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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“You let him take a bite – there is no disease that a vampire can’t cure with one bite. If there is, then two bites will do the trick.” The questioned elven apostle wandered over unhurriedly and patted the human doctor’s shoulder in a serious manner.

Shang HaoJia’s eyes suddenly lit up, remembering his own relentless pursuit, nodded with deep understanding, and rolled up his sleeves to the vampire, “Come on, it’s not too obvious outside, let’s bite somewhere else…”

“No, no, no. I appreciate your concern, dear, but I’m really not hungry…” The vampire shivered violently and instantly panned out more than ten meters, politely waving his hands, thanking his own doctor for his enthusiastic kindness.

Doctor Shang wasn’t surprised by such a situation, imagining he was chasing after the patient feeding medicine, and dedicatedly followed a few steps, “But you won’t feel any discomfort, now that your heart is beating?”

“Not beating! Not beating! Just now that scare made it stop…” The patient shook his head without hesitation, denying his condition. Even because of excessive tension, the original night-like pupils have been covered with a layer of faint blood color.

Shang HaoJia was afraid he would cheat and pulled him over to take his pulse for half a day. Only after confirming that there was indeed no more heartbeat and pulse, did he finally nod reassuringly and pulled his sleeve down, “Forget it this time, we’ll consider other treatments when we get back. Be sure to cooperate with the treatment, okay?”

“Okay, I will actively cooperate with the treatment.” The vampire nodded without hesitation and agreed to it without saying a word.

Off to the side, An MuXi was amazed by the rapid progress of the two, pulled his best friend to the side and patted him on the shoulder with a frown, “Okay, you two are actually in charge – it seems that I really misunderstood your vampire. I remembered when I was sent to the clinic with you, you almost had to sacrifice sex to a female succubus before she would take her medicine…”

“…” Never knowing that he actually had such a rich resume, Shang HaoJia blinked in silence, looked back at the vampire who couldn’t help but look at him, and finally decided to ask things clearly. “What succubus? I always thought the world was still all right until I tried to give CPR to a vampire, and it turns out it was actually just me being too innocent?”

Having no idea about vampire hearing until now, An MuXi enthusiastically took his shoulders, and also fervently lowered his voice, “After all, our aim has always been to conceal ourselves as long as we can, and to conceal as many people as we can, so even if you have any interactions with non-human races, it’s not always possible to find out. And that female succubus is also Eli‘s grandmother, what can I say – must give some face to our brother, right?”

“…Besides, that succubus is also considered magic? In addition to hooking up with the opposite human sex, even a little bit of other skills are not there. Look at our Chinese fox spirit, at least it can still grow a few tails—”

Before he could finish his words, there was suddenly a rather textured magnetic voice from afar, “Why are you all here? Old Shang, I’m telling you, you’ll never guess what I’ve been through!”

The two of them looked up and saw Eli get out of the cab, wave vigorously towards this side, and run over with great strides. It was probably because he had just been released from the Special Agency, his clothes and hair were still a bit disheveled, but instead with a bit of decadent beauty, easily attracted the attention of a few girls on the roadside during their morning run.

Unfortunately, the walking hormone machine was apparently oblivious to this, running all the way to the two, pulled them over one by one, and mysteriously lowering his voice, “You will not believe it, I am actually a hybrid succubus!”

The atmosphere suddenly fell into an awkward silence. The elf who had just said bad things about succubus and the human doctor who had just heard about the uselessness of succubus looked at each other and tacitly averted their gazes.

Looking at these two inexplicable guys, Eli sighed depressedly, the excitement of learning his identity instantly dissipated, “No, I said you guys actually – actually aren’t even politely surprised or suspicious…”

“Oh my dear friend, as a standardized human, I have to admit that you are really great.” After a subdued stick reading, Doctor Shang patted his housemate’s shoulder insincerely and just took off his glasses and placed it on the other’s face, shoving his wand back into his hand as well. “Are you here for the group of students? They’ve been forced by you to hire me to stand in – I’m quite taken with the size of the boy carrying the chainsaw. You go back and tell him more emergency gossip. Our department is short of one that can carry patients into the elevator.”

“Right, right, if you didn’t mention it, I would’ve almost forgotten – that what the Special Agency is also something, actually having a signal block, so I have been unable to contact them…” Eli snapped his head, held his glasses on his face, and couldn’t help but whisper a complaint.

“It’s very good that we didn’t install a filter membrane for the air. The ghosts are also getting more and more up-to-date, and there are actually those who are gifted enough to convert themselves into radio waves and travel all over the world through base stations and satellites – even if ordinary people can’t see them. Last time our boss was talking to his daughter-in-law on the phone, and suddenly a ghost came out of the phone, and his daughter-in-law said she had a ghost outside, and almost fought to the netherworld to divorce.” Sympathetically patting the uninitiated hybrid succubus, An MuXi also no longer hid their identity, worried about the people, he shook his head.

