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Chapter 121: Lin/Bai (3) Are You Better Like This?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is fed up with rain


How did he fall for Lin XiuYong, who was clearly in a position of a friend? It was indeed a rather simple friendship at first, but he didn’t know when it turned sour. Bai SiNing thought back on the opportunity for that transformation, and many memories flashed through his mind. 

Maybe it was when Gu Ang tried to beat him up and Lin XiuYong helped him escape. Maybe it was the time when Lin XiuYong took care of him all night when he had a stomach ache and bought him his favorite egg congee in the morning. Maybe it was the many ordinary evenings, the good nights overlapping again and again. Maybe it was his birthday when Lin XiuYong made him a cute smart toy… 

When he thinks about it, Lin XiuYong was indeed very good to him. So good that he was very considerate and thoughtful. Bai SiNing pursed his lips, it wasn’t strange to like  such a good person.

When those little details came to his mind, he could be more and more sure that he really liked him. Not probably, but definitely, surely and absolutely. Not as a friend or a brother, but with a strong desire to be possessive, to be his lover and one and only. However, it seemed that one was always in a receptive state, intimate with him, but not giving the same in return.

Lin XiuYong, who was so nice, shouldn’t have liked him… After all, he was plain, unresponsive, and had no other merits except that he had been praised for his good looks. He sat cross-legged on the sofa and sighed. Soon, he picked himself up again and patted his head. Anyway, he figured it out, so he went after it.

Bai SiNing was a man of action, he immediately rolled up and quickly found the search box to search, [How to chase a man?]

The search yielded many responses, and it seemed that everyone shared his frustrations.

[Cast your eyes on him, use your interests to establish a connection, and then tether him little by little!]

[The old-fashioned words, send flowers and food every day, long-term persistence, can always impress people.]

[Stalking, but maybe the man will find it annoying…]

[Not like your words, what is useless to engage in, personal experience QAQ]

[Really can’t, just tell him and get it over with!]

Bai SiNing wrote down these suggestions carefully one by one, and he thought of implementing them one by one to test Lin XiuYong’s idea first. What if he didn’t want to be in a relationship at all? After all, the relationship between the two was special, wasn’tt handled well even slightly, not only would they not be in a relationship, they wouldn’t even be friends.

Bai SiNing held his head in a daze, feeling the heart of the communication device vibration. He dropped his eyes to see the call from Lin XiuYong. He paused for a few seconds before clicking on the phone, “Are you back yet?”

“Yes, I’ve arrived at the dormitory, called to tell you.” Lin XiuYong’s voice was mute, light and low, burned by wine.

Bai SiNing imagined him talking, his throat knot would roll slightly, very sexy. He pinched the fingertips that had been bitten, “Oh, then rest early, you must be busy tomorrow.”

“Why are you so well-behaved today? Don’t you usually pester me for a chat?”

Bai SiNing blushed a little. Shit, was he so shameless before? He decided to change his mind from today and become a little more sweet and cute, “I’m not that annoying, go to bed soon. Do you want me to tell you a bedtime story?”

“Little Bai, have you taken the wrong medicine?” Lin XiuYong was dumbfounded by this bedtime story.

He also found it strange how he seemed like a new person after only being gone for a day.

“Ooh, I…” Bai SiNing was stuck, he couldn’t tell him that after a few years of retardation, he finally found his heart, this was really a bit abrupt.

Lin XiuYong let out another laugh, he seemed to be in an extraordinarily good mood today, “No more teasing you, lie down on the bed, I won’t hang up the phone.”

“Okay, I’m getting under the covers. It’s so hot today, the temperature rose all of a sudden. It’s a good thing I didn’t go out, otherwise I might have been so hot that I would have collapsed. By the way, I learned a new dish today, next time I’ll make it for you to eat.” Realizing that he was talking too much, Bai SiNing shrank under the blanket to cover his hot face and hit himself again, “Sorry, I was too noisy.”

Every time I open my mouth, I can’t stop talking.

The voice there was even softer, “It’s okay, I like you like this, very energetic.”

