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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

(Highlight: New World Bai JunYi and partner)


Although it was clear that it was just a dream, it was a dream with no end. He might’ve even dreamt after hearing Yan Yang say that he had seen him in his dream. There was nothing to explain and no need to explain such a dream, it was just a little prayer in his heart, not to be taken seriously.

Bai JunYi was very clear, also very understanding, but he simply couldn’t let go.

Unlike previous dreams, immediately after waking up and forgetting, this time he could remember all of it clear as day, as if the real thing happened.

The sound of the blade piercing the flesh, the sound of blood spurting out, the warm blood spilling onto his hand after pulling out the knife; it was a very indescribable feeling. Bai JunYi kept recalling it, and the pain kept pouring into his mind.

His hands were still shaking, his palms were sweaty, and every time he looked at his palms, it was as if they were filled with blood.

Bai JunYi froze, the news broadcast was still going on in his ears, and he felt his whole chest was a little stuffy. Bai JunYi paused for a moment, reached out and took his phone out, and he saw the message on his phone.

It was Yan Yang who had just gotten his contact information.

He asked Bai JunYi if he had gone home, and also gave him some flower care methods. Bai JunYi threw the phone back on the table, didn’t reply, nor did he continue to look down, and to be honest, his heart was now a bit chaotic, even strange.

This wasn’t a big deal, it was just a dream, a dream that his new friend was killed by him.

Why did he have such a big reaction?

Bai JunYi couldn’t understand. He sat up from the couch, then picked the phone back up and Yan Yang replied that he had returned home, just took a nap, said the sunflower was doing very well, it was now facing the sun, said he liked it very much, then thanked him for the gift.

After the courtesy, Bai JunYi sighed as he leaned back on the couch with a sad face.

Fortunately, it was summer vacation and he didn’t need to go to class. If he went to school in this state, he would definitely have problems.

Bai JunYi had always been very reserved, he never intruded into anyone’s private space, he had decisive actions with strong executions, and his judgment had been very good for some things. Since entering society as a reliable person, this was the first time he was emotionally out of control.

He felt very helpless and very annoyed.

Bai JunYi walked around in the living room, until he felt that he couldn’t go on in such a way, so he turned around and went to the bedroom, since it was so difficult to fight time, it was better to sleep.

Lying on the bed, Bai JunYi originally thought he would have some difficulties falling asleep, but that’s not what happened, as he quickly fell asleep.

But it wasn’t like sleep, it was more like being dragged into a dark dream by something, so that he was faced with a scene that he couldn’t let go of and kept looking at it.

Around the messy glass fragments, sitting on their knees on the ground, lying on the glass with the blood-covered Yan Yang, he shuddered and looked at his bloody hands, his throat squeezed out a painful, hoarse scream, but this sound was very small, so small that if it wasn’t Bai JunYi himself, it simply could not be heard.

Golden light poured out from his fingertips with sun-like warmth, but it was too late.

Resignation and despair came in unison, squeezing his whole heart tightly, no space for anything else, but he couldn’t stop here.

Must continue to go forward, taking his dummies with him.

The green vine faded from Yan Yang’s body and was watched by him.

Devil’s silk thread… Parasite!

Bai JunYi opened his eyes when the only word left in his heart was ‘parasite’, with endless anger and sadness, roaring shrilly in his heart. White light reflected on the clean white ceiling, Bai JunYi slowly sat up from the bed, and when he looked out the window, the sun was shining.

He opened his phone and started searching for ‘devil’s silk thread’, Bai JunYi was a plant idiot, he never knew what plants and weeds were what species. Next door, Shen Si would occasionally suddenly take an interest in showing him his plant specimens, but Bai JunYi never remembered.

When he found the devil’s silk thread, Bai JunYi silently sighed in his heart because it was unfamiliar, and then began to read its introduction.

This was a plant that relied on parasitic strangulation of other plants, it destroyed anything, having no preferences.

So, why would he be so angry at a plant?

