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Translated by Heather of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


“What’s wrong?” Cao Jun reacted quickly, “Were you just following a suspected criminal?”

“Not a suspect, it might have been a premeditated crime.” The more Xie Guanze thought about it, the more uneasy he felt. This pet dog was more vigilant than both Da Jian and Song Qing, who he had met before, and even gave off a dangerous feeling. 

Combined with the stray dog biting incident that he heard about at the restaurant, he had a feeling that this stray dog was hostile to humans. 

Xie Guanze recalled the incident where a female owner was abusing her dog and decided to investigate it. 

“Ming Yu District, let’s go see.”

Cao Jun gestured to his colleagues: “Let’s go together, it’s not safe to go alone. The parrot’s night vision is not that good and Niu Nai and Hua Hua can help.”

Chu JiangQing and Wang JianXiong both nodded in agreement. 

Xie Guanze didn’t refuse. Not mentioning the brutality of the stray dog, it also had a virus in its body. If it bites a person, they need a friend to immediately send help. Most importantly, saving someone is harder than catching them. 

The group of people took a taxi directly to Ming Yu District. Xie Guanze had been there before, it was a middle class area. He showed his electronic police badge – it had his identification number and other relevant information which could be found directly online.

Xie Guanze told the security guard that he had received a police report from a young man who said that the female resident living in the floor beneath him was abusing her dog. He generally described the appearance of the man sitting at the adjacent table and also said that the woman’s pet dog was a pomeranian. Hearing this, the security guard knew immediately who it was.

Xie Guanze had come to Ming Yu District before to take care of some problems between humans and their pets, so the security didn’t hesitate and told him that she lived in apartment number five. After registering, the security guard went with Xie Guanze to the apartment. 

Ming Yue District was very large and the 5th apartment was quite far from the east entrance where Xie Guanze was. Not much could be heard from far away, but as they neared the 5th apartment, he felt that something wasn’t right. 

Near the 5th apartment, there was the sound of a dog’s frantic barking mixed with a sorrowful meow and a shrill wail of a woman. 

Xie Guanze felt uneasy: “We’re late, go over there and take a look!”

The woman who abused the dog lived on the 4th floor. When a few humans started to run toward the elevator, King and Niu Nai simultaneously changed into their original forms. With the advantage of wings and claws, they went straight up toward the sound of the woman’s screams. 

The lights in the area were of a yellow hue and the lights on the 4th floor were bright. With the light illuminating the way, Xie King’s speed was faster than everyone and reached the 4th floor first.

When Xie Guanze opened the elevator door to the 4th floor and kicked open the female owner’s door, there was blood at the entrance. 

The security guard saw the situation and began to call his colleagues who were in their office. 

Xie Guanze and his party rushed into the residence and saw that her pomeranian had bitten the owner’s arm and wouldn’t let go. To the side, the boy in black who went missing from the restaurant was coldly watching the scene. 

King and Niu Nai, who arrived first, got scared and were hiding up in the lamp and on top of the closet. There was blood on King’s feathers and a chunk of his feathers were missing. There was still quite a lot of blood remaining on Niu Nai’s claws as he impatiently swayed his tail and growled threateningly.

The three pets had already fought. 

Xie Guanze saw this scene and his heart sank, King and Niu Nai were at a disadvantage. 

“Be careful!”

The footsteps at the entrance startled King and the others. The boy in black had an indifferent look on his face and seemed as if he didn’t notice the new people that had entered the room. 

Suddenly, Xie King shouted a warning, and quickly flew over. As Xie Guanze subconsciously dodged, a black cat abruptly attacked from the corner behind him and viciously scratched each human.

“Hiss —”

Xie Guanze didn’t fall as he dodged just in time, but there were still three claw marks on the side of his face. Chu JiangQing, who was standing the closest, was scratched on his eyelid. Any  closer and his eye would have been injured.

“Meow —-” Niu Nai was completely angry and verbally showed his disdain. If he was really annoyed, he would have left long ago.  

