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Chapter 116: Daily Life (2) Junior, Be My Boyfriend

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey misses the huskies


Gu Ang wasn’t very good-tempered because he was interrupted in his night of lovemaking. He thought it would be better to take this opportunity to develop the good habit of HuangHuang to sleep independently.

Gu Ang sat up and patiently persuaded, “Little daddy has recovered from his illness, so HuangHuang can go back to sleep by himself, okay? I still have something to say to big daddy.”

That tone was like the big wolf who trafficked Little Red Riding Hood.

“But it’s very late, eh.” The little one didn’t even open his eyes, his mouth was beeping, and he looked unhappy, “Besides, I can’t sleep alone.”

The little guy didn’t get hit, Gu Ang got a headache. He held on to the last ray of hope and persuaded, “You’re a man now, you have to learn to be independent.”

HuangHuang thought about it, and simply agreed, “Okay, then we’ll start tomorrow.”

Gu Ang, “…” His brain was quite fast, he was so reasonable that he couldn’t refute.

Ye Fei raised his eyebrows, gave up struggling, tucked HuangHuang under the covers, and raised his hand to turn off the last lamp.

The little one’s sleep came quickly, and in a short while he was sleeping straight and sound.

Gu Ang’s eyes were open, his mind was wide awake, but there was nothing he could do. He looked at Ye Fei silently through the moonlight from the window, and pursed his mouth.

“Go to sleep, get up tomorrow.” Ye Fei reached out and rubbed his head, and threw his clothes over, “Put your clothes on, be careful of catching a cold.”

Gu Ang sullenly put back on his pajamas, holding a fire in his heart, his expression unhappy.

There was no reason for anyone to take them off and put them back on again, but this situation was really not appropriate to continue. He secretly reached out and poked his chubby little face and lost any more interest.

Early the next morning, Ye Fei quickly contacted a private kindergarten, close to home and convenient for the nanny to pick up and drop off the child. As soon as the notice came, the two of them were eager to send their little one to the kindergarten.

At 7:00 am Gu Ang dressed HuangHuang in his custom-made school uniform and put on a proper little tie, looking like a man. After he finished cleaning up, he slipped a handful of candy into the child’s pockets.

HuangHuang tugged at the tie knot, new to this outfit, “Little daddy, are we going out today?”

“Sending you to school today, so you can meet a lot of new friends.” Gu Ang patted his head and instructed, “When you get to school, be polite, okay?”

HuangHuang blinked his round eyes with an excited expression, “Then I like going to school.”

Gu Ang thought, You may not think so when you go. He put the small school bag on his back and carried the strap to move him out, “Come on, you’ll be late.”

“Baby, no crying when you don’t see daddy all day, be brave.” Ye Fei leaned against the doorway, drumming in his heart. After all, he was still young, but was really sent outside, which made him a little uneasy.

“I’m not going to cry.” HuangHuang made a face at him and jumped downstairs to get into the car.

Gu Ang also looked worried, “Is it really okay? I think we’re a bit hard-hearted.”

Ye Fei reassured, “I’ve said hello to the teacher, contact me immediately if anything happens.”

“Okay, let’s just hope nothing goes wrong on the first day.” Gu Ang sighed, got in the car and sat next to HuangHuang, gesturing for Ye Fei to drive. 

It was a rare occasion to go out, and the little cub was excited. He rolled down the car window, lying on the edge of the window looking at the cars and tall buildings coming and going, everything felt new.

Gu Ang lounged in the back seat, reaching out to poke his face, fleshy and nice to the touch, “You’re going to introduce yourself to the teacher and the kids later, you know what to say?”

The youngster sat upright and spoke with a serious face, “Hello everyone, my name is Ye Min, nickname HuangHuang. My father is Ye Fei and Gu Ang. If I get lost, please call 131…”

Gu Ang was dumbfounded, “No need to carry the phone, stay in school and don’t get lost.”

Ye Fei looked at the two babies in the back row from the rearview mirror and patiently taught, “You have to say that you’re looking forward to being good friends with everyone.”

“Oh, like that.” HuangHuang nodded and took the words to heart, “I got it.”

“Any questions you have, you can ask the teacher .” Gu Ang took out a bracelet locator and tied it on his wrist to ensure safety.

HuangHuang frowned slightly, “What’s a teacher? Is it the same as a tiger?”

His hairy face flashed in his head and his mouth pursed tighter.

