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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey (lol in this chapter)


“Good evening, gentlemen, please let me serve you.” After walking into the lobby of the lounge, a small intelligent robot slid over and stopped in front of the two. It was a cute little tiger wearing sunglasses.

Lan Yu saw a small 3D screen flashing above its head, and knew it was a service robot, so he selected the bar from the 3D screen.

“This way please, gentlemen.” The little tiger said in a milky voice and led the way, the two followed.

The bar wasn’t far ahead, and after entering the circular door, Lan Yu found that the environment and privacy inside were not bad.

The lighting was soft and appropriate, and there was a small band of two or three people on one side, with a female singer whispering and singing to the accompaniment of the pianist. There were only a few Starship passengers, who looked like lovers, sitting in a cubicle with only a dim light, talking to each other.

The little robot took them to an empty seat in the corner, and the options overhead changed again.

“What would you like to drink?” Lan Yu asked, looking at the drink options.

“Whatever you want.” Lu RanKong replied absentmindedly.

“Then I’ll just order whatever I want.” Lan Yu thought of the business tomorrow, so he couldn’t get drunk, and ordered a bottle of red wine. He had never heard of the name of the wine, but the price was relatively expensive, so he thought the quality wouldn’t be bad.

Even if he was frugal, he couldn’t change the lifestyle he had developed over the years, so drinking plain water was better than drinking low-grade wine.

After ordering the wine and swiping the credits, the little robot quickly left the table and went to the bar. A staff member inside looked at the options above its head and placed Lan Yu’s wine order and glasses on a small food cart, which it then pushed away. After pushing the cart to Lan Yu’s table, the little robot slid over to stand by the unoccupied wall, surrounded by several other guest robots, all identical tigers, standing in a row and waiting quietly.

Lu RanKong set up the glasses and started pouring the wine, while Lan Yu stared at the robots and laughed, “They’re quite interesting.”

Lu RanKong turned his head to look at them, and finally a smile appeared on his expressionless face. He put the bottle down and was about to say something when his eyes swept over the bar door, and his face darkened again, as he shut up.

Another service robot came in at the door, followed by two very familiar Omegas, one of whom was the one he saw at the beginning, Gu Gu.

Lu RanKong saw the two buzzing around the bar and actually came straight towards them.

This bar wasn’t filled with many people, there were empty seats everywhere, but they ignored those empty seats and moved to their corner, their intention obvious. Lu RanKong felt that the air began to thin, and he couldn’t breathe smoothly, his whole person was very uncomfortable.

Lan Yu saw him loosening his tie and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling hot?”

“Nothing…” Lu RanKong’s low voice was tinged with anxiety.

The two Omegas pretended not to notice Lan Yu and Lu RanKong, and sat down in front of them on their right side, right next to the tigers.

Lan Yu was picking up his glass of water when he noticed someone passing by and glanced sideways. The robot was different from the other tigers, it was a white snow leopard with a pink bow on its head and big, round eyes with rows of long eyelashes when it blinked.

Lan Yu’s heart jumped because of the snow leopard, and he kept turning his head to look at it with his glass of water. The two Omegas were also looking at their table from time to time, but Lan Yu didn’t even notice, his whole mind was now on the robots.

Lu RanKong kept watching him, his eyes getting darker and darker, and when Lan Yu turned his head again, he couldn’t help but remind him, “The wine is ready.”

Lan Yu then turned his head and picked up his glass, gently clinked it with Lu RanKong, and raised it to his mouth to take a very shallow sip.

“I can’t believe that the bar on this starship has a nice environment and the wine tastes okay, we can sit for a while longer before going back.” Lan Yu said to him pleasantly.

Lu RanKong didn’t reply, only stared at the half glass of red wine in his hand.

“Taste it, it tastes good.” Lan Yu saw that he held it untouched, guessing that he thought the wine was of bad quality.

“Hmm…” Lu RanKong sullenly replied, raised the glass and tilted his neck, poured half of the wine into his mouth, then lifted the wine bottle in the ice bucket and filled it up for himself.

Lan Yu, … 

Lu RanKong poured the wine but didn’t move, only leaned back in his chair, his sunken eyes aiming at Lan Yu.

Lan Yu didn’t notice his unusual look, and was looking at the little snow leopard again, seeing it sliding towards the bar after being ordered, and couldn’t help but show a small smile.

The two Omegas started to scream again in a small voice.

“Waaaa… Did you see that? Gu Gu, that officer facing our direction is smiling at you.”

“I saw it, I saw it, I’m so nervous inside! He’s going to ask me for my contact information next, right?”

“I guess so, but you’re still— ahhh, look at the door! Oh my god oh my god! Your ex-boyfriend came in with someone by his side! It’s his current Omega, right?”

“Shit, it’s really him! Pretend you don’t see it, it’s annoying.”

“But, he saw you and is coming up to us…”

“Welcome…” The barmaid’s voice had just reached Lan Yu’s ears when the sound of footsteps rang out beside him. The two customers who had just entered passed by them and sat at the table behind Lu RanKong.