When he heard the words “I like you”, Bai SiNing’s heart skipped a beat. Only later did he realize that Lin XiuYong was talking about his incessant chatter.

“I won’t bother you anymore, good night.” Bai SiNing found for the first time that he was all too happy to be on the phone with someone he liked. He trailed off with a slightly upward tone, some playful accent, hiding those sweet little thoughts.

Lin XiuYong returned, “Good night, Little Bai.”

Bai SiNing was unable to sleep, he slept all day during the day and was now wide awake. The communicator was placed next to the pillow, he could hear the very even breathing over there, as if he had quickly fallen into a deep sleep. He couldn’t hang up and just kept listening until most of the night. He regretted not turning on the video so that he could see the man asleep, and must be as handsome as usual.

He hung up the phone only at six in the morning, after a messy thought. Bai SiNing firmly remembered the tips he read the first night to chase the man, so he first ordered a bouquet of roses, and then ordered a breakfast to be delivered to the institute. He didn’t know how to chase someone, and he had little experience.

He could only clumsily try little by little.

The next few days, he sent nutritious meals without fail, but also specially selected Lin XiuYong’s favorite food. At least as a good friend for three years, this degree of familiarity was still there. But on the fourth day, the restaurant gave him the feedback that it wasn’t allowed to deliver.

Bai SiNing asked anxiously, “Why not, is your food not good?”

The store indifferently replied, “They said they didn’t know who sent it, and they were afraid of poisoning.”

Bai SiNing, “…”

It was true that he didn’t leave his name because he was afraid of revealing his heart at the beginning, but this person was also too toxic for strangers. He was speechless for a while, and then discussed with the shopkeeper, “Tell him that it’s from someone who likes him, so he can eat well.”

“Told him, but he said he can cook himself, and didn’t need it. Also asked me to tell you not to waste money.” The shopkeeper seemed to be hit unclear, his tone was not too good, “Let me give you a little advice, if you want to chase people well, you have to tell them who you are, and don’t blame others for taking you as a pervert.”

“Oh, I see, thanks for the advice.” Bai SiNing hung his head in defeat, somewhat at a loss for words. He really didn’t have enough confidence now to stand in front of Lin XiuYong and tell him he liked him in a big way. He sometimes envied Gu Ang, who could tell everyone outright that he liked Ye Fei, bold and fearless. But Bai SiNing and Gu Ang were too different, he could imagine Lin XiuYong’s expression when he heard his confession.

Probably rubbing his head and telling him, “I like you too, pet dog.”

Fuck pet dogs. Bai SiNing was in an incredibly irritable mood, and just before that mouthful of energy had passed, the florist’s phone call came again.

“Honey, that handsome boy told you not to send flowers, he threw them in the trash.”

“Oh, got it.” Bai SiNing wasn’t surprised by this result. Those little tricks on the internet didn’t work, he didn’t even bother to look at them.

The other side asked, “Will you still send it?”

Bai SiNing replied firmly, “Yes, until he receives it.”

“I don’t think he will accept, you’re just wasting money. Why don’t you take the flowers and give them to him in person?” The clerk was a girl with a delicate voice, “His expression was so fierce, I don’t dare to send it again.”

He understood the reasoning, but he didn’t dare. Bai SiNing also felt strange, these two days Lin XiuYong seemed to be very busy, except for the good night text every night, during the day he was busy with his own stuff. Maybe when he arrived at a new place, there were really a lot of places that he needed to adapt to.

Would it be rude to take the liberty of running over to him? The words of the two clerks kept going through his head, and his heart wanted to run to meet him. By the time Bai SiNing reacted, he was already sitting in the mecha. He brought some small pastries he had made, changed into a pure white sweater, and took a shower before leaving home, sprayed with light fragrance, and had a sultry look.

Lin XiuYong’s research institute wasn’t too close, being in the remote border area from the bustling center, the border junction, it would take some time. But he couldn’t care less. Even if he didn’t confess, it was always good to see him. He hadn’t seen him for a few days and missed him.