Bai JunYi still couldn’t figure out, as he got up and walked out of the bedroom, ready to go out and turn around to relieve his mood. Just when he opened the door, the next door was opened at the same time. Bai JunYi froze, looked towards the door of the room, the person coming out wasn’t the man who temporarily lived in Shen Si’s house, Jian Nian, but Shen Si.

“Xiao Si? Going out?” Bai JunYi spoke.

“There are too few flowers on the balcony, so I’m ready to go and buy some more new ones.” Shen Si replied, his eyes tinged with a little smile, “Mr. Bai also wants to go out?”

“Going out for a walk.” Bai JunYi closed the door, “I’m sSlightly moody, and I’m hoping that after a walk my mood gets better.”

Shen Si looked at him, and after a moment he said, “Is there something wrong at work?”

“Not work, just a new acquaintance.”

“So, Mr. Bai can find me if he wants to talk to me. It’s the first time I’ve seen Mr. Bai so torn.” Shen Si walked to the elevator, “When the participants are confused, the observer is clear. Maybe Mr. Bai can’t understand things, but an outsider could give you good advice.”

Bai JunYi’s fingers slightly paused, as he looked at Shen Si, and at that moment he suddenly felt that what Shen Si said seemed to be useful. Shen Si was undoubtedly a very good confiding partner, whether it was a conversation or interactions, Shen Si had a good sense of distance. He didn’t let anyone feel alienated nor let them feel too intrusive. His degree of control in this was very good, he was gentle and polite, and occasionally would also make a joke.

If it was Shen Si words, he would listen to his own troubles and shouldn’t laugh at him for being childish about it.

With that thought, Bai JunYi seriously invited Shen Si to go downstairs to the coffee shop. Shen Si didn’t refuse, as they sat in the front, each ordering a cup of coffee.

“So what’s bothering Mr. Bai?” Shen Si opened the inquiry.

“I had a dream.” Bai JunYi drank a coffee, his face was still smiling, but this smile in addition to the gentle smile also brought a little helplessness, “In my dream, I saw myself kill a friend, although I don’t know why, that dream still has an impact on me.”

Shen Si picked up the coffee to drink. He tasted the coffee and the bitter taste lingered on the tip of his tongue, then he just put it down.

“That friend, is it Mr. Bai’s sunflower friend?”

“Hmm.” Bai JunYi tapped his finger on the coffee cup on the table, “He’s a flower store owner I just met today, and he said he had seen me in a dream and wanted to be friends. After that when I came back, I began to dream, and also saw him. Only… it wasn’t a friendly dream.”

Rather, after he was suddenly stabbed and died.

The florist and the sunflower friend was killed by his companion.

Shen Si inexplicably didn’t want to drink coffee, bitter things were bitter after all. Even if history was changed, the time refutation theory was revised, and those who had appeared in the painful past would still exist in a certain time when the unexpected was tossed out and twisted.

For example, Bai JunYi was still alive and found his companion in the flower store owner.

This encounter opened up a little gap in time and blew the remnants of a moment into the mind of the person involved.

“Mr. Bai’s friend also saw in the dream that you killed him?” Shen Si whispered, “Is that so?”

“I don’t know, because I also didn’t ask the content of his dream.” Bai JunYi picked up the coffee and drank but because it was too bitter, his brow wrinkled, “Probably not. If the dreamt about me killing him, he wouldn’t still run over to me to talk, and would most likely take revenge.”

Shen Si laughed a little, “I do think he might like you a lot.”


“Because he sent Mr. Bai a sunflower.” Shen Si pushed the coffee cup a bit, as if to prevent it from falling inadvertently, “The sunflower will move with the light and is always facing the sun.”

Bai JunYi didn’t quite understand, “So?”

“Mr. Bai you are the light ah.” Shen Si said, “You’re more dazzling than the sun, and a sunflower is a plant that grows while facing the light. He gave you a sunflower, telling you that he hopes to always look at you.”

No… where did this logic come from?

