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Chapter 89: Forget it. 

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat

“Why?” Yu Xiaoyue and Qiao Fengying looked at each other and asked together.

The old employee had been with the company for almost ten years and had experienced a lot of things in the company. He said, “It’s not because the virtual reality game is too pitiful. They actually proposed to use the meat of the abyssal monster as a selling point of the nutrient solution, but the previous boss also agreed. You can imagine the results. Those who bought that flavor of nutrient solution were sent to the hospital with vomiting and diarrhea, and the company paid them a large sum of money. The buyers who didn’t have time to eat finally were refunded, the goods were not required to be returned and everything was thrown away. In short, that cooperation was a big mistake in the history of our company. You newcomers not knowing that is normal. Anyway, you listen to me. Don’t talk to the leaders about this matter. Little Yue, you are still in the internship period, don’t cause any waves.”

The old employee finished this sentence, shaking his head and left.

After hearing his words, Yu Xiaoyue and Qiao Fengying were both scared for a while. God, if it wasn’t for the senior’s reminder, they might have really touched the bad luck of the upper leadership, especially the boss, who was already in a time of frequent Genetic Collapse Disorder. If they upset him at this time, they might have to lose such a good job.

“Hoo…Yue Yue, I think we shouldn’t need to check the news of this game,” Qiao Fengying looked at Yu Xiaoyue and said seriously.

“Okay, okay.” Yu Xiaoyue nodded her head and agreed. However, she actually still had a little curiosity in her heart, plus a sense of duty. She felt that deliberately ignoring such a thing would be a dereliction of duty on her part.

Yu Xiaoyue planned to wait for when she was free, to go on Starnet quietly to take a look. If the game called Carefree Farmstead was the same as the previous games, she could completely put it behind her, but if it was not the same as other games, then she would still find the opportunity to mention it to her superiors.

What she didn’t expect was that she spent the next long period of time working overtime. By the time the company decided on a new flavor of nutrient solution for the next month and started mass production, it had already reached the end of the month. The virtual reality game Carefree Farmstead, which had once caused a ripple in her heart, had long been forgotten by her in the corner of her memory.

On the other hand, the Imperial Research Institute’s star blog, which was also wildly @ed by netizens and sent private messages, also did not respond at all.

The netizens went from hope to disappointment and from disappointment to despair, knowing that they would not be able to eat the blood soup flavor, braised pork intestines flavor, Dongpo pork flavor or even spicy fried cabbage flavor in reality. They cursed the taste of ancient food, the Imperial Research Institute for having no vision, and the missed opportunity to cooperate with the treasure game. If they had reached a cooperation, it was clear that they could earn a large amount of money from the pockets of these foodies.

Poor them, they still could only quench their thirst by watching the live-stream.

When the netizens on Starnet were making a big deal about the game Carefree Farmstead, Bai Li didn’t notice their actions. Even if he had, he would just have laughed it off, and thought that the game he made didn’t have so much energy.

In the near future, the old scholars of Tasty Food and the Imperial Research Institute finally noticed Bai Li’s game and, while crying in pain at the realization that they had wasted so much time, contacted Bai Li through the Virtual Reality Game Design Competition to try to reach a friendly cooperation with him. Unfortunately, at that time, when the virtual reality game builder had been upgraded to a critical level, Bai Li was very busy and didn’t agree to it at first. Of course, that was in the future. Let’s not mention it now.

The players in the game continued to play the game happily.

After unlocking the N ways to eat wild boar, players who were not satisfied turned their salivating eyes to other small animals in the forest. Those cute little rabbits, pheasants, wild ducks, goats, deer and so on all suffered. Song Xinran and Wen Chen opened several more cooperative live-streams, while other players also didn’t give up their own explorations of food, and going word by word understanding of the ancient materials found on Starnet, they slowly translated the food recipes, and then did it themselves! Their first try was certainly a major failure, but after that, many people could make a few decent dishes.

During this process, a few superb players emerged from the group. Two of them were female players, and according to what they said, they originally liked to cook in reality. Although the dishes they made didn’t taste that great, the finished products looked especially good. ‘Color and flavor’ at least accounted for a third. When it came to the game, it directly accounted for all the effort.

The remaining one was a fat middle-aged man, often followed by a few players and ‘I See the Good Life.’ The young man’s eyes were flexible, and he had a jumpy personality. He would also jump up and down happily, “Uncle Gui, Uncle Gui!”

Of course, after catching those small animals, they were not only to eat, but could also be taken as a pet and became the players’ little babies. After becoming a pet, they also had pet skills. Things such as rabbits or deer with milder personalities could help players to improve the yield of their crops by 1% to 20%. Pheasants, ducks, goats and the like could help players improve the speed of maturation of poultry and livestock. Originally it took 5 days to mature the chickens, now they could mature in 4 days, 10 days to mature the ducklings and now they could grow in 8 days.

There was also a special category of pets, such as Broken Cocoon who got the Ore Fairy, and Wen XingYao who had the golden koi. The former increased the success rate of mining by 10%, the latter increased luck value by 10%. These were relatively rare skills.