It was his first time traveling alone in a mecha, and he was a little nervous, felt it a little new.

Bai SiNing pushed the start button and cheered himself up: Little Bai you can do it, you’re going to be a lieutenant, don’t be a wimp! 

It was a little bumpy at first, but gradually smoothed out. Bai SiNing even hummed a song, and driving the mecha wasn’t as complicated as he thought it would be. But the closer he got to his destination, the more apprehensive he became, and even distracted himself by looking in the mirror a few times.

His hair was soft from sleeping and a little silly. The smell of the body seemed too strong and slow to dissipate. Bai SiNing sighed, every time he thought he would be ready, in the end it was a mess. With only a few dozen kilometers to go, he was getting more and more nervous, his palms couldn’t stop sweating, and he was even about to lose his grip on the joystick.

Suddenly, two small mechas appeared next to him, firing directly at him.

The mecha warned, “You have deviated from your course and entered the federal military zone.”

Bai SiNing fired back in a frenzy, retreating and swearing, “A patrol here? That’s just plain lucky.”

Lin XiuYong had mentioned to him before that this neighborhood wasn’t really safe. He had just gotten carried away and accidentally entered someone else’s territory. The flank was hit, the mecha swayed to the right, and Bai SiNing was cut by a protruding part on the left side of his face.

A very shallow mark, the wound wasn’t deep. He opened his communicator to shout to the opposite side, “Excuse me, I’m withdrawing to Imperial territory.”

But the opposite patrol simply ignored him, hit very hard, continued to send continuous attacks, as if not beaten down wouldn’t stop the attitude. It would be a shame to die here. Bai SiNing closed his eyes, trying to calm himself, had to turn a direction and fired a moment of long-range □.

After a cloud of smoke, both sides lost each other’s position. He moved his wrist and pulled the lever to quickly pick up speed and dash into the jungle next to him. It was extremely dangerous for mecha to fly through the forest, but he had no choice but to shake off the patrol’s attacks.

The experience he had gained from following Gu Ang and his team in combat finally came to fruition as he scurried through the lush woods like a hide-and-seek, scratching his fuselage with leaves, but not really getting in the way. He glanced through his detector at the pursuing patrol behind him, which seemed to have lost sight of him.

Bai SiNing exhaled and burst out from above the forest and continued on to his destination. Heart beating wildly, this was the first time he had fought alone, and although it was tough, he was finally able to get away.

“You’re not that bad.” Bai SiNing patted his face, only to find that his cheek had a small gash. He wiped it carelessly, wiped the blood off his fingertips, and adjusted back to the correct direction, heading for his destination.

The mecha landed smoothly outside the institute, and Bai SiNing went down to check it out, the left wing was broken and the fuselage was scratched and messed up. It looked like he would have to take it back for repairs when he got back to the Empire. He straightened his clothes before striding into the Institute’s building.

“Hello, do you have a pass document, please?” The receptionist glanced at him and opened his mouth to ask.

Bai SiNing took out his own officer’s card and pointed it out, “I’m also a soldier, and I’m here to look for a friend today. His name is Lin XiuYong and he works here.”

What his exact position was, he didn’t know yet.

The receptionist shook his head slightly, “You can’t get in without a pass. We’re pretty strict on this side.”

Bai SiNing looked around anxiously and happened to see the girl with the little peach heart ring. He took a big step over and called out to the person, “Hello Miss, I’m a friend of Lin XiuYong. I want to go up to him, do you know how to get there?”

“You’re Bai SiNing?”

Bai SiNing froze and pointed to himself, “You know me?”

“En, I’ve seen the picture at Chief Lin’s place.” The girl smiled, “You came to see him, why didn’t he give you a pass?”

Oh, it was probably the silly one in the money clip. Bai SiNing scratched his head, “I came over and he doesn’t know yet.”

“Got it, a surprise.” The girl lowered her voice, “I’ll take you in and we’ll quietly swipe our cards through the side door.”