Lan Yu wanted to stay quietly in the corner with Lu RanKong, but he didn’t expect this seat to be very popular, as the customers who came in one after another were all crowded in this group.

“Honey, let’s sit here.” An Omega wearing a silver glitter jacket, covered in jewels, said in a loud and delicate voice to the Alpha beside him.

The Alpha looked very restless and obviously didn’t want to sit here, but didn’t dare to go against his Omega’s wishes, so he could only sit down sullenly. The barman at the bar was also quite confused. There were empty seats everywhere, so why were these people crowded to an inconspicuous corner? He lamented while wiping the glass in his hand while looking at their direction.

The silver-jacketed Omega began to order over their robotic heads, complaining in a whisper as the Alpha responded with two monosyllabic characters every now and then.

“Some people ah can really be scum. We just broke up, but there’s a new love already. This seamless speed… They should have been hooked up long ago.”

Lan Yu was lifting the glass of wine in front of him when he heard someone talking loudly and angrily in front of him, one of the two Omegas sitting there.

Lu RanKong, who had been silent, stiffened when he heard this, and his hand on the table clenched his glass.

Lan Yu was wondering why this Omega was suddenly so loud, when he heard the silver jacket Omega sitting behind Lu RanKong also said loudly, “There must be a reason for the break up, if there’s no relationship, what is the point of being together? Feelings are not forced, if it’s hard being together, it will only make both sides suffer.”

Lu RanKong slowly let out a breath, the hand holding the glass of wine also loosened.

The other Omega at the table in front of him suddenly laughed a few times, the sound was quite loud and seemed a bit abrupt. Lan Yu looked over and found that it was the clean-cut Omega he had bumped into.

The Omega said loudly, “If you’re in love, you’re in love, nicely said. Busy with work, can only break up, I can’t delay your future… ptooey, all excuses.”

Lu RanKong began to pull the tie again.

The Omega’s companion also said, “You’re not busy with another person? I don’t think he’s a scumbag, but he’s usually so quiet and honest. But this is good, Gu Gu can see the true nature of some people, so he won’t meet someone unlucky who delays his life.”

Lan Yu was thinking that the Omega he had bumped into was also called Gu Gu, but he didn’t know if it was the same word ‘Gu’, when he saw Lu RanKong suddenly pull off the whole tie and throw it on the table.

He hurriedly reached out to pick it up and said while folding it, “Don’t throw it away, fold it and put it in your pocket so it doesn’t get dirty.”

The silver-jacketed Omega responded in a chirpy voice, “It’s not nice to talk badly about each other after a breakup.”

“It’s ridiculous to cover up your own trash like it’s a treasure.” The other table didn’t budge.

Lan Yu saw that they were having back and forth, and quickly understood that these two tables should know each other. The Alpha of this table and the Omega from the other one should’ve once been a pair of lovers, but they broke up and met on the Star Warship today, and it so happened that the Alpha also brought his current lover, this Omega in the silver jacket.

This kind of crematorium where ‘past meets the present’ was also a part Lan Yu acted in, so he quickly figured out the relationship between these people. Although the two tables were amusing, he felt that it was not good to stare at others like this, so he withdrew his eyes.

“Originally we sat down here because we saw it was quiet, but we didn’t expect it to be so lively.” He whispered to Lu RanKong who was across the table.

Lu RanKong didn’t make a sound, just looked straight at the glass of wine in front of him, his jaw clenched tightly, making the lines of his face even sharper.

The two tables continued, and the music in the bar died down, with the barman, the piano player, the singer and the other customers all staring intently at the corner.

The silver-jacketed Omega looked at his fingertips and said slowly, but not too gently, “If you know it’s an excuse, then why bother to pick it apart and embarrass yourself? If he really had feelings for you, he wouldn’t have broken up with you. He found an excuse, just wanting to give you a little face. Feelings are good and you said goodbye, so there’s no need to be bitterly entangled.”

“I’m bitterly entangled? I’m bitterly entangled? He’s the kind of scum that would be better off if he got out while he could!” Gu Gu’s voice was a bit shrill.

Lu RanKong raised his hand to pull the tie, and after his fingers felt it, he found that the tie had already been ripped off, so he unbuttoned the top two buttons.

Lan Yu just took a sip of wine when he saw Gu Gu sitting up straight and said in an agitated tone, “Which shameless one stopped me in the lounge area this afternoon to explain to me that I had no choice but to break up with him, and that it was only because my brain was confused and tempted that I was with the one who is there now? Every day he misses me, and is thinking about me, asking me if I can still come back. Shameless scum and mistress, bless you for a long time and don’t trouble others.”



Two voices rang out at the same time, one low, one sharp, both full of anger.

Lan Yu was surprised to hear Lu RanKong’s sudden rebuke when he stood up, moving so much that the chair underneath him was pushed and made an ear-piercing creaking sound.

Lu RanKong and the silver-jacketed Omega both stood up and stared at Gu Gu’s table.

The rest of the bar had watched this side whispering and surmised a general plot based on these conversations. Now when they saw Lu RanKong also stand up, everyone was first shocked, then confused, and then full of excitement to see the big show.

