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Chapter 69: Get on board the starship and depart

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Yes, a mental body stabilizer.” Chief Wang nodded.

“This is the task assigned to us by the military department, and has been studied for many years, just never had any progress. Gradually, the higher-ups stopped paying attention to this research, but we continued on our own. Recently there has been a breakthrough, although it can’t be said that the research is a success, it also has a certain value. I didn’t expect that before I reported it, a Lontan person would appear.”

Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong’s serious expression, and knew that this stabilizer was very important, but he couldn’t ask now, so he remained silent. Lu RanKong gave him a look and the two of them sat back down on the couch again.

“So that Lontan person had to anesthetize Kabul’s mental body and escape the moment the security guards found out, because he can’t hijack Kabul’s body for long, and will also expose himself.” Director Wang said.

Lu RanKong tapped his temple with his finger and hung his head, “The Lontan person knew that Kabul had taken the stabilizer, that’s why he put his mental body under anesthesia first. So has anyone leaked anything about your research on stabilizers to the public?”

Wang wiped his face and said, “It was confidential, but after so many years of research, we haven’t made a name for ourselves, so we have let our guard down. Over time, there will always be someone who talks about it.”

Lan Yu understood the implication and asked, “Maybe your researcher’s family and friends, including the residents near the institute, may know that you are researching this thing?”

Director Wang didn’t make a sound, kind of acquiescing to this statement.

“What about the anesthetics in his body, did you ask him where he got them?” Lu RanKong asked.

Wang said, “He himself doesn’t know. We went to his home to search, and found his water cup laced with narcotics.”

“A water cup at home?” Lu RanKong and Lan Yu looked at each other.

Knowing what they were thinking, Chief Wang explained, “Kabul is single and has no one close to him, he lives alone.”

“What about a lover?” Lu RanKong asked.

Chief Wang said, “No…”

“What about a fuck buddy?”


“What about the ones who you pay for one night and take them home?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu gave him a faint look.

Wang said awkwardly, “Nothing. Kabul isn’t interested in that and he keeps to himself, he’s always alone in the house.”

Lu RanKong said, “That’s strange, the narcotics were put into the water cup in his house.”

Liu Deng stood up and said to Lan Yu, “Colonel K, originally you had just finished your new assignment and were on leave—”

“There’s no need to say these words.” Lu RanKong suddenly interrupted, “He already had a mission this holiday, the same words need not be repeated.”

Liu Deng shook his head helplessly and said, “RanKong ah, I know you’re moody, so I didn’t arrange for you to go on this mission. Look at you, how can you still say such things?”

Lu RanKong laughed, but there was no smile on his face, “Do you have the heart to set me up? Not to mention I will follow if you take K to go. General Liu, you are playing a good game.”

Liu Deng put the cup of tea in his hand on the table, suddenly slammed the table and shouted, “Lu RanKong!”

His voice was so loud that Chief Wang and Xiao Liu trembled in fear, and both Lan Yu and Lu RanKong side-eyed him.

“You are a soldier, a subordinate of mine, but in the general command room, you are talking back to your superior, you’re rude, and not self-conscious like a soldier.” Liu Deng said sternly, “You are a Colonel, but can’t set an example—”

“I know, I will follow K to Sasu Planet.” Lu RanKong interrupted by raising his hands.

When Liu Deng heard this, as if he had changed his face, his expression instantly gentled down as he said kindly, “Then you guys go back and get ready. The specific things will be clearer naturally when you get to Sasu Planet.”

Wang got the promise and also stood up and said, “Then we will depart tonight?”

“Tonight?” Lu RanKong didn’t answer, but only looked at Lan Yu.

Lan Yu nodded and said, “Tonight is fine.”

Lu RanKong picked up the hot tea in front of him, went to the window to look at the moon outside, and said, “Is there a Star Warship sailing tonight? Or do you have a special ship?”

Chief Wang said, “No special ship, but there’s a Star Warship leaving tonight, and we can make it now.”

“Mn, okay.” Lu RanKong turned around, put his cup of tea on the table, and said to Lan Yu, “Let’s go back and clean up.”

Chief Wang said, “Then I’ll go to the docking bay and wait for you on the Star Warship.”


When everyone had left the general command room, Liu Deng finally let out a long breath, rubbed the top of his head with satisfaction, and walked to the window to look at the pots of greenery.

Lan Yu had just stepped out of the general command building not far away when he heard Liu Deng’s voice echoing over the command post, “Lu RanKong! You son of a bitch! You actually tried to scald all my flowers to death!”

The two went back to their quarters to pack their bags, and Lan Yu’s side had just started when Lu RanKong came over dragging a suitcase.

“You packed up so quickly?” Lan Yu asked in astonishment.

Lu RanKong said, “You folded all my clothes neatly, and I didn’t need to pack much at all, just some shirts and stuff and put them into the suitcase.”

“Open it and I’ll check it.” Lan Yu said. 1

Lu RanKong then opened the suitcase and spread it in front of Lan Yu.

“Just a few shirts will do?” Lan Yu used his hands to pick them up, “Where are the socks? What about underwear? And a razor?”