Gu Ang explained, “A teacher is an adult like daddy, she will take care of you instead of us.”

“A teacher is so nice, do you want to bring her a present?” HuangHuang generously took out a large pile of candy from his pocket, “I’ll give her all these.”

Gu Ang picked out a pink one, “This one is for the teacher, and the rest of the pockets are for the kids.”

The little one stared at the flowery candy paper and covered their pockets, “Can HuangHuang keep one?”

“Yes.” Gu Ang stroked his head and smiled again. Suddenly felt that this little guy was educated quite well, inexplicably having a little bit of shedding. He was obviously only in his early twenties, how could he have a sense of the vicissitudes of an old father?

Ye Fei parked the car, “Here we are.”

It was indeed very close, five minutes away from home.

Gu Ang opened the car door, carried the little one out of the car, and took his hand and walked to the kindergarten gate.

“Hello, I’m Teacher Xia from the Rose class,” the young girl smiled as she watched the trio approach, squatting down to stare at the cub, “You’re Ye Min, you’re so good-looking.”

HuangHuang gradually grew, his eyebrows were like Gu Ang’s, his nose and mouth like Ye Fei’s, exactly in the direction the two expected. When not smiling, he looked quite cool, once smiling, his eyes curved into a small crescent.

“Teacher Xia is good.” HuangHuang stopped, bowing ninety degrees. Just finished, he handed a pink candy over, “Thanks for taking care of me.”

The girl froze and took it, and then raised her eyes to look at the two adults, “Your kid, are you sure he’s only two years old?”

Gu Ang nodded, the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “Yes, a little young, take care of him.”

“He’s too smart.”

“Mn, precocious.” Gu Ang thought to himself, this little brat was behaving better than he thought. Unconsciously, there was a bit of pride in his heart.

Teacher Xia reached out and hooked his white, tender little hand, feeling like it from the bottom of his heart, “Then come in with me and say goodbye to daddy.”

HuangHuang turned around and waved coolly, “Bye.”

Then without looking back, he took the teacher’s hand and went into the gate.

Gu Ang crossed his arms and looked at the tiny figure with some resentment, “How come he doesn’t cry or make a fuss?”

“It’s better than hugging your lap and refusing to let go.” Ye Fei squeezed the back of his neck, his eyes still on HuangHuang’s body refusing to turn back, “Although, I also think this guy is a little too cold.”

The first day of school for other children, they were crying and refused to leave. His little friend was good, once the school uniform was worn, no one loved it.

Gu Ang let out a sound, “I wonder if he’s faking it at home.”

Ye Fei laughed lightly, “Probably with me, dark.”

“Bad genes.” Gu Ang gave him a crutch and muttered out.

Two people fondly look at little HuangHuang’s back, in the bright sunlight, shrinking into a small black dot, their hearts flooded with acid. In the end, he was their son, really sent away, so they were quite reluctant.

Until HuangHuang disappeared in the school building, Gu Ang exhaled a long breath and withdrew his eyes, “After sending off the little devil, where to go now?”

Ye Fei opened the passenger side and shoved the person in, “Date.”

Gu Ang whistled and watched as he sat back in the driver’s seat and started the car. A date? It had been a long time since the two of them had been together. The last time they went out to dinner alone, it seemed like a long time ago. It was a bit of a cautionary tale to suddenly return to the days of love.

Gu Ang guessed in his mind that it would probably be dinner and a movie.


“Do you want to visit my high school?” Ye Fei put one hand on the steering wheel and swept his head sideways to give Gu Ang a glance.

“Hmm? Sure.”

Gu Ang became interested and imagined what Ye Fei looked like in high school. He propped his elbows on the edge of the window and sideways sketched the person’s angles with his sight, “Can I go in? High schools are supposed to be pretty strict now.”

“I got two sets of school uniforms, so I can change into them and blend in.” Ye Fei glanced at the back seat, “That’s the bag.”

“Okay, you’re well prepared.” Gu Ang half of his body went over, pulled the bag over and opened it.

The two pieces of clothes were about the same size, with “the capital First High School” embroidered on the chest.

He turned the uniforms over and over a few times before tsking, “You’re actually from the first high school, you’re a rival.”

“Hmm? Which school did you go to?” Ye Fei was curious.

Gu Ang lazily said, “The third high school across the street.”

The two seldom talk about high school, this time chatting up, feeling fresh.