Bai JunYi helplessly looked at Shen Si, “Xiao Si, don’t joke. Although we became entangled in this matter because of a dream, it is very strange. Xiao Si, don’t respond to me with a more strange answer… I am light? That’s completely incomprehensible, the sunflower also…”

The conversation ended abruptly, because Bai JunYi suddenly realized that perhaps what Shen Si said wasn’t wrong. Maybe Shen Si was just talking, but Bai JunYi still extracted a little something from his dream.

In the dream, Yan Yang died after Bai JunYi’s fingertips gushed out a section of golden light, and was like the sun, but it couldn’t save the dead. If, according to this, he was light, it barely made sense, and it was quite hard to believe ah. Only this dream would produce this association.

Bai JunYi sadly leaned back in his chair, and now began to tangle again. If what Shen Si said was right, then Yan Yang also had this dream.

Maybe this pot of sunflowers wasn’t expressing a positive meaning, but was simply telling him that he was watching him and that he has had that dream and knows that he killed him in his dream.

It was bad.

Shen Si slowly picked the coffee up and drank a sip, and although he didn’t know why, Mr. Bai seemed to be more tangled than earlier.

“Since you care so much, why don’t you go ask him?” Shen Si finished his cup of coffee, “I think he will be happy to tell you. After all, it looks like a Mr. Bai cares a lot about his friends. This means he’s not bad.”

Bai JunYi hand paused, as he looked at Shen Si, and a moment later he nodded, “That’s right.”

Just like Shen Si said, Bai JunYi was very clear that Yan Yang wasn’t bad, that was very accurate. Yan Yang would definitely not harm him, and he just handed a child a flower for a dollar.

After leaving the coffee shop, Bai JunYi started walking aimlessly, and by the time he realized it, he was already near Yan Yang’s flower store. With the idea of coming, Bai JunYi walked over to the flower store and before he reached the door, he saw the number of people lined up in front.

Boys and girls in the flower store were choosing flowers, Yan Yang’s face was filled with a smile as he grabbed flowers, and finally tied them with colored paper. It looked like his business was really going well.

Waiting until those people were gone, Bai JunYi pushed open the store door and walked in.

“Welcome to… Mr. Bai?” Yan Yang showed a slightly surprised look to Bai JunYi, “What happened? Mr. Bai didn’t just come in the morning?”

Bai JunYi revealed a smile, completely without the slightest embarrassment and with full sincerity, “I have been very tangled after going back, so I came to ask you one thing. You said in a dream that you saw me. What kind of dream was it?”

“Dream? Dreams are worth asking about?” Yan Yang felt strange, but he still very seriously answered, “I think, in fact, I don’t remember. I can remember only a lot of glass, and then a very crisp and crunchy feeling. I broke, and then suddenly saw hands but I wasn’t in control.”

“A dream certainly can’t be controlled, right?” Bai JunYi said with a smile.

“Actually, it’s not that I couldn’t control the dream, but the me in the dream was controlled.” Yan Yang scratched his head, after Bai JunYi yanked his braid, he didn’t tie his hair back up this afternoon, so his hair scattered everywhere.

This made him look a lot more alive and young, and he looked a little softer.

“I attacked Mr. Bai, and then Mr. Bai hit back, probably.” Yan Yang nodded his head, consulting memory, “Mn, that’s right.”

Sure enough, although the perspective was different, they did share the same dream.

Bai JunYi didn’t understand what this meant, he simply felt wrong. Sitting on the only chair placed in the center of the flower store, Bai JunYi began to think about where the dream came from.

“What the hell is going on? Does this mean that Mr. Bai and I had the same dream?” Yan Yang came over with a curious face, “If that’s the case, then it really means that we must be very close, even dreaming the same dream! You are definitely the most important person to me!”

“There’s no such thing.”

“There must be!”


“There is!”

Somehow feeling childish, Bai JunYi stood up, looked at Yan Yang strangely, and after a moment his voice softened, “Why would you come to know me after dreaming that I attacked you?”

“Huh? Isn’t that because I attacked you first?” Yan Yang also looked confused, “I attacked you, and then you couldn’t stand the attack back. And it was just a dream, so it can’t be real. Does Mr. Bai think that dreams can affect reality? You are really cute.”