Lu RanKong said, “It’s too much trouble, we can just buy them at Sasu Planet.”

“No…” Lan Yu ordered, “I bought new socks, they’re in the first compartment of your closet, and underwear is in the second compartment, so bring at least three sets for easy changing. I just looked at the weather on Sasu Planet, it’s cooler there than here at night, so bring two more coats.” Seeing Lu RanKong standing still, he raised his eyebrows, “Go on, load up everything I said.”

Lu RanKong had to close the suitcase again and drag it back.

Lan Yu waited for him to leave, quickly opened the hidden cabinet in the bathroom, placed a suppressant and a few glandular patches into the suitcase compartment, thought about it and then put the bag of skin care products on top.

After closing the lid of the suitcase, he began to put the dust bag over Gu Gu, and softly whispered, “Gu Gu sorry, I can’t accompany you again, so I have to cover you up. I’ll be back when I finish this task, and in a few months I’ll never cover you up again, and I won’t leave you home alone every day.”

When Lu RanKong came in with the suitcase, he announced, “I’ve packed everything you said.”

Lan Yu put Gu Gu in place and said, “Open it and I’ll check.”

After the suitcase was opened, he refolded all the clothes inside and made a corner to put the pajamas Lu RanKong left here.

“It’s better to wear the pajamas you’re used to than the new ones.” He said.

Lu RanKong said, “In fact, I’m not wearing anything to be comfortable, but I just have to wear this to sleep with you.”

“Then you feel quite aggrieved?”

“No, it’s fine.”

After packing both suitcases, the two of them left the room, went downstairs, got into the waiting military vehicle, and headed for the docking bay. There was a Star Warship warming up on the docking ramp. Lan Yu was still in the car when he saw Chief Wang and Xiao Liu standing at the hatch, anxiously looking their way, and both were relieved when they saw the military vehicle appear.

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong got out of the car, and a soldier behind them dragged their suitcases and drove the men all the way to the Star Warship before leaving.

“Colonel K, Colonel Lu, your room has been booked, this way please.” While leading the way, Chief Wang reached out to help Lan Yu drag his luggage, but he refused.

Lu RanKong looked at the rooms on both sides of the passage as he walked, and asked bluntly, “Chief Wang, what room have you booked for us?”

According to a Colonel’s rank, if they went on a mission on a military ship, it could only be an ordinary business room.

“Luxury suite, two of them.” Director Wang hurriedly said, “The cost will be paid by our institute.”

Lu RanKong took the military cap off his head, held it in his hand, then said in a serious tone, “Director Wang, we are soldiers, we should be strict with ourselves and keep everything simple when we travel. Do you think it is appropriate to stay in two luxury suites?”

“So… It’s inappropriate?” Chief Wang didn’t quite understand what he meant and asked tentatively.

Lu RanKong nodded, “Definitely not appropriate…”

Director Wang thought about it, “How about two business suites instead?”

“No, just return one of the luxury suites and Colonel K and I will stay in the other one.” Lu RanKong said.

Director Wang nodded his head, then instructed Xiao Liu to return one suite.

Lan Yu side-eyed Lu RanKong. Seeing this man wearing a righteous look, he couldn’t help but feel amused.

The luxury suite was on the second floor of the Star Warship, and after going up the stairs, a staff member greeted him. Wang told him the room number and excused himself to go back to his room, Lan Yu and Lu RanKong were led by the staff to their suite.

The floor was luxurious and quiet, with a long gray carpet on the floor and their footsteps were silent on it.

As they walked side by side, Lu RanKong asked, “Are you tired? Do you want to take a nap later? Since we are going to Sasu Planet, we won’t be there until tomorrow.”

Before Lan Yu could answer, the staff in front of him said, “If you two want to relax, you can go to the far right side, where you can have a spa treatment with the medicinal bath materials of Sasu Planet, which is very relaxing and good for your skin. It’s only open to the passengers on the second floor, so it’s quiet and not too crowded.”

The person inside didn’t hear their footsteps and didn’t notice anyone at the door, just stepped out and bumped into Lan Yu, stumbling forward two steps and about to fall. Lan Yu hurriedly reached out to hold the person in place, and the person frowned and straightened up, just about to say something, when he saw his face and shut his mouth, his eyes beginning to glow.

Lan Yu has seen this kind of look a lot and was used to it. Even if he had lost his movie star aura, with his appearance, it was natural for him to reap such a stunning gaze again.

This was a petite male Omega with good looks. His eyes darted at the back of Lan Yu’s neck, and after seeing the Alpha gland body patch, his face showed a look that was both coy and a little flustered.

“Thanks…” He said to Lan Yu, “I wasn’t paying attention just now and my foot slipped.”

Lan Yu only gave him an initial glance before turning his eyes away and continuing to walk behind the staff member. The Omega was standing in the corridor looking in his direction, fiddling with the terminal in his hand, trying to take a picture to show to his friends.

He saw a handsome officer and wanted to share it with his friends, but just as he raised the terminal secretly, he ran into a harsh line of sight.

