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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Kyfayar opened the door and stared suspiciously at the visitor. The visitor also stared at him with arrogant eyes, “Mr. Augusta Hollich, please?”


Kyfayar’s nose was rudely stuffed with a receipt. “Express delivery, please sign for it!”

Before Augusta got up, Kyfayar didn’t want to disturb his sleep (he seemed to be working on some new topic recently and stayed up for several days in a row), so he signed the receipt. The arrogant courier and one of his companions unloaded a huge box from a car parked by the door, stuffed it into the hallway, and glanced at the house viciously before leaving, as if the owner had ordered something terrible like nuclear materials from the Internet.

As soon as they left, Kyfayar slammed the door behind them. He didn’t like express delivery, much less the courier. He had a lot of trouble on his way to Augusta’s house, and he still remembered it!

However, what did Lord Augusta buy? Why is it so large and heavy that two couriers were needed to carry it?

Kyfayar didn’t dare to open the package without authorization. Instead, he had to move around it, sticking his face to the lid of the box and sniffing the inside, hoping to sniff out the clues, so as to judge what was in it. Unfortunately, he didn’t smell anything. Some kind of magic was used to isolate the smell, and no smell leaked out.

Why is it sealed like this? Why is it so mysterious? This volume, this weight, is it something the same size as me… 

When Augusta got up early in the morning and went downstairs to have breakfast, the first scene he saw was Kyfayar squatting on the porch and crying bitterly, just like a primary school student who found his beloved pet little goldfish dead.

“What’s the matter, Kyfayar? Are you hurt? Did you cut your hand when you were cutting vegetables? Or are there any new side effects of the last treatment?” Augusta asked nervously.

Kyfayar lifted his eyes from the crook of his arm, bent down the corner of his mouth, and began to cry again. “Woo, woo, woo. Lord Augusta, you don’t want me! This time, I’m not wanted at all…”

“Ha?” Augusta was confused.

Kyfayar pitifully wiped his tears away. “I’m not smart and cute. I always make trouble and make you angry. Are you going to drive me away?”

“What are you talking about?”

The young werewolf sniffled and looked sadly at the giant cardboard box on the side. “Lord Cavaldien has sent you a new servant. You don’t need me anymore!”

Only then did Augusta discover the existence of the container. His attention was solely focused on Kyfayar that he turned a blind eye to such a huge object. His eyesight was getting worse and worse!

“Oh, that,” Augusta suddenly wanted to laugh, but he suppressed the urge and tried to say in a dignified voice, “that’s the magic materials I ordered for casting.”

“What?” Kyfayar got a shock.

In order to convince him, Augusta opened the seal on the box in front of him. After opening it, the contents in the box could be seen at a glance: bundles of lavender, eyeballs soaked in glass bottles, unknown animal fur, withered green leaves dried in the sun, two pieces of crimson original ores, and many small packages wrapped with charms. With so many things packed in a big cardboard box, no wonder the box was so heavy.

Kyfayar opened his mouth like a stranded fish, seemed to want to say something, then broke his tears with a smile. He hugged Augusta, and rubbed his tears and snot on his inner clothes, “Great! You didn’t not want me! I was so worried! Woo hoo, I can stay!”

Augusta stuck out his tongue in his heart. Although he thought Kyfayar was very interesting, he still pushed the other away, “Don’t rub your dirty face on me! It’s disgusting!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

“Take the box to my alchemy lab!”


Kyfayar’s physical strength was much greater than that of ordinary human beings, so he had no difficulty carrying a box that weighed more than him. He carried the box upstairs, and Augusta followed him, opened the door of the alchemy lab for him, and instructed him to put the box in a suitable corner.

There were several laboratories in Augusta’s house, and Kyfayar knew about them, but never went in. Augusta warned him that the contents were extremely dangerous and that if he was not careful, and something was broken, they might lose their lives. Kyfayar had heard the story of “Blue Beard” and vowed that he would never sneak in due to his curiosity — of course, he didn’t think Augusta would hide bodies in the lab, but a magician’s lab was a dangerous place for ordinary people.

In addition to the alchemy laboratory, there were physical laboratories and medical laboratories in the house. There was a mysterious small room in a corner of the basement with a seal on the door. Kyfayar never dared to get close to it because every time he entered the basement, he would feel a faint and cold breath pouring out from behind the seal. According to Miss Quentina, it was Augusta’s black magic lab. 

“If you go in, you’ll never get out. Even if you have life left, Mr. Augusta will kill you for sealing.” Quentina threatened. Kyfayar thought she was just bluffing, but he decided not to go near the room for the rest of his life.

Now that he was finally lucky enough to see the alchemy laboratory, he was still a little excited. But as soon as he entered, he was immediately disappointed. In the laboratory, there were no magic and treacherous things as he imagined. 

There were no black crucibles, drugs with strange bubbles, plants with ferocious shapes and small animals shivering in cages. There were only clean glass containers and experimental platforms, many unnamed chemical instruments, shelves of colorful chemicals, a tall stainless steel filing cabinet and bare walls. There was even a periodic table with Mendeleev’s head on it. Even if someone told Kyfayar that this was a school’s chemistry classroom, he would have believed it without thinking.