Bai JunYi: … 

Cute? Him?

This was a filter so thick that it was heavenly, right?

But Bai JunYi still could feel Yan Yang really didn’t care about the dream thing, and seemed to recognize only his dream Bai JunYi, then Bai JunYi must be his most important friend, so everything else would be ignored.

In such a mood, Bai JunYi’s pain seemed to be alleviated, like a breeze blowing away all the sadness. Bai JunYi sat on the chair and thought for a while, thinking about the dream and also thinking about the present.

To be honest, he and Yan Yang had only known each other for less than a day, but it was as if they had known each other for a long time, and he couldn’t find any other words to describe it, but to say that he was used to him.

He had become so accustomed to this person’s activities around him that he couldn’t feel the slightest resentment.

With that thought, Bai JunYi smiled, then reached out and patted Yan Yang’s shoulder. He then turned around and walked out of the flower store. As he walked out, Yan Yang looked back, his back looked extraordinarily in the sunshine and was filled with charm. This Bai JunYi was bathed in light.

Yan Yang didn’t stop him, but leaned on the store door, his slightly long black hair pressed on the door, as he looked at Bai JunYi back, eyes filled with a smile.

As a light, he was indeed very lively, whether it was a smile or otherwise, showed his youthfulness.

Yan Yang knew what Bai JunYi was thinking and what he was worrying about.

They were friends, partners, two individuals who understood each other best. He knew better than anyone what Bai JunYi was thinking when he saw that dream.

Occasionally Yan Yang even thought that maybe the dream was real, that they really walked together for a while, and then some annoyance interrupted the journey and left a scar on their relationship that was hard to unravel.

Yes, in fact Yan Yang dreamed to the end, and saw the moment when Bai JunYi raised the knife to pierce him, blood splashing on his hands. At that moment, Bai JunYi’s face had an expression of disbelief and he was very sad, and would even take this as his own responsibility, producing a sense of guilt that was difficult to eradicate. However, Yan Yang could clearly feel his thoughts.

When he couldn’t control himself to attack Bai JunYi, the incredible pain almost made him cry out, but unfortunately, in that state, he couldn’t make a sound until the weapon in his hand stabbed Bai JunYi’s body. Bai JunYi stabbed the knife into his body after hesitation. It hurt, but with the pain came celebration.

Yan Yang was a coward, a guy who couldn’t bear to put anything down, but he was a good guy.

So he was glad.

Yan Yang couldn’t afford to hurt him and kill his companion’s feelings, and would probably end up dying in a mess, so this was the best result in the worst situation. He had never hated Bai JunYi because of a dream, and even if such a thing really happened, he wouldn’t hate him.

After watching Bai JunYi’s figure disappear in the crowd, Yan Yang returned to the flower store with fondness. He pulled out a rose from his inventory, then plucked the top root carefully, wrapped it up with nice flower paper and put the flower on the table.

Yan Yang had been dreaming about this for a long time. He actually wanted to meet Bai JunYi, but to be honest, Bai JunYi and him had nothing in common, they simply didn’t mingle in the same groups.

Somehow shouting to be friends would probably make him out to be a pervert.

When Yan Yang was torn, a child ran to the flower store and said he wanted to buy a flower for his favorite teacher, the most beautiful one. When he heard about Mr. Bai, Yan Yang somehow judged that the flower must be for Bai JunYi, and an indescribable sense of urgency made him choose to draw a rose from the back, which he handed to the little boy, and then took away a dollar from him.

Immediately after that was today, and Bai JunYi really came looking for him. This wasn’t really a coincidence, but a planned and deliberate attempt. It was a deliberate dream, a deliberate consciousness, as if it was fate that made them meet.

He must be a very good friend.

Yan Yang thought this.

On the other hand, walking back, Bai JunYi’s face had a faint smile, shining in the sun. Anyone could see that he was in a good mood.

Although he didn’t know why, his mood was really good. As Bai JunYi thought so, he stretched.

Like he was embracing tomorrow.


