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Chapter 70: Jealousy

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey (it has begun)


The starship was very large, Lan Yu walked through the long aisle to the lounge area, and after being greeted by the staff, he entered the spa area. The spa area was quite beautiful, with small pools of various shapes and the same style of environmental decoration, separated by transparent glass, forming its own room.

When a pool was in use, the glass became frosted and foggy, making it difficult for people passing by to see inside. Lan Yu stopped in front of a pool, which was made in the shape of a small lake, surrounded by green trees and pebbles, and even warm sunlight, like a real tropical landscape.

“I’ll stay here.” He told the staff.

“And what kind of water do you need?”

“What exactly does it have?” Lan Yu asked.

The staff said, “The water used here is taken from different planets and contains local minerals to meet the different needs of our guests. For example, the Pule Planet’s Hollow Cedar water can quickly relieve muscle soreness…”

“Is there a skin care product?” Lan Yu interrupted him.

The staff glanced at the handsome but aloof officer and said, “There is skin beauty, which makes the skin more delicate and smooth, restores elasticity and moisture—”

“That’s the one…” Lan Yu decided to choose the skin beauty one.

After the staff left, he undressed in front of the locker next to him, hung up his uniform carefully, changed into a bathrobe and walked to the pool. The pool quickly filled with water, a steaming hot mist, so he took off his robe and got into the water, half lying on the edge of the pool, closing his eyes comfortably.

In the other suite, Lu RanKong was talking with Director Wang.

“In other words, the results of this study still don’t allow the production of stabilizers to be expanded?”

Director Wang said shamefacedly, “Yes, that’s what it looks like for now, but if we improve on it, we might find something new.”

Lu RanKong said after a moment of silence, “Since the Lontan person is stealing your research data, it proves that the research is going in the right direction, so we can continue along the current line.”

Director Wang’s eyes glowed and he said with some excitement, “That’s true, since he’s stealing it, the data should be useful, so the researchers are more motivated than before.”

“Okay…” Lu RanKong stood up and said, “I will also find that Lontan person so you can conduct your research safely without any worries.”

Lu RanKong and Director Wang said goodbye and went back to their rooms and walked down the hallway. He took a left turn toward the passage of his and Lan Yu’s suite. Just past the corner, the sound of voices floated next to him, the room door wasn’t closed, so the conversation was very clear to his ears.

“I actually met my ex-boyfriend on this starship, what an unexpected thing.” A voice said.

Another voice rang out, “So did you say hello to him?”

“No, no, I just froze and reacted immediately, pretending not to know him, and he pretended not to know me.”

“This is too dramatic, we went out for a vacation and ran into your ex-boyfriend at the starship!”

“It was nothing, but you know what? He was with someone. How long has it been since we broke up? He’s dating again so soon, and he’s acting more calm than I am…” The voice started to sound a little angry.

Lu RanKong continued on with his feet, thinking that if Lan Yu wasn’t sleeping, he would take him for a walk on the ship, it wasn’t comfortable to be cooped up in the room all the time. The conversation that floated by passed through his mind only for a moment and he didn’t pay attention to it.

“But Gu Gu ah, when you two had a peaceful breakup, he said he was busy and unstable, and you only saw each other for three days.”

Gu Gu?

Lu RanKong’s footsteps slowly stopped.

The voice continued, “That’s right, he broke up with me last time before he went on a business trip, and I agreed to it when I thought about it. But he immediately got a new boyfriend and appeared on this starship together with him. You tell me, is this being busy? It’s obvious that he had an affair before, so he found an excuse to break up with me.”

Another person sighed, “Gu Gu, forget it, just pretend you never knew this guy.”

Lu RanKong could hear it clearly, the person inside was indeed called Gu Gu.

Gu Gu’s voice sounded again, “I just can’t stand it. He obviously had an affair before breaking up, and when breaking up, he also said that I love you very much, just don’t want to delay you. I’m sorry!”

“Just ignore this kind of person, and pretend that you never knew him.”

Gu Gu said, “I also want to ah, but just now we met in the rest area. He was alone, and the new boyfriend wasn’t around. Guess what he did? He stopped me out of nowhere and said he still had me in mind…”

Lu RanKong took two steps back and looked in through the open door of the room. There were two people sitting side by side on a couch directly across from each other, one of whom was the same Omega that Lan Yu had just bumped into in the hallway.

The two Omegas were talking, and when they noticed someone at the door, they both raised their eyes and looked over. They saw a tall, handsome officer stopping to look at them, and didn’t look away after meeting their eyes, staring at them for several seconds before turning away.

“Gu Gu, who was that?”

The Omega named Gu Gu shook her head blankly, “I don’t know…” Then his eyes glowed, “Right, I just told you that I met two handsome officers, he is one of them. How is he? Handsome or not?”

“Too handsome, more handsome than those popular movies! And he seems to be staring at you just now, if I’m not too presumptuous, I feel that he wanted to come in to talk.”

“Really? Are you sure he was looking at me?” Gu Gu asked.