They didn’t realize that the school they had attended for six years was only a block away.

Perhaps they had passed each other countless times in the crowd of people hurrying by, waiting for the next second at the traffic light.

Ye Fei felt that fate was quite wonderful, holding his head and smiling, “It’s a pity I didn’t know you at that time.”

If he had known him earlier, maybe his boring high school life would have been happier.

Gu Ang rubbed his chin and fell into emotion, “The high school student Ye, I’m afraid, was also a popular figure. Did you receive many love letters?”

Ye Fei shamelessly admitted, “A lot, every day.”

Tsk, fell in love with none of them?”

Ye Fei paused for a moment and shook his head, “No.”

Gu Ang seized the gap of a few seconds and did not relent, “You just hesitated, is there anyone? Liar, and you told me you’ve never been in love.”

“No, really.” Ye Fei helpless, “At that time busy with studies and training, so where could I find time?”

He didn’t lie.

The love letters were received in stacks and stacks, all were packed wholesale and thrown back into the study to fall into the dust.

The name of the person who wrote their name on it was a long lost memory.

At that time, Ye HongFeng was even stricter on him, in addition to schoolwork, he also had to follow him every day to participate in military training, breaking a minute into two.

It was better to sleep more than to fall in love in high school.

Gu Ang remembered the first time he saw Ye Fei, coldly humming, “Also, when chasing you, it was like chasing wood. No reaction whatsoever, you were so cold and icy.”

Thinking about it this way, he guessed no one was as arrogant as he was at the time, chasing someone openly like that.

“If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be interested in a relationship at all.” Ye Fei coaxed softly, “In other words, the person who chased me, is named Gu Ang.”

Meatily, but indeed sincerely.

Gu Ang glanced at him disgustedly and said lightly, “Nice speech, and you still let me chase for so long.”

Many memories flashed by, as Ye Fei smiled sullenly, “I enjoyed it.”

At first, he was indeed a bit helpless. When his heart moved later, the matter became interesting. He was curious at that moment about what other tricks Gu Ang could have. He never could’ve imagined that the child was quite patient, chasing him for a whole year. The game changed, he used the trick to slowly trap the person. He didn’t expect that this set would turn into a lifetime.

Gu Ang looked at the slowly familiar street, a rarely shown teenage excitement- lighting up his face. He raised his voice and pointed towards the street sign he passed, “Fuck, that snack bar is actually still there!”

Ye Fei glanced at it and pulled over to the curb, “Never had it.”

“I feel sorry for you, their skewers are especially good.” Gu Ang licked his lower lip and began to gradually get into the high school student Gu Ang’s playing game, “Are we changing clothes now?”

Ye Fei took his own set out of the bag, “Change them and slip in.”

The two of them got into the back seat, quickly took off their jackets and changed into their school uniforms.

The zipper was pulled, there were really a few high school students.

Gu Ang also didn’t wear the school uniform properly, letting it hang loosely on the shoulders, revealing the dark shirt inside.

He stood like a school bully, looking up and down at people, and sighed more and more that Ye Fei was really handsome.

The two dozen or so wearing the mass-produced school uniform of high school students, the cool mountain flower clearly stood out.

This was the kind of look that will make you a famous schoolboy in any school.

Gu Ang was annoyed, how come he didn’t pay attention to the next door before?

At that time, if he saw Ye Fei, he was sure to be attracted to him.

If he had pressed someone into a corner and confessed his love when he was in high school, it would have been very exciting.

Ye Fei faked to the extreme, even the name tag on the chest was pirated.

Gu Ang’s fingertips touched the words “senior class 5 Gu Ang” and he laughed. “Tell me, how long has this been planned?”

“It’s been a long time, but I haven’t found the time.” Ye Fei smiled, “I couldn’t think of anything too romantic for a date, but I thought this was fun.”

Gu Ang glanced at the time and instantly the drama queen took over, “We’re late for school, let’s hurry.”

Ye Fei grinned, “Okay, set off.”

The two fake high school students swaggered into the school gate and surprisingly weren’t stopped by the gatekeeper.

“Which class are you from? Do you know what time it is?”

“Senior class 5, my classmate had diarrhea, I accompanied him, so I came late.” Gu Ang lied without blinking and smoothly came up with a reason.

Ye Fei hurriedly covered his stomach and cooperated with the acting, pretending to be in pain.

