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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


Finch froze, and when he came back to his senses, the ambulance had already closed its doors and was driving away.

Finch stood there blankly, and after a while, he chuckled. Actually, that was quite comforting, since now, they both knew each other’s secrets. Suddenly, he felt closer to Xie Yan, and they were like comrades in arms.

Although Xie Yan liked childish things, he was still very reliable.

Finch ran a hand through his hair and was about to go home. Although he looked very exhausted, he hadn’t been injured.

Speaking of it, because of the mishap, the variety show had ended early, and naturally, they couldn’t keep filming. Finch hadn’t asked Cesar to come pick him up, so he stood where he was in hesitation, as he still hadn’t decided how to face Cesar, whose attitude had changed so drastically.

And after experiencing those things just then, Finch felt even guiltier. Two years had passed, and Finch at least owed him an explanation.

Whether Cesar accepted it or not, Finch didn’t want their relationship to be in this confused, muddled state.

Finch thought for a moment and finally mustered up his courage, taking out his phone to call Cesar. However, before he could dial his number, he suddenly saw Cesar striding towards him, an anxious expression on his stern face.

At this moment, Finch suddenly didn’t feel that hesitant anymore, and he only felt relieved. Sure enough, Cesar had already received news of this event.

When Cesar reached him, Finch didn’t wait for him to speak and quickly smiled, saying, “Take me home, okay?”

Cesar had just been informed that there had been an accident here, and he felt extremely worried and full of self-reproach. He clearly knew that such events were more likely to happen around Finch, yet he had still left Finch alone. But he also couldn’t be by Finch’s side all the time.

Fortunately, Finch was fine, and Cesar suppressed the urge to hug him as he said gravelly, “Okay.”

They were both silent during the car ride.

Cesar knew where Finch lived, and it was an apartment Finch’s sister had bought for Finch to live in alone. It wasn’t very big, but it was very cozy, and Cesar was very familiar with the place, as he had stayed here for a while, though he had left soon afterward.

As he stood in front of the door again, Cesar hesitated and turned around to look at Finch.

He was waiting for the host to invite him in.

Finch was a little nervous as he opened the door. He grabbed a pair of slippers and put them in front of Cesar’s feet as he said as calmly as he could, “Come on in, sorry for the mess.”

It indeed was quite messy here, but in reality, it was also just as messy two years ago. Evidently, Finch hadn’t changed much, and when he stepped inside once more, Cesar felt quite content.

Finch looked at Cesar and bit his lip. He suddenly looked down and said, “I’m sorry.”

Cesar’s gaze dimmed a little, and after a brief pause, he slowly asked, “Why are you apologizing to me?”

Finch looked at him and said quickly, “Actually, when I broke up with you two years ago, it was only because I was scared my family would find out. It wasn’t because I didn’t like you anymore nor anything you did, it’s just that… I wasn’t ready yet.”

Finch felt that he had crossed a line, and even if he had broken up only because he was scared of other people finding out, he still should’ve said it clearly at the time. However, back then, he had felt that if he gave that excuse, it seemed to be even more hurtful than breaking up directly.

So that was why he hadn’t given an explanation and simply watched Cesar leave like an ostrich that buried its head in sand.

Finch looked at Cesar hesitantly. In these two years, this was the first time he had mustered up the courage to explain himself to Cesar, and it indeed sounded rude and irresponsible. If Cesar got angry or refused to accept his apology, then Finch wouldn’t have the right to ask for his forgiveness anymore.

Cesar must’ve taken Finch’s actions to heart, or else he wouldn’t have been so estranged and distant. Cesar clearly hadn’t completely let go of Finch yet, but these things stood between them, and if Cesar turned around and left now…

Finch didn’t seem to have a reason nor the right to urge him to stay.

Just as Finch was uneasily waiting for Cesar’s response, he suddenly saw Cesar smile faintly.

Cesar said calmly, “That’s what I thought.”

Finch stared at him with wide eyes.

Cesar looked down with his deep black eyes that were obscure and unreadable, and said with a hint of amusement, “At the time, when you answered the phone call, I heard the conversation. Then, when you told me that you were breaking up with me, I thought that perhaps it was only because you didn’t want other people finding out. You might not have realized it, but it was quite obvious.”

Finch was speechless. He looked down, ashamed. Ah, no wonder Cesar left so quickly and without hesitation at the time…

No wonder he disliked Finch so much later; sure enough, he had still gotten angry.