This also made other players envious and they dreamed of having such pets.

Each player had three pet pens, and they stopped receiving announcements after successfully catching rabbits, fawns or pheasants, ducks and goats, intending to save the last spot for the more rare and uncommon pets. They preferred to leave that spot empty until they caught it.

Gray Scales and other players who had pet boars had even formed a boar demolition brigade, and together they were in the business of helping people demolish their houses. The demolition brigade only had eight adult boars, the other two small boars hadn’t grown up yet, so they could only open up a business of petting the small piglets first, but many players were scrambling to pay money to have a hand in it.

The boar demolition business also boosted Jiang Huaibi’s rubble recycling business. House owners only needed to pay Jiang Huaibi 100 copper coins to leave those ruins in their yards then have them cleared, and in less than half an hour, Jiang Huaibi could return them to a clean and empty yard.

The fever of catching pets lasted for almost two days, and when everyone had one or two pets, the excitement dropped and remembering the unfinished task of “Village Chief’s Residence,” everyone acted together and put more enthusiasm and energy into this task.

Even Bai Li and Wen XingYao were busy as soon as they logged into the game, as they took care of the crops in the field and then ran out to fish or collect. Bai Li still preferred gathering to fishing, and sometimes spent most of his game time in the forest, occasionally running into female players who had long been acquainted with each other, and would gather while chatting animatedly.

This also led to the fact that Bai Li and his own infant form could get along in reality, but Wen XIngYao’s human consciousness could only open the door to the courtyard every day and chat with him for a short time during harvesting and planting. This made Wen XingYao depressed, but after he calmed down, he felt that this emotion came inexplicably.

Why did they have to be inseparable from each other when they were here to play the game?

Since that day, after he talked with Wen XingYao, Tang Ying hadn’t been on the game anymore. For two and a half days, he ran both the military ministry and the Imperial Research Institute, trying to get a hint of how an adult Therian could recover from their accidental return to infancy. He cheekily pounded shoulders, kneaded legs, served tea and water to those obstinate old men at the institute, who finally gave him the answer he wanted.

“Get out, get out! Don’t stay here to give me trouble! Your problem is not one that we have not studied, but have you seen anyone from Hope Star change back to human? This problem is simply unsolvable…We old guys have discussed so many times, the only idea is to supplement the nutrition of the infant, or add something else, and then repair the collapsed genes. If these conditions are satisfied, maybe the person can be restored to their original state, but is this possible?”

“Tang Ying kid, you hurry back. Does the military department have no other things to keep you busy, so you came here to find us old guys to bother? Go, go. Hurry up! If not, I will let the robot kick you out!”

The hale and hearty old man, one of the vice presidents of the Imperial Research Institute, drove Tang Ying away with an impatient face.

Tang Ying got an uncertain answer, and did not stay here to continue to pester them. He remembered the conditions, and then returned to his house to hurry up and board the game. His online presence was first noticed by the rest of the military, and the people who lived next to his house gathered around him.

“Easy Victory, why haven’t you been online for the past few days? So many things have happened in the game while you were away. I’ll make sure you’re amazed when I tell you.”

“Now, if I do not play Carefree Farmstead everyday, I don’t feel well. Easy Victory, you can actually persist for more than two days of not being online, you’re too powerful…Are there any physical problems? What about the mental aspect?”

“Easy Victory, Easy Victory! This is the Taming Grass Ball we left for you. You take it! When you see the animal you like, you can use the Taming Grass Ball to take it as a pet.”

“Blah, blah, blah…”

They were all fierce men and women from the military department, with louder and louder voices. Obviously there were less than ten people, but it made Tang Ying feel like he was in a night market in a game. It was so lively! Was this the warmth and care of colleagues?

Tang Ying only felt his brain buzzing. Except for what the initial two people said, everything after that was almost inaudible. He was handed something, and his brain automatically reacted, took it, said thank you and then put it into his backpack. As for what the role of that thing was…Whatever it was, he’d find out later.

When he was asked how he was doing physically and mentally, Tang Ying subconsciously thought back to his experiences in the past two days. He found that his emotions had always been very smooth. Even if he missed the game for a certain moment, he would pass after enduring it. In short, there had never been a time when he was grumpy and couldn’t control his emotions.

That situation had never happened before. Before he officially began playing Carefree Farmstead, he had to go to the virtual reality game every day for at least three hours, otherwise there was a high risk of Genetic Collapse Disorder. There were still people who couldn’t control themselves and aggravated the disease. However, recently, it seemed that he hadn’t experienced such a feeling for a long time…

Tang Ying was confused by the noise and thought that this game really had a good effect on Genetic Collapse Disorder. If not for the small number of people playing now, it might have surpassed those large virtual reality games in popularity. However, that wasn’t the main point. As he looked at his subordinates around him who were chattering incessantly, Tang Ying resisted the strong urge to tell these people that he was running around for the person of their admiration these days.

If they knew that their beloved Admiral had turned into a ‘kitten,’ the image of the Admiral would collapse.

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