The doorman looked up and down at the two suspiciously, “What’s your class teacher’s last name?”

“Last name…” Gu Ang was stuck.

This he didn’t know, and didn’t get a script in advance.

Ye Fei saw that the situation wasn’t right, pulled Gu Ang and ran to the side.

The doorman was still cursing behind him, “Hey, what are you running for? I remember you, Gu Ang from senior class 5.”

Gu Ang was dragged by the wrist, and he was able to walk as fast as he could.

The breeze blew through his hair on his forehead, as if he was back in the old days when he skipped class for a second.

He asked in a low voice, “Where did you run when you were exposed?”

“Let’s go through the wall.” Ye Fei dragged the man around the path to the fence next to the playground, “Right here.”

Gu Ang muttered, “If you had said we could get in, I wouldn’t have fooled around.”

He clasped the raised earthen bricks on the wall and leapt onto the high wall with ease as soon as he landed on his feet.

He trained every day, so he used his kung fu here.

Ye Fei followed him in, and the two of them landed on the ground, standing next to the playground watching the students in gym class in awe.

Gu Ang boldly took his hand and flung it openly, “Just walking around?”

“Mn, this side is the playground, up there is the school building.” Ye Fei hooked his hand, and the two of them waddled up the stairs in a big, slow pace.

It was class time and there were few people walking around, so they looked like two outsiders.

Gu Ang asked, “If we bump into the principal or a teacher or something later, should we run or stay and get criticized?”

Before Ye Fei could say anything, he cursed and said, “Fuck.”

“What’s wrong?” Gu Ang wondered.

Ye Fei skinned a smile and looked at the middle-aged man who approached him, without letting go of his hand, “Hello, director Zhang.”

Gu Ang, “????”

Fucking hell, such a coincidence.

“Yo, Ye Fei, came back to school? Why are you still wearing your school uniform?” Director Zhang smiled as he surveyed the two, “This is…”

“Gu Ang, we got married.” Ye Fei explained, “We’re back to relive school life.”

“I’ve heard about it. I’ve seen the pictures before, but I didn’t recognize him when I saw him in person.”

Director Zhang nodded, with a kindly look, his eyes fell on the two men’s interlocked hands.

“Quite a match, strolling around school hand in hand, the impact isn’t that good. Today’s the high school March exam, it wouldn’t be good if they came out and noticed.”

The back of Gu Ang’s hand seemed to be pricked, his cheeks red, as he hurriedly let go of the hand.

In broad daylight, he really couldn’t do bad things, a catch.

Director Zhang stared straight at the person, smiling and rubbing his hands, “So, Ye Fei, do you have time to come to school to give a lecture? The first year of our Imperial Star First High School students, and now become an admiral, come back to communicate with students more in exchange.”

Ye Fei smiled awkwardly, “…I’ve been quite busy lately.”

The implication was he had no time to chat.

“It’s okay, pick a time when you’re not busy. You choose the time.” Director Zhang waved his hand, “It’s settled then.”

No one answered, so the atmosphere was a little dull.

Gu Ang really felt awkward and opened his mouth to answer “yes” for Ye Fei.

Only when the person had gone away did he exhale slightly, “Why am I still nervous about meeting a teacher now?”

Ye Fei laughed at him, “It’s not your teacher, why are you nervous?”

“Probably, scums and teachers are naturally hostile.” Gu Ang scratched his head, “I was in high school, quite skinny, every day skipping school to bully.”

Ye Fei blinked, wanting to know more about his uninvolved life.

“Tell me a little more about it.”

“Well, there’s not much to say. At that time, I slept in class, ran away after class, went out with classmates to play games, and my grades were hanging by a thread.”

The more Gu Ang said, the redder his face became, he couldn’t help but push Ye Fei, ashamed of his own dark history, “No more, it’s shameful.”

He had imagined many times what his life would’ve been like if he hadn’t met Ye Fei.

It would’ve been impossible to become a soldier and have such a sunny life now.

The most important thing was to live as “that cynical young master Gu”. Ye Fei said he was the light, but in fact he was the sun. He had taken him from that boring and ordinary life and added a strong ink color to it. Looking back, he had really become a better Gu Ang because of Ye Fei.

Ye Fei reached out and squeezed his neck, bringing him towards the boulevard, “Not shameful, just live a happy life.”