“Okay, thank you.” Bai SiNing was really a little sorry for her, the other day he also misunderstood that she was his girlfriend, the small number added without the latter. He awkwardly looked for a topic, “You carry a lunch box, is it for your boyfriend to send food?”

“Yes, I have to go back tomorrow, cherishing the last time.” The girl shrugged and politely asked back, “How many days are you coming over this time?”

Bai SiNing shook his head blankly, “I don’t know, I might just take a look and leave.”

He came on this trip really unexpectedly, his brain was hot, and he left the door. 

The girl’s elongated tone seemed a little ambiguous, “I see.” She took Bai SiNing to the twentieth floor, reached out and pointed, “The innermost one is his office, but he seems to be absent for the past two days. His dormitory is in 301 behind the Institute, you can go directly to him.”

“…You know a lot.”

If Lin XiuYong hadn’t explained it to him, he would have thought more about it again.

The girl’s eyes curled up in a smile, “Don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend lives across the hall from him.”

“Okay, thank you.” Bai SiNing breathed a sigh of relief, pressed his heartbeat and walked towards the office. The door was locked and the person was really not there. He leaned over the glass of the door and looked in. The office had very few things, simple and neat, like no one had been here. In the trash can at the door, there was a large bouquet of well-packaged delicate roses.

Bai SiNing licked his lips, most likely the bunch he sent over. Too bad, such a beautiful flower couldn’t escape the fate of being thrown.

He sent a message to Lin XiuYong, [Where are you?]

He didn’t get a reply, he didn’t know what he was doing. Bai SiNing came out of the graduate school and prepared to go to the door of his dormitory to wait for him.

When he arrived, the girls said he should go to the dorm.

Not long after, a familiar voice came from inside, “Who?”

He was actually in the dormitory.

Bai SiNing froze for a moment before speaking sluggishly, “This is Bai SiNing, I… I came over to look for you.”

“Little Bai?” The person inside seemed to freeze for a few seconds before continuing, “I’m not at liberty to see you right now, go back.”

Bai SiNing stayed in the doorway, his face full of confusion, like a fool. He had simulated a thousand dialogue scenarios on the way, with lively, intimate, pampering, or pretending nothing happened. But he never thought that it was this one. He had come a long way, even bumping into patrols on the way and losing his life if he wasn’t careful.

Just a bumpy ride trying to see him, and waiting for such an answer. Some disappointment and confusion.

“I… I’ll just take one look at you and go.” Bai SiNing was through the door and couldn’t imagine the scene inside. His voice and his legs were trembling, shaking almost uncontrollably. Obviously, it was fine a few days ago, how did it suddenly change?

Lin XiuYong was so gentle to him before, but now his voice was full of strangeness.

The door was suddenly pulled open, Bai SiNing looked up and suddenly saw Lin XiuYong in his robe. He didn’t wear glasses, revealing his beautiful eyes. His hair was a bit disheveled on his forehead and his clothes were unkempt, as if he had just gotten up from bed.

Bai SiNing opened his mouth and slightly sheepishly peeked inside, unable to see the truth, “Am I interrupting something good for you? I’ll leave right away.”

He turned around with his head down, almost fleeing. His wrist was pulled, and Lin XiuYong spoke from behind him, his voice lower than ever, “I’m susceptible, I don’t know what I’ll do, so it’s not convenient to see you. Don’t think too much.”

Bai SiNing’s heart thumped and he breathed a sigh of relief. So it was the susceptibility period that had arrived, and he was Beta and couldn’t smell it. He turned around, bit his lower lip, and the two looked at each other in silence. There was a lot to say, but this didn’t seem to be the right time or place.

Bai SiNing heard Lin XiuYong gasp very softly, and the knot in his throat rolled sensuously. He wanted to try to comfort him, but found that his poor knowledge didn’t help him in any way. He was really at his wits’ end and didn’t know what to do.

Bai SiNing thought he should say something. He seemed to call him brother Lin all the time, never by his first name. Bai SiNing opened his mouth, his eyes blinking innocently, worry in the bottom of his eyes, “Lin… Lin XiuYong, are you okay?”