“Can’t help but say that the development of technology is one of the most screaming headaches for us – especially after all those awesome human scientists and researchers have joined the ghost world army, now their technological development is simply advancing by leaps and bounds, and I heard that the digitization of ghost bodies will be solved soon…”

“According to you, the ghost world’s technological development will definitely not be inferior to that of the human world. After all, those seniors in the science world have a lifetime of accumulated learning, and have more experience than anyone else, plus an infinite time that no longer has an end…” Doctor Shang, who was intoxicated with science, seriously corrected his sentence, and his eyes unconsciously showed a few points of yearning. 

An MuXi jumped, hurriedly put his hands to hold his shoulders, forcefully shook him, “Sober up, my dear chips child – although what you say is all very reasonable, your professionalism in the ghost world is completely useless!”

“What the heck? When did I say I’m going to become a ghost too?” Impatiently, Shang HaoJia glanced at him and stopped talking nonsense and walked back towards his vampire, “I was thinking that they have probably already studied the digitalization – you should go back and install another firewall. Eli is here anyway, so he can explain to the students, we’ll go home and sleep…”

“My dear, you really possess a very keen mind and judgment.” The vampire was elegantly and patiently waiting in the shadows. Seeing the human doctor approach, with a smile, he slightly leaned down and walked to the street.

“In fact, as far as I know, through the advancement of the digitization of ghost bodies, they have been able to possess mechanical objects controlled by computers – such as the most common robots, or smart air conditioners and smart washing machines. They are now said to be working on new technological challenges, and recently intend to solve the problem of switching back from digitization to materialization, in order to be able to successfully crawl out from inside the TV set as soon as possible.”

“Why do they have such a strange goal?” Imagining that situation, Doctor Shang subconsciously shivered, shook his head in disbelief, but then suddenly slightly smiled, his eyes took on a soft warm color. “You know, the most painful thing about being a doctor is not being able to restore a life that has passed away – although my mission is to heal and save people, and this life is destined to endlessly snatch places back from that ghost world. But if they can still exist in this world after they leave, and still have a secure place to rest, maybe even one day they can have an entity that can be seen by their families who are attached to them and miss them, it’s really the most comforting thing…”

“You are a hero, my dear doctor.” The vampire’s eyes were also saturated with a layer of soft light, smiling warmly as he responded to him, then seriously embraced the doctor in his arms. “Even though my position is opposed to humanity and science, I still have high respect for you. When you are facing your patients with all your heart, you seem to be more noble and holy than those of the Holy Race…”

“If my patients could be a little more cooperative with the treatment, I would probably be even more holy.” The other party’s overly blunt praise made him blush, so Shang HaoJia lightly coughed to interrupt his words, backed up half a step, and patted the vampire patient’s shoulder, “So that’s why you must be persistent in your treatment. You can’t let down the doctor’s painstaking efforts, you know?”

“Good – my doctor, I’ll obey your orders.” Wei Long gave a dumbfounded smile, helplessly nodded, then slightly leaned forward with one hand on the shoulder, “Dear, I still feel very guilty. After all, because of me, I really asked you to spend too much effort…”

“It’s nothing, healing and saving – healing is the duty of being a doctor, just think of me as having professional OCD.” Swallowing back the words, Doctor Shang gave a serious reply, then pulled the vampire to the roadside, flagging down a cab, “It’s dawn, so let’s go back the normal way. I don’t want to wake up to suddenly find myself on the news…”

“Good, I’ve never taken this kind of taxi in the human world before.” The vampire nodded with interest, thoughtfully opened the car door for his doctor, waited for him to sit in the back seat, then he also pulled up his collar and sat inside.

Supposedly, there would be a comic book convention soon, and they passed several fancily dressed cosplayers. The driver wasn’t afraid that, in the back seat, a vampire was sitting. After asking the two people where they were going, the driver casually turned on the radio and hummed a little song as he stepped on the gas.

“…A resident allegedly witnessed a spherical lightning bolt smash into an office, causing severe damage to the parapet and glass windows. Fortunately, there were no casualties…” Hearing the morning news on the radio, Shang HaoJia raised an eyebrow in understanding and exchanged a glance with the vampire next to him. But before he could say anything, the radio changed to a male announcer and continued to broadcast the next news item.


“According to the City East Zoo, last night into the early hours of this evening, the only male lion’s mane suddenly and strangely went missing. In the same zoo, three leopards in the same park were thrown out by the lions for laughing too loudly. The zoo is currently closed because of this emergency, and the park staff said the male lion’s physical condition hasn’t shown any abnormalities. Trying to find whether to hire professionals to assess and ease the psychological condition of the park lion and leopards…”


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There are more and more supernatural creatures/hybrids around our good doctor. But I still wonder why those two vampires wanted to kidnap dr. Shang? And they actually shaved one male lion…🤦‍♀️

Thank you for the chapter!!!

May 24, 2021 3:51 pm

Hete’s hoping it grows back quick; for a good cause though 😁
Thank you for translating.

May 24, 2021 7:16 pm

So many different species lol WL has never travelled in a taxi? I love how the doctor is starting to blush more at his compliments ❤️❤️

May 25, 2021 10:28 am

Holy molly hahahahaha
Wei Long robbed a poor lion’s natural mane! geez so heartless 😂

June 6, 2021 9:26 pm

And the doctor gets sidetracked with computerized ghosts. A hopeless workaholic….

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Thank you for the chapter.
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