“Really looking at you. Do we still have to close the door then? Julie went to the next room to get something and left the door open.”

He instantly forgot to talk about his ex-boyfriend in anger and said excitedly, “No, no, no. Maybe he’ll find another chance to come over.”


The water was just the right temperature, hot but not too hot, emitting a faint aroma of medicine. Lan Yu was lying in the small pool drowsily, his mind was empty, thinking about nothing.

Only when the sound of people leaving the pools on the left and right came did he slowly get up and go to the closet to get dressed. Although he didn’t know whether the potion bath had any effect or not, it was still quite comfortable to take a soak like this. He put on the terminal to check the time and found that it was already past 8:00 p.m. Lu RanKong might not have finished talking to Director Wang yet, since it wasn’t showing any missed calls.

He walked out of the passenger rest area, with one hand in his trouser pocket and one hand twirling the room card in his hand as he walked back. Just turned left into another passage, when there seemed to be a shadow of a person flashing in the distance, and he wavered, the room card in his hand fell on the floor.

Lan Yu bent down to pick up the card and noticed that the door of the room beside him was wide open. When he picked up the card and got up, he turned his head to look and found two Omegas sitting on the sofa facing the door, peeking at him.

He turned back and continued to walk forward, and suddenly saw a shimmering figure on the far wall of the passage, as if someone had quickly retracted his head into the room, looking like the location of his room.

Perhaps a guest just entered the room. Lan Yu didn’t care, and with the room door card between his fingers, he continued to walk forward. When he left, the two Omegas inside the house started talking excitedly.

“See? This is the other of the two officers I was talking about, aren’t they both very handsome?”

“I was expecting this trip to be boring, meeting people who are middle-aged and wealthy businessmen, but luckily I’m here…”

“I don’t know if they both have Omegas, and I don’t dare to talk to them. This one looks so cold, and that one is mean.”

“Gu Gu, even if they’re fierce or aloof so what? Besides, both of them were looking at us, so maybe they have that kind of meaning too.”

“Really?” Gu Gu was a little excited.

“What’s the big deal if you try it? You’ll regret it later if you don’t.”

“Then okay, let’s try.”

Lan Yu was unaware of their conversation and went forward down the passage, stopped at the door of his room, and before he could put his room card on the identifier, the door opened.

“Back?” Lu RanKong stood in the doorway and said indifferently, his face hidden in the shadows, somewhat unreadable.

“Why didn’t you turn on the light, were you sleeping just now?” Lan Yu asked, surprised to find no light on in the room.

Lu RanKong stood in the doorway without making a sound or moving.

Lan Yu turned on the light, which illuminated the room, turned his head to see Lu RanKong still standing there, and said, “What are you doing standing there? Come in and close the door.”

Lu RanKong closed the door slowly, looked at Lan Yu strangely, and asked, “Where were you just now? Why is your face so red?”

Lan Yu touched his face, “Red?”

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything, just looked at him in silence.

Lan Yu thought about it and said, “I just went to the spa area to soak for a while, I think I was steamed by the heat.”

“It’s quite like the red from the heat, but also like the red from seeing an old acquaintance and getting excited.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu’s hand rested on his face and asked, a bit confused, “The kind of red that comes from seeing an old acquaintance and getting excited?”

Although he was surprised by Lu RanKong’s description, he was an actor after all and could instantly understand the state he was trying to express.

“It should be that kind.” Lan Yu smiled, “I can’t believe you’re so good at describing it.”

Lu RanKong was walking indoors when he stopped in his tracks.

Lan Yu felt that his skin was a little tight from the heat and he needed to apply some cream, so he went to the wall and opened his suitcase, taking the skin care products inside while asking, “How did your talk with Director Wang go? Did you get anything?”

Lu RanKong said, “After talking for half a day, I didn’t get much, only a few clues. Of course, it’s not as good as what you got today.”

Lan Yu was walking to the bathroom with his skin care products when he felt that he seemed a bit strange and peculiar, so he gave him a look. Lu RanKong met his gaze but smiled slightly and acted perfectly normal.

Lan Yu went into the bathroom, took out the cream and unscrewed the cap, scooped up a little with his fingers and applied it to his face in the mirror.

Lu RanKong walked to the door and leaned against it, hands around his chest, eyes sunken looking at him. Lan Yu felt that something was wrong, and after a few coats stopped and turned his head to look at him.

“Did you encounter something unpleasant at Director Wang’s place? Something that’s difficult to solve?”

Lu RanKong didn’t answer.

“It’s okay, even if it’s hard, we can take our time. We both caught two Lontan people, this one will be caught too, don’t you think?” Lan Yu said comfortingly.

Lu RanKong replied, “It’s night time and I have to put on makeup… It’s to go out, right?” His voice trailed off, slow and long.

It sounded like a jealous husband looking at his wife who was getting dressed to go out, and the whole room was filled with sourness.