Niu Nai, who was hiding on top of the closet, leapt down and attacked the black cat. The two cats began to fight intensely on the floor but it was very obvious that Niu Nai was at a disadvantage. Niu Nai sustained three long scratch marks on his back and Chu JiangQiang, who saw this, felt his heart clench. 

“Niu Nai, come back.”

At the same time, the boy in black said: “Come here, don’t bully these weaklings who were raised at home.”

The two cats released their claws and separated, each returning to their partner’s side. 

Xie Guanze asked: “ You guys are stray pets?”

The boy in black sneered sarcastically: “To be more accurate, we are pets that have been abandoned.”

The black cat had a humanoid sarcastic look in his eyes while sneering. It looked with disdain at Nui Nai who was licking its wounds, as if looking down on the weak.

Xie Guanze looked at the black cat. The fierceness that he had demonstrated in the fight before almost made him think that he was a black panther. 

The black cat was missing a piece of his ear and had scars on his back caused by cigarettes. The expression in his eyes was cold and gloomy. Xie Guanze made eye contact with those ghostly green eyes in the dark and shivers went up his spine. 

“Woof woof —” On the other side, the pomeranian who was satisfied with it’s revenge, finally let go of the woman’s arm. It trotted over to the boy in black and rubbed against his leg.

Xie Guanze saw that the pomeranian had the most blood on its body. It’s mouth was full of human blood, there were long scars on its skin, as if it had been subjected to whipping and walked with a limp. 

“It’s time to go.” The boy in black reached out, picked up the limping pomeranian and held it in his arms. Ignoring Xian Guanze and the others, he let out a series of howls in the direction of the balcony: “Woof woof woof woof!”

A moment later, Xie Guanze and the others heard a violent scrambling sound from outside of the door. Various barking and meowing noises followed and they all rushed in through the door at once!

The security guard froze: “Oh my god, these are the proprietor’s dogs and cats!”

There were 10 or so cats and dogs who rushed in and they pretty much filled up the room. Because she had been just bitten by her pet, her heart was filled with terror. When she saw this group of cats and dogs, she was so frightened that she started screaming like a chicken being squashed and was unable to stop. 

The smell of blood excited the cats and dogs as they started to crazily run around the room, breaking and biting whatever was there. The female owner shakily covered her head and curled up into a ball behind the couch.

“Look out, they’re running away!” HuaHua transformed and had an advantage with its 100Kg body. It rushed out the door after the boy in black.

The black cat walked to the balcony and quickly disappeared. 

“Call the police! No, call the ambulance!” said the security guard when he caught up. He was afraid that the cats and dogs would bite him and didn’t dare go into the room. 

Xie Guanze was relatively calm. After the boy in black left, the animals in the house also calmed down and started to curiously play in the room. 

“Tell the owner to take the pets home.” Xie Guanze told the roommate to comfort the pets while he walked to the female owner, “Where is the first aid kit? You need to disinfect your wound and then go get a rabies vaccine.”

The female owner had a vicious look in her eyes: “That damn dog, I should have killed him!”

“If he was a combat dog, then you probably would have been bitten to death.” Xie Guanze’s attitude was indifferent, “Where is the first aid kit?”

After the female owner got injured, her mood became increasingly sensitive. She said angrily while covering her wound: “What’s with your attitude, I was clearly the victim here!”

“Security guard, you’re here, I’ll leave your tenant to you, we’ll go after the perpetrator.” Xie Guanze said impatiently. His King was hurt because of this arrogant woman who still tried to pretend to be the victim.

“Okay, please go ahead.” said the security guard.

“How can you have this attitude as a police officer, I’ll report you!”

“I welcome you to try.” Xie Guanze turned his head and smiled, “By the way, I am from the Human Pet Relations Coordination Department, specifically investigating incidents regarding pet abuse. According to the new pet regulations, you should be going to prison. I’m going to find your pomeranian and collect the abuse report from him. You should eat and drink whatever you enjoy in the next few days because you won’t have the chance in the future.”