“Not so good, very bad. “Lin XiuYong’s fingers pulling his wrist were burning, coming from a rolling heat. He stared at Bai SiNing’s face, his fingertips touching the spot of the bruise, “What happened to your face?”

“I ran into a patrol on the way here and scratched it, it’s not a problem.” Bai SiNing lightly brought the thrilling scene over. 

Definitely not as easy as he said, Lin XiuYong closed his eyes. This daredevil was fortunately all right. Maybe the peace amulet stuffed into him worked, he believed in fate for the first time. If Bai SiNing was like in his previous life, he simply dared not imagine the consequences. But, if he was willing to come all the way to him at risk, did that mean… 

Was he very concerned about him, very attached to him, or… very fond of him?

Bai SiNing saw that he didn’t say anything and asked again, “I don’t know much about Alpha susceptibility, how can I help you?”

How can he help him? If he didn’t know Bai SiNing too well, he would think this person was teasing him. But those deer-like eyes were looking at him innocently, as if they were really just seeking an answer. He was so innocent, like a white sheet of paper, untainted by any dirt.

Probably the susceptibility period was at work, Lin XiuYong heart of the bad more layer. Want to bully him now and possess him. If he were to kiss him forcibly, would Bai SiNing resist? He squeezed his fingers tighter and narrowed his eyes, rarely revealing the bad part of his personality, “How to help me? By hugging me, kissing me, or being marked by me, and then…”

He didn’t go on, afraid of evoking his own terrible lust. The susceptible period was uncontrollable and could turn a svelte man into a beast and could make reason fall apart. Besides, Bai SiNing wasn’t that innocent. Hearing this was enough to make people think.

“I’m a Beta, you can’t mark me.” Bai SiNing bit his lower lip, and his cheeks rose red. He had never seen such a Lin XiuYong before, with irresistible desire emanating from all over his body, like the waves of the sea, almost swallowing him up. Probably with a favorite filter, he almost drowned in the darkness of those eyes.

Lin XiuYong smiled a little, loosened his fingers, and the ties of his robe came loose a little. He leaned loosely against the doorway, his tone as controlled and careless as possible, “So go away and don’t challenge my bottom line.”

Bai SiNing stood in place like a log. In front of him was the man he liked, and although he didn’t know whether he liked him or not, that didn’t seem to matter much anymore.

Even if he were drowning in that strange desire, he didn’t want to run away anymore. Bai SiNing’s mind was in disarray, his face was as innocent as ever. He took a cautious step forward, bringing them closer together.

“Don’t come near me.” Lin XiuYong realized the dangerous distance and reached out to put his hand against his forehead, forbidding another step closer. They were really close enough that he could smell the light fragrance Bai SiNing had specially sprayed on today.

It was innocent and lovely, but seductive. He didn’t know that just a slight blink of the eye and the flickering of the eyelashes were attracting crime.

Bai SiNing didn’t know what Lin XiuYong was thinking, he just tilted his head and greedily stared at the man. Deep eyebrows, a strong nose, a slightly thin lower lip, and… His aura, everything that made him like it. He sounded stubborn, “I’m not leaving.”

“You can’t help me.” Lin XiuYong pulled his lips and laughed at himself, “Don’t torture me, go away.”

He didn’t look away, afraid he wouldn’t be able to hold back and hurt someone. The relationship between the two was more complicated than he had imagined, and he couldn’t cross the line without making it clear. Bai SiNing spat out a breath, having no brain now was good, if he thought of something he could just do it. He took another small step forward in a lifeless manner and murmured, “But I just figured out how to help you.”

“Hmm?” Lin XiuYong was confused by this unconventional answer and raised his eyes faintly.

Bai SiNing fiercely pulled his robe over and tilted his head to press the corner of his mouth with unmistakable accuracy. Gently touched, untutored general, and carefully licked Lin XiuYong’s lower lip, “Lin XiuYong, like this… is this any better, ah?”


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