“This is the alchemy laboratory?” Kyfayar looked around, hoping to find a hidden door that would tell him that these chemical instruments were just deception, and that the real alchemy laboratory was somewhere else.

“What do you think the alchemy laboratory should look like?”

“Well, more… Mysterious? Terrifying?”

“What misunderstanding do you have about my career?”

Kyfayar scratched his head in bewilderment, “I always thought your lab should be like the towers of the old white bearded wizard in the movie.”

“The old wizard with a white beard in the movie can stab people with a sword!”

Augusta sneered, took a flask from the shelf where all kinds of containers were placed, and pulled a glass tube out of the cupboard.

“Come and sit down.” Augusta motioned for Kyfayar to sit on the armchair.

“Do, what!” Kyfayar nervously lifted his elbow. “You want to draw my blood? Are you going to turn me into a laboratory mouse?”

“Nonsense! Sit down!” Augusta yelled.

Kyfayar sat down with a face looking like a bitter gourd and pulled up the sleeve of his left hand. When Augusta drew blood, Kyfayar’s face was wrinkled like an orange that had been kept for a month. He looked as if Augusta was not holding a small needle but a grenade launcher, which would blow off half of his head at any time.

“I’m not going to kill you!” After drawing blood, Augusta gave Kyfayar a fierce look.

“Why do you need to draw my blood…” The young werewolf was depressed.

“Why do you think I ordered so many materials?”

“I don’t know…”

“It’s about your monthly troubles!” After that, Augusta said, “Damn it, I’ve got Cavaldien’s problem! It’s for your full moon nights!”

“I… For me? Why?”

“Do you think you didn’t have enough trouble on the night of the full moon?”

Thinking of the experience of entering the police station because he went ‘streaking naked’, Kyfayar blushed, “I didn’t mean to! At that time, I was out of control and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“So I’m going to make a potion that makes it so you can’t change on a full moon night, and you can still stay conscious after that.”

Kyfayar jumped up, “Really? What magic potion can you invent?”

He gazed admiringly at Augusta, his eyes shining. Now the magician was no longer a mortal, but an omnipotent God! “It’s not just me. Our entire werewolf race will be very grateful to you!”

Augusta cleared his throat awkwardly. “Well, I can only try. Since ancient times, so many alchemists have tried to refine this medicine, but they have failed. I dare not say that I will be better than them.”

“You will succeed! I have confidence in you!”

…What blind trust. Augusta thought feebly.

“Cough, that, by the way,” Augusta cleared his throat, “I have some questions to ask you. If you don’t understand them, I can’t refine the medicine.”

“You may ask! As long as it’s something I can answer, I’ll tell you everything!” Kyfayar patted his chest.

“Besides the night of the full moon, can you change your body at ordinary times?”

“Of course, I’m an adult werewolf and can control my transformation at any time.”

“Can you stay conscious when you change?”


“That is to say, on full moon nights, you werewolves will transform without any control, and will be unable to stay conscious?”

“Yes! Because the full moon is magical, we will lose control when we are inspired by the magic of the moon.”

Augusta pondered for a moment. The magic of the full moon? Kyfayar said it was natural, but it was hard for human beings to understand this illusory concept. As expected, I can’t understand what he is saying!

“Explain the magic of the full moon.”

Kyfayar was embarrassed, “I don’t know how to describe it. It is a strange force from the moon and as long as you feel it, your body will lose control. Ah, it’s like hearing wonderful music, and one can’t help dancing to it!”

You’re not a snake. Who’s going to dance to it! “What is the source of this magic? Is it the light of the moon? Will you change on a rainy night when you can’t see the moon?”

“We will still change, so I don’t think it’s from the moonlight…”

Augusta nodded, “I don’t think so. The moonlight is the reflection of the sun. If it’s the moonlight, why don’t you transform during the day? So it must have nothing to do with light. Is it gravity related to the moon? Just like tides, the tides during the full moon will be more violent than at other times…”

“It’s very likely. Many people in our family think so.”

“Hm. Oh, I see. Gravity is not my area of expertise. I can only try my best. I’m not sure it will be refined correctly.”

Kyfayar clenched his fists in a cheering gesture. “I believe you! Even if… Even if you can’t do it…” He said, shyly lowering his head, “You care so much about me…” He turned his eyes and quickly changed his words, “Us werewolves. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart! Getting your attention is more important to me than anything…”


Augusta took a reflexive step back for fear that Kyfayar would come up and lick him, or rub tears on him. Fortunately, the werewolf didn’t do that. The magician was sweating. The werewolf was not a snake dancing along to the sound. He was about to become a snake!


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Omg….Kyfayar and Augusta conversation😂😂😂😂

January 2, 2021 11:50 pm

Wow, Augusta is challenging the werewolf transformation. I hope he succeeds. And Kyfayar has an unbelievable talent of jumping to conclusions, he sees a big and heavy box seeled with magic and immediately thinks that he will be replaced. 🤣😅

Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 31, 2021 2:12 pm

I’m not sure subduing Kyfayar’s natural change is such a good idea…
Thank you for the chapter.

November 15, 2021 8:55 pm

Who says that a chemistry lab isn’t the same as an alchemist’s lair? And of course, Augusta is right about the moon bit. Nice that someone finally brought up that bit of silly nonsense.

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