The colour drained from the woman’s face: “You’re lying, I’ve never heard of such regulation…”

Xie Guanze sneered at the lady but didn’t answer her. He directly picked up Xie King and left with his colleagues. 

When he arrived at the entrance, Cao Jun, who had followed HuaHua down earlier, was distressingly applying medicine to HuaHua’s neck. 

Xie Guanze froze: “What happened?”

The placement of the wound, if one was not careful, would be lethal. When butchers kill pigs, they start from the carotid artery.

“Damn it, that stray dog almost seems cunning. It even knew how to ambush!” Cao Jun borrowed some antiseptic from the security guard’s office and continuned cursing as he applied it on Hua Hua. “First we were attacked by the black cat in the apartment, then we were ambushed by a hunting dog.” Today, this group of people was dominated by a group of pets.  

“They turned into humans.” Xie Guanze quietly sighed, “If there is resentment; complain, if there is hatred; take revenge. There will be more cases like that in the future.”

Since the pets became humans, their past hatred has become evident. Human knowledge became the foundation of their revenge. 

Cao Jun paused and thought about the female owner. He felt that she got what she deserved. 

“Oh yeah, it was a pitbull that attacked HuaHua. I feel like he was once a pet, he had the craftiness of humans.” Cao Jun cursed, “That crazy owner even abandoned such a valiant dog. She’s not only looking for death but hurting others as well!”

Xie Guanze asked: “Did the pitbull have any special characteristics? For example, a wound?”

“Yes, I think he was blind in one eye but I didn’t see very clearly. It rushed out from under the streetlamp, I just felt that there was a hole where it’s left eye should have been.”

“I understand, I’ll be sure to report this incident to the higher ups.”

The regulation regarding the abuse of pets that Xie Guanze told the female owner hadn’t been confirmed yet, there was just a draft. 

If the incidents of stray pets taking revenge continue to grow, then the related law must be put in place. 

Xie Guanze looked up toward the female owner’s direction, then lowered his head and cursed: his break was gone again, a group of evildoers continued to hurt people….

Far away, after seeing that Xie Guanze and his group had left, the boy in black put down the pomeranian.

“In the future, you can only depend on yourself, don’t ever rely on humans again.”

The pomeranian nodded its head and weakly barked “Woof.”

“Follow me.” The boy in black looked into the darkness. Two pets had returned to their human forms. After putting on their clothes, they emerged from behind the trees. One of them was missing a chunk of an ear and the other was missing an eye. They gave off a strong but dangerous feeling. 

The boy in black walked forward without looking back and the two pets followed. The pomeranian looked back in the direction of the area and then resolutely limped after the three people. 

At this time, Xie Guanze received a message from an unknown person on his phone. 

“Look, he chose us.”

“This is the evil that you humans have created, one day, you will have to bear the consequences.”


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November 6, 2020 1:07 pm

Man, these abuse cases are sad. 😢

November 7, 2020 12:07 am

Thank you!

Minnie ford
Minnie ford
November 7, 2020 3:53 am

I feel sorry for the abused pets thank you for the update

November 7, 2020 6:19 am

I hope they will bring that law into force. At least in a novel animal abusers/stupid owners will be duly punished. Cause irl, when something happens they always blame the animal not its idiot owner.
Thank you for the chapter!!!

July 15, 2021 7:24 am

My heart aches for these animals, abusive owners should be punished accordingly. Thank you for the translation!!

January 30, 2022 8:07 pm

But not all human are traeting their pets badly😢😢😢

July 19, 2022 7:04 am

I honestly don’t blame them. Animals have never been adequately protected in real life. Even in countries with organisations like the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), their powers are limited and punishments inadequate. It should not be allowed to happen in this day and age, when the majority of countries consider themselves to be civilised. Really angers me.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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