Lan Yu laughed and gently massaged his face while saying, “It’s not makeup, it’s just a little cream, basic care. By the way, I bought a set for you, too, and put it on the right side of your suitcase. The weather is getting cooler, so you need to pay attention to hydration.”

Lu RanKong didn’t make a sound, still leaning against the door frame like before, looking at him rather coldly.

When Lan Yu didn’t get an answer, he stopped looking at him and asked, a little surprised, “Did you hear what I said? I’m talking to you. What’s that look on your face? You don’t even want to put on face cream? Are you rolling your eyes at me?”

“I heard you…” Lu RanKong replied reluctantly.

Lan Yu dabbed a little cream on his left and right cheeks and said, “I’ll put it on you now.”

When he finished packing up the bottles and jars, he saw Lu RanKong still standing like that, with a little white on each cheek, so he raised his hand and rubbed the cream on him, saying, “You’re not happy to be told to apply cream? Come on, don’t be like this, let’s go look around.”

Lan Yu had only been on a military Star Warship, but not on a large luxury passenger ship like this, so he wanted to go and see what it was like. He had just taken a medicinal bath, but Lu RanKong had been talking with Director Wang, so he should be tired and should walk around to relax.

Lu RanKong said slyly, “You haven’t been in the room for ten minutes and you’re bored.”

Lan Yu turned his head to look at him speechlessly and said, “I’m fine, but you’ve been in the room all the time, don’t you feel stuffy?”

“I wasn’t in the room all the time, I went to Director Wang’s and came back from his place, and passed through the long corridor in between.” Lu RanKong said.

Lan Yu didn’t say anything, only looked at him expressionlessly, so Lu RanKong averted his eyes and said, “Mn, just go out with you for a while.”

The two of them left the room, closed the door and walked down the hallway.

“Where are we going now?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu thought for a moment and said, “I’m not familiar with this starship, so if you are, can you show me around?”

“Do you want to visit the control room? The instruments inside are quite complicated, and the data is interesting to study.” Lu RanKong said.

“No, let’s look at the other places.”

Lan Yu saw that the door of a room in front of him was wide open, and light was coming out of the room; the location should be the room where the two Omegas were staying. He didn’t quite understand why these two kept the door open, but each person has their own habits, so he won’t be particularly concerned.

The two Omegas at this time were having a whispered discussion.

“It’s been ten minutes, do we still have to leave the door open?”

“Wait two more minutes, if we see no one, close the door. If they pass by in two minutes, let’s follow them and find a chance to ask for their contact information.”

“You’re right, I know these Alphas best. If they are interested in an Omega, they will definitely keep hanging out in front of your eyes, appearing in every corner you can see to get your attention. If they show up again, let’s go for it.”

“Good, if these two Alpha’s are taken down, they will be especially impressive to take out and make Julie and the girls envious.”

Lu RanKong’s glance kept slipping to Lan Yu when he saw the door to that room, and his heart began to gurgle with acid.

——He passed by the other rooms with his eyes lingering for no more than half a second, but looked at the door and stopped for at least two seconds or more.

Lan Yu withdrew his eyes and started thinking about where to go, saying, “Why don’t we just go to the lounge area? I think it’s pretty big and seems to have everything.”

Lu RanKong said without a shift in his tone, “Sure…”

Passing by the cavernous doorway, Lan Yu naturally glanced sideways and continued on his way. In this short moment, Lu RanKong’s eyes had already gone back and forth between him and Gu Gu several times quickly.

——The Omega lowered his crossed legs as soon as he saw him and sat up straight, paying close attention to his manners and looking a bit nervous. And while his eyes lingered for more than two seconds when he saw the door from afar, he now passed by it with only a quick glance, lingering no more than 0.2 seconds.

As if there was some concern, it was just a brief glance, a deliberate avoidance, but he couldn’t help but subconsciously notice.

It wasn’t normal, it really wasn’t normal.

The two Omegas looked at each other excitedly after Lan Yu passed by the doorway of the room, and both covered their mouths.

“They really went right past the room door! They obviously just went back to their rooms and passed by our door again!”

“They both looked inside! Especially the one on the right, wanting to see you and dodging, eyes darting around, it was too obvious.”

“Go, let’s follow! I heard that people from the military are very subtle, we can find an opportunity to actively approach them.”

“Okay, go go go!”

The two walked to the rest area, as Lan Yu looked at the introduction at the door and said, “There is a small bar here, why don’t we go and have a drink?”

Lu RanKong held back the sourness in his stomach and said in that undulating voice, “Sure…”

Lan Yu gave him a look and asked, “Why are you answering so briefly? No matter what I ask, it’s always ‘sure’.”

“What else can I say but sure?” Lu RanKong said in a cold voice.

Lan Yu stopped in his tracks and turned his head to look at him.

Lu RanKong locked eyes with him for a few seconds and then said, “I was thinking…”

“If you have a place you want to go, you can suggest it too, let’s discuss it.” Lan Yu said.

“Then I’d like to go to the control room.”

“Change to the next suggestion.”

“Then let’s go to the bar and have a drink.” Lu RanKong said.

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