Lu RanKong faced two Omegas, his face gloomy as if covered with black clouds, mouth also tightly pursed, his neck bulging a few veins. His hands were clenched into fists on the side of his pants, as if he was trying to suppress his emotions.

The two Omegas and the standing silver jacket Omega were staring at him in disbelief, confused as to why this man suddenly got involved and acted so angry. Even the Alpha, who had been silent and sitting with his head buried in his chair, couldn’t help but look up and over the back of his chair to see Lu RanKong.

Lu RanKong’s eyes slowly crossed over several Omegas faces, the cold severity of which made them shudder.

He looked at Gu Gu and said clearly, word for word, “He didn’t break up with you because he moved on, we hadn’t even developed a relationship when you broke up. I am not a mistress either, I confessed to him after you broke up and got together. And I don’t believe you when you say something about him sending you a message this afternoon, and while it’s true that your encounter made me care and not feel very comfortable, I know he couldn’t do something like that.” 1

His tone was forceful, his eyes firm, and the whole bar was dead silent after his words.

Now not to mention others, even Lan Yu was stunned, not understanding why Lu RanKong would suddenly say such things.


In the silence, the barman accidentally knocked over a glass, and the sound of breaking was so loud that he continued to stare at the bar while saying sorry, not even bothering to clean up the broken glass.

The bar seemed to be under a spell, even the air was frozen. A few moments later, the Alpha shivered and stood up, “Let’s talk, let’s be clear about what we have to say.”

The three Omegas all slowly turned their heads to look at him and then to Lu RanKong, their shocked eyes going back and forth between the two of them several times.

The Alpha reacted and explained incoherently, “I didn’t… I’m not… this guy is not with me, I don’t even know him.”

Lan Yu’s mind also became sluggish, as if it was rusted. But he still reached out and tugged at the corner of Lu RanKong’s shirt and asked in a low voice, “What are you doing? What are you talking about?”

Lu RanKong looked sideways and suddenly took his hand and pulled him up, then crossed the small table between them and put his arm around his shoulders.

“Gu Gu, your name is Gu Gu, isn’t it?” He continued to the dumbfounded Omega, “I’m his current boyfriend, named Lu RanKong.”

Lan Yu suddenly understood when he heard this, and his mind instantly recalled all the lies he had told Lu RanKong.

‘I have an Omega, his name is Gu Gu… We recently broke up because I was too busy…’

“You’re mistaken, you’re mistaken, stop it, you’re mistaken.” He twisted his shoulders to break free from Lu RanKong’s grasp, but was held tighter, the hand around his shoulder as strong as an iron clamp.

He could only reach out to cover Lu RanKong’s mouth, but he pulled it off with his other hand and held it tightly in his hand.

Lu RanKong continued unmoved, “I know you and he had a past, and frankly I’m jealous because it wasn’t me who was involved in that part of his life, but someone else. I wish that I was the only one in his world, that I was there for him every time, that I was the only one to hear his words, that I was the only one to touch his lips. But all this jealousy will not affect my love for him, it will only make me cherish it more. He may have once belonged to you, but now he belongs to me completely, and even in the future, I will always be with him.”

All eyes were now on Lan Yu again, bouncing back and forth between him and Lu RanKong, Gu Gu, and the Alpha.

“Shut up and stop talking!” Lan Yu couldn’t help but let out a low yell, forcefully breaking Lu RanKong’s hand away from his shoulder and dragging him out.

Lu RanKong was dragged and stumbled a step, Lan Yu subconsciously let go of his hand, he stood up straight again quickly and said sternly to those people, “Don’t go near him, and don’t say anything bad about him, or I will never be polite again.”

Lan Yu hurriedly pulled him out of the room, took two steps and then turned back to those people with an apologetic smile and said, “I’m sorry, he can’t drink at all, he just had one drink and he’s drunk. He’s talking nonsense. I’m really sorry, you guys continue.” Then he said to the barman, “Give them a refund for these two tables and deduct it from my credits.”

Lu RanKong was dragged towards the door, twisting back as he walked, pulling up one corner of his mouth and smiling, “If you think I’m drunk talking, try me.”

“Please, be quiet when you’re drunk.” Lan Yu didn’t care about the shame of loudly begging, and then pulled Lu RanKong quickly towards the outside of the bar.

The hand loosened, allowing Lu RanKong to slip away like a mudskipper. He tugged his jacket twice and said with a straight posture, “I will stay with him forever, no matter what.”

With that, he nodded slightly with the grace of a victor, and was dragged out the door.

The bar door closed and silence returned to the room, with everyone still frozen and unmoving.

With a bang, the bar door that had just closed was thrown open again and Lu RanKong’s upper body poked in, adding solemnly to several people, “Forever…”

Instantly, he was dragged out again, and the bar door was heavily closed.

In the silence, the little machine tiger leaning against the wall slid over to Lan Yu’s table, picked up the bottle of red wine that had most of it remaining, corked it, put it in the storage port on his chest, and went after them.


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