Shen Si returned home with a pot of flowers. It was a pot of well-blooming anemones, orange petals covered with dew, looking particularly delicate.

“Anemones?” Jian Nian sat next to Shen Si looking at the pot of flowers, and after a moment he turned his head to look at Shen Si, “I think you are in a very good mood today. Did something good happen?”

“Yes, a very good thing. It has something to do with anemones.” Shen Si smiled as he said, “Probably the fairy tale of the sunflower and the sun, but I don’t think you like fairy tales, so don’t ask.”

Jian Nian tilted his head, “I don’t like to hear fairy tales?”

But when did he not like fairy tales?

Although he didn’t get it, Jian Nian easily understood that Shen Si wasn’t going to tell him the reason for this, and he wasn’t very interested either. Except for Shen Si, he wasn’t interested in anything. Whether it was the sun or the sunflower, nothing attracted his attention as much as Shen Si.

Shen Si ignored Jian Nian, as he put the sunflower on the balcony and placed it in the middle of the plants. He lifted his head, the sunlight spilled all over the balcony, and soon the sunflower would turn its head and face the sun.

Even if Bai JunYi killed the parasite to avenge Yan Yang, it didn’t help. Yan Yang’s death and Bai JunYi’s own pain would always haunt Bai JunYi. It was impossible to eradicate the guilt, even if Parasite was cut off, since there would still be a root system spreading and growing.

In this case, only Yan Yang himself could save Bai JunYi, telling him: I have never blamed you, and never resented you. Whether it is death or otherwise, it is a dream for me, and I want to be friends with you simply because I like you.

This was a best timeline, and even though those griefs didn’t appear, the dreams were just dreams.

In that dream, bitterness condensed into a knot, overflowing with grief, but Bai JunYi was finally reborn. He also truly came to the future. 

Life was really good.


The author has something to say.

This time it’s really the end of the whole thing! I know there were a lot of problems in this book, such as the issue of the female counterpart in the beginning and the long-term writing of variety brought difficulty in transforming the secondary stage and immature persona. Thank you, bow.


Addis note: 

Thank you all for reading this novel! Although it was not very romance oriented, my heart broke when I learned that Shen Si had had 120 years with Jian Nian before he made the decision to break up with him to become the butterfly in the butterfly effect. There is nothing more full of love than spending 7 lifetimes with the man you love and doing everything you can to keep him alive so that the two of them could finally have a life together, a normal life. 

To all of those who read this novel, thank you for spending time on our site. The next novel that will be released is called The Virtuous Omega Disguised as the Vicious Colonel by Little Baldy (the same author as The General’s Vampire Omega). 

Summary: The movie star Lan Yu, who only wants to stop acting and get married and have a child, becomes a Colonel who is notorious for being ruthless, and from then on he has to play his role as an unfeeling killing machine, hoping to return to his ordinary life as soon as possible.  In one mission after another, he and his nemesis Lu RanKong walk together, gradually understanding each other and falling in love, while completing those missions, but also uncover their own secrets. The plot of this novel is twisted, heart-wrenching, it’s a thrilling and heartwarming adventure story. The writing is witty and humorous, the daily routine is warm and vivid, and the characters are distinctive and unique, making it a good story worth reading.

I hope to see you all there reading that novel as well! Until we meet again, thank you!


KarateChopMonkey Note: Aaaaah~ It’s done! It’s finally done. And all I can say is, I totally agree with the message of this novel: the only thing that matters is the future. But I’m not sure I could stand by that statement and live for 140-something years just to prove it’s right, lol.

I wish all these characters happiness, heaven knows, they’ve earned it. And if the author ever decides to do some extras on the members of the Special Unit in the bright future, I’d welcome that with open arms – although it’s highly unlikely 🙁

Thank you reading this novel, I hope you enjoyed the theory crafting along the way and thank you Addis for translating the novel <3 And I also highly recommend The Virtuous Omega Disguised as the Vicious Colonel – VV from hereon -, if you like good chemistry between characters and hilarity with a good plot. Hope to see you at our next novel! Cheers!


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