Gu Ang was dumbfounded, “I should have met you earlier… Actually, skipping class and playing games wasn’t that fun, I was just bored and looking for some fun. If you were in my class, I would’ve studied hard.”

Then, in a better way, I would have met you.

Ye Fei pondered for a while before saying, “Light, do you know what I like about you?”

He never said why his heart fluttered in the first place.

Gu Ang froze, “Why?”

“I like that you’re free to do whatever you want, brave and fearless.” Ye Fei said softly, “That’s good, I like it.”

Gu Ang was a little vain from the compliment and pretended to look away indifferently. The bell rang and a large wave of students who had just finished their exams came out of the building. They were chattering about the difficulty of today’s test and how to solve the arithmetic.

Gu Ang brushed past the crowd and said with a big grin, “The test was too easy, a perfect score is no problem.”

Ye Fei looked at him sideways, wondering what kind of wind had come over the kid again.

Gu Ang put his hands in his pockets and squeezed his eyes at him, “The last multiple choice question is choice was C, right?”

Ye Fei understood and naturally cooperated, “It was C.”

The two men looked at each other and smiled in silence.

“C? Why did I choose A?”

“I chose B. It’s over, wrong again!”

A few students next to them turned pale and whispered.

Gu Ang took Ye Fei’s wrist and walked forward with a big smile on his face. Ye Fei also laughed with him, in a good mood, “So bad, I just praised you, and your tail is up in the air.”

Like a naughty and bad student in high school, naughty and inviting.

Gu Ang really hit him right in the heart, even being naughty he was really likable.

“Didn’t you praise me for being brave? I’m risking a beating for my mouth.” Gu Ang yawned closer to him, “Big brother, I actually have another skill that I haven’t shown you.”

Ye Fei was a little tickled by that exhale and rubbed his ears, “What?”

“Is there a piano room?” Gu Ang smiled at him brightly, “I’ll play the piano for you.”

Ye Fei never knew that Gu Ang could play the piano, and he sighed that the date was worth it. When he met Gu Ang, the man showed him his flesh-and-blood side on the training field, and it was rare to see him so quiet and literate. It was only when Gu Ang sat down at the piano and put his hands on it that Ye Fei believed that he could really play the piano.

Gu Ang’s fingers flipped and smooth music flowed out. He looked sideways at Ye Fei and fell into a thoughtful mood, “I was thinking, if I had chased you in high school, I wouldn’t have been able to chase you hard. The Ye Fei of that time was even more arrogant, you had to use these kinds of heartfelt means, right?”

Ye Fei quietly looked at people, the sun fell on his hair, fell out of a small group of light. The pampered little teenager, not wearing the school uniform properly, lazily hanging it on his shoulders, like a lazy beauty. It turned out that a domineering little wildcat could be so gentle when not so provocative.

It was a great way to make one’s heart tremble and to make it move. It took a long time before Ye Fei came back from the pleasing notes and the knot in his throat rolled, “Mn, very useful.”

His heart beat faster and he wanted to kiss him.

Gu Ang smiled, like a beautiful wild rose, thorny and smoldering.

“But, no fun.”

Gu Ang hooked the corners of his mouth and spoke lazily, “Even back in high school, it would have to be me chasing you. You’re so sulky, it’s hard to get you to take the initiative.”

He liked Ye Fei, so no matter what time he met him, he would probably take the initiative and go for it.

Ye Fei leaned over the piano and leaned down, enveloping the man in his arms. He pressed his ear against Gu Ang’s and unnaturally spoke love words, “So now to fulfill your dream, I’ll chase you, I’ll confess my love to you.”

Gu Ang’s ears perked up, not hearing too well. His hand was still pressing the muscle memory to play and asked sullenly, “What did you say?”

“I said, I’ll take the initiative.” Ye Fei pressed the man against the piano, the keys falling in a jumble, the instrument making a jumble of sounds that echoed in the empty room.

Gu Ang was circled to death, his cheeks stained red with bullying. The sunlight shined through the window, leaving dark grids of shadows in the room.

On this date that spanned time, they forgot that they’ve been together for years, forgot that they already have an adorable son, forgot that the middle of the broken mirror had been disturbed, everything was a fresh start. They seemed like two young teenagers in school uniforms, with a heart of spring, a secret promise of love.

Ye Fei kissed the other’s temple, his tone of voice strong, “High school junior, I liked you for a long time. Be my boyfriend.”


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