Cesar said lightly, “Of course I couldn’t embarrass you, and since you thought that ending it like that was fine, then I could only leave.”

Finch thought, It’s over. Just yesterday, he had thought that there was hope for the two of them to get back together, but it seemed that he had dug his own grave. Finch said in disappointment, “I’m sorry. If you want to leave, then you can leave, I won’t say anything else…”

However, Cesar said, “Just now, you said that the reason you broke up with me wasn’t because you didn’t like me, so, do you still like me?”

Finch’s heartbeat quickened. Cesar was about to leave, so it would be embarrassing if Finch said that he still liked him. However, after doing such disgraceful things before, if he still couldn’t be honest this last time, then he would regret it.

Finch said, “I like you, and I still do.”

Because later, Finch had met many people and done many things, yet he would still think of Cesar from time to time. No one else was or would ever be like Cesar.

Cesar laughed lightly, and his eyes were dancing with a scorching warmth. He suddenly stepped closer to Finch and looked down into his eyes, saying slowly, “I like you too.”

These four words pounded heavily into Finch’s heart.

Finch was dazed as he looked at Cesar, stunned.

Cesar continued softly, “So… it’s okay.” Liking you is on me, so I won’t blame you for any of your decisions at the time. No one said that you had to accept me.

On the contrary, I’m very happy that I could wait until the day when you’re ready to face everything with me.

Finch’s expression wavered, and he suddenly hugged Cesar’s neck and lifted his head to kiss him on the lips.

Thank you for being willing to come back.

Thank you for waiting for me all this time.


The next day, the sky gradually brightened.

Finch was curled up in his familiar small bed, and although it wasn’t as spacious as the huge bed in Cesar’s villa, it was still cozy, and they were able to snuggle up with each other. At this moment, it was as if he had returned to two years ago. That was when Finch had first discovered his true self, and he had been cautious, though he had been very happy. However, because of his cowardliness, that happiness hadn’t lasted for very long.

He rolled over to face Cesar and bit his ear gently, purring, “Do you want to move back?”

Cesar narrowed his eyes, reached out, and pulled a certain disobedient person towards him. “Do you want me to come back?”

Finch nodded. Actually, he was a little embarrassed, since inviting a billionaire to live in his tiny residence didn’t seem very suitable…

Cesar chuckled and rolled over so that he was now on top of Finch. He kissed Finch’s lower lip lightly and was just about to respond when he heard someone’s voice.

Xiao Ke was standing at the gap in the door, looking at them in shock. He exclaimed, “Mister, didn’t you say last time that you weren’t my uncle’s boyfriend?!”

Finch’s expression froze at once, and he hastily caught the blankets that had started to slide down. He huffed angrily, “Don’t you know how to be polite? You don’t even know to knock before coming in!”

Xiao Ke thought for a moment and also felt that this scene wasn’t very appropriate for children. He muttered, “You always live alone anyways, how would I know there would be someone else…” and left.

Cesar looked back at Finch and raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t brought anyone back here before?”

Finch’s cheeks reddened, and he humphed.

Soon afterward, the two of them exited the room, because after being seen by Xiao Ke, it was inevitably a little awkward. Finch glared at him and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Xiao Ke felt wronged and thought, You were the one who brought someone home and didn’t lock the door, so why are you blaming me? He pouted, “Mom told me to tell you to come over for a meal this weekend…”

Finch nodded and replied, “Got it.”

Then, Xiao Ke looked at Cesar and said sweetly, “Mister, you should also come eat with us. My mom will definitely be happy if she knows that my uncle got a boyfriend.”

Finch didn’t expect that kid to have so much to say, and he glanced nervously at Cesar, scared that he would be unhappy. After all, they had just got back together, and wasn’t it a little too soon for Cesar to be meeting his parents? Though… he still hoped that Cesar could go. However, he couldn’t be so sudden with this and give Cesar no time to prepare.

They still had to do things step by step!

Just as Finch was feeling uneasy, Cesar held his hand and smiled calmly to Xiao Ke, replying, “Okay.”

Xiao Ke was very happy and even thought that the two of them had already fallen in love. He was very pleased at Cesar’s response, and just his appearance was enough to please Xiao Ke.

Finch felt relieved and quietly squeezed Cesar’s hand gratefully.

Cesar never worried or disappointed him… How could Finch not have known to cherish such a wonderful person two years ago?

