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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


As he covered the distance from the complex back to the male alpha staff dormitory, Ping Mo needed to pass the basketball court, the third floor and the auditorium. The distance wasn’t short, and the feeling was getting stronger and stronger, so Ping Mo didn’t dare delay. The whole way, he ran so fast that he almost became a residual shadow.

When he finally reached his destination, he could see that his faculty dormitory on the second floor around the corner was still as he left it, with the curtains tightly closed and the window left open a small gap. Ping Mo climbed the sycamore tree, walked along the branches, squeezed in through the window gap, and landed deftly on the ground.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the feeling became extremely strong, and Ping Mo leapt onto the bed at the last minute. He didn’t want to be naked on the floor.

The next second, the silky, fluffy white cat disappeared, and was replaced by a naked youth. Actually, naked wasn’t quite accurate. Ping Mo still had his cat ears and long tail. The moment his skin touched the air, his long tail subconsciously curled forward to hide his key parts, while the cat ears on top of his head habitually twitched.

Ping Mo raised his hand to touch his ears, then reached behind his waist to touch his tail. In addition to the fluffy touch, he also felt a handful of smooth, soft skin. He was secretly relieved and put his hand in front of his eyes. The room still had the curtains pulled, and the light was a little dim. He could see the outline of his five fingers clearly. Long fingers with well-defined bones. They were a pair of good hands for carrying a gun and holding a knife.

After about three or four minutes, even his tail and ears also disappeared, and Ping Mo’s heart relaxed at last. It was finally over!

His bonding heat had lasted for three days. That wasn’t very long, so it was acceptable.

Ping Mo moved his joints a little to make sure there was no problem before he got out of bed. Barefoot, he went to the closet to look for clothes. He put on a shirt and a pair of sweatpants before he pulled back the curtains and let the sunlight in. The bedroom was instantly brighter. The room was neatly arranged. The floor in front of the single bed was empty, because his training pants with a hole that had been on the floor when he left, had disappeared.

They had been specially made with a biodegradable material, and if the material was damaged and left alone, they would soon degrade and disappear. Not a trace of residue would be left. The military would use those materials to make backpacks, clothing, etc., to facilitate the implementation of certain special tasks.

For Therians like Ping Mo, it was a treasured piece of clothing. Once they were forced to transform, the broken clothing automatically disappeared. It was a good way to hide their identity.

Unfortunately, it was also expensive. Especially for the penniless Instructor Ping.

Ping Mo took out his cell phone. The address book was still empty, so he manually entered a series of numbers, thought for a moment, then pressed the dial button.


The other end of the faculty dormitory was extraordinarily noisy. The stray cat kept by Teaching Assistant Lu and Teaching Assistant Pei had suddenly run away. Although the little kitten ate and drank from Teaching Assistant Pei, was only close to Teaching Assistant Pei, and refused to let Lu DongWang touch it, it was a total little wolf. 1

Pei Yutu, as the ‘culprit’ who lost the cat, also felt guilty. He couldn’t resist the condemnation from his own good heart and joined the cat hunt. Thus, the hallway was full of their affectionate calls.

These two alphas were twenty-five years of age, and in top physical shape, especially Teaching Assistant Pei who spent his childhood in the army, and was always shouting across a field.

The chorus of “Mimi,” “Mimi where are you?” was as loud as a bell. In the corridor, it echoed, and the auditory effect was very shocking.

It would make sense to say that they scared the cat away alive.

However, the entire building’s military instructors and civilian instructors hadn’t dared to stop the two people from disturbing everyone. After having worked together for so many days, they more or less had some understanding of each other. The soldiers seconded from the army were rather wild, especially Teaching Assistant Pei, who was a tough character to mess with.

He joined the army at the age of eighteen and was selected for the Emergency Mobile Combat Unit at the age of twenty. With his superior skills and ruthlessness, he was stationed at the most remote extra-terrestrial space station, and had gathered numerous war achievements.

Ordinary people weren’t willing to touch his luck.

However, Instructor Ping was obviously not an ordinary person.

Ping Mo was wearing a loose t-shirt, his short hair was a little messy, and he seemed to be catching up on sleep. His tired eyes narrowed as he said, “Can you be quiet? It’s like you’re calling the dead.”

His voice wasn’t loud. It even had a soft nasal sound, but both Pei Yutu and Lu DongWang stopped ‘screaming’ as if they were forbidden to do so.

Lu DongWang looked at Ping Mo. “Ah…No. I’m sorry, did I disturb your rest?”

Pei Yutu, “Damn. Ping…Instructor Ping, you’re back?”

Pei Yutu actually had half a sentence after that of ‘you skip work and act as if you are missing,’ but was interrupted by Lu DongWang’s, “Fuck! He, he, he is Instructor Ping?”

“…” Ping Mo woke up a little groggy. He didn’t have the patience to talk to these two people. “Look at the time. If the noise continues, I will throw you both out.”

Captain Ping Mo was used to being a superior person, and the words of command came easily out of his mouth, but did Pei Yutu find it convincing? Instead of retreating, he pressed forward until they were almost face to face. “Instructor Ping, you are a bit angry.”

He remembered that Ping Mo was a cleanliness freak and hated physical contact, so he intentionally moved close to him. However, Instructor Ping had already passed his bonding heat and carefully sprayed the barrier agent, so he was immune to the alpha’s pheromones and stayed firmly in place. “I’m angry, and want to beat people up.”

