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Q: BL drama is crazy but sometimes life is too… Has anything ever happened to you that was so over the top you thought, WOW how did this even happen in real life?


Caicaicat: I feel like both my ex bf and my ex gf broke up with me in ways that were like leaving me with whiplash. But my mom’s break-up story is best.

My mom’s break up … Her career was in nursing and she got engaged to a Dr. Then after being together for several years and like getting engaged he takes her out for this really romantic date weekend. They have a bed and breakfast reservation, they are out for a scenic picnic and when lunch is just about finished, he is like my family offered me a million dollars to establish my private practice if i break up with you so this is our last date can I have the ring back. And then he just dropped her off at home and never called her again. 

Real scum guy and a manga just reminded me of that story.


gaeatiamat — All I have is an aunt who was a slut and compulsively slept with all my mom’s boyfriends. (My dad kept his hands off but she stayed super close buddies with him for a long time) 


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July 21, 2022 5:16 am

I had a boyfriend abroad when younger, who it turned out was already engaged.
He confessed, adding that she too was a foreigner, her family had money and were willing to invest in a restaurant for him, if I’d wait forchim to marry and divorce, we’d have a good life. Broke my heart, but I couldn’t agree.
He married, used her, divorced, married again and got a better restaurant out of it, divorced again and ended up marrying a local woman. He always maintained he loved me… yeah, right!

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