Finch stopped his mind from wandering too much and was worried Xiao Ke would say more, so he cleared his throat lightly and said to Xiao Ke, “Since you’re here, you can stay and play around. I still need to go to work.”

Xiao Ke didn’t object, as Finch had a PS4, so Xiao Ke could play by himself for an entire day. He waved Finch off as if to say ‘you can go now, I’m fine by myself, you don’t need to worry.’

Finch clicked his tongue at him and walked out with Cesar.

Cesar took Finch to the company, and when Finch got off, Luo JinYi just happened to walk out of the building.

Luo JinYi’s eyes were very keen, and he immediately spotted Cesar sitting in the car Finch had gotten out of. Luo JinYi was in high spirits as he realized that he had guessed correctly! Cesar had personally driven Finch to the company so early in the morning, so they must’ve been together last night, right? Luo JinYi had cottoned up to the right person!

Finch didn’t know that he had been seen with Cesar, so he only felt that today, Luo JinYi seemed to be even more enthusiastic with him!

The movie Finch had been in still hadn’t been released yet, since they still needed some time to publicize it. Luo JinYi specially organized a team to help Finch get ready, wanting to make him a star in one fell swoop. However, that meant that Finch got a lot busier.

Finch stayed there the entire day, and he felt dizzy from all the work. He also did a photoshoot for promoting the movie, and it didn’t end until very late.

Just as he was about to go home, Finch suddenly got a phone call from an unfamiliar number.

A woman said professionally, “Is this Finch?”

Finch said hesitantly, “Yes.” This was probably some telemarketer.

However, the woman said, “Hello, sir. Your friend, Qi Zhen, is staying at our hospital, and he wishes to see you. Is it convenient for you to come over now?”


An hour later, Finch stood at the door of the XX Hospital and looked at the sign in shock. Gosh… it was a psychiatric hospital. Based on what the woman had said just then, Finch had thought that Qi Zhen was just sick, and since they had met once before, Finch thought that it would be impolite if he didn’t come, which was why he was now here.

He hadn’t expected that Qi Zhen wasn’t sick but instead had been sent to a psychiatric hospital.

Finch pondered silently. Although he had initially been very surprised, when he thought about it again, it was quite reasonable…

Didn’t Qi Zhen have a mental illness? Multiple personality disorder, right?

When he realized this, Finch didn’t really want to go in. Qi Zhen had always been kind of weird, though Finch wasn’t sure exactly which part of Qi Zhen made him so uncomfortable.

Finch hesitated and considered leaving again, but at this time, a woman wearing a nurse uniform came outside to welcome him. “Are you Finch? Please, come with me, Qi Zhen is waiting for you inside.”

Finch was silent.

Ah, never mind. Seeing as Finch was already here, he supposed he could go in for a moment before leaving.

A few minutes later, Finch was sitting in the guest room, and Qi Zhen was sitting on the opposite side of the table. They were separated by a layer of glass, so Qi Zhen was probably a strictly guarded patient. However, he still looked quite normal, and he was wearing a striped hospital gown. He had gotten a little skinnier, but besides that he hadn’t changed much.

He smiled at Finch, and his pretty eyes sparkled with amusement. “You seem to be very surprised.”

Finch thought, Yeah, a little. He wasn’t sure what to say, so he simply said politely, “Why did you want to see me?”

Qi Zhen replied, “That day after you two left, Cesar thought that my mental state wasn’t very normal, so he told my father.” He shrugged and said carelessly, “So that’s why I’m here now.”

Finch was silent. How awkward. He’s here partially because of me, what if Qi Zhen called me here to blame Cesar for being too nosy…

However, Finch couldn’t blame Cesar for this. On the contrary, he felt that Cesar really was quite prudent and that he had done the right thing. Finch forced a laugh and said, “Oh, I see…”

Qi Zhen sighed softly, his expression unreadable as he said lightly, “He seems to like you a lot, not letting any possible threats slide… But do you think I would hurt you?”

Finch was stunned. This was quite a sudden change of topic, and Finch didn’t really understand Qi Zhen’s behavior, so he wasn’t sure how to respond.

Qi Zhen chuckled and seemed a little dejected as he said, “It seems you don’t believe me either, so if I said that I like you…” He suddenly looked sharply at Finch with what resembled a smile yet also didn’t, “you probably also wouldn’t believe me, right?”

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