Ping Mo was shorter than Pei Yutu by half a head, and compared to his thin body shape, he had a whole field of skills. With just a few words, he had set the tone of ‘I am the boss’. The atmosphere was momentarily tense.

Lu DongWang was so scared that he rushed out in two or three steps and forcibly hugged Pei Yutu, “Brother Pei! Brother Pei! The time is late, we should rest!” In his ear he quickly whispered, “Brother, Brother. He is your top supervisor. Your future evaluation report when you leave the school will be written by him! We are here to ‘gild the lily,’ not to fight! This is a school. This is very unseemly. You can go back to the school officials! If you don’t, I’d like to, just for the sake of my brother. Meal time has passed and Mimi won’t be able to return tonight.” He raised his voice again as he pulled Pei Yutu back, not forgetting to turn around and say goodbye to Ping Mo, “Instructor Ping, you also rest!”

Finally he pulled Pei Yutu back to the dormitory. Lu DongWang was a little disoriented, and not because he almost fought, of course. He and Pei Yutu weren’t just comrades. Over the years, he had become familiar with pulling Brother Pei out of fights.

Rather, it was because…

“He is Instructor Ping.” Lu DongWang was stuck on repeat. “Strange, so strange. So, he is Instructor Ping… Instructor Ping is really…”

Pei Yutu couldn’t listen any longer and said, “He can really play the B, right?” 2

Lu DongWang thought back to Ping Mo’s aura of dominance, and felt a sense of sorrow. “Yes…no. I mean, I’ve never seen such a good-looking person in my life.” No wonder Pei Yutu, the extreme face-con with perverse vision, praised him for his beauty. It was a pity that such a good-looking person was an alpha…

He saw that Lu DongWang was frozen, so Pei Yutu slapped him on the back. “Don’t think about it. He’s an alpha.” A pretty annoying alpha.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of the little gray-blue eyed fur ball. So soft, sticky and clingy. That was the character such a beautiful little thing should have.

After Ping Mo resumed work, the most happy people were the omegas in the new Weapons Engineering Academy, the so-called “official level to crush people.” When Instructor Ping sat there, Teaching Assistant Pei Yutu lost the right to speak, which resulted in their training intensity plummeting.

Not only did the omegas of the new Weapons Engineering Academy like Instructor Ping, but within a few days, all the omegas in the university were running to the training grounds with New Weapons square-shaped formation in their class schedules. The rumor that New Weapons had “two super handsome, top alpha instructors” soon spread throughout the school.

The other one was even better looking than the movie stars, especially when he was dismantling weapons or teaching close combat skills. His skillful techniques and amazing explosive power, wouldn’t let people keep their feet.


Instructor Ping, although grumpy, knew how to pity the jade, 3 and also he would especially tease others.

When he was in a good mood, he usually omitted calling names and directly simplified things to ‘girl’ or ‘child’. The new Weapons Academy omegas felt their cheeks blush and their hearts flutter. Even if the intensity of the training was lower, they all felt like they were injected with chicken blood, and became more positive.

Pei Yutu had only one word to say about this. Playboy.

It was worthy of the extorting king, who was like a peacock that was spreading its tail.

However, understanding the extorting king wasn’t enough. 

It was Friday, and there was a rare Saturday where there was no training coming. After training, the instructors could also follow the students on vacation. For those who were there year-round and stationed in a remote area, this was undoubtedly a rare opportunity to relax. Everyone was eager to take advantage of this chance to stroll around Star City.

However, Pei Yutu was called by Ping Mo to the public office. Instructor Ping was also about to go out to relax. It was rare for him to not wear the big, loose shirt of the coalition army but instead a set of ordinary casual off-the-rack clothes. It raised the ceiling of his face value significantly and looked particularly pleasing to the eye.

The ‘pleasing to the eye’ Instructor Ping pointed to a thick stack of plans, and opened his mouth. “Pei, you will need to take this time to write the teaching and training plans. Oh right, it must be handed in on Monday, so you will have to work hard this weekend.”


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Translator Notes:

  1. 白眼狼, aka white-eyed wolf – ungrateful person
  2. 装 B – You may see pretending B or play the B. It’s either 1. pretending you are smarter/better than you really are, i.e.showing off. Or 2. pretending you are dumber/inferior than you really are in order to hide your talent, i.e. playing modest, playing dumb. It depends on the context and you can switch back and forth. In this case I think it’s the 2nd (So sayeth Expert Rara)
  3. 怜香惜玉 Pity the jade – to care for people who are weaker than you, or compassion toward the fairer sex.


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I think it’s good that those clothes are so expensive, if it was made as usual clothing material, one rip and your clothes are gone! Thank you for the chapter!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 22, 2022 1:37 am

Hahaha Pei Yu Tu is going to breath fire from anger. 😂 God, I love this story!

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Well that’s gping to go down like a lead balloon (take cover) .
Tbh, if I were Pei Yutu, I wouldn’t be happy; a boss who disappeared for 3 days, is often rude to me and now intends to rob me of rare and cherished vacation time? It’s not on!
Wonder how he will react.
Thanks for translating (including the T/Ns) and editing.

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I imagine Ping Mo’s animal form as a pure white Persian cat, those are so cuteee

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