Lu RanKong turned around and stopped, staring at the Omega who was trying to take a picture of Lan Yu, until he put away the terminal and turned his head away awkwardly, then continued on his way.

The Omega hurriedly sent a message to his friend, [I just saw two officers, both so handsome and good looking, one cold and cool, the other a little mean. The two of them are staying on our floor, later at dinner time we may be able to bump into them! I’ll point them out to you. Ahhhhh, the best way to cure a lost love is to fall in love with a new one…]

The staff took the two to their room and then exited, closing the door behind them. The two of them were in the same room on the Star Warship, and the suite was much more luxurious than on the military Star Warship.

Lan Yu took a sip of the water when his feet twitched slightly, followed by a slight sense of ascent.

It was the Star Warship setting sail on time.

“Do you go to Sasu Planet much?” Lu RanKong asked casually, sipping his water.

Lan Yu said vaguely, “Not a lot, once or twice.” 

He knew from the Black Crow Bar charge card that K should go often, but he hadn’t actually been there once himself.

“I was born and raised on Sasu Planet, so I know it well. Sasu doesn’t have any famous attractions, but there are some nice places.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu nodded and said, “Okay…”

“Where did you live as a child?” Lu RanKong took a sip of water.

Lan Yu was silent.

Lu RanKong stroked his head and said, “If you don’t want to tell, don’t tell.”

His tone was full of pity.

Lan Yu knew he had misunderstood, but he didn’t want to explain.

“What do you think about that Lontan person in the institute?” Lan Yu asked, digressing.

Lu RanKong paced slowly to the porthole and said, “He’s probably after the stabilizer.”


Lu RanKong considered for a few seconds before replying, “The Empire has been working on a countermeasure since they drove out the Lontan people years ago. But you know, no matter how advanced the weapons can be, how strong the fortifications are, all preparations are fragile in the face of the invaded spiritual domain.”

“In that catastrophe, the entire Sasu Planet system was almost fully occupied by the Lontan people, but do you know how they were finally driven out?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu shook his head and replied, “I don’t know…”

Lu RanKong looked out of the porthole and said, “At the most critical moment, Sasu developed a stabilizer that could stabilize the mental domain. This stabilizer wouldn’t harm the Lontan person, but it could stabilize the mental body of the person who took it and wouldn’t be consumed. As long as the mental body is kept intact, it can take back control of the body and squeeze out the mental body that doesn’t belong to it.”

“The emperor of the Empire at that time, including the chief of the Sasu army, took this potion. It’s also fortunate that the number of Lontan people isn’t large, and couldn’t capture that group of chiefs, and were gradually dealt with instead. In addition, the Lontan Planet internal struggle is also very serious, not only wanting to take over the Sasu Planet system, but also to kill each other. But there was a chip in their bodies that made it so that they couldn’t kill each other.” Lu RanKong said.

A chip that made them not be able to kill each other, Lan Yu once heard him mention this, so he nodded.

Lu RanKong turned around and continued, “Their scattered mess gave the Empire a chance to breathe and finally drove the Lontan people out of the Sasu Planet system with a promise never to come back.” He laughed, “This promise was known to both sides as a stopgap measure, and no one could say if it was really just given up. So the Empire kept working on a better way. But after so many years, if one wants to fight against the invasion of the spiritual domain, there’s still only a solid agent.”

When Lan Yu heard this, he couldn’t help but ask, “Is the stabilizer very difficult to obtain?”

If it can be produced in large quantities, the whole Empire would have a vaccine, and would not be so nervous about the appearance of the Lontan people.

“Yes, the stabilizer is very difficult to obtain. Its main component is a special substance, and that special substance is only produced in a certain desert planet, and can’t be regenerated, the quantity is also very scarce. So the Empire can only strengthen research to find a substitute for that special substance, and the stabilizer is only available to the highest leaders of the Empire to ensure that the decision makers will not be invaded.”

Lan Yu was silent for a while and asked, “Does this potion have a time limit?”

“A potion can only work for a month, and then it has to be taken again.” Lu RanKong said, “The stabilizer is currently the only way to target the invasion of the mental domain, so a Lontan person snuck into the Institute to look through the research data.”

Lu RanKong looked at the water in his hand and pondered for a while, before saying, “I’m going to go see Director Wang again and ask about the progress of their research.”

Lan Yu said, “You go ahead, I’m not going, I want to take a break.”

He said and lazily stretched his back.

“Okay, then you rest, I’ll be right back.” Lu RanKong finished walking out the door, but after a few steps he stopped, “That Star Warship staff said that you can take a bath or something? Why don’t you go take a bath?”

Lan Yu said, “Let’s check it out. If you don’t want to sleep then go.”

When Lu RanKong left the door, Lan Yu collapsed on the couch and stared at the ceiling for a while, his mind wandering. After rummaging around for a while, he remembered the staff’s introduction earlierg and was a bit excited about the medicinal bath.

Anyway, there was nothing to do, so he simply got up, took his room card and went out the door, walking down the corridor to the far right.


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  1. MonkeyNote: Such a waifu.


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