power?

No, this is meaningless to Han Tian now, and it might even hurt him!

He wanted to make a sound to stop it, but saw Qiao Xi slowly raising his head, tears falling on Han Tian’s face.

“Idiot.” Qiao Xi said, “You said I was too stupid to find out who you were. But I now know that you are the real fool. I know you can hear me. You, the cowardly fool who doesn’t dare to tell the truth. I simply wonder if you don’t like me at all. If you really love me, why could you choose not to tell me anything? Why would you think that I couldn’t share all this with you? Why would you think that after losing you, I could still live happily, according to the identity you chose for me?!”

“Or perhaps you simply don’t think that I can know what love is? In your heart, I will always be just a, waiting for you to protect, soulless, heartless demon? I can openly accept what you have to give and pretend that it never happened?”

“Han Tian!” Qiao Xi almost cried out, while tears rushed out. 

“If you love me, then can you wake up and tell me that I was wrong…”

“Can you, open your eyes, look at me, and listen to me tell you that I love you…?”

Just as Qiao Xi finished the sentence, a white dot of light, flying out from between his foreheads, circled Han Tian, and circled again, and again, and then slowly expanded into a sphere.

Evans took a step back in surprise, watching this holy white light, which should never appear in this dark place, envelop Qiao Xi and Han Tian.

Finally, the white light condensed back into a point of light and landed between Han Tian’s eyebrows.

All of a sudden, the black lines around Han Tian’s body faded away.

His eyelashes trembled and he slowly opened his eyes.

He raised his hand with difficulty and wiped the tear marks on Qiao Xi’s face. “Why are you crying again?”

Qiao Xi could not say anything, he could only grab his hand, crying so much that he was about to lose his breath.

“Are you… regaining a soul again?!” Although Evans was reluctant to act as a light bulb, he was so surprised that he couldn’t help but make a sound.

Han Tian sat up with strength in his hands, looked down at his chest, and said, “Maybe.”

Qiao Xi sobbed as he repeated what “grandpa” had said, intermittently.

Evans sighed. “So it was your old man who used his ‘privilege’ to give you a chance to regain your soul? And this soul, does it represent an angel, or a demon?”

He walked around the two again, rubbed his chin, and said to Han Tian, “But you still have the horns of a demon, and Qiao Xi has the wings of an angel —what are you two, now?”

Han Tian took Qiao Xi to his chest and glanced at Evans. “Does it matter? He’s an angel or a demon, human or undead, to me, it’s all the same.”

Qiao Xi buried his head in Han Tian’s chest, intertwined his fingers with his, listened to his heartbeat, and said dreamily, “Mn, for me, it’s the same.”

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They’re together now and that’s all that matters🥺❤️

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September 5, 2023 11:46 am

How utterly beautiful and in love are these 2.
There are only a few novels of all those I’ve read on here, which make me feel so, kind of content almost, and this is now one of them.
Just lovely.
They simply have to; defy hell, heaven and everything in-between, to get their happy ending!
Thank you so much, Addis and Kiramekineko, for the chapter.

September 5, 2023 3:21 pm

Finally, my heart at last can be at peace,hopefully there’s nothing that holds them away anymore

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I cried so much reading this😭😭😭

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Wasn’t expecting to cry tonight :,)

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Just can’t respect Han Tian at all. Making all the decisions while keeping the other person completely ignorant of the situation, with no choice of their own ‘for their own good’, isn’t love. It’s just possessive, twisted control. Communicate and